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Minecraft Proposal

HRM455 Portfolio
Minecraft is one of the leading information system providers in the contry! Ho"ever# its
lac$ of a proper training program is slo"ing its gro"th in the %& indstry! &his is 'ecase its
employees have not 'een trained in the latest advancements in the %& indstry as "ell as recent
management trends# and are therefore lagging 'ehind! %f this contines# Minecraft may 'e
rendered o'solete in the fast gro"ing indstry! &his proposal is a training program that "ill 'e
implemented across the organi(ation "ith an aim of providing all employees "ith the s$ills and
capa'ilities that they re)ire to remain competitive!
&raining and development is important for the continos performance of an
organi(ation! An organi(ation that see$s to improve the s$ills of its personnel 'y implementing
training programs "ill improve the prodctivity of its employees# and conse)ently 'oost the
prodctivity of the organi(ation as a "hole +aidi,2--./! &his proposal has 'een prepared for
Minecraft 0onsolidated "ith the aim of developing a training program that "ill 'enefit the entire
Organizational Overview
Minecraft 0onsolidated is a leading information systems provider in Massachsetts
'oasting of an asset 'ase of over 145- 2illion! %t 'egan operations in 3.45# and has gro"n to 6oin
the e7panding list of 8ortne 5-- 0ompanies! &he organi(ation consists of 3--- employees
stationed in its different 'ranches across several states! Minecraft9s strategic imperative is
ena'ling the transformation to its clientele Marcelle ,2--4/! 8or Mine0raft to provide
transformation to its clientele there is a need for all organi(ation9s resorces to 'e aligned "ith
transformation in mind# this in trn calls for creating a cltre that promotes continos learning
among employees!
Training Program Overview
&he proposed training program "ill involve all levels of the organi(ation! &his training
"ill 'e done condcted on the management# as "ell as the lo" level employees in the
organi(ation: therefore# ma$ing the program comprehensive! &he program "ill consist of
different modles that "ill 'e trained to different employees depending on the level in "hich
they 'elong on the organi(ational strctre!
&he main aim of this training is to ensre that all employees nderstand e7actly ho" they
contri'te to the organi(ation9s sccess! &his training "ill 'e done to all employees "ith the aim
of getting them to nderstand "hat the organi(ation9s vision and mission is! &his "ill help align
them "ith the organi(ation9s strategic imperatives! &he training program has also 'een designed
"ith the training needs in mind! After condcting the training needs analysis# it "as discovered
that different departments re)ire different training# and "ith this in mind# the training program
has catered for all these different needs# "hich "ill 'e addressed in the training process!
A Statement of the Problem
A company that relies on technology for its core 'siness shold ensre that its
employees are continally enhancing their s$ills in line "ith the advancements in the %& indstry
+aidi,2--./! &his not only ensres contined profita'ility# 't also gives the company an edge
over the competition! Minecraft is a company that is gro"ing at a very commenda'le pace# and
this gro"th has seen it 6oin the ran$s of leading technology providers in the ;nited States!
Ho"ever# there is lac$ of employee s$ills advancement# and this has led to Minecraft lagging
'ehind in terms of incorporating ctting edge technology in their prodcts and services! 8or
instance# Minecraft failed to adopt Mo'ile money technology de to lac$ of )alified personnel
"ho cold have led in its adoption and incorporation into the organi(ation! &his led to loss of
revene and s'stantial loss of mar$et share 'ecase Minecraft9s competitors had enogh
)alified personnel "ho readily adopted Mo'ile Money &echnology into their operations! %f this
isse is not addressed# Minecraft "ill lose its cstomer 'ase to its competitors "ho have
incorporated technology into their prodcts sccessflly! &herefore# a training program that "ill
address the a'ove concern is re)ired in Minecraft!
A flowchart of the Process to Conduct Research and Collect Data for Decision
Defining the research objectives. &he first step in the process of condcting research is
the definition of the research o'6ectives! &his involves transforming the idea into a )estion! %n
the case of Mine0raft# "e "ill determine the reasons "hy "e are carrying ot the research! &his
"ill 'e done in form of a research )estion "hich "ill address the aims as "ell as the o'6ectives
of the research! &he importance of the research to the individal employees and the organi(ation
as a "hole "ill also 'e addressed in this )estion ,+i$mnd < 2a'in# 2--4/!
Planning a research design. After defining the o'6ectives then comes the planning of the
research design! &his refers to the master plan that descri'es the methods as "ell as the
procedres that "ill 'e sed in collecting and analy(ing the information! =hen determining the
research design for the Minecraft research process# "e "ill consider the o'6ectives so as to
ensre that the action plan that "e select "ill help achieve the o'6ectives of the research! &he
aspects that "e "ill consider are the techni)es of data collection# the methodology of sample
selection# the cost of the research process as "ell as the schedle of the research ,+i$mnd <
2a'in# 2--4/!
Planning a sample! Planning a sample is the third step in the research process# and it
involves procedres that dra" conclsions 'ased on measring portions of the entire poplation!
&o condct or research process at Minecraft# "e "ill pic$ random people from each department
across all the 'ranches in the company! &his "ill ensre that "e get good representation of the
entire "or$force ,+i$mnd < 2a'in# 2--4/!
Collecting the data. After formali(ing a sampling plan# then the gathering of data is
started! %n data gathering# "e "ill collect information from the samples that "e pic$ed from all
the departments! ?e to the geographical distances in some of the 'ranches# the data "ill 'e
collected sing electronic )estionnaires! &he people in the Head office "ill also 'e given
)estionnaires so as to get a clear pictre of their training needs ,+i$mnd < 2a'in# 2--4/!
Analyzing the data. After the gathering of the information# then the data are analy(ed and
processed! &his is necessitated 'y the need of having this data in a format that can 'e sed to
assist in decision@ma$ing! &he data that "ill 'e collected from the sampled employees "ill 'e
chec$ed for any errors# then transferred to datasheets for frther analysis! &his analysis "ill 'e
performed 'ased on departments so as to have an orderly "ay of getting the training needs across
the organi(ation ,+i$mnd < 2a'in# 2--4/!
Formulating the conclusions and preparing the report. &he conclsions of the research
are an important step in that this is the point "here the researcher commnicates the reslts of
the research! %n this stage# the research reslts "ill 'e commnicated! &he training needs that
have 'een identified "ill 'e presented to management in form of a report! &he recommendations
and frther o'servations "ill also 'e docmented! ,+i$mnd < 2a'in# 2--4/!
Training !eeds Anal"sis
Aeeds analysis "ill 'e performed on three levels! &here "ill 'e an analysis of the
organi(ational needs# the needs at the departmental level and at the individal level! On each
level# there are particlar s$ills that are re)ired! Minecraft9s needs as an organi(ation "ill 'e
determined 'y sing the S=O& analysis "here the "ea$nesses and opportnities as "ell as
threats "ill 'e sed to identify the areas that re)ire improvement and training ,McBire <
Corgensen# 2-3-/!
&he needs on the departmental level can 'e analy(ed 'y sing the s$ills that are re)ired
in that department! 8or instance# Minecraft re)ires different s$ills in different departments and
the needs of the respective departments in terms of s$ills "ill 'e specific to those particlar
departments! &he individal level need can 'e o'tained sing the 6o' descriptions for the
respective position that the person occpies! %n addition# they can 'e o'tained 'y sing different
performance appraisal tools that are sed in the organi(ation ,McBire < Corgensen# 2-3-/!
Pro#osed Training Solution$
&his training soltion consists of the needs that "ere captred dring the needs analysis
phase! &hey have 'een analy(ed and groped together depending on the department and the level
of s$ill re)ired! &hey have frther 'een clstered into modles! &hese modles "ill 'e
separated 'y the level of s$ills re)ired! 8or instance# management "ill get a managerial corse
that "ill rn for a fe" days! &he in@hose trainers "ill get an intensive corse that "ill cover all
aspects of the corse# this "ill ta$e more time than the rest of the grops! &he rest of the training
"ill 'e performed on a departmental level so as to only train people in their relevant 6o' areas
,+aidi# 2--./!
&he proposed training soltion is a program that has 'een tailored 'ased on the s$ills and
a'ilities that "ere identified as lac$ing in the organi(ation! &his "as esta'lished 'ased on the
training needs analysis and "ill 'e the core of the training program that has 'een proposed! &his
program has 'een divided into modles or s'6ects that address the varios departments in the
organi(ation# as "ell as some general modles that "ill apply to all employees in the
organi(ation ,+aidi# 2--./!
&his soltion incldes all the needs that "ere identified as "ell as the core vales and the
mission of the organi(ation! &his "ill 'e important# especially for employees "ho do not
nderstand "hat Minecraft9s mission and vision is# and ho" their 6o' contri'tes to the vision
and the strategic imperative of the organi(ation ,+aidi# 2--./!
%n addition to 'eing divided according to the departments# this program recogni(es that
there are different levels in the organi(ation# and therefore# need to 'e trained on different isses!
2earing this in mind# the training has frther 'een divided into the decision@ma$ers# the
implementors as "ell as the trainers! &hese different grops "ill receive different levels of
training on the different modles that have 'een created ,+aidi# 2--./!
&he training soltion "ill involve varios teaching methods! &hese teaching methods are
important in ensring that all the individals nderstand the content of the training in depth for
the prpose of their gro"th! 0ase stdies "ill 'e sed to teach some modles# in addition# some
of the more technical s'6ects "ill 'e facilitated 'y a presentation 'y the trainers# and this "ill 'e
follo"ed p 'y discssions ,+aidi# 2--./!
&his training program "ill rn over a period of * months and "ill 'e condcted in@hose!
&his implies that the facilitators "ill come to the organi(ation9s premises and train the different
grops at different periods! %t "ill 'e done in the offices that are sitated in the states srronding
Massachsetts! =hen the core teams have 'een trained# the trainers "ho have 'een trained "ill
then travel to the varios offices in the other states to perform the same training! &his is
especially important for Minecraft 'ecase it "ill have o'tained its o"n employees "ho can
ensre the continity of its training program over a long period of time ,+aidi# 2--./!
&his training program offers Minecraft an opportnity to e7pand the $no"ledge 'ase of
its employees! %t is important 'ecase the company operates in the %& indstry# and hence has to
'e p to date "ith all emerging technologies! 2y ensring that its employees are trained on the
technological advancements as they happen# Minecraft "ill not 'e irrelevant in the %& indstry
,+aidi# 2--./!
&he &raining soltion provides the management of Minecraft "ith an opportnity to
improve their management s$ills! &his has 'een made possi'le 'y the provision of training for
managers in this program! 2y addressing the s$ills that seem to 'e lac$ing in management# this
"ill ensre that Minecraft9s management is e)ipped "ith the s$ills it needs to steer the
company for"ard ,+aidi# 2--./!
&he training soltion also provides the organi(ation "ith a chance of 'ilding its o"n
internal capacity! &his is done 'y training trainers "ho "ill 'e sed 'y the company to impart the
$no"ledge they have o'tained "ith others in the organi(ation! &his saves money for Minecraft
as it "ill not pay facilitators to train the other employees in the 'ranches that are spread across
different states ,+aidi# 2--./!
&his soltion "ill also assist the organi(ation in sccession planning! &his can 'e done 'y
providing management training to people "ho "ere in the middle level! 2y doing this# some
employees can 'e prepared to enter into management positions# and this "old in trn ensre
that they have the s$ill to manage the rest of the employees ,+aidi# 2--./!
&he training "ill 'e 'illed on a modlar natre# and therefore# the more the modles
trained# the more the cost incrred! Ho"ever# in spite of the costs of the program# the 'enefits
that "ill 'e o'tained 'y participating in the program "ill ot"eigh the cost in the long rn!
&herefore# "hile performing the cost 'enefit analysis# the 'enefits ot"eigh the costs ,+aidi#
&he sccess of this training soltion "ill 'e evalated 'y sing )estionnaires to gage
the reaction of the participants! %n addition# 'ehavioral change "ill 'e sed to determine the level
of sccess of a program: this can 'e done 'y o'serving ho" the 'ehavior of employees has
changed after the training! &his can 'e assessed sing performance appraisal tools! &he amont
of information learnt "ill also 'e determined 'y sing tests or )i((es that "ill 'e administered
to employees ,+aidi# 2--./!
&he implementation of a training program in Minecraft "ill 'e of great 'enefit to the
entire organi(ation! &his "ill ensre that employees9 s$ills and competencies have 'een aligned
to Minecraft9s main strategic imperative of providing transformation! =hen the resorces have
'een aligned "ith the main imperative# then the organi(ation "ill 'e a'le to provide its
cstomers "ith prodcts that "ill add vale to their organi(ation# and at the same time provide
its employees "ith opportnities for their personal career development!
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McBire# ?!# < Corgensen# F! ,2-3-/! !uman resource development" #heory and practice. Ae"
+aidi ,2--./! !uman resource management. %ndiaE G7cel 2oo$s %ndia!
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