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Full Time Programs

ICoFP programs are adjudged amongst the Best Finance Colleges (The Week, May
ICoFP programs are rated amongst the top 3 Finance Courses in India (India Today
Aspire, June 2007).
ICoFP offers the following industry integrated and award winning full time programs:
Two Year Post Graduate Programs
MBAFinancial Planning + PGDFP (Incorporates CFP
MBA in Financial Planning is a dual degree program which offers a highly specialized
form of Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning (PGDFP
) and also prepares the
students for internationally recognized Certified Financial Planner
) certification
which is authorized by FPSB, India.
MBAFinancial Analysis + PGDSAT (Incorporates CFA curriculum)
MBA in Financial Analysis and Post Graduate Diploma in Securities Analysis and Trading
(PGDSAT) is an innovative program which incorporates curriculum of all three levels of
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), USA. The main objective of the program is to
create a stream of trained professionals who will become the torchbearers of the revolution
in the space of Investment Banking & Financial Research.
One Year Post Graduate Programs
Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning (Incorporates CFP
PGDFP is a highly specialized, job and skill oriented program designed by industry
stalwarts which incorporates the curriculum of internationally recognized CFP
Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Analysis (Incorporates two levels of CFA curriculum)
PGDFA is an innovative, case-study based program that provides the practical knowledge
you need in todays investment industry which incorporates the two levels of globally
recognized qualification, CFA

Executive and Professional Programs
Executive and Professional Programs
International college of Financial plannings executive and professional programs are designed
specifically for high-achieving businesspeople, career changers that are looking to enhance their
education without interrupting their careers. The programs innovative course content, faculty
interaction and learning environment helps you apply your knowledge and skills to problems
professionals face in todays marketplace.
Excellent professors expose you to cutting-edge ideas and practices ideas and practices that
others will later adopt, teach and apply.
Some of the largest companies in financial services industry have sponsored executive-potential
employees as students at ICoFP. Leaders of these organizations attest to the fact that the skills
you will obtain by acquiring ICoFPs CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER certification are
invaluable to the growth and development of their respective organizations.

Distance Learning Programs
An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
- Benjamin Franklin
As per Alvin Toffler "The illiteratAe of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and
write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. Following this path, International
College of Financial Planning
(ICFP) has innovated some of the award winning academic
programs to empower financial success of professionals who wish to learn to keep ahead in the
professional race.
The programs are based on the simple fact that when you know better, you do better and when
you do better, you earn better. Unlike most other distance learning MBA programs, the
programs at ICFP add a true knowledge edge to the participants. The specialized distance
learning programs are designed for working professionals who wish to upgrade their
qualifications to global standards in order to boost careers growth.
An investment in knowledge pays the best interest and ICFP makes that possible through its
world class academic programs in the field of finance. Why finance? Because ICFP is promoted
by Bajaj Capital Group, one of the market leaders in financial planning and investment
consultancy and the parent company truly leverages its experience of over 50 years in Indian
economy to make the curriculum more relevant. (learn more about ICFP)
MBAFinancial Planning
MBA in Financial Planning is a unique distance learning program which offers the advantage
of classroom- like environment via virtual classrooms and e-learning. The program
incorporates curriculum of all modules of CFP
certification which is a global qualification.
MBAFinancial Analysis
MBA in Financial Analysis is an intensive two year self study program which offers the
advantage of classroom- like environment via virtual classrooms and e-learning. The
program incorporates complete study curriculum of one of the most respected financial
qualification in the world, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).