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Chicago, IL 60614 312-593-6645 stevedombar@gmail.com


Small business manager with 19 years of professional experience in the areas of operations management, sales and business
development, marketing, e-commerce, and financial management.


VICTORIA SUPPLY, INC / D.B.A. Topbulb.com 2002-2014

Victoria Supply, Inc/Topbulb.com is an 80-year-old, international lighting distributor located in Northwest Indiana that sells
specialty light bulbs to schools, businesses, hospitals, and consumers. Over the past 12 years, I have experienced the highs
and lows of a full business cycle at Victoria Supply Inc. During the economic boom, I grew revenues by over 40 percent by
introducing new product lines and expanding the companys online presence. As the economy entered the recession, I
implemented overhead reduction initiatives and added new sales channels that grew net income by over 200 percent. I also
gained valuable experience as part of the management team that purchased the company from venture capitalists, and then a
few years later sold the company to its current owners.

Chief Operating Officer
Administered all phases of business operations including strategic planning, operations, sales, marketing, website
design, financial management, and procurement.
Supervised and mentored a staff of 20 employees including outside and inside sales, IT professionals, marketing
managers, and fulfillment specialists; made key decisions regarding employee development, training, hiring, and
improved the company culture by promoting team initiatives.
Directed strategic team in charge of converting the sales and distribution channels from catalogs to e-commerce and
direct sales.

Operations Management
Managed the workflow of multiple business units to ensure efficiency and accountability across all departments.
Increased profitability by negotiating with vendors and customers, performing extensive price testing and cost
analysis, and introducing new product lines that generated new sales.
Implemented a successful roll out of Magento e-commerce software and SAP operating software increasing the
companys overall efficiency.

Sales and Business Development
Generated over $2 million of new revenue by launching a LCD projector lamp business that changed the
financial structure of the business from a historically high margin, low profit volume price point business to
include a low margin, high profit volume price point sales channel.
Targeted new markets and customers by repurposing inbound sales employees into outbound sales developing
key accounts outside traditional customer base.
Led process improvement events with employees focusing on superior customer service that resulted in
employees ownership of the customer service process.

Conceived and implemented e-commerce marketing strategies such as adword campaigns, search engine
optimization, retargeting, affiliate programs, direct mail, media buys, trade shows, social networking and selling
on Amazon, EBay, and Nextag.

Steven Dombar


Spearheaded marketing team in creating web and print advertising and analyzed important web/marketing
metrics such as new visitors, bounce rate, and conversion rate.
Initiated targeted email-marketing campaigns allowing the company to segment their markets with tailored
messaging to existing and perspective customers.

E-commerce Management
Established a drop ship business model for an under-performing division, Lightingforthehome.com; was able to
reduce costs and add more product lines resulting in year-over-year sales growth of over 30 percent.
Developed relationships with B to C clients purchasing high-end lighting products by providing high-end
service and encouraging customers to phone in orders in addition to using the web.
Achieved profitability for Lightingforthehome.com through reorganization and by leveraging technology via
web-based marketing.

Financial Management
Developed budgets, forecasts, and key performance indicators to analyze income and expenses.
Prepared monthly and yearly financial statements and dashboards providing feedback and recommendations to
internal management and investors.
Facilitated relationships with outside auditors, bankers, insurance brokers, 3rd party payroll, and 401k
administrators, as well as negotiated large contracts with vendors such as UPS and FEDEX.

Business Analyst and Controller

Tracked venture capital investments, analyzing diverse businesses from start-ups to established companies with an
emphasis on real estate and tech companies.
Created models for financial statement review and ROI. Interacted with banks and other financial institutions, as
well as gained hands-on skills in risk management.
Served as a consultant for a student loan company that investors sold for a significant profit.

Senior Accountant

Planned and managed audits for SEC, private, and non-profit organizations including budget development,
assessment of risk, and evaluation of business environment.
Recommended ways to improve efficiency, internal controls, and profitability of clients.
Reviewed audit work papers, financial statements, and delegated responsibilities to audit team to ensure audits were
completed accurately and on schedule.


Bachelor of Science Accounting; Sociology minor