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PetrotechMITStudent Chapter

Department of Petrochemical Engineering


Poster presentation is an innovative way to judge the technical and creative
skills of the participant. All that is required in this event is decision making and
technical knowledge. Poster presentation provides platform for those people who
believe in creativity and are willing to take step forward with this skill. Poster
should be related to a topic that is relevant to the theme of the event Energy
for Future. You can also have an idea of which topic to choose for poster
presentation from the suggested list of topics. You are supposed to send an
abstract (not more than 200 words) of your poster by 10th March 2011.
We will shortlist few abstracts for the final presentation and they will be
intimated through email/short messaging services (SMS).

Rules for Paper Presentation
Maximum Two members allowed in each team.
Submit an abstract not more than 200 words to poster@petrovision.org
Subject of the mail should be Poster Presentation <name>
There should be no devices expect poster. Poster should be of one sheet only.
No materials should be placed around poster.
The poster must be not larger than 1 meter x 1 meter unfolded.
Title of the Poster, contestants name must be placed at the top of the poster.

Poster Presentation

Posters can be digitally printed or can be prepared on ordinary sheets. All
and diagrams should be large enough to be read from a minimum 5 feet.

Some Suggested Topics: - (Please note that this is an indicative list of
suggested topics not an exhaustive one. You are free to choose any topic that
may be relevant to the theme of Future Energy)

1.Energy Optimisation 2. Energy Recovery
3. Biomass 4. Bio Refineries
5. Coal Gasification 6. Photo catalysis
7. Photovoltaic 8. Enhanced Oil Recovery
9.Wind Energy 10. Fuel Cells
11. Nuclear Fission/Fusion 12. Bio Catalysis
13. Synthetic Hydrocarbon Fuels 14. BioFuel cell
15. Heat Exchanger Networks (HEN) 15. Cold Fusion

Few Suggestions
Lettering size is 16 pts
Dont make poster over crowded/overload
Dont try to provide too much information.
Remember, you will have to be there with poster to provide more
information about your topic.

Poster Arrangement
Plan a poster very carefully and organize it accurately. You can divide poster into
2 or 3 vertical columns. Dont write too much information that can take several
minutes to read!

You have to be there in the hall along with your poster. Both the partners should
pull as much crowd as they can. Team must be well prepared. Judge will come
to you and ask few questions about the topic.

If you can provide hand out about the topic for the audience to carry way,
a one page outline, bibliography, etc., your presentation will be
remembered longer.
You may provide a sign-up sheet to collect the names of audiences who
wish to obtain
more information about your paper.

Marks Criteria ( 50) :
Choice of topic (5)
Technical Content (10)
Presentation (15)
Question and Answers (10)
Poster Format and Appearance (10)

For any queries please write us at enquiry@petrovision.org or contact :-
Supriya Gandhale Namrata Mayuresh Khandekar
+91 8793384935 +91 9766404528 +91 9890653995