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Check Mechanical Equipment, material in accordance with drawings and specification.

Preparation of inspection and Test Plan (ITP) and check list for site inspection.
Monitoring Quality Control for each definable area/section of work as per PQP, Method of Statement,
ITP and Specification.
Secure Foundation release of the Equipment.
Check correct leveling of soleplates and base plates, embedded hardware.
Check for anchor bolt elevation and location.
Check correct orientation and leveling of the equipments.
Conduct final inspection of mechanical equipments prior to grouting works.
Check for applicable torque values on mechanical structures.
Conduct welding inspection on Heat recovery steam generator, main stack, bypass stack, cylindrical
Monitoring welding activities and ensure only qualified welders on board, and following welding
procedure specification and standards.
Preparation of final QC dossier for handling over to the client and maintain proper filling system with
full traceability for retrieving the document.
Witness Welders Qualification Test (WQT) checking of welding parameters.
Review WPS/PQR, QCP, MS, ITP, and reference codes and to ensure that latest revision was used.
Responsible for the implementation and inspection based on project procedures, project specifications
and quality control procedures for the fabrication of all piping which are fabricated in shop and site
Verify piping material components as per specified in the drawing bill of materials in conformance to its
piping service class and to ensure that all items are fully certified by the accompanying certificates.
Conducts material traceability for all piping components and checks accordingly to its materials color
coding, stock code number and heat number and log-in to isometric drawing for final reference.
Performed dimensional checks based on approved construction drawing and fit-up requirements in
conformance as per approved WPS prior to full welding.
Conduct visual inspections on welds, monitoring of daily welding activities and do daily surveillance of
all piping erection activities.
Coordinate with NDT team, monitor NDT work, tracing and marking of weld defects based on
radiographic result.
Monitor the repair of defective weld and subsequent re-inspection and non-destructive testing.
Identify the non-conformance of sub-contractor to project specifications pertaining to QA/QC aspect of
the project, inform the QA/QC Manager and recommend solution if required.
Conduct line check and prepares all documents needed in the line system prior to the testing (Hydro
and pneumatic).
Prepare and review test packages, check NDT requirement prior to pneumatic test or hydrostatic test
of all piping works.
Perform quality control punch listing and clearing prior to hydro test and pneumatic test schedule.
Perform walk down punch list with client, review of all as-built records of complicated works before final
acceptance and hand-over to the client.
Witness hydrostatic and /or pneumatic test and ensure client approval and acceptance.

Position: Sr. QA / QC Mechanical/Piping Engineer
Company: Dutco Balfour Beatty Group
B K Gulf LLC

June 2007 to September 2008
Royal Tower and Water Park
Location: Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
Inclusive Date: June 2007 - September 2008

Duties and Responsibilities:
Responsible for all Equipment receiving Inspection prior for erection.
Responsible for the review of Equipment Technical Data to ensure that they conform to project
specification and Industry Standard.
Verification of the latest issue drawing prior for equipment erection whenever possible piping
connection nozzle position, fixing brackets.
Responsible for checking equipment foundation such as padding installation ad conduct elevation
check prior for equipment erection.
Conduct alignment inspection for horizontal and vertical equipment, such as centering and leveling,
plumbness and verticality of the equipment prior to release for grouting.
Responsible for checking the chipping padding installation, centering and leveling of the skid, base
grouting, preliminary alignment, cavity grouting and final alignment.
Monitor piping/welding activities and verifies welders qualification compliance with project specification
requirement/ witnessing holiday testing and conduct visual on weld joints and check daily welding report.
Coordinates client's inspector and witness hydro-testing as per hold joint.
Review quality control inspection and welding procedure specification (WPS) and conduct inspection
fit-up dimensional checking on the pipe prior to full welding.
Conduct line check and prepares all documents needed in the line system prior to the testing (hydro
and pneumatic).
Perform quality control punch listing and clearing prior to hydro-test and pneumatic test schedule.
Daily surveillance of all piping erection activities A/G and U/G.
Witness hydrostatic and/or pneumatic test and ensure client approval and acceptance.

Position: QC Inspector (Piping & Welding)
Company: Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Company of Manila Inc. (AG & P)
Project: GORO NICKEL PROJECT- Modularization (INCO Australia
Management PTY. LTD
November 2005 to June 2007
Duties and Responsibilities: (PIPING INSPECTOR)
Familiarize on the project specification, standard and quality control, procedure to be used in the
Liaises with contractor's representative for field inspection or test schedules.
Coordinating "Hold point" specify with the Client representative for approval.
Perform visual inspection on on-going production welding to detect any erroneous procedure in order
to minimize inspection during final inspection and NDT.
Check overall completeness on the pipeline system to referring to the approved drawings.
Report non-conformance to QC engineer and issue corrective action.
Progress monitoring and scheduling is being observed.
Responsibilities for drawing change on faulty piping and its adequate supports preparation of isometric
plan and its corresponding bill of materials.
Supervise piping installation and fabrication activities to be carried out in accordance with the relevant
Prepare the layout drawing and isometric fabrication and installation.
Monitor construction activities of the assigned area to ensure that craft personnel adhere to project
safety standard.
Perform final punch list out prior to hydro test, pneumatic testing and flushing.
Review and prepare test packages and see to it that all piping installed in accordance with relevant
isometric drawing, general arrangement plan, piping and instrument diagram of project specification and
Conduct line checking on erection; prepare punch list, re-instatement punch out.
Supervise commissioning activities.

Duties and Responsibilities: (Welding Inspector)
Review and familiarization of approved drawings, project specifications, codes and standard.
Performs inspection in accordance with the approved project Quality Control Inspections Test plan and
Verifies welder's qualification against welder's qualification records. Ensures welding is carried out as
per approved Welding Procedures specification and consumables are stored in proper locations.
Monitor daily welding activities and carry-out visual inspection on completed welds prior to NDT.
Liaise with Client's representative all inspections and NDT to be done on site
Facilitate and prepare turn-over documents for Clients review and approval. This will serve as their
references for the final acceptance upon project completion.
Proprietor - Fire Protection Devices and Equipment
January 2005 to October 2005
Location: 22 Road 3, Project 6, Quezon City
Inclusive Date: January 2005 - October 2005
QC Piping Inspector

September 2002 to October 2004
Location: 5th Floor S & L Bldg., 1500 Roxas Blvd.
P.O. Box EA-475 Ermita 1000 Manila
Inclusive Date: September 09, 2002 - October 02, 2004

Duties and Responsibilities:
Do inspections of all pipeline installation and fabrication as per specifications, codes and standards
Check fit-up, dimension and alignment, final visual inspection of welding works for client approval
Do line checking and walk through with construction for punch list clearing as per system requirement
Do reports and documentations

Position: Project Engineer/Piping Engineer
Automatic Fire Sprinkler Suppression System/Fire Hydrant System
Location: 10 Basa St., San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City
Project: Design and installation of automatic fire sprinkler and Fire hydrant
System for High Rise, Commercial and Industrial Buildings as per NFPA
Codes and standards
Inclusive Date: May 1999 - July 2002