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D49306GC20 - R12 E-Business Tax Fundamentals

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Source Bug#: 6373916
Product ID# and Name: 1087 - Oracle E-Business Tax
Filename Document Title
CUR03ED5 R12 Oracle E-Business Tax Fundamentals
Filename Document Title PPT
EDU3ED6Y Oracle E-Business Tax Overview Yes
EDU3ED7Y Part 1: Oracle E-Business Tax Basic Tax Configuration
EDU3ED8Y Part 2: Oracle E-Business Tax Basic Tax Configuration
EDU3ED9Y Managing Party Tax Profiles
EDU3EDAY Configuration Owners and Service Providers
EDU3EDBY Fiscal Classifications
EDU3EDCY Part 1: Setting Up Tax Rules
EDU3EDDY Part 2: Setting Up Tax Rules
EDU3EDEY Part 3: Setting Up Tax Rules
EDU3EDFY Tax Recovery
EDU3EE0Y Managing Taxes on Transactions
EDU3EE1Y Tax Reporting Ledger
EDU3EE2Y Appendix A: Managing Migrated Tax Data
Filename Document Title
LAB3EE3Y Practice - Create a New User
LAB3EE4Y Practice - Create a Regime to Rate Tax Model
LAB3EE5Y Practice - Create Tax Zones
LAB3EE6Y Practice - Create Tax Accounts
LAB3EE7Y Practice - Create a First Party Tax Profile
LAB3EE8Y Guided Demonstration - Create a Third Party Tax Profile
LAB3EE9Y Guided Demonstration - Set Up a Configuration Option for a Configuration Owner/Tax Regime
LAB3EEAY Guided Demonstration - Create a Party Fiscal Classification
LAB3EEBY Guided Demonstration - Create a Non-Inventory Based Product Fiscal Classification
LAB3EECY Guided Demonstration - Create a Product Tax Exception
LAB3EEDY Practice - Set Up Tax Rule Defaults
LAB3EEEY Guided Demonstration - Set Up Determine Tax Applicability Rule Using the Guided Rule Entry
LAB3EEFY Practice - Make Tax Available for Transactions
LAB3EF0Y Practice - Review Tax Configuration Results Using the Tax Simulator
LAB3EF1Y Guided Demonstration - Set Up a Tax Determination Set for Tax Rules
LAB3EF2Y Guided Demonstration - Set Up a Tax Condition Set
LAB3EF3Y Guided Demonstration - Set Up Determine Place of Supply Rule Using the Expert Rule Entry
LAB3EF4Y Guided Demonstration - Specify Tax Recovery in the Regime to Rate Tax Model
LAB3EF5Y Guided Demonstration - Set Up a Tax Recovery Determination Rule
LAB3EF6Y Practice - Create Transactions with Applicable Tax
LAB3EF7Y Guided Demonstration - Update Application Tax Options
LAB3EF8Y Guided Demonstration - Set Up a Direct Tax Rate Determination Rule
LAB4230Y Guided Demonstration - Create a New Tax (Environmental)