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Question 1: Brief! "is#uss H$rr$%&s m$r'etin( inform$tion s!stem) usin( *i(ure
4+1 $s $ (ui"e.
Basing on the figure 4.1, the Harrahs Marketing Information System could be briefly
analyed as follo!ed:
1. Assessing the information needs:
"his begins by indentifying the information that the mangers need. "hrough the
case, !e can conclude that the information needs of Harrah are:
# "he detailed insights into its Harrahs $ntertainment system
# %re the customers satisfied !ith its ser&ice'
# (hich customer segment brings the most re&enue'
2. Developing needed information:
In this )eriod, basing on the kind of needed information, Harrah gets data from
customers &ia some kinds of channels as follo!ed:
# "he most effecti&e tool need to be mentioned is "otal *e!ards +rogram.
# ,ustomer interaction
# Sur&ey sam)le
# $mail -res)onse rate, click#through rate.
# /isualiation soft!are, !eekly sur&ey for customers, mystery sho))ers0
3. Analyzing and using information:
%fter gathering data, the com)any has the ability to con&ert that data into customer
insights and use those insights to ser&e u) a customer e1)erience like no other.
Eg: From data on customers satisfaction the company has the strategy to train
their employees to their standard.
%lso by analying the data, the managers could change to the suitable strategy
so that it could bring the most re&enue for the com)any
Eg: !nderstanding the importance of "lo#$roller% customers &arrah does not
focus more on the "high$roller% that have long 'een focus of the industry. (t uses
"lo#$roller% strategy as a )ey to the success.
Question ,: Des#ribe t%e re$tions%ip bet-een t%e H$rr$%&s .$r'etin(
/nform$tion S!stem $n" H$rr$%&s m$n$(ers $n" empo!ees
In general, the relationshi) bet!een Harrahs MIS and Harrahs managers and
em)loyees is the t!o#!ay relationshi).
# "he managers set the needed information !hich is the duty for MIS and
MIS is the tool to find out that information. %nd the result from MIS has
much influence on the decision of the managers.
# MIS may decide ho! the em)loyee should im)ro&e their )erformance
-through managers.. Besides, the em)loyees also recei&e some benefit from
the MIS -re!ards.. 2n contrary, the em)loyees )erformance is a )art !hich
makes MIS results.
Question 3: 0%! "oes H$rr$%&s s!stem -or' so -e #omp$re" to ./S efforts b!
ot%er #omp$nies1
# "he key for the success of Harrahs system is the "otal *e!ards )rogram.
"his brings the direct benefit for both -com)any and customers.. More
im)ortantly, it )laces em)hasis on ,*M culture e1tends form the I"
de)artment to front line em)loyees, the gaming giant has an uncanny ability
to translate all its data into an e1ce)tional customer e1)erience.
# "he MIS of Harrah use many different channels !hich are rele&ant to get
the data from customers.
Question 4: To -%$t e2tent is H$rr$%&s in "$n(er of $ #ompetitor #op!in( its
"he e1tent that Harrahs is in danger of being co)ied is the "otal *e!ards )rogram
because this )rogram is the key for Harrahs success in understanding customer