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Student name: Peter Mothusi

Student number: 200834692





The world has been revolutionaries by computers and they have been
implemented extensively in many departments. Although the digital divide is
not entirely bridged and many are not equipped in terms of the latest
technology. Computing has been introduced in teaching although skills are
not thoroughly developed.

Computers play a very important role in schools .Most of learners do their

work based on computer. There is no way in which a learner can do their work
without using computer. In all learning areas computer is needed. For a
learner to do a research internet is needed.

It is true that in my school computer played a very important part almost in all
learning areas. Computers at school have integrated fully into the new
curriculum (ncs). Our school has possessed means of communications
through computer. Our learners make a research through computer.

However they also use computer for acquisition of innumeracy and language
skills as well as competency in word processing, spreadsheets and
databases. In addition learners were manage to pass with high percentage at
the end of the year because computer help them to be focus and understand
curriculum at large

Yet after teaching learners go to computer lab to do more in order to uplift and
do research about what they have learned in class. Moreover the matriculates
used computer for revision purpose. They use internet to look out the
exemplars and previous question papers for revision purpose. Hopefully this
year the standard of teaching is improved with twenty percent do to availability
of computers at various schools

I think government should make shore to increase the number of computer in

schools especially in rural areas. Gauteng on line computers had played a
very important role in order to see good results at the end of the year
Computer ca benefit teaching and learning effectively if teachers were
thourally encouraged to study computer as a major subject.
It does not mean that all learners who have access to computer had manage
to pass with flying colours course some of them did not do what is suppose to
be doing , they will playing games, download music from internet. These lead
to fail at the end of the year however on these matter teachers need to be
blamed for not supervising learner effectively

For example learners from rural areas pass with high rate than those who
have computers at their school. These are one of the impacts of having
computers at school sometimes. The following are the most

2. Important aspect why schools must have


• Learners should have competency in word processing

• Schools should have internet access, also for learners and educators.
• Educational software should comply with curriculum 2005 assessment
• By the end of foundation phase ,learners should have used computers
in the acquisition of numeracy and language skills
• All school must possess means of telecommunications
• Communities have access to computer situated at school.

However our school have link with school at overseas. It is vary simple for
learners and educator to communicate with them effectively.


I conclude that the impact of computer in teaching and learning played a very
important role in the universe. Learners should be encouraged to study
computer as a major subject at tertiary level. In addition the idea of GDE is
vary good to empower and uplift educators to the field of technology
(computer) finally schools should made fundraising in order to bay new
computers not just to rely on Gauteng on line computers
4.List of reference