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A positive testing experience at just the right level of challenge Understand the range of levels in your class and plan lessons with condence
Colour in Ace and Chirp

Child friendly
Designed for a positive testing experience
To keep the young learner engaged and confident throughout, the test uses bright colours, learner-friendly images and illustrations. The central characters, Ace and Chirp, appear on every question to guide students. The test adapts to students answers to give them a testing experience at just the right level of challenge. Straightforward instructions and intuitive tasks, such as drag and drop, also put the young learner at ease so they enjoy their first testing experience.

Support for teachers

To help you prepare for the test and support you on test day, the Teachers Handbook includes a range of downloadable resources. Cut down on your preparation; use our dedicated lesson plan to help students settle down and be ready to take the test. Use the photocopiables and word game ideas to introduce the test. Keep fast finishers engaged with a fun activity. Present each student with a customised student report card to take home to their parents, showing their name, level and club: Count down, Lift off, Zoom, or Orbit.

Quickly and reliably place young learners at the right level

Age appropriate tasks

Task types are designed to match the language proficiency and communicative abilities of young learners and reflect tasks they are used to in Primary courses. Questions include real-life child-friendly situations familiar to young learners.
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A club for each level

Each CEFR level also has a child-friendly club name so each child feels a sense of achievement when you place them in a club:

B1 A2 A1 Pre-A1 (A0)
Each club has its own resource sheet in the Teachers Handbook with badges, wristbands and desk labels for students to cut out and keep.

For young learners aged 7-12 years

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oxford english testing .com

The Oxford Young Learners Placement Test is a reliable measure of English language level. Use the results to accurately place young learners at the right level, to differentiate between students in mixed ability classes, and to confidently target your teaching.

Managing the test

How do I assign the test?
User-friendly management tools make it easy to administer the test online, and to manage the results.

Key features
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Tests young learners aged 7-12 years in British English Taken and managed online with a child-friendly login system Scores to help you make the right placement decision: CEFR level (pre-A1 to B1) and numerical scores Automatically marked with instant results Short and accurate: the test adapts to the students answers, taking  around 35 minutes to complete so students remain focussed The right mix of challenge and fun so young learners enjoy a positive  testing experience and you get a result you can rely on

The test is automatically marked and results are instantly available. You can view and sort results by CEFR level (pre-A1 to B1), or by an overall numerical score. Separate scores are given for the Language Use section and Listening section, so you can easily spot whether students are stronger or weaker in one of these areas and target your teaching accordingly.

Create a group of students to test and enter their names

Assign the test

Download and print individual login slips Prepare each computer for students to enter their login details

After testing, view all the scores

What it tests
The test is in two sections: Language Use and Listening.

Pretested by young learners worldwide

Language Use
Tests vocabulary, function and grammar. 18 questions.

 Tests listening for detail and gist, using short and extended listening exercises. 12 questions.

Accurate and reliable

The test has been written by international young learner assessment experts and pretested by primary school children worldwide. Questions have been reviewed and benchmarked against the CEFR can-do statements. Only questions meeting our high validation standards are included in the test, so you can be confident that it will give an accurate result.

Use the system check at www.oxfordenglishtesting.com/requirements to find out the equipment needed to take a test and if your computers are set up correctly.

How do I buy placement tests?

You can buy tests in your local currency by going to the Online Shop at: www.oxfordenglishtesting.com Youll receive a quantity discount at the checkout; the more tests you buy, the greater the discount. Various payment methods (depending on your country) are available and usually include credit/debit card facilities through the GlobalCollect secure platform as well as bank transfer.
Also available at www.oxfordenglishtesting.com

The Oxford Online Placement Test

Fast, accurate placement testing for teenagers aged 15+ and adults.


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