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Greentown China Holdings Ltd.

(3900) - Financial and Strategic SWOT

nal!sis "e#iew
May, 16, 2014: Company Profiles and Conferences presents a Company Report on "Greentown
China Holdings Ltd.- Financial and Strategic SW! "nalysis Re#iew"$ which helps yo%
form%late strategies that a%gment yo%r &%siness &y ena&ling yo% to %nderstand yo%r partners$
c%stomers and competitors &etter.
Greentown China Holdings Ltd. 'Greentown( is a property de#elopment company. !he company
de#elops and sells real estate properties in China. )t operates thro%gh fo%r segments namely$
Property *e#elopment$ Hotel perations$ Property )n#estment and thers. Greentown &%ilds
residential #illas$ low-rise apartment &%ildings$ and high-rise apartment &%ildings for middle and
high-income people. !he company pro#ides design and decoration$ and pro+ect management
ser#ices. )ts pro+ects co#er cities in ,he+iang pro#ince s%ch as Hang-ho%$ .ing&o and Wen-ho%$
!ai-ho%$ Shao/ing and other places. !he company has entered into a strategic partnership with
two real estate de#elopers in the PRC and Hong 0ong. Greentown is head1%artered in ,he+iang$
!his comprehensi#e SW! profile of Greentown China Holdings Ltd. pro#ides yo% an in-depth
strategic analysis of the company2s &%sinesses and operations. !he profile has &een compiled &y
Glo&al*ata to &ring to yo% a clear and an %n&iased #iew of the company2s 3ey strengths and
wea3nesses and the potential opport%nities and threats. !he profile helps yo% form%late strategies
that a%gment yo%r &%siness &y ena&ling yo% to %nderstand yo%r partners$ c%stomers and
competitors &etter.
!his company report forms is the part of 4Profile on *emand2 ser#ice$ co#ering o#er 56$666 of
the world2s leading companies. nce p%rchased the highly 1%alified team of company analysts
will comprehensi#ely research and a%thor a f%ll financial and strategic analysis of Greentown
China Holdings Ltd. incl%ding a detailed SW! analysis$ and deli#er this direct to yo% in pdf
format within two &%siness days. 'e/cl%ding wee3ends(.
The profile contains critical company information including,
7%siness description 8 " detailed description of the company2s operations and &%siness
Corporate strategy 8 "nalyst2s s%mmari-ation of the company2s &%siness strategy.
SW! "nalysis 8 " detailed analysis of the company2s strengths$ wea3ness$
opport%nities and threats.
Company history 8 Progression of 3ey e#ents associated with the company.
9a+or prod%cts and ser#ices 8 " list of ma+or prod%cts$ ser#ices and &rands of the
0ey competitors 8 " list of 3ey competitors to the company.
0ey employees 8 " list of the 3ey e/ec%ti#es of the company.
:/ec%ti#e &iographies 8 " &rief s%mmary of the e/ec%ti#es2 employment history.
0ey operational heads 8 " list of personnel heading 3ey departments;f%nctions.
)mportant locations and s%&sidiaries 8 " list and contact details of 3ey locations and
s%&sidiaries of the company.
*etailed financial ratios for the past fi#e years 8 !he latest financial ratios deri#ed from
the ann%al financial statements p%&lished &y the company with 5 years history.
)nterim ratios for the last fi#e interim periods 8 !he latest financial ratios deri#ed from
the 1%arterly;semi-ann%al financial statements p%&lished &y the company for 5 interims
Key benefits of buying this profile include,
ou get detailed information about the company and its operations to identify potential
customers and suppliers!
!he profile analy-es the company2s &%siness str%ct%re$ operations$ ma+or prod%cts and
ser#ices$ prospects$ locations and s%&sidiaries$ 3ey e/ec%ti#es and their &iographies and
3ey competitors.
<nderstand and respond to yo%r competitors2 &%siness str%ct%re and strategies$ and
capitali-e on their wea3nesses. Stay %p to date on the ma+or de#elopments affecting the
!he company2s core strengths and wea3nesses and areas of de#elopment or decline are
analy-ed and presented in the profile o&+ecti#ely. Recent de#elopments in the company
co#ered in the profile help yo% trac3 important e#ents.
:1%ip yo%rself with information that ena&les yo% to sharpen yo%r strategies and transform
yo%r operations profita&ly.
pport%nities that the company can e/plore and e/ploit are si-ed %p and its growth
potential assessed in the profile. Competiti#e and;or technological threats are highlighted.
Sco%t for potential in#estments and ac1%isition targets$ with detailed insight into the
companies2 strategic$ financial and operational performance.
Financial ratio presented for ma+or p%&lic companies in the profile incl%de the re#en%e
trends$ profita&ility$ growth$ margins and ret%rns$ li1%idity and le#erage$ financial
position and efficiency ratios.
Gain 3ey insights into the company for academic or &%siness research.
0ey elements s%ch as SW! analysis$ corporate strategy and financial ratios and charts
are incorporated in the profile to assist yo%r academic or &%siness research needs.
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