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Are You
Interested in
Internet Governance Training and Research?
The DiploFoundation portfolio is packed with training programs, negotiation simulations
and materials for you. Take your pick! Meet Diplo at the IGF in Sharm el-Sheikh!

Booth @ IGF Village

What is DiploFoundation? What can we offer you?

¦ Where and When: Diplo booth at the IGF Village, 15-18 November

; Visit the Diplo booth to get acquainted with our mi ss io n and t ra ini n g approaches.
; Meet our local, regional and global pa rtn ers.
; Apply for our training programs and join our online community.
; Discover the benefits for your local institution and your own professional engagement.

A limited number of m ateri als will be distributed at the Diplo booth, including 2010 calendars
and the new edition of the “Introduction to Internet Governance” booklet. Arrive early and pick
up your copy!

Visitors may also sign up for the 2010 Diplo ca paci ty b ui ld ing p ro gra mm e - t ra in in g,
r e s ea rc h a n d f el low sh i ps .

For a detailed timeline and review of our activities in Sharm el-Sheikh, please contact us
a t o u r bo oth , check details at www.diplomacy.edu/ig or email us at ig@diplomacy.edu.

DiploFoundation is a non-profit organisation which works to assist all countries, particularly

those with limited human and financial resources, to participate meaningfully in international
affairs, through education and training programs, research, and the development of
information and communications technologies for diplomatic activities.
Workshops and Sessions

“Internet Governance – Setting the Scene” (Main Session)

¦ When and Where: 15 November 2009, 10:00-11:30, Main Session Room

“The Use of Internet in the Arab Region: Prospects and the Future”
(Best Practice Forum no. 274)

¦ When and Where: 16 November 2009, 9:00-12:00, Room 2: Red Sea

Organisers: DiploFoundation, Ministry of Communication and Information
Technology of Egypt and Partners

“Remote Participation: Mapping the Field, Evaluation and Multistakeholder Involvement”

(Workshop no. 200)

¦ When and Where: 16 November 2009, 9:30-11:00, Room 3: Suez Canal

Organisers: DiploFoundation, Remote Participation Working Group,
the Internet Governance Caucus (IGC) and Partners

“Youth and Internet Governance: the Way Forward”

(Workshop no. 230)

¦ When and Where: 16 November 2009, 14:30-17:30, Room 1: Sinai

Organisers: DiploFoundation, IG Youth Initiative and Partners

“Online Education: Maximizing the Efficiency”

(Best Practice Forum no. 186)

¦ When and Where: 18 November 2009, 11:30-13:00, Room 8: Citadel

Organisers: DiploFoundation, Dynamic Coalition on Digital Education
and Partners

“Network Neutrality”
(Workshop no. 302)

¦ When and Where: 18 November 2009, 14:00-17:00, Room 1: Sinai

Organisers: DiploFoundation, the Internet Governance Caucus (IGC),
Technology Policy Institute, the Domain Name System
Infrastructure Resilience (DIR) Task Force and Partners
@ Youth Corner

Digital Diving

¦ When and Where: 15-18 November, the Youth Corner at the IGF Village
Chill in the Digital Diving lounge in the Youth Corner
and explore the colourful world of “digital natives”!

“Many young people (the majority in the developed world) routinely use a wide variety of
digital tools for information, communication, social networking and entertainment channels
during their everyday lives. The generation of people under 25 has grown up with access to
digital communication technologies and in societies increasingly conditioned by digital
communication. These technologies have often been pervasive during their early years,
during their formative experiences, and whilst they are making important life decisions.
The differences between this “connected generation” (“digital natives”) and older
generations are in some cases greater than conventional North-South digital divides. This
complicates the policy making environment since those making decisions may not fully
understand the technology and environments they are discussing...”

Ever used twitter & facebook & blip & vimeo & blog & messenger & flickr & ... - simultaneously?
Give a try! Share the experience with the young ones!
Dive into the world of “digital natives”!

Social Reporting

¦ When and Where: 15-18 November, the Youth Corner and throughout the venue
Reporting from the event and capturing multiple perspectives and views
Using the emerging online tools and services (blog posts, twitter comments, blip interviews, social
network inputs) for combining social reporting and knowledge management techniques, participants
will report from the event with special attention to developmental aspects and youth perspectives on
the future of Internet governance. The aggregation and mashing of various feeds will be presented

Internet Governance Debates

¦ When and Where: 15-18 November, lunch-time, the Youth Corner at the IGF Village
A chance to openly debate important IG issues:
“Will the Affirmation of Commitments reinforce multistakeholder participation and
accountability and improve the policy-making process in ICANN?”
“Does cloud computing present more risks than actual benefits for Internet users?”
“Is ghe ‘three strikes’ regulation a valid and effective way to protect copyright?”
Must “Network Neutrality be preserved to protect Internet users’ rights to access to
the services and applications that they choose?”
Take a stance: argue “In favour” or “Against”. Test your position in a controversial discussion.
Join the IG Debate!

Internet Governance Research Projects: Presentations and Discussions

¦ When and Where: 15-18 November, the Diplo booth at the IGF Village
The Diplo booth will be a centre for discussion of themes that have been explored by our
research fellows during the year 2009:
Cyber-Security, Cybercrime, Child Protection Online, Intellectual Property Rights, E-democracy,
Development, Infrastructure, Critical Internet Infrastructure, as well topics of interest for Latin
America and Caribbean region.
Visit the Diplo booth the presentations, poster sessions and discussions with authors.

Global Community

Internet Governance Around the World

¦ When and Where: 15-18 November, the Diplo booth at the IGF Village
Searching for a collaborator in Af rica ?
A partner institution in La tin Am erica o r t h e C a rib b ea n?
A community of professionals to join in As ia o r th e Pac i fic ?
Experience-sharing with S ou th -E a ste r n E u r op e?
Initiatives in your area of interest in the M id dl e-Ea st ?

Each red pixel represents one of our Community members

Expand your professional network.

Join Diplo’s global community of more than 500 professionals around the world.
Visit us at the Diplo booth at the IGF Village
or join the Diplo community online at: www.diplointernetgovernance.org