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The company was founded on 19 September 2011 by Ms. Nur Husna Binti Yusof with an
initial capital of RM25 000 and up to now has been increased to RM50 000.Carried on with
confident and uncharted spirit , now the company has grown in tandem with the development
of alternative change nowadays. Operates in # 35 , Level 1 , College Heights , Commercial
Square, 06000 Jitra , Kedah an alternative treatment center that is now called an-Nur that
was hers growing rapidly. Her Treatment Center currently has more than 500 customers in
contact with her from time to time. The staffs at the an-Nur treatment centers strongly believe
that the satisfaction of each of every customer is their main priority. Customer is what makes
them able to stand firm until now and they appreciate it to the fullest of their heart. Their main
business is services (treatment) and network systems products business (business
networking). The treatments offered are al - Hijamah Advance, 100 Movement Therapy and
Therapy Aura Syifa Ilahi. This is the main treatment available however there is still other
optional treatment provided. This treatment centers also has become the stockists of honey -
based products and Habatus sauda.
The company's vision is: -
a) To be a pioneer (pioneer ) to alternative medicine in Malaysia using the medication
and Islam therapeutic with Quranic miracles to treat a variety of ailments both
physical , spiritual and moral .
b) To promote methods of treatment and medical therapeutic Islamic in the Quran as an
alternative or complement ( complement ) of modern medicine not only in Malaysia
but also globally to other Muslims around the world .
c) To become a leading research center in identifying new verses in the Quran to cure
the disease " terminal " and diseases , especially cancer and had no hope of
recovery .
d) For the purpose of preaching and educating (or re-Educate) community about the
miracle of the Quran and its healing powers .
e) To provide medical care and treatment in Islam by creating an environment that
emphasizes the teachings and principles of Islam in daily life as well as we get closer
to Allah

On the other hand, An-Nur Treatment Centers mission is to uphold the medication
procedures and therapeutical according to the Holy Quran and sunnatullah that was brought
by the Best Doctors Islam, the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w with the use of the verses of Al-
Quran in medical science on par with modern medicine. The main objectives and strategy of
the company is to provide awareness to the society of Islamic ummah to emphasize the
important of practicing the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
Miss Nur Husna Binti Yusof was chosen as our entrapreneur , born on 16th March 1987. She
was one of the many young entrepreneur that started to involved in the bussiness world at
the early age of twenty. She received her early education at Sekolah Rendah Baru
Darulaman before later on continue her study to Sekolah Menengah Tanjung Pauh, she then
further her study in a higher level of education, with a diploma in bussiness from Politeknik
Seberang Perai. After graduation, she actively involved in all sort of bussinesses as a start.
At the end of her search, she finally met her mentor Ustazah Azlina Binti Zubir, which is the
founder of PUSRAPI (Pusat Rawatan An-Nafiu Pengubatan Islam) which had help her a lot
in realising her dream; to be the headquaters and stokis of PUSRAPI Jitras branch which
was then named Pusat Rawatan An-Nuur. She then further her study in Degree of Islamic
Medication Darussyifa to enhance her medical field knowledge. Up until now, she is still
continuing her study at the PUSRAPI academy along with the business she had started with.
The main reason that she had decided to land herself in the field of entrepeneurship is due to
her own faith and interest in it.
There are lots of islamic treatment centre opening daily which increased the competition
among themselves to survives. This however created an invalid arguement of the ability to
survives as each and every threatment centre offers different techniques of medication and
treatments with some very unically enchanted. Therefore, for Miss Husna, she executed
promotion through products, treatments offers, networking movement and becoming the
manager of many education programs and much more. She moved her company marketing
by using the technique of promotions, internet and many more which moves along with the
enhancement of the industrial gain nowadays.
Her bussiness can be analysed through few important things which is the strength, weakness,
chances and threats. Relatively, her strength relies on her treatment in which did not justify
the use of chemical instead using natural product which is a basis of honey and
habatussawda. This is thus giving faith to her customer of how the product will not be
enhancing any negative side effects after treatment.
In term of weakness on the other hand is that, it involved the society awareness and
acceptance towards medical alternatives. The chances meanwhile are to attract the interest
of young generation of nowadays to bring a new prestige of the sunnah and opening the
opportunity of jobs for them. Threats is then from the side of is the product and the
technology can beat the market which is getting smaller? This is almost impossible as the
society relatively starting to accpet the use of Islamic medical treatment in order to avoid the
use of chemicals in modern medication.
As a conclusion, her bussiness can be expanded wider along with the world achievement
nowadays. A much more aware society in choosing the right treatment in every illnesses that
they had as they believe Islamic medication did not impliment negative side effects besides
prestiging the sunnah has open a new doorways for her to expand her bussiness more
The experience gained by us as a group is that in order to survives in the large variety of
bussiness, it must be conducted with passion, dedication and efforts non stop. The initiative
and independence along with hardwork must be sow inside the soul of an entrepeneur in
order to realising the dream of being a succesful one. Bussiness must be carried through
along with the wants and needs of each and every customers. Therefore, this mentors report
has help a lot in giving information on a new start to start a bussiness. The planning of
bussinesses must be prepared so that the staring point is smooth.