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and the
win 15


Nathan Mackinnon celebrates with
teammate Paul Stastny after his 3

goal of the night.

Last night the red hot Colorado
Avalanche faced their biggest rivals,
the Edmonton Oilers. They looked a
little shaky at the beginning as you
could tell because the shots were 23 to
8 in the first period (the most shots
allowed in the first period in 14
years). Semyon Varlomov stood tall in
net though and ended the night with a
37 shot shutout. The big star in last
nights game was Nathan Mackinnon.
The 18-year-old rookie had a hat trick
and 2 assists in their 5-0 win and their
straight. That isnt it for
Mackinnon though, as he got in a fight
with Taylor Hall in the second period
after a dirty hit on the Avalanches
captain Gabriel Landeskog. Mackinnon
did what none of the veterans would
do and he stood up for his captain, this
got him much praise from the fans as
he skated to the penalty box. Overall,
it was a nice 15
straight win for the
Avalanche who are at the top of the
western conference now, and also a
great night for Semyon Varlomov who
leads the National Hockey League in
wins, and also for Nathan Mackinnon
who leads the National Hockey League
in points as a rookie (the last rookie to
lead the league in points was Wayne
Gretzky in 1988).

Dear Colorado Avalanche,

I want to thank you for inviting me to the game last night against the
Edmonton Oilers. It was a great game and great win, 5-0! I had a really awesome
time with my family and all the new friends I made.

Even though I have this bad disability the game made me forget all about it and I
owe you a huge thank you. I am already trying to get my parents to buy me season

Overall it was one of the best nights of my life and I only have you to thank, so thank
you. I truly hope I can see another game soon and maybe even meet a few players if
Im lucky.


I am very very proud of my team tonight. They came out and did what everybody
said they cant, and won another game. Patrick Roy said after the 5-0 win against
the Edmonton Oilers. He added, It was a huge night for Nathan [Mackinnon] and
Varly [Semyon Varlomov]. They really showed the world why we are the best team
in the league and we are going to win the Stanley cup this year. I am just so proud of
how our young guys have come together and made this team great; I am just proud.

Dear journal,

Tonight I went to the Colorado Avalanche game. I originally just went to look at the
cute hockey players but then I ended up having a blast. Even though the players
were still very cute, they won 5-0! Every time they scored everyone stood up and
high fived everyone around them and it was just a really awesome environment to
be in. I will definitely go to a lot more games because it was very life changing and
made me overall friendlier. <3

6:30-7:30- Voluntary morning skate

11:00-12:30- Mandatory tape session

2:30-4:00- Team stretch/loosen up

5:00-6:30- In the locker room preparing for game

7:00-10:30- Game time BE READY

Welcome to the Pepsi Center, the home of all Colorado sports such as the Colorado
Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, and Colorado Mammoth. The Pepsi Center was rated
the third best sports arena in the country. Established in 1968 we are very happy to
be the fifth oldest sports arena in the country. Quite a bit of history has happened
here, such as the shot by Michael Jordan in game 7 of the NBA finals in 1989.
Thank you for coming and supporting our Colorado sports, enjoy the game!

Tonight were going to win, we are going to show our fans that we are the number
one team. Cmon Nathan you need to focus on just playing your game dont worry
about the fans just go out there and play your game. You know you play bad when
you dont focus on the game. Go get something to eat, that will help you focus. Hurry
though or you are going to be late for morning skate. Should I go to morning skate?
Yes I need to go I am a rookie I need to make my coach proud, plus I always play
better when I go to morning skate. (Game time) Here we go play hard Nathan you
need to play hard, stay focused. Just go out there and play your hardest thats all
coach asks. (After game) Yes!!! I am the star of this team and Im only eighteen,
wow. Wait, Nathan dont think that way, it was a team effort, not just you. You and
the team need to become one, or you will never be successful.

The Colorado Avalanche are a hockey team in the National Hockey League. This
professional team was founded in 1996, after they were moved from Quebec,
Canada when they were the Quebec Nordiques. They are in the Central Division of
the Western Conference in the NHL. Their home arena is the Pepsi Center in Denver
Colorado and their head coach is the best goaltender of all time, Patrick Roy, who
won two Stanley cups with Colorado as a player in 1996 and 2001. The Avalanche
won the Stanley cup their inaugural season in 1996 when they swept the Florida
Panthers, becoming the first team to win a Stanley cup their inaugural season. The
Avalanche have won nine division titles and went to the playoffs ten years straight
following their inaugural season. This is the third longest streak in NHL history.
Currently, the Avalanche are the youngest team in the NHL, and are looking to make
history as being the youngest team ever to win the Stanley cup, and have the
youngest captain, Gabriel Landeskog, to ever win the Stanley cup.