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Concept Art

Josh Gear Unit 69

Intended Purpose
I have been asked to make some concept art
for a Film that will be made into a Game. The
Game I Have Chosen is THX 1138.
The Target audience for this game will most
likely be of the same age as the film, but the
film is rated R so the age rating for the game
will most likely be and 18

I have made sure I have not copied anyone
else's work directly from the internet or
elsewhere. If I did use anyone else's work I will
have referenced it in my work.
To make the game I will need full permission
from Lucas Arts as they are the ones who own
the rights to THX 1138. It would be a copyright
infringement if I did use their ideas without
I also needed to make sure that none of my
work is going to be offensive or racist towards
anyone in anyway.
I also need to make sure that the content is
not offensive towards someone's sexuality or
Anatomy Sketches
These were my
original anatomy
sketches that had
drawn by hand using
a pencil.
This sketch was to
allow me to get the
correct shape for a
human body
I then
implemented that
into a character
that had more of
an action stance
Digital Versions
I then had a go at creating a sitting
position of a human body on Photoshop
I also sketched and shaded a human
face on Photoshop. This allowed me to
get the scale correct for a human face.
Final Character Design
This version of my
character was drawn using
Photoshop, I used my
original hand drawn image
to trace over using
Photoshop and making it
more appealing and
digitally enhance it by
adding colour and shading.
Weapon Sketches
These are hand drawn sketches of my weapon ideas, I will later scan them into
Photoshop and go over them digitally.
Final Digital Weapon Ideas
Here I have imported the images into Photoshop and retextured
them using images of different metals
For this weapon I have used a
Aluminium Texture and applied
a Gradient to give it a shaded
For this weapon I have
used a Caron fibre
material texture to
give it a Carbon effect,
I used the same
Gradient tool on this
weapon as well
I used a Worn metal
Texture for this
weapon to make it
look very worn and
Environment Idea
I started out by hand drawing my environment. For this environment I did a
perspective view from inside. I then scanned the drawing into Photoshop where I went
over the outlines using a graphics tablet.
Final Digital Environments
These two Environments I did straight on Photoshop, the first one I
hand drawn with a Graphics tablet, it is a Cityscape that is reflecting in
the water next to it.
The Second one I also did on Photoshop but this time I used shapes to
create a pretty good looking night time cityscape