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Ricky Hernandez

A New Modest Proposal

According to The American Prospect, the United States of America
accounts for 25% of the global prison population, yet only 5% of the total global
population. The United States is ranked number 17 in education and it will take a huge
sum of money and effort to attempt to reach any higher than this. We have the largest
population of inmates in the world and acquire a huge sum of marginal profit from
prisons and would produce a lot more if we emphasized justice more. My modest
proposal is to alter the academic curriculum in a way that is legal, yet very tempting to
the student. We can begin to show more videos in chemistry classes about the wonderful
chemical reactions involved in the production of crack-cocaine and methamphetamine
when you make it from scratch. We can be more insightful and warn them about certain
locations where they can acquire weapons and ammunition easily without the need of an
ID or permit. Public high school funding should be cut off; thus, if you want to go to
school, your parents have to pay the private school tuition. If they cant afford it, show
them how much money they can make by selling what you learned to make in class. The
more of you that are deprived of your liberty by jail cells, the more room that the greedy
and wicked 1% will have to play and find something else to ruin besides human societies.
We have the largest population of inmates in the world which we are putting to
great use by forcing them to be productive and produce the war supply for the soldiers
who are going out to serve our nation proudly and maybe not come back. This is
excellent because our private prisons are stimulating millions of dollar for our economy,
and that benefits everyone. No benefits, workers compensation, rights, or even a
minimum wage has to be given to prisoners, which means that we earn all the money that
they are working for and that is only fair because they are taking up so much of our
oxygen and land. Its a win-win situation: production, profit, low maintenance, and, if
were lucky, we may even loose some extra mouths to feed along the way besides the
ones that we barely feed while theyre serving time. That means more food and money
for the wealthy elites. If the potential in this process is so beneficial, why arent we taking
full advantage of it? According to Statistic Brain, there are 3,800 national high school
students dropping out every day, which totals out to approximately 3,030,000 students
dropping out annually. These statistics have been persistent for years, but we still fund
their public schools rather than start training them how to behave and work while theyre
in the penitentiary. That is where theyre going to end up eventually, for example:
Statistic Brain clearly states that 60% of Black high school drop outs go to jail at some
point and there are similarly high percentages for Hispanics/Latinos and other minorities
as well. Lets cash them in earlier.
We will need to plant the seed early; therefore, we will begin to show the videos,
play audios, and advice teachers to be aware of the black market shops starting at an
elementary and middle school level. These incorporate numerous concepts about
chemistry, social studies, economics, and mathematics. This will give a sense of curiosity
and temptation to the kids who will later follow the steps that we plan for them. While we
are on this topic, I propose that we also ban health and safety classes and those similar to
them because, this way, we will be able to offer doctors a higher salary, benefit our
economy, and stimulate the medical field. The 1% will quickly become a predominant
species. The rest will still exist, except that the majority will be behind bars or working in
the millions of positions that will become open thanks to this action. If this had a high
success rate, we can assure that of those 3.03 million high school drop-outs 100% of
them will turn to a life of crime, which will make them more likely to be arrested and
convicted, leaving over 3 million positions open at companies and businesses throughout
the country.
The teachers are great tools that we can use to pass on this poison because they
are the direct source that the students are getting the information from. We can inform
them about what areas may participate in black market dealing so that they can warn the
students about these areas. This will tempt the students to go out and look for these areas
where they can purchase things not available elsewhere to them. Im sure that with some
help from officials, we can restrict the amount of police patrolling in certain areas or lay
off a large amount of the police officers similarly to what Oakland, California did with
their police department. We have approximately 7.2 million potential tools that we can
use to incorporate this into their classroom. We will only apply this method to the public
schools in low-income districts and with rural conditions with a broad variety of
ethnicities present and a minority majority. The private schools where the students of the
lucky few will be studying will remain unaffected by this and they will not be exposed to
the crime or negative influences. They will be properly educated and raised to despise the
lower classes and develop new techniques to make sure that their struggles increase.
The final aspect of my proposal is the cancellation of all public high schools,
which are funded primarily by federal money. There are over 98,000 public schools that
are wasting the money that we could be using to construct more private prisons and
penitentiaries to produce a much higher income for the country. Parents will be forced to
pay the tuition fee of whatever private school they wish to enroll their child in. It
shouldnt be very difficult to raise the money; for they can cook drugs with their children
and sell it to their neighbors to make some extra money. If they are caught, arrested, and
convicted, it wont be that dramatic of a change. They will still have a scarce amount of
cheap food every day; people in similar circumstances will still surround them; in fact,
they will even have a job now and will contribute to the markets of America. We can
force them to produce metal tools and volunteer to be crash test dummies to provide more
accurate feedback of vehicle safety.
These actions will benefit everyone in America. The wealthy will not have to live
with the unworthy peasants that they love to castigate and scorn. The peasants, also
known as lower class, will definitely have a place to sleep, some food to eat, and a job
that will contribute to the good of their country. The youth will learn great chemistry
lessons, street smarts, and business management. After some time that this is in action,
we will enforce police control to capture as many of these criminals as possible. This is
how we will clean our communities. Then, the individuals left, primarily rich white
families, will have no one to bother them. They will live happily and successfully with
the rest locked away. Eventually they will find another hobby to occupy themselves with.
Perhaps theyll begin to imperialize again and send troops to begin conquering foreign
countries in the Middle East, Americas, or Asia to demonstrate the power that the United
States of America. We must keep moving higher and higher. In the words of Winston
Churchill, Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that
counts. We are a courageous nation, as soon as we relieve ourselves of those who hold
us back, we can prosper. Their options were never very open or broad from the beginning
any way.

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