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Probe human rights violations in hacienda in Pampanga solon

Anakpawis Party-list Rep. Fernando Hicap has called for a joint congressional inquiry on
the spate of human rights violations in Hacienda olores in Porac! Pampanga.
"n House Resolution #o. $%&! Hicap said the House 'ommittees on Human Rights and
Agrarian Reform should dig deep into the violence perpetrated against the mem(ers of the
Aniban ng Nagkakaisang Mamamayan sa Hacienda Dolores )A#*H+ who till the ,!-..-
hectare land planted with sugarcane! rice! (anana and other crops.
/0pate of human rights violations in Hacienda olores (ears similarities to human rights
violations in Hacienda 1uisita and other parts of the country wherein the farmers-victims were
merely fighting for their right to own the land that they have (een tilling for a long time!2 Hicap
Hicap cited the death of A#*H mem(er Arman Padi3o! the wounding of A#*H
mem(ers #oel 4umali! 5essel 6rgas and *odesto Posadas and the arrest and imprisonment of
A#*H chairperson Antonio 4olentino and his son! 7ner! as among the cases of human rights
violation perpetrated against the farmers in Hacienda olores.
According to Hicap! Padi3o was killed after security guards and goons allegedly employed
(y 1eonardo 1achenal 1eonio Holdings "nc. )1H"+! F1 Property *anagement 'orp. )F1 'orp.+
and Ayala 1and "nc. )A1"+ fired at him! 4umali and another A#*H mem(er Reynold 4umali
on 5anuary 8,! ,-8& while they were on their way to the farm in 9pper :aluk(uk! Hacienda
olores at around & a.m.
Padino died in the hospital while #oel 4umali sustained gunshot wound on his leg! Hicap
Hicap said a security guard identified as 1arry 0a(ado fired at 4olentino! who is also the
:arangay 'aptain! and some village watchmen when they arrived at the place of the incident.
4olentino tried to gra( the gun from 0a(ado (ut the latter overpowered him and hit his head with
the gun.
0a(ado was arrested (y the (arangay officials and (rought him to 4olentino;s house.
0a(ado! however! escaped and was allegedly fetched and (rought to the hospital (y the mem(ers
of the Philippine #ational Police.
6n 5anuary 8%! ,-8&! 4olentino and his son filed a complaint against 0a(ado at the
Provincial Prosecutor;s 6ffice only to find out that the corporations claiming ownership of
Hacienda 1uisita have filed a complaint of slight physical injuries and three counts of grave
threat against them. 4olentino and his son were arrested and su(sequently detained at the
Pampanga Provincial 6ffice at the 'ity of 0an Fernando.
NR # 3472B
MAY 20, 2014
6n 5anuary <! ,-8&! 4olentino;s son 7ner was also arrested (y two police officers while on
his way to his farm! Hicap said.
"n ecem(er ,-8%! Hicap said 6rgas sustained wounds when a grenade was lo((ed at his
house. "n the same month! Posadas sustained gunshot wounds when motorcycle-riding men shot
him! Hicap added.
Prior to these! Hicap said! several cases of human rights violation have (een committed
against the farmers at Hacienda olores.
/"t was revealed that since ,-88! there were incidents of destruction and divestment of
properties! illegal arrests! harassment! intimidation! coercion and recruitment of local folks and
Aetas as goons!2 Hicap said citing the fact-finding mission conducted (y Alyansa ng mga
Magbubukid sa Gitnang Luzon )A*=1+! Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas )>*P+! Rural
*issionaries of the Philippines )R*P+! Karapatan ? 'entral 1u@on and other organi@ations in
6cto(er ,-8%.
Hicap said there are also a(out five to ten checkpoints and some security posts with
signage of /#o 4respassing! Private Property2 in the area.
Auoting the A*=1! Hicap said the human rights violations in Hacienda olores are
rooted from the agrarian dispute (etween the farmers and land-gra((ers.
/1H" is claiming ownership of over ,.< hectares of land of Hacienda olores while F1
'orp. is claiming ownership over &BC hectares of land of the hacienda. 4he two corporations!
together with A1"! wanted the farmers to leave the hacienda to give way to an eco-residential and
tourism project catering rich foreign and local (usinesses similar to #uvali project in 0ta. Rosa
'ity! 1aguna!2 Hicap said.
Hicap said the farmers are fighting it out (ecause they and their ancestors /have (een
cultivating the hacienda since 8<%B and 1H" and F1 'orp. only asserted their claim of ownership
over the land in ,--B.2
/4he two corporations prohi(ited the farmers from tilling their land for several months.
Allegedly! the two corporations were mere dummies of A1"!2 Hicap said. )%-+ mrs