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How to Fix File Folders Become Shortcuts in Removable Media

Have you ever met this kind of wired situation? Your file folders suddenly became shortcuts
when you connect the removable media (USB pen drive, external hard drive and sd memory card
etc! to your computer and try access data in it You have si"able files say a couple #B in the
drive, but it $ust shows %&B or '&B and so on You also tried the removable media in a different
(), still the same problem occurred How to make the file folders accessible a*ain or how to
recover lost files first of all?
What Caused to Your Folders?
Yes, you may already *uess it + probably the virus or ,ro$ans (like BU-U.-, /012, etc! or
autoruninf worm Your pen drive or memory card may be suffered or infected 3s a result, the
files or folders become 4hidden4 Sometimes you can make them visible a*ain by switchin* to
non+hidden mode, while most of the times you have to kill those virus or ,ro$ans
How to Fix Folder Shortcuts roblem?
,o start with, do not format the removable media immediately as formattin* will make the data
insides much harder to be recovered, and format won5t be necessary to kill the virus Sometimes
it won5t let you format the device .or example autoruninf worm will stop a flash drive from
bein* formatted So follow the steps below and see if you can make thin*s ri*ht
!" )heck whether the files are not in hidden mode
)lick on 4Start4 ++62un++6type cmd and click on -&
Here 7 assume your removable drive as #8
1nter this command8 attrib +h +r +s 9s 9d *8:;; (replace the letter * with your usb or memory card
4removable drive4 letter showed under 4<y )omputer4!
,hen check if your real files will be showed
#ote8 if you have formatted the drive, simply bypass this step and *o to =' directly
!$ 7f your files won5t show You have to use some stron* anti+virus or anti+malware pro*rams to
eliminate the virus or tro$ans >ownload freeware <alwarebytes 3nti+<alware from )?1, and
install it on your computer You may also find more free anti+virus pro*rams from this post
,hen connect your removable media 2un the software to perform a 4.ull Scan4 of the drive
which may contain those virus or tro$ans 5!@ >efault selected option is 4/uick Scan4 ,his way
should kill those problem makers 3fter that see if the file folders will be accessed normally
!% 7f you find your folder files missin*, do not worry ,ake a try of this data recovery tool (take
the free trial! and see if you can recover the deleted files or folders ,his way should be your
final solution
3re the solutions helpful for fixin* your folder shortcuts &roblem in your USB flash or
memory card etc? <akin* your voice heard in comments is always *reat
Note8 folders shortcuts problems vary a lot here and there, 7 am unable to solve every trouble my
readers asked in the comments 3s a result, 7 am listin* several articles 7 found helpful on the
7nternet that is similar to the topic in the followin* Hope they will also help you Best re*ardsA
.ix .olders Become Shortcuts )aused by Birus
How to fix file folders become shortcuts and recover data
.iles on flash drive chan*ed to shortcuts
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