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A nursing home visit is a family-nurse contact which allows the health worker to assess the home and
family situations in order to provide the necessary nursing care and health related activities. In performing
home visits, it is essential to prepare a plan of visit to meet the needs of the client and achieve the best
results of desired outcomes.
1.To give care to the sick, to a postpartum mother and her newborn with the view teach a responsible
family member to give the subsequent care.
.To assess the living condition of the patient and his family and their health practices in order to
provide the appropriate health teaching.
!.To give health teachings regarding the prevention and control of diseases.
".To establish close relationship between the health agencies and the public for the promotion of
#.To make use of the inter-referral system and to promote the utili$ation of community services
The following principles are involved when performing a home visit%
1.A home visit must have a purpose or ob&ective.
.'lanning for a home visit should make use of all available information about the patient and his family
through family records.
!.In planning for a home visit, we should consider and give priority to the essential needs if the
individual and his family.
".'lanning and delivery of care should involve the individual and family.
#.The plan should be fle(ible.
The following guidelines are to be considered regarding the frequency of home visits%
1.The physical needs psychological needs and educational needs of the individual and family.
.The acceptance of the family for the services to be rendered, their interest and the willingness to
!.The policy of a specific agency and the emphasis given towards their health programs.
".Take into account other health agencies and the number of health personnel already involved in the
care of a specific family.
#.)areful evaluation of past services given to the family and how the family avails of the nursing
*.The ability of the patient and his family to recogni$e their own needs, their knowledge of available
resources and their ability to make use of their resources for their benefits.
1.+reet the patient and introduce yourself.
.,tate the purpose of the visit
!.-bserve the patient and determine the health needs.
4.'ut the bag in a convenient place and then proceed to perform the bag technique.
#.'erform the nursing care needed and give health teachings.
*..ecord all important date, observation and care rendered.
/.0ake appointment for a return visit.