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Govt not disclosing revenue earned through mining: Bhuria

Rajiv Tiwari
Email: rajivtiwariwts@gmail.com
BHOPAL: PCC president Kantilal Bhuria has said the BJP government has illegally milked the
mining sector in the last 10 years. The government has exploited the mining resources in the
state. Those connected to the people in power have mined areas in excess of the lease accorded
to them. Besides illegal tree felling has also taken place in the same area.
The Congress has also accused the state BJP government of hiding facts in announcing the
revenue recovered through mining. Bhuria challenged the mining minister to disclose that if
everything is being done legally, how much fine has been imposed on companies engaged in
illegal mining and how much of the fine has been recovered? If the fine is not being recovered
the government should explain why it is not being recovered. Bhuria further said that the
imposition of the model code of conduct had resulted in illegal mining being checked for some
time but with the lifting of the model code, illegal mining has resumed again.
He said that a question is why the state government is not advertising the revenue received from
mining in the last 8 months of the financial year. The government should disclose the amount
received as royalty in all years of BJP rule. Bhuria said that the BJP government has made a
wrong claim of getting Rs 1700 crore as royalty to the state exchequer from mining. He said that
if the state government had been honest in its intentions the royalty from mining would have
been two or three times the amount received.
BJP Election Committee to discuss probable candidates
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BHOPAL: The ruling BJP will hold its first state-executive meeting from January 6 to 8 at the
party headquarters here. Keeping the upcoming Lok Sabha polls in mind, the BJP has also called
its Election Committee meeting simultaneously where senior and veteran central leaders from the
state will gather to discuss probable candidates for the 29 seats in the general elections.
According to senior party leaders, the election committee meeting is crucial in the run-up to the
general elections. For the BJP, it is a fight for every seat to bring the party to power at the Centre
and candidates will have to be hand-picked carefully because we just cannot afford to go wrong
here. The election committee will sit to discuss and strategize the Lok Sabha elections where the
BJP is targeting all 29 seats in the state.
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan BJP national general secretary Ananth Kumar , state party
president Narendra Singh Tomar, national vice-president Prabhat Jha and organizational
secretary Arvind Menon will be present for both state executive and election committee
meetings. Veteran leaders Kailash Joshi, Sundarlal Patwa, Laxmi Narayan Sharma, Vikram
Verma and Sumitra Mahajan will be part of the election committee meeting.
The state executive meeting will have no connection with the election committee discussions.
But both will be held simultaneously because the executive meeting is due every three months
and the election committee meet is essential as there is not much time left for Lok Sabha polls.

Pvt plane landing on highway: Probe ordered
Rajiv Tiwari
Email: rajivtiwariwts@gmail.com
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BHOPAL: Betul district collector R P Mishra has ordered a probe against NRI businessman Sam
Verma. Verma 's small private plane had landed on a highway near Betul recently. However,
aviation authorities in Delhi want to investigate the issue.
State police and the district administration have initiated a probe to ascertain the reasons behind
landing of Verma's plane on the highway in Betul. "We are collecting information from
intelligence bureau and civil aviation department. Legal action will be taken if valid documents
are not found," Ajay Sharma, inspector general (Hoshangabad range), said.
According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Verma continued to fly
although his license was valid till October 12, 2001. Verma claims he wasn't flying the day the
plane made emergency landing. However, DGCA sources claimed he did that Verma flew the
plane many times in the past. And that too without informing air traffic control.
DGCA's deputy director (airworthiness) R B Soni informed Madhya Pradesh's principal
secretary (aviation) recently that Verma has been flying Piper Navajo aircraft without valid
licence. He flies from Betul to Rewa, Satna and various other uncontrolled airfields. Air traffic
control (ATC) Bhopal, Indore, Nagpur and regional executive director, Airports Authority of
India, Mumbai have also been intimated in this regard. Now a days he is flying the aircraft
between uncontrolled airfields without informing ATC.
Verma said he was not flying the aircraft on that day and his pilot, Jacob, was. I have never
broken the law, he said. Verma reportedly holds a licence issued by the American Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA). He added that the only issue relevant here was that high towers
erected illegally close to his airstrip made the landing there difficult.

Patients in Bhopal dont get ventilator support on time
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Bhopal: Most of the patients which are rushed to government or private hospitals in critical
situation are unable to get the ventilator support.
The situation has arisen because of shortage of ventilators in the hospitals. The relatives of
patients have to roam around from one hospital to other in search of ventilator support.
In the meanwhile, the situation of the patient worsens due to delay in treatment.
Secretary of Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine Dr Lalit Mehndiratta said that there
should be at least 600 ventilators in the hospitals around the city where as there are only 400
ventilators in city's hospitals.
Chief medical and health officer Dr Pankaj Shukla said that there are 8 government and 240
private nursing home in the city. In these hospitals, there are more than 3000 speciality bed
which are mostly accommodated with at least 1500 patients.
Nearly 250 of these patients need ventilator. Many times, doctors provide oxygen to the patients
through pipe. Dr Shukla said that he will send a request to increase the number of ventilators in
hospitals to Health Directorate.
Dalchand Panthi, who is a resident of Shiv Nagar, took his mother to the People's Hospital after
she fell unconscious. His mother had received head injury in a mishap and became unconscious.
The doctors told him that no ventilator was available in the ICU and discharged his mother after
providing her with basic treatment. Dalchand said that after this incident, he went to 3 other
hospitals inquiring for ventilator. Thereafter, he came to know about one ventilator which was
free in LBS Hospital.
Workshop on Kathak dance from May 15
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BHOPAL: A one-month workshop on Kathak dance will be held from May 15, 2014 at
Chakradhar dance centre under the aegis of Ustad Alauddin Khan Sangeet Evam Kala Akademi.
Apart from introduction to Kathak, trainees will also be apprised of its finer points and technical
aspects in the workshop.
Giving this information, academys Director informed that the one-month workshop has been
divided into 2 groups. The first group will consist of over 8 years of age candidates desirous of
undergoing preliminary training and knowledge about Kathak. Rs. 500 fee has been prescribed
for such trainees. The second group will consist over 8 years of age trainees who have undergone
preliminary training and desire to undergo intensive training. For them, Rs. 1000 per head fee
has been prescribed. Workshop will be held from 5 to 7 pm daily.
The Kathak workshop will be conducted by senior dancer and guru of Chakradhar dance centre
Smt. Alpana Vajpayee. Desirous candidates may obtain application forms from academys office
during office hours.
During demonstration of Kathak dance on stage, noted theatre person Shri Anup Joshi will
deliver lecture on light and dance and noted historian Shri Sikandar Malik on the subject
Bhopal. Old classics and musical films of Hindi will be screened at the venue for
entertainment of parents accompanying trainees.

Sitar and classical music workshop at Ustad Alauddin Khan Academy from May 17
A workshop will be held at Ustad Alauddin Khan Sangeet Evam Kala Academy Bhopal daily
from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm from May 17 to June 16, 2014. Objective of the workshop is to
create awareness and interest among youths about Indian classical music. Apart from preliminary
and theoretical aspects of classical music, training will also be given in the workshop in finer
points and technique of playing on sitar.
The workshop will be conducted by noted sitarist Dr. Neera Sharma. She had given sitar
performances at prestigious musical festivals in India as well as Germany and America. She
worked as invited professor for one year at Maharishi international University in Fairfield-Iowa.
Dr. Sharma has also published the book Ashtdhaam Sangeet Ek Vishleshan.
For re-establishing importance of sitar and popularizing it among new generation, the academy
has exempted the workshop from fee. For registration, applications can be obtained from Ustad
Alauddin Khan Sangeet Evam Kala Academy, Rabindranath Tagore Lane, Banganga Road,
Bhopal from 11 am to 5 pm.