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Volume 56, No.

10 November 2009

New agreement began the counting. Final results,

with approximately 73% of eligi-
ble members voting, had the pro-
posed agreement passing over-
ratified 1,320-280 whelmingly.
The tally showed that 1,320
Pact rolls-in COLA, increases wages voted to accept the new agree-
ment, with 280 rejecting. That rep-
last three years of agreement resented 83% to accept.
By Chris Tunney Opening up the process at 7:30 Marty Kirsch, HSP Controller,
a.m, our negotiating team, union felt that “for the economic times,
Associate Editor
leadership, and dedicated volun- this was a great contract.” He then
Ratified and Satisfied teers, began their long day’s work. added that many people in our
Two informational meetings were community are receiving cuts.
On a windy fall day, 1,600 of
held at 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., to HSP Machinist, Dan Kieffer,
our 2,200 plus membership
explain the provisions and address simply said, “”It’s better than
trekked out to the McKinley Room
any questions or concerns that in- what I expected.”
at the Canton Civic Center, Sun-
day, November 1, 2009 to exercise terested brothers and sisters would HSP Processor, Ron Benamati
their right to vote on the newly have. told the committee, “The new pro-
proposed 2009 Basic Labor Closing the doors promptly at posal had some very good points.
Agreement. 6:30 p.m., ended the voting, and (Continued on Page 2)

Nearly 400 members in the McKinley Room at the Canton Civic Center November 1 hear from the Golden Lodge Negotiating Committee
and ask questions about the tentative four-year agreement.
(Continued from Page 1)
Retirees lump sum payment
The negotiating team worked very will come from pension fund
hard, however, the new hire lan-
guage would affect us down the No Social Security, Medicare
road.” or city taxes will be deducted
RPP Maintainer Frank Cirone,
We all felt that since the Com-
thought it was an “okay” agree-
pany was adamant about not in-
ment, and that “we can’t please ev- Joe Hoagland creasing pension funding costs,
President that it would not be coming from
Calvin Davis, from FSP, also the pension fund. So much for as-
said it was a good deal. “I agree sumptions.
with the negotiators,” he said
We have an agreement on a The $5,000 lump sum payment
Congratulations to President for retirees will come from the
Joe Hoagland, Vice President Paul new contract. The new Basic La-
bor Agreement took effect No- pension fund. This means there
Muller, Staff Representative Joe will be no deductions for Social
Holcomb, District 1 Director vember 1 and will expire at 12:01
a.m., September 30, 2013. The Security or Medicare tax or for
Dave McCall and Sub District Di- City taxes (if you reside within the
rector Dennis Brommer, and espe- new S.U.B., 401(k), Insurance and
Pension agreements start January city limits). If you are under age 55
cially to our dedicated Negotiat- when you retire, there will be a
ing Committee, who tirelessly la- 1, 2010 and expire on December
31, 2013. 10% federal income tax penalty
bored on our behalf to reach this since this is a lump sum distribu-
successful agreement in these Two exceptions to the above tion from the pension fund.
troubled times. are retiree healthcare and the
$5,000 lump sum payment. The Healthcare benefits
The division negotiators in-
cluded: Mike Poole; Gamb Steel, changes in retiree healthcare will extended three months
Bill Webler; Harrison Steel, Ron start January 1, 2011 and only
Another area I want to explain
Roberts; Faircrest Steel, Bill those members who retire on or af-
is the extended healthcare benefits
Crawford; Gamb Bearing/RPP, ter January 1, 2011 will be affect-
(three months) for anyone on lay-
and Bob Seward; Canton Bearing. ed.
off who has, or will, exhaust their
We can now all relax, and The $5,000 lump sum payment Company-paid healthcare.
move forward to reap the benefits became effective November 1,
If your benefits are about to
of our new contract. We can, and and will be available to any mem-
run out, the additional three
should, hold our heads high, as all ber who retires before January 1,
months will tag right on to the end
of our Union Brothers and Sisters, 2014.
automatically. If your Company-
working together, stronger, smart- paid benefits have expired and you
Lump sum payment
er, and safely move towards the elected to continue benefits with
comes from pension fund
goal of a better tomorrow for ev- the Company at your own expense
eryone. This is a very proud mo- Regarding the $5,000 pay- (COBRA), you will be converted
ment in our local’s history. ment, I was asked a question at the back to Company-paid benefits ef-
“Good actions give strength to afternoon ratification meeting as fective December 1, 2009.
ourselves and inspire good actions to whether this money came from
the pension fund. I answered that I For those whose benefits have
in others.”
felt (and the rest of the Bargaining expired and did not elect to con-
Plato must have been a Steel- tinue Company health benefits at
Committee agreed), it was a pay-
worker too. their own expense, the Company
ment from some other source.

2 November 2009
will contact you by the end of No- erated by bargaining unit employ-
vember and offer the opportunity ees.
to re-enroll in Timken benefits for GOLDEN LODGE NEWS STAFF
It was a proud, and to me, his-
an additional three months. You Tom Sponhour, Editor
toric day as four past presidents of Joe Hoagland, Managing Editor
will be asked to make that decision Golden Lodge testified in the pro- Ron Roberts, Associate Editor
by no later than December 31, ceedings. Chris Tunney, Associate Editor
2009, with the Company-paid ex- LOCAL 1123 OFFICERS
tension becoming effective Febru- “Thank you” to Joe Kostic, Joe Hoagland, President
ary 1, 2010. Art Maurer, Stan Jasionowski and Paul Muller, Vice President
Randy Feemster. A decision on Pat Eslich, Recording Secretary
Many “thanks” to the mem- the case should arrive around mid-
Greg Cushman, Financial Secretary
Kathy Boyd, Treasurer
bers who volunteered to count January. James Schweitzer, Trustee
votes and work the check-in tables Susie Camper, Trustee
at the Civic Center. For many of We also had an arbitration Keith Strobelt, Trustee
concerning the 500 hour security Paul McKenzie, Guide
you, it was a very long day. Bill Webler, Outside Guard
payment at Harrison Steel. The Bob Seward, Inside Guard
Also, I would be remiss if I did facts of the case went undisputed Published monthly, except July, by
not thank all members for your by either party. the United Steelworkers, Golden Lodge
continued patience and support Local 1123, AFL-CIO, in the interest of
during the negotiating process. The sole issue is what makes its members and to further the aims and
up a month when the language programs of the Union.
So, from the entire Bargaining
USW Local 1123 represents bar-
Committee, “we thank you.” calls for a 13-week quarter and the gaining unit workers at the Canton, Gam-
quarter starts approximately one brinus, and Faircrest plants of The
We arbitrated the case con- week into the month. This arbitra- Timken Company.
cerning supervision and salary do- tor’s decision is expected some-
ing our work on October 28. The USW Golden Lodge Local 1123
time in January, also. 1234 Harrison Ave. S.W.
Company maintained their stance Canton, OH 44706
that no saleable product was pro- If you are working voluntary (330) 454-6137
duced and that they were operating overtime and there are members Fax (330) 454-3461
Email - golden@neo.rr.com
their equipment. laid off in your occupation or de-
partment, consider how you would
We held fast to our position our station in life through hard
feel if the roles were reversed.
that the work is ours to perform work. How about if we make this a
and the equipment, as defined in I know as Americans, we have better America by caring about our
our job descriptions, should be op- been taught to better ourselves and brothers and sisters?

Surviving Spouse Lump Sum Payments

It was agreed during negotiations for the 2009 labor agreements to continue the special annual lump sum
payments to surviving spouses. The payments will be made in September, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 to sur-
viving spouses of employees who retired prior to January 1, 1994.

November 2009 3
Don’t wait too long to employment. Be sure to check into
any extensions.

ask for financial advice If somehow you unfortunately

got into overwhelming debt,
check into some of the Credit
Call 211 to get recommendations Counseling offered in the commu-
running into financial difficulties nity. It is a way to help protect your
due to unemployment. Often credit rating, while taking care of
times we wait until we are buried getting back on track.
Paul Muller
to seek out help. The Untied Way 211 number
Vice President
For those with mortgages, car operators can help you with your
payments, and credit card debit, needs by recommending agencies
we need to call and make terms that may be of help to you in diffi-
As much as we wish the econo- cult times.
BEFORE the phone starts ringing,
my were fixed, I am sure we are all There are churches that offer
or the mailings start coming, or the
very aware that it will be a long food sales and at reduced prices
threats start piling up.
haul back. At some point, I honest- that can save you money on your
ly believe we will return to pros- I realize not all institutions are
easy to deal with, but in these un- food needs. Doing something as
perous times. I am happy that we quickly as you can may save you
were able to negotiate extended usual times, they would much
rather deal, than have someone huge amounts of grief in the long
S.U.B benefits and an extension to run.
the health insurance for those who bailout on a mortgage or loan. So
are near or have run out of health the quicker we react in being up Union Plus offers a “Save My
insurance. front, or trying to make livable Home Hotline, that offers free
terms with a lender, the better the counseling to union members
I do not intend to do a run- worried about their homes. That
chance of survival through this.
down of the contract here, but number is 866-490-5361, or on the
Do it early enough and you may
rather talk a little about some of Web at Union Plus.org/SaveMy
find a lender willing to deal with
the things that should be done Home, they also offer a series of
your honesty.
while waiting to get called back. credit counseling services. The
We have had a few people call
One of the hardest things to do number for that is 877-833-1745
to say they are running out of un-
is admit to someone when we start or by visiting: UnionPlus.org/
you can check
your credit report
once annually for
free at: annual
things will turn
around soon and
we can all get
back to earning
the living we
want for our fam-
Volunteer tellers count the ballots after the Information & Ratification meetings November 1 at the Canton Civic ilies.
Center. The tentative agreement was ratified by a count of 1,320 - 280.

4 November 2009
Injuries don’t stop member A vision of inspiration, Rick
attended the informational meet-
from voting on new contract ing, clearly interested in what is
happening for our membership.
The highlight of the busy after- Connie beamed,” He is my
noon of the ratification meeting hero, for being able to survive
was the addition of a very strong something like that.”
and dedicated individual, who
made the strenuous effort to exer- She added that Rick just wants
cise his right to vote. to be independent. We can all fol-
low his progress on their website,
Rick Riffle, who was severely which is: www.caringbridge.org/
injured on the job last January, ac- visit/rickriffle
companied with his loving wife, Rick Riffle casts his vote on the tentative
agreement at the Canton Civic Center.
Connie, having just returned from Rick was severely injured on the job in
arm surgery Wednesday, drove to January at the Gamb Steel Plant.
the meeting to attend the afternoon
employed by Timken for 15
months when his accident hap- October 7 Meeting
Having lost his job at the pened. What was his opinion of Greg Clayton
Hoover Company after over 28 the proposed agreement? “Pretty Shawn Lindner
years of service, he had only been good, considering this economy.” Mike Andreotti
*Rob McCabe
*Fran Eversole
Time to sign-up or re-sign October 21 Meeting
for Shift Preference *David Huberty
*Chris Saling
Under provisions of the new 2009 Basic Labor Agreement, Tom Croston
everyone must sign-up again if they wish to remain on the shift Tony Wojtasek
preference list. **Penny Shearer
The dates to sign-up or re-sign for the new shift preference lists is *Donated to Rick Riffle
November 16-30, 2009. You may file a written application for **Donated to the USO
assignment to a shift or shifts that is different from what you are now
working. This application will remain in effect as long as you
remain on your current occupation. (But no longer than the 2009 Questions?
Basic Labor Agreement.)
After the first sign up period, shift preference will remain the same
as before. For the fifteen day periods after May 15 and November 15, Suggestions?
you are able to apply for assignment to a different shift on the (Address changes, too)
occupation that you are working. Your name is removed if you leave
the occupation. If you transfer into another occupation, you will be
placed at the bottom of the shift preference list for six months. After
six months, your name will be arranged on the list on the basis of
continuous service. You may at any time request that your name be
removed from the list.
Contact Golden Lodge
When a new shift is created, the vacancies will be filled by
by email at:
canvassing, on the basis of continuous service, in the occupation for
which the new shift is being created. golden@neo.rr.com

November 2009 5
Former Golden
Lodge Presidents
testify at grievance
arbitration hearing
Four former Golden Lodge
presidents re-united to bolster the
Union’s argument at a grievance
arbitration hearing October 28,
The grievance concerned
Timken salaried personnel operat-
ing equipment while our members
were on lay off. All of the individ-
ual grievances from all the plants
filed in this matter were rolled into Golden Lodge presidents, going back to 1997, at the arbitration hearing held in Canton on
one grievance. the issue of Timken salaried personnel doing bargaining unit work. Pictured left to right:
Art Maurer (2000-2003), Joe Kostic (1997-2000), current President Joe Hoagland, Stan
The outcome of the arbitration Jasionowski (2003-2006), and Randy Feemster (2006-2009).
will be binding for all. These
former presidents joined with our Recent Retirees Ronald E. May
current administration to drive George H. Oliver, Jr.
Golden Lodge congratulates
home the point that salary has nev- David A. Poling
the following members who have
er operated our equipment to make
recently retired and will now enjoy Dana E. Powers
their union-negotiated retiree pen- David B. Reed
The combined experience of sion and healthcare benefits. Ronald D. Ritter
these gentlemen, past and present,
Richard H. Barkan Harry E. Sell
was coupled with research into ne-
gotiation transcripts, previous David L. Carlson Kenneth R. Smith
grievances and other arbitration Ronald W. Carpenter Michael L. Solomon
rulings to define the Union’s posi- Richard G. Caughey, Jr. Joseph A. VanFossen
tion. Victor H. Clark, Jr. Arthur Y. Williams, Jr.
Ronald L. Coleman Charles P. Winemiller
The union is now waiting for
Daniel C. Cordes William G. Withers, III
the arbitrator to hand down his de-
James J. Couto
cision. Dennis C. Wuske
Joseph S. DiGiacomo
Stephen F. Zaleski
Roy G. Dowdell
Daniel L. Everetts
Thomas D. Falls
Frank A. Garcia
Ronald C. Geiselman
Raymond A. Hall
Jimmie Hibbitts
Ronald L. Hurner
Carey R. Linerode
Daniel Mariol
Thomas L. Martin

6 November 2009
SOAR membership declining
I.W. Abel
Chapter The membership of SOAR is
about 70,000. It is slowly declin-
ing, as older retirees pass on.
Healthcare is theme of Younger retirees do not choose to
become active. They either get an-
SOAR District Conference other job, or play with their com-
puter and iPod.
By Jim Reed country needs to be redistributed,” Many have never been on a
SOAR members from around he said. “We also must have fair strike or know what it is.
the state recently met in Columbus trade. A tariff must be placed on
tires coming from China,” Burga Society has changed, and it has
for the 14th Annual SOAR Con- not been necessarily for the best.
ference. Sub-District Director stated.
They do not seem to remember
Dave Caldwell welcomed the del- Also addressing the confer-
who fought to give them what
egates. He outlined some of the is- ence, was Norm Wernet, Field Di-
they have today.
sues that face us and what needs to rector for the Alliance for Retired
be done. Americans. He told the audience SOAR hopes that there are
that health care is bankrupting an those who do remember, will join,
“We must make political lead- and help us to carry on the fight for
ers do what they promised when average of 750,000 people a year!
the retirees who gave their best for
they were elected,” he stated. “If Prescription drugs are up 30 to
not, then they should be voted out 50%. People 55 to 64 years old,
of office, and elect the right peo- and too young for Medicare, who If you were a member of
ple.” have lost their jobs and insurance SOAR at one time, and dropped
are suffering. out, think about coming back!
Caldwell told the audience
that we must pass progressive leg- He spoke of a couple who are You can only sit around the
islation. in such a situation, who had to buy house for so long. If you were nev-
insurance. With their situation, er a member, think about joining!
It was nice to see Bill Burga
again, the retired president of the they must pay $48,000 per year for SOAR member celebrating
Ohio AFL-CIO, address the con- coverage. birthdays: James Trawick, Ruth
ference. He spoke about health The U.S. is ranked 37th in the Slay, and Stan Thomas.
care and money. world of socialized countries in
“The CEO’s of large corpora- health care. Just one a head of Just a Thought
tions in the 1970s made about 35 Cuba. Even doctors make mis-
times that of workers’ pay. Now, Our country has a hodge- takes - mine asked me to take
they make about 400 times the podge of systems competing my clothes off!
workers’ pay. against each other, while it’s citi-
The average wage today is zens suffer. Reform is needed
about $50,000. The wealth in this NOW, not later!
We have to STOP watching
DECEMBER LUNCHEON the Fox News Network, and the
Rush Limbaughs. They profess
Pork Chops
news that is fair and balanced,
AuGratin Potatoes
while in reality, what they put out,
Succotash OTIS L. WATKINS, 88, Dept. 82, 8450 Cleve-
is just the opposite and keeps the
Tossed salad land Ave., Magnolia, passed away October 16,
country in a state of unrest! 2009. Brother Watkins joined the Union in
Pie 1944 and retired in 1982.

November 2009 7




Christmas Party
December 5, 2009
12:00 noon

Steelworkers Local 1123, Golden Lodge


Doors open 11:00 a.m.
Kilgen Organ music begins at 11:30
Palace Theatre

1234 Harrison Ave. SW

Canton, OH 44706
6th & Market Ave. N., Canton

Kids of all ages will enjoy the popular movie

Doogal, an animated children’s
adventure film (rated G.) with popcorn, soft
drinks, a bag of candy and a visit from
ole' Santa Claus himself!
December 2
Regular Union Meeting
7:30 p.m.
December 5
Children’s Christmas Party
Palace Theatre
12:00 Noon
December 9
Stewards Classes
9: 00 a.m. & 7:00 p.m.
December 16
Regular Union Meeting
9: 00 a.m.

8 November 2009