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1. Calculate (a) molality (b) molarity and (c) mole fraction of KI if the density of
20% (mass/mass) aqueous KI is 1.202 g m!1.
2. Concentrated nitric acid used in laboratory "or# is $%% nitric acid by mass in
aqueous solution. &hat should be the molarity of such a sam'le of the acid if the
density of the solution is 1.(0) g m*1+
,. - solution of glucose in "ater is labelled as 10% "/". "hat "ould be the
). molality and mole fraction of each com'onent in the solution+ If the density of
solution is 1.2 g m*1. then "hat shall be the molarity of the solution+
(. 2.$ /o" many m of 0.1 0 /Cl are required to react com'letely "ith 1 g
mi1ture of 2a2C3, and 2a/C3, containing equimolar amounts of both+
$. -n antifree4e solution is 're'ared from 222.$ g of ethylene glycol (C2/$32) and
200 g of "ater. Calculate the molality of the solution. If the density of the solution
is 1.052 g m*1. then "hat shall be the molarity of the solution+
5. If the density of some la#e "ater is 1.2(g m*1 and contains 62 g of 2a7 ions 'er
#g of "ater. calculate the molality of 2a7 ions in the la#e.
Henrys law.
1. H
S a to!ic "as wit# rotten e"" li$e smell is %se& for t#e '%alitati(e analysis. If
t#e sol%)ility of H
S in water at S*+ is ,.1-. m calc%late Henrys law constant.
2. /enry8s la" constant for C3
in "ater is 1.$5 9 10
:a at 26% K. Calculate the
quantity of C3
in (00 m of soda "ater "hen 'ac#ed under 2.( atm C3
'ressure at
26% K.
,. /enry8s la" constants for o1ygen and nitrogen are ,.,0 9 10
mm and $.(1 9 10
res'ecti;ely. calculate the com'osition of these gases in "ater.
). . /enry8s la" constant for the molality of methane in ben4ene at 26% Kis ).25 9 10
mm /g. Calculate the solubility of methane in ben4ene at 26% Kunder 5$0 mm /g.
(. If 22 gas is bubbled through "ater at 26, K. ho" many millimoles of 22 gas "ould
dissol;e in 1 litre of "ater. -ssume that 22 e1erts a 'artial 'ressure of 0.6%5 bar.
<i;en that /enry8s la" constant for 22 at 26, K is 5$.)% kbar.
=aoults la">
1. Calc%late t#e (a/o%r /ress%re of a sol%tion /re/are& )y mi!in" 01-.. "m of
com/onent A 2Mol. Mass 1013 an& 114.5 "m of com/onent 6 2Mol. Mass 14-3 at
2-5 7. 8a/o%r /ress%res of /%re com/onents A an& 6 are 121mm H" an&
.42mm H" res/ecti(ely. Also calc%late mole fraction of A an& 6 in (a/o%r
2. 8a/o%r /ress%re of two li'%i& A an& 6 are 12, an& 15,mm H" at a "i(en
tem/erat%re. If 2 mole of A an& 0 mole of 6 are mi!e& to form an i&eal sol%tion
calc%late t#e (a/o%r /ress%re of sol%tion at t#e same tem/erat%re.
,. ?a'our 'ressure of chloroform (C/Cl,) and dichloromethane (C/2Cl2) at 26% K are
200 mm /g and )1( mm /g res'ecti;ely. (i) Calculate the ;a'our 'ressure of the
solution 're'ared by mi1ing 2(.( g of C/Cl, and )0 g of C/2Cl2 at 26% K and. (ii)
mole fractions of each com'onent in ;a'our 'hase.
). @he ;a'our 'ressure of 'ure liquids - and A are )(0 and 500 mm /g res'ecti;ely. at
,(0 K . Bind out the com'osition of the liquid mi1ture if total ;a'our 'ressure is $00
mm /g. -lso find the com'osition of the ;a'our 'hase.
(. /e'tane and octane form an ideal solution. -t ,5, K. the ;a'our 'ressures of the t"o
liquid com'onents are 10(.2 #:a and )$.% #:a res'ecti;ely. &hat "ill be the ;a'our
'ressure of a mi1ture of 2$.0 g of he'tane and ,( g of octane+
$. 100 g of liquid - (molar mass 1)0 g mol*1) "as dissol;ed in 1000 g of liquid (molar
mass 1%0 g mol*1). @he ;a'our 'ressure of 'ure liquid A "as found (00 torr.
Calculate the ;a'our 'ressure of 'ure liquid - and its ;a'our 'ressure in the solution
if the total ;a'our 'ressure of the solution is )5( @orr.
Relati(e lowerin" of (a/o%r /ress%re
1. *#e (a/o%r /ress%re of )en9ene at certain tem/erat%re is 41,mm H". *o
0-.,5 of )en9ene non:(olatile an& non:electrolyte soli&:wei"#in" 2.1;." was
a&&e&. *#e (a/o%r /ress%re of sol%tion was 4,,mm of H". <in& t#e mass of
t#e sol%te=
2. *#e (a/o%r /ress%re of /%re )en9ene at a certain tem/erat%re is ,.5., )ar.
A non:(olatile non:electrolyte soli& wei"#in" ,.. " w#en a&&e& to 0-., " of
)en9ene 2molar mass ;5 " mol:13. 8a/o%r /ress%re of t#e sol%tion t#en is
,.51. )ar. >#at is t#e molar mass of t#e soli& s%)stance=2 ANS ? M2 @ 1;, "
,. ?a'our 'ressure of 'ure "ater at 26% K is 2,.% mm /g. (0 g of urea
(2/2C32/2) is dissol;ed in %(0 g of "ater. Calculate the ;a'our 'ressure of
"ater for this solution and its relati;e lo"ering.
). -n aqueous solution of 2% non!;olatile solute e1erts a 'ressure of 1.00) bar at
the normal boiling 'oint of the sol;ent. &hat is the molar mass of the solute+
(. @he ;a'our 'ressure of "ater is 12., #:a at ,00 K. Calculate ;a'our 'ressure of 1
molal solution of a non!;olatile solute in it.(-ns> 12.0% #:a.)
$. Calculate the mass of a non!;olatile solute (molar mass )0 g mol*1) "hich should
be dissol;ed in 11) g octane to reduce its ;a'our 'ressure to %0%.
1. Et#ylene "lycol sol%tion #a(in" molality ,.. is %se& as coolant in a car.
Calc%late t#e free9in" /oint of sol%tion 2"i(en 7
@1.54 FC/mole3
2. Bn a #ill station /%re water )oils at --.52FC. *#e 7
of water is ,..10FC 7"
. Calc%late t#e )oilin" /oint of ,.4-m sol%tion of %rea.
,. 1% g of glucose. C$/123$. is dissol;ed in 1 #g of "ater in a sauce'an. -t "hat
tem'erature "ill "ater boil at 1.01, bar+ Kb for "ater is 0.(2 K #g mol!1.
). @he boiling 'oint of ben4ene is ,(,.2, K. &hen 1.%0 g of a non!;olatile solute
"as dissol;ed in 60 g of ben4ene. the boiling 'oint is raised to ,().11 K.
Calculate the molar mass of the solute. Kb for ben4ene is 2.(, K #g mol*1
(. )( g of ethylene glycol (C2/$32) is mi1ed "ith $00 g of "ater. Calculate (a) the
free4ing 'oint de'ression and (b) the free4ing 'oint of the solution.
$. 1.00 g of a non!electrolyte solute dissol;ed in (0 g of ben4ene lo"ered the
free4ing 'oint of ben4ene by 0.)0 K. @he free4ing 'oint de'ression constant of
ben4ene is (.12 K #g mol*1. Bind the molar mass of the solute.
5. Aoiling 'oint of "ater at 5(0 mm /g is 66.$,CC. /o" much sucrose is to be
added to (00 g of "ater such that it boils at 100CC.
%. 2.11 Calculate the mass of ascorbic acid (?itamin C. C$/%3$) to be dissol;ed in
5( g of acetic acid to lo"er its melting 'oint by 1.(CC. Kf D ,.6 K #g mol!1.
6. - (% solution (by mass) of cane sugar in "ater has free4ing 'oint of 251K.
Calculate the free4ing 'oint of (% glucose in "ater if free4ing 'oint of 'ure "ater
is 25,.1( K.
10. @"o elements - and A form com'ounds ha;ing formula -A2 and -A). &hen
dissol;ed in 20 g of ben4ene (C$/$). 1 g of -A2 lo"ers the free4ing 'oint by 2.,
K "hereas 1.0 g of -A) lo"ers it by 1., K. @he molar de'ression constant for
ben4ene is (.1 K #g mol*1. Calculate atomic masses of - and A.
11. >#en ..2- " of a non:(olatile sol%te was &issol(e& in 1,, " of water its
free9in" /oint &ecrease& )y 1.;- 7. Calc%late t#e molec%lar wt of sol%te if 7
for water is 1.54 7$"Mol

12. >#en 0.1- "m of a non:(olatile sol%te was &issol(e& in 12. "m of )en9ene its
)oilin" raise& )y 1.207. Calc%late t#e molec%lar mass of non:(olatile sol%te.
for )en9ene is 2..0 7 $" Mol
13. Calc%late t#e )oilin" /oint of a sol%tion of %rea /re/are& )y &issol(in" 1,.04
" of %rea in 2., " of water on a #ill station w#ere /%re water )oils at
--.52FC. 27
of water is ,..10FC 7" mol
3E0-@IC :=FEEG=F
1. Calculate the osmotic 'ressure in 'ascals e1erted by a solution 're'ared by
dissol;ing 1.0 g of 'olymer of molar mass 1%(.000 in )(0 m of "ater at ,5CC.
2. 200 cm, of an aqueous solution of a 'rotein contains 1.2$ g of the 'rotein. @he
osmotic 'ressure of such a solution at ,00 K is found to be 2.(5 9 10!, bar.
Calculate the molar mass of the 'rotein.
,. Hetermine the amount of CaCl2 (i D 2.)5) dissol;ed in 2.( litre of "ater such that
its osmotic 'ressure is 0.5( atm at 25C C.
). -t ,00 K. ,$ g of glucose 'resent in a litre of its solution has an osmotic 'ressure
of ).6% bar. If the osmotic 'ressure of the solution is 1.(2 bars at the same
tem'erature. "hat "ould be its concentration+
(. *#e osmotic /ress%re of #%man )loo& is ;.4. atm at 0;FC. <or inGectin"
"l%cose sol%tion it is necessary t#e "l%cose sol%tion #as same osmotic
/ress%re as of #%man )loo&. <in& t#e molarity of "l%cose sol%tion #a(in"
same osmotic /ress%re as of #%man )loo&
(ant Hoff factor
1. Calc%late (ant Hoff factor of t#e followin" sol%tions
1. Al
is &issol(e& in water
2. M"Cl
is &issol(e& in water
0. 6en9oic aci& is &issol(e& in )en9ene
1. Cl%cose is &issol(e& in water
.. 1, "m of 7Cl is &issol(e& in 1 Litre of water
2. Hetermine the osmotic 'ressure of a solution 're'ared by dissol;ing 2( mg of
in 2 liter of "ater at 2(C C. assuming that it is com'letely dissociated.
,. 2 g of ben4oic acid (C$/(C33/) dissol;ed in 2( g of ben4ene sho"s a
de'ression in free4ing 'oint equal to 1.$2 K. 0olal de'ression constant for
ben4ene is ).6 K #g mol*1. &hat is the 'ercentage association of acid if it
forms dimer in solution+
). 0.$ m of acetic acid (C/,C33/). ha;ing density 1.0$ g m*1. is dissol;ed
in 1 litre of "ater. @he de'ression in free4ing 'oint
obser;ed for this strength of acid "as 0.020(CC. Calculate the ;an8t /off
factor and the dissociation constant of acid.
(. Calc%late t#e (anHt Hoff factor of 7
$. A sol%tion of 1, "m of NaCl in 1,,, "m of water free9es at A,.4,17.
Calc%late t#e &e"ree of &issociation of NaCl. 27
for water is 1.547$"mol
3 2Ans? i@1.-1 &e"ree of &issociation@-1K3
5. 0.-"m of a /rotein was &issol(e& in 40 "m of )en9ene w#en its free9in"
/oint was o)ser(e& to "o &own )y 0.24 7. 7f for )en9ene is 1.- 7 7"
Mol:1. Calc%late t#e /ercenta"e association of /rotein if it forms &imers
in t#e sol%tion=2 molar mass of /rotein is -2.3 Ans? i@,.--1 &e"ree
of &issociation@1.2K
%. A &ecimolar sol%tion of NaCl e!erts osmotic /ress%re of 1.4 atm at 0,,7.
<in& t#e &e"ree of &issol%tion. 2Ans?54.5K3
6. Determine t#e amo%nt of CaCl2 2i @ 2.1;3 &issol(e& in 2.. litre of water
s%c# t#at its osmotic /ress%re is ,.;. atm at 2;F C.
10. 2.11 Determine t#e osmotic /ress%re of a sol%tion /re/are& )y &issol(in"
2. m" of 72SB1 in 2 litre of water at 2.F C ass%min" t#at it is com/letely
11. Calc%late t#e &e/ression in t#e free9in" /oint of water w#en 1, " of
CH0CH2CHClCBBH is a&&e& to 2., " of water. 7a @ 1.1 L 1,A0 7f @
1.54 7 $" molA1.
12. 1-.. " of CH2<CBBH is &issol(e& in .,, " of water. *#e &e/ression in
t#e free9in" /oint of water o)ser(e& is 1.,, C. Calc%late t#e (ant Hoff
factor an& &issociation constant of fl%oroacetic aci&.
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