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(Kartikeya Senapati)
This Litany of divine names (also called the "Little Litany", to distinguish it from the "Great
Litany", in which 75 different aspects of a are praised, each one with an invocation) accompanies
the figures of the 7! forms of a inscri"ed in many "Houses of Eternity" (tom"s) of the greatest
Kings of #gypt, such as Thutmosis $$$, Sethi $, amses $$$ and others%
$t is a nocturnal Litany to "e recited during the night,
"every day when Ra goes to rest in the West",
as the ru"ric states%
&fter an introductory hymnlike spell in which the King praises and eulogi'es the Sun (od and
)siris, the 7! names of a are revealed%
The te*t of this spell on the walls of the +,ouse of #ternity- of the King Thutmosis $$$ recites.
(lory "e to Thee,
) Thou /ho "elongest to the Djeba of the )ne 0oined Together%
Thy Ba is glorious, Thy "odies "reathe%
King 1en2Kheper2a passes "y the mysterious caverns and ,e traverses the mysteries therein%
King Thutmosis, 3efer2Kheperu, calls upon Thee as the Ba of a, Thou callest upon King 1en2
Kheper2a as the Ba of a%
,is Ba is Thy Ba, ,is "odies are Thy "odies%
/hen ,e passes "y the following of the Ba of a to the mysterious place of the inha"itants of the
caverns, then ,e 4u"ilates at ,is glory, then Thutmosis 4u"ilates at ,is glory like me, my very
second self%
a says to the King 1en2Kheper2a.
+Thou art like me, Thou art my second self-%
The Djeba of the )ne 0oined Together says to the King Thutmosis, /hose word is right and truth.
+)h, mayest Thou lead ,im, ,e at the head of ,is cavern-%
(to say four times
This spell is to "e recited to every (od, and these must "e depicted e*actly as those on the two side2
walls of the 3etherworld, while the two parts must "e placed on them as a 5ivine action%
Then Thou art a Ba as the second self of a, the ,eir of the Djeba of the )ne 0oined Together%
This "ook is to "e recited every day when a goes to rest in the /est, e*actly and correctly%
The 6urial 7ham"er of the ,ouse of #ternity of King Thutmosis $$$
The seventy-four forms of the Sun God R! nd Their nmes:
(the images are from the +,ouse of #ternity- of the King Thutmosis $$$, inscri"ed on the two pillars
of the 6urial cham"er)
8rom right to left.
92The 6ecoming )ne :2The 6ecoming )ne
;2a of the (reat 5isk 72The (oddess Tefnut
<2,e of the Severe 8ace =2The (oddess 3ut
!2,e /ho punishes with the Stake >2The (oddess 3ephthys
52,e /ho gives Light to the 6odies 9?2The /atery &"yss (the (od 3un)

8rom right to left.
992The 5ecomposed )ne 9:2The #ver "ecoming )ne
9;2The (reat am 972The #4ector
9<2The 5ivine #ye 9=2,e /ho causes to 6reathe
9!2The )ne of the 7avern 9>2The esting Ba
952,e of the ,idden 1em"ers ;?2The 8laming )ne

8rom right to left.
;92The 6rilliant )ne ;:2The Shining ,orn
;;2The ,idden )ne ;72,e of the #*alted 8orms
;<2The 0u"ilating )ne ;=2The 5istant Ba
;!2,e /hose ways are correct ;>2The ,igh Ba
;52The Lightning )ne <?2,e of the Two 7hildren

8rom right to left.
<92The 6la'ing )ne in the #arth <52The #ternal )ne
<;2,e of the 7aldron <:2Lord of 1ight
<<2The /atchers <72Lord of 5arkness
<!2The 6a"oon of the 3etherworld
8rom right to left.
<=2The )ne 0oined Together !;2The 5ark )ne
<>2,e at the ,ead of ,is 7avern !<2The Ba of a
!?2,e who protects the Ba !!2The (od &tum
!92The /ind in the Ba !52The (od Shu
8rom right to left.
!:2The (od (e" !>2The /eeper
!72The (oddess $sis 5?2Those of the #du2fish
!=2The (od ,orus 592The (od 3etuty
8rom right to left.
5;2The /est, the 3etherworld 552The )ne of the 7at
5<2The 1ourner 5:2,e of the 7offin
5!2,e at the ,ead of the /esterners 572The (od Shay
8rom right to left.
5=2,e of the ,idden 6odies :92The @rovider of the #arth
5>2Lord of the 3etherworld :;2The Aenera"le )ne
:?2,e with eassem"led 1em"ers :<2The Traveller
8rom right to left.
:!2The 1aker of 6odies :72The (reat 7at
:52The ,idden )ne :=2,e /hose 6rilliant #ye Speaks
::2The #levated )ne :>2The (od $uty

8rom right to left.
7?2,e of the 5ark 8ace 7<2The )utflow
2The /alker
792The 6inder 7!2The enewer of the #arth
2,e of the ,ouse of the )"elisk
7;2The #*alted #arth