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Call Plan and Report

I. Highlights:

- Ms. Dela Cruz, owner of Venneth School of Cavite which started as a pre
school in 2003.

- In 2007 Ms. Dela Cruz decides to seek promise of DECS to include the
elementary curriculum due to the request from the parents. But before her
request is recognized she must first put an additional classroom for the Home
Economics Subject.

- She needs to borrow in order to put up additional classrooms for the Home
Economics Subject to comply with the DECS requirements.

- Offers were with Allied Bank but she is reluctant to borrow because of the
repayment terms. Also same with Rural Bank because of high interest rates
- She decides to assistance from a government bank.

- Allied Bank checked the credit record of Ms. Dela Cruz to put up the school by
granting a P500,00 loan for a term of 3years.that was settled one year in

II. Assumptions:

- Ms. Della Cruz decided to purchase the lot which is a foreclosed property by
Rural Bank of Imus but she will avail a loan from DBP. The reason for choosing
the lot is because it is just in front of the school.

- Interest rate of DBP is only 7%. The firm can offer lower interest rate because it
is a government bank whose mandate is to help those operating schools in
obtaining loans for their requirements.
- The repayment terms of DBP are up to 3 years.

- Ms. Dela Cruz has as outstanding loan with Allied Bank amounting to P
848,499.99. It represents the balance of the 3 year term loan with original
amount of P2, 545, 500 at 10% interest rate.

- Her P400, 000 loan with Allied used to purchased a vehicle for school service
bus a term of 3 years at a 8% interest rate.
Michael Gabriel O. Lazarte

III. Recommendations:

- As a credit analysts of the Development Bank of the Philippines. I will
recommend the granting of loans to Ms. Dela Cruz under the following terms:

- Amount: PHP 2.5 Million
- Purpose: to purchase the 391sqm lot offered by Rural bank of Imus
- Term: 3 years payable monthly (36 months)
- With an interest rate of 7 percent
- Collateral : lot to be purchase

IV. Based on the following Justification:

- Term of up to 3 years is reconnected to give Ms. Dela Cruz submit tones to repay
the loans. This is based on her cash flows with amount of

- Satisfactory credit dealings and history. Based on the information granted she
was able to repay her new loan with Allied Bank one year in advance in her
repayment terms of 3 years.

- Prudent in managing finances based on the information she availed only
P400,000 out of the P700,000 offered by Allied Bank. She uses the loan when
there is a need.

- She was able to establish a good trait reward in managing the school having
started since 2003. She is also competent because she has a Masters degree
in Arts and Education major in Child Psychology from a reputable school
Philippine Normal University.

- Her business is growing since 2003 the number of students has grown to 280
and there are requests from the parents to include the elementary curriculum.

- Based on the monthly revenues of the school the payment loan can be repaid in
3 years

Balance sheet: (in thousand pesos)
- Cash 3,000.00
- Land with building [(391sqm with building) 2,500.00
- Land with building [(204sqm (P 5,500)] 1,122.00
- Land with building [(181sqm (P5,500)] 925.50
- Land with building [(281sqm (P5,500)] 2,545.50
- Vehicles 400.00
Total Assets: P 10,493.00

- Loan Allied Bank (Vehicle) 400.00
- Loan Allied Bank (281sqm lot with building) 2,545.50
- Loan DBP of (391sqm land with building) 2,550.00
Total Liabilities: 5,445.50
Capital: 5,047.50
Total Liabilities and Capital P 10,493.00

Income statement (summarized)
Revenue note 1: P 8,400,050
Operating expense:
- Salaries - note 2: P 2,992,000
- Utilities - note 3: 360,000
- Office supplies note 4: 36,000 3,388,000
Total: P 5,012,000
Interest Expense - note 5: 389,926
Net Income: P 4, 622,038
Loan Amortization note 6 1,815,165

Net income after principal payment on loans: P 2,806,873

Income statement (computation of the summarized value)

Note 1 revenues: [280 students (P30, 000 tuition fee)] P8, 400,000
Note 2 salaries:
Teachers: P2, 400,000
[(10 teachers (P10, 000 salary/month) (12months)]

Office staff:
[(4 staff (P12, 000 salary/month) (12months)] 576,000
[(2utilities (P4, 000 salary/month) (12months)] 16,000
P 2, 992,000
Note 3 utilities
(P24, 000/month x 12months) P288, 000
(P3, 000/month x 12months) 36,000
(P3, 000/month x 12months) 36,000
Total: P 360,000

Note 4 office supplies
Assumed at: (P3, 000/month x 12months) P36,000

Note 5 interest expenses:
- Loan DBP (please refer to loan amortization no.1) P147,857
- Loan Allied Bank (please refer to loan amortization no.2) 215,069
- Loan Allied Bank (please refer to loan amortization no. 3) 27,036
Total: P 389,962

Note 6 loan amortization
- Loan DBP (please refer to loan amortization no. 1) P 833,333
- Loan Allied Bank (please refer to loan amortization no.2) 848,499
- Loan Allied Bank (please refer to loan amortization no.3) 133,333
Total: P1, 815,165