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Profile of Katti Narahari

Katti Narahari

Widely experienced Enterprise Technology Consultant and Manager with 17 years of experience
managing technology teams and hands on consulting across a wide array of systems and new
Highly skilled SAP and NetWeaver Technical consultant.
Promoting and managing an SAP services company with presence across a wide customer base.
Have good mentoring, team building capabilities, client facing, proposal preparation and negotiation
Have extensive experience in proposal preparation, project management, ASAP Implementation
methodology, administration and management of SAP NetWeaver BASIS service offerings.

SAP Certified Consultant in NetWeaver (ABAP + JAVA) AS 7.0 BASIS Administration.

Professional SAP Certified Technology Trainer and multiplier.


Have lived/ worked or provided consulting/training services in these countries. Have experience with
multi cultural teams.

India, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Thailand Malaysia, and Singapore.


Katti Information Solutions (Nov 2005 to present date)
Founder and Managing Consultant

I have been a promoter, leader of an SAP Technology services company providing value added
services to ERP customers. Leading a team of SAP Technology consultants to architect, install,
upgrade and monitor customer SAP landscapes.

I have also provided SAP Technology training and end user training to enable the customers to handle
their jobs easily. I have mentored many employees in imparting SAP and soft skills.

Skill Area Technology
SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal development , installation and configuration, Solution
Manger Configuration and Operations, Knowledge Management
Configuration and development, BI front end tools Bex Ananlyser, BeX
WAD,BO Crystal Reports, BO Excelsium

SAP Cross
SAP xApp Analyics, SAP Business Workflow, SAP eCATT Testing tool, SAP
Archiving, Archive Link.

SAP Solutions Have extensive experience SAP Net Weaver stack that includes the application
platform (ABAP+JAVA), Operating systems (Windows and multiple UNIX
flavors), SAP PI, SAP EP, SAP Upgrades (including customer based
scenarios), SAP Solution Manager, SAP security and SAP Security Audits,
SAP BW and SAP CRM customer based upgrades.

Project Management SAP ASAP methodologies using Solution Manager.
Onsite- Offshore Software services model Model
Team Building Excellent Training and Mentoring skills. Debottlenecking of key issues to
ensure rapid project delivery. Support and stand-up for the team.

Profile of Katti Narahari
Katti Narahari

Client Project Role Brief project summary
ATOS SAP Net weaver
Successfully Trained ATOS internal
employees on SAP Net Weaver, BASIS,
Application Server (ABAP + JAVA) as a part
of a 25 day full time Academy. Have been
associated with ATOS since 2005 providing
training services for new employees as well
as laterals
Saudi Airlines SAP Archiving SAP
Setting up the scope of the archiving project
Database analysis
Data analysis
Setting up the selection criteria in discussion
with the business owners
Preparing blueprint document
Performing and storing archived data in
offline storage
Reorganization for performance
enhancement post archiving

Coca Cola
company -
Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia
SAP Security
Tasked with conducting SAP systems audit.
Investigation on the current risks
Classification of risks as High, Medium and
Study of current protection mechanisms
- preparing the Blue print document
showcasing existing vulnerabilities with
regard to business processes with gap
Implementing audit procedures for
authentication, authorization, data integrity
and confidentiality, non-
Setting up SAP audit information system
Leveraging industry standards - SSL, SSO,
SNC, X.509 and HTTPS

Bank Saudi
Self was part of the first phase of end to end
SAP implementation.
Self was a part of SAP AG consultants team
Implantation of Solution manager change
management cycle
Setting up the Solution manager Service
help desk for IsDB business owners and end
Setting up solution manager monitoring for
SAP systems
Configuring solution manager project
management and reporting
SAP Performance
Monitoring and
Setting up and refining SAP Performance
monitoring procedures
ONGC SAP systems are primarily UNIX
based. Setup operating system specific
performance tuning procedures
Reviewed the Sizing document and
performed stress and load tests.
Profile of Katti Narahari
Katti Narahari
Client Project Role Brief project summary
Intel Corporation,
USA / India
SAP Upgrade SAP
Part of the SAP labs team, tasked
with exploring out of the box
solutions for SAP upgrades
setup procedures for analysis and
prepare document
Setup upgrade procedures for
customer and copy of production
Zygen Company
limited, Thailand
Part of Zygen and SAP AG
consultants in SAP PI
Integration of cross system
business processes across
multiple SAP production systems
Setup and implemented
procedures for identification of
application link enabling of
selected business processes
Implemented data transfer
technologies based on RFC/DIAG
and Http(s) protocols
- Implemented SAP PI integration
broker on asynchronous procedure
Bharat Sanchar
Limited (BSNL)
Solution Manager
Was involved with Solution
manager installation and
Setup of central monitoring
capability of Solution Manager
Setup connectivity between
Solution manager and the SAP
systems landscape at BSNL
- Setup SAProuter to enable the
early watch service
iGATE Patni Landscape Design
As a part of SAP India delivery
team, was responsible for
verification of SAP landscape
Was responsible for evaluation
existing SAP landscape in terms of
business and technical processes
Audited multiple systems and
versions, interdependencies, and
various deployment options within
the landscape.
Audited the design business
blueprint across multiple SAP
Rebuilt Scenario component list
implementation component (BPR)
oversaw build and test procedures
with the help of SAP configuration

Profile of Katti Narahari
Katti Narahari
[Sample List of Trainings conducted]

Date Courses Days Company and Location Pax
Apr 2009 SAP Security 8 IBM India - Kolkata 20
June 2009 SAP Solution Manager 5 IBM India - Bangalore 15
June 2009 SAP NetWeaver BASIS 5 IBM India - Gurgaon 16
July 2009 SAP NetWeaver BASIS 5 SAP Education, Bangalore 20
July 2009 SAP NetWeaver BASIS 10 SAP India Education - Bangalore 22
Aug 2009 SAP NetWeaver BASIS
25 IBM India 20
Sept 2009 SAP NetWeaver BASIS
25 SAP India 18
Oct 2009 SAP Security Academy 8 IBM, Kolkata 19
Oct 2009 SAP Upgrade 5 IIBM. Gurgaon 12
Oct 2009 SMI310 3 SAP Education 10
Oct 2009 Advanced Workflow 5 SAP Education 13
Nov 2009 Advanced System Monitoring 3 IBM Bangalore 12
Dec 2009 SAP NetWeaver BASIS 10 Naizak, Dubai 4
Jan 2010 SAP Oracle Database Admin 5 SAP Education 14
Feb 2010 SAP Security Academy 8 Bayer, India 22
Feb 2010 SAP Upgrade 5 SAP India 18
Feb 2010 SAP NetWeaver Academy 25 SAP Education 18
Mar 2010 SAP Solution Manager 10 IBM India 22
Apr 2010 SAP NetWeaver BASIS
25 SAP Education India, Bangalore 17
May 2010 SAP Security Audit 5 ATOS Origin Bangalore 6
June 2010 SAP NetWeaver BASIS 10 Islamic development Bank KSA 4
July 2010 SAP NetWeaver BASIS 20 SAP Middle East 15
July 2010 SAP Upgrade 5 SAP Education 20
Aug 2010 SAP NetWeaver BASIS 20 Accenture Services, Mumbai 22
Oct 2010 SAP NetWeaver OS/DB
5 Islamic Development Bank, KSA 4
Oct 2010 SAP Security 3 Islamic Development Bank KSA 12
Nov 2010 SAP NetWeaver Basis 25 SAP Education 20
Dec 2010 SAP Upgrade 5 iGate, Bangalore 13
Dec 2010 SAP Netweaver Basis 25 ATOS Origin, Pune 24
May 2011 SAPTEC 3 BSNL, India 22
July 2011 SAP NetWeaver BASIS 25 SAP India Education 20
Aug 2011 TADM12 Part 2 5 Saudi Airlines 8
Aug 2011 ADM940 3 Saudi Airlines 12
Aug 2011 SAPTEC 3 Saudi Airlines 8
Aug 2011 TADM51 5 Saudi Airlines 8
Sept 2011 SAP NetWeaver BASIS
25 NIIT@SAP Education 5
Dec 2011 SAP BASIS Academy 25 ATOS Pune 22
Mar 2012 SAP BASIS Academy 25 Seimens Delhi 10
July 2012 SAPTEC 3 Juniper, Bangalore 19
Aug 2012 SAPTEC 3 Juniper, Bangalore 18
May 2012
to Present
SAP India preferred trainer and
SME delivery for SAP Walldorf
Developing training content for new SAP NetWevaer

Profile of Katti Narahari
Katti Narahari

Accenture Services - Bangalore, India (Nov 2003 Nov 2005)

SAP EP 5.0 Implementation project Client Reliance InfoCom India.
Project Manager NetWeaver BASIS and Development
- Leading a team of Basis administrator and 5 developers for the implantation of EP 5.0.
- Installed SAP IS-Utilities Add-on and configuration from Basis perspective
- Installation and configuration of SAP Solution Manager.
- Configured central monitoring from SAP Solution Manager
- Planning and setting up of backup strategy for the SAP landscape
- Configured Early Watch Alert (EWA), Service Level (SL) and Solution Reporting
- Configured SSL and SNC
- Configured SAP Systems for SAP Security Audit.
- Configuring the UME to access the LDAP directory.
- Setup best practices for change management
- Setup processes for Deployment and Testing in QA System
- Single Sign-on capabilities.

Scandent Group - Bangalore, India (Nov 2002 Nov 2003)

SAP EP 5.0 Implementation project Client CAMSTAR USA
Project Manager NetWeaver BASIS and Development
- Leading a team of Basis administrator and 5 developers for the implantation of ALE/EDI
- Integration of In-bound and out-bound SAP transactions with a NON-SAP Software (M.E.S)
- Managed configuration and integration of SAP with JDE, Oracle Apps.
- Monitoring and management of Idocs
- Configured SAP with iWay adapter.
- Setup 24x7 support processes for on-site clients
- Planning and setting up of backup strategy for the SAP landscape

SAP EP 5.0 Implementation project Client Public Utilities Board Govt. Of Singapore
Project Manager NetWeaver SAP Security
- Leading a team of SAP Security administrators for Role based security implantation.
- Implanted role based strategy from the existing activity based groups at the client.
- Self worked with SAP functional modules of SD, MM, FI and CO.
- Self liaised with client IT teams for Basis security role mappings
- Implanted S.O.D with treble control for SAP Security processes.
- Self reviewed the existing IT security policy processes and setup best practices for SAP security
- Self performed the very first security audit based on static and dynamic filters for the client

INTEL corporation India and USA (Mar 2001 Oct 2002)
Front Line Manager NetWeaver BASIS and Security
- Self was the first SAP NetWeaver BASIS employee at INTEL INDIA.
- Self built a team from 1 resource to 11 to manage INTEL SAP systems
Self managed a total of 12 INTEL global SAP production systems.
- Self led a team of 15 IT and SAP technical professionals in setup of DRA site from Folsom CA
and Phoenix, Arizona for Intel production systems.
- Self setup a support team in India, Bangalore to support Intel production and Quality Assurance
servers in India, Bangalore.
- Achieved 98.97% SLA compliance in SAP Basis Support delivery.
- Self initiated evaluation and implantation of SAP solution manger for Intel SAP systems.
- Planning and setting up of backup strategy for the SAP landscape
- Configuring SAP backup tools with Tivoli Management system.
- Configuring SAP Backup tools with VERITAS backup management system.

Profile of Katti Narahari
Katti Narahari
Clarkston Consulting India and USA (Feb 1998 Mar
SAP 4.6C Implementation project Client Grasim Cements India
- SAP Implantation covering functional modules FI CO, SD, MM and HR
- SAP implantation using ASAP methodology.
- Self was responsible for designing SAP landscape solution architecture.
- Installed and configured high availability solution based on cluster technology.
- Planning and setting up of backup strategy for the SAP landscape
- Self worked closely with functional teams to setup processes for change management.
- Self lead a team of visual basic developers to setup an interface to SAP.

Logix Micro systems - India (Jan 1997 Dec 1997)
SAP 4.6C Implementation project Client National Cement Company Dubai UAE.
- SAP Implantation covering functional modules FI CO, SD, MM, and PM
- Self was responsible for planning, installation of the SAP three systems Landscape.
- Setup of client strategy and system change options
- Planning and setting up of backup strategy for the SAP landscape
- Self configured workload analysis and setting up of performance monitoring processes for SAP
production system.

Software Research Bangalore - India (Jan 1994 Dec 1996)
Database Administration Oracle, SQL SQL Server and Sybase
Database Administrator (DBA)
- RDBMS installation and sizing
- Planning logical and physical layouts
- RDBMS monitoring
- Database auditing
- Setting up backup, restore and recovery processes

Q-soft systems and solutions Bangalore - India (April 1992 Dec
Database Administration Oracle
Database Administrator (DBA)
- Responsible for all aspects of Oracle support for clients
- Self conducted training for clients with respect to oracle DBA procedures
- Oracle database monitoring and performance tuning.


Graduate in information technology from National Institute of Information Technology (N.I.I.T)
SAP NetWeaver Technology Certified.
Diploma in RDBMS Specialization in Oracle
Year of passing March 1992