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paper 1

Answer one question from this paper.

Answers should be between 500 and 800 words in lenoth

1. How far should a government go in its counter-terrorism efforts?

2. "Singapore's sports scene will never reach international

standards, so
why bqther investing money in it?" Comment.

3. 'Reality TV is all about style and not subslance.' Do you

4. "Government efforts to control fertility rates are inevitably
doomed to
failure." Discuss.
5. Should anti-globalization protests be banned?

6. To what exteni has Singapore evolved its own distinct culture?

7. 'The arts are nothing more than a mirror held up to reality.,, How
far do
you agree? 'i
B. "The true measure of a man is how he treats someone
who can do him
absolutely no good." (Samuel Johnson) Comment.

9. "The elderly fulfil a vital and indispensable function in

society.,, Do you

10. 'Religion has brought nothing but conflict and destruction to our world."

11. "Race is irrelevant in a global village." ls this true?

12. Should scientific research be dictated by ethical concerns?

End of Paper
CJc "c


Answer ONE queslion from this paper.

Answers shouid be between 500 and 800 words in length.

1. llow effective is sexuality education in your country?

2. 'The more we know, the morc harm we do to mankind.' How far is this true of
modem scienLific adr ancesl

3. 'Seeing is not believing.' Why do corsumers of the mass media need to be more
disceming today?

4. 'Aneye for an eye only ends up making lhe whole world blind' - Mahatma Gandhi.
Assc . . "he ,/alue ot relribulron in carD ing oul j us{jce.

5. '"ll'i/r] things reduce prejudice: education and laughter. ' Discuss.

6. Consider the imlodance ofmusic to young people.

7. Assess the view that old age is the most difficult phase oflife.
8. what €xtent would you agree that the road to peace cannot be achieved through

9. 'The best things in life are ftee.' Do you agree?

10. '$/ork a little less, live a little more'. Consider the value ofthis philosophy in
today's society.

11. ln an increasingly global world, what are the ways in which your country can
effectively retain the loyalty of its citizens?

12. 'The world is in need ofheroes.' Comment.

J-Jc 'o{


. Answer one question from ihis paper.

Answers should be between 500

and BO0 words in length.

1. The family today is confronted with

more challenges. Comment.

2. How far is stereotyping justified?

, comes srear responsibiliiy. How

accurate do you find ihis

4 Discuss the importance of embracing

immigrants in any society.

5. Consider the view that keeping up

wjth technology i, *".t" of .on.y.
6. Sports bring out the best and worst people.
in Discuss.

7. Should the past be considered when

making decisions?

8. To.what extent is studying abroad

more gainful than studying locally?
wtm reterence to your counlry. Discuss ihis

9. The media desensitises people.

Do you agree with this observation?

10.Can countries afford to be self_reliant

in today,s world?

" Jlffi:?.T::i:"il':lll':Tfi :TffiJ:J;[:f,more

than a poor im*ation or roreisn

12. Has modern living caused Man to deteriorate?

-TTC ,O6

paper 1

Answer one question from this paper.

Answers should be between SO0 and 800 words in length.

'1. ls food aid the best solution to hunger?

2. 'We are drowning in information yet lacking in knowledge

and wisdom., ls this
an apt description of society today?

3. Do you agree that marriage has no place in our sociely today?

4. 'Education is ihe mosi importani factor in the development

of a country.,

5. 'Medical advances have done litfle to solve health problems

today., ls this a
fair comment?

6 'Enjoy first, pay later.' rs this a valid comment

on peopre's attitude towards the

7. Do you agree that tragedy always brings out the best in people?

8. 'Technology gives us less and not more leisure

time., Do you agree?
9. Are people today only concerned with looking and feeling good?

'10. The yolng have the most say in society today., How far is this
true tn your

1 1 .ls immigration always beneficial?

12.'The sole function of art, music and literature is to express

Man,s need for
beauty.' Do you agree?

Answer one question from rhis paper.

Answers should be between 500 and 900 words in length.

l. Why is knowledge ofthe arts still necessary in &is age of technology?

2. 'We shouldnot consider the potential of scientific and technological developments

fear, but with g(eat hop€". Do you agree?

3. Why should schools teach anything besides the academic subjects?

4. What wili you retain or do differeDtly from your pa.rents in mising your children?

5- What _vvould you miss most about your country if you were to live abroad?

6. 'lt i5 gloiols 1o bc yorlng, Do malter where you iive or when you live,,. How true do you
find ihis stalement?

l,' ard,le rt Jeci.ions fo what .\lenr do yo agree $irh this.ratemcnt?-
8. What, in youl opidon, is a purposeful life?

9. 1n an inoieasingly globalised r Torld, the idea ofloyalty to one,s nation becomes inelevant.

10. "Men and women complement each other. Talk ofequality is iherefore irrelevant.,,
I 1. What do you consider the most pressing problem facing your country today?

12. What qrralitie! are rbsilrbb il a good censor?