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Nellore Unit, SVVU, LRS Palamner : The overall means for body weight at birth, three,
six, nine and 12 months of age were 3.08, 10.42, 14.21, 20.32 and 25.57 kg respectively.
During the year under report in about 93 rams were sold to different farmers for breed
improvement programme
The Nellore are a hair sheep breed found in the northern Andhra Pradesh of India, primarly
surrounding the city of Nellore. They are a meat breed of the south India hair type. They are
found in three color varities: white (Palla) white with black spots on face (Jodipi) and red-
brown (Dora). The males are horned and the females are naturally hornless.
The mature ewes average 30-35 kg and a height of 30-34 inches. Mature males average 40-45
kg with a height of 36-40 inches. Lamb birthweight is 2.5 - 3 kg.
3.2.3 NELLORE (Plate 25)
Three varieties are distinguished, primarily on the basis of colour: Palla, completely white
or white with light brown spots on head, neck, back and legs; Jodipi (also called
Jodimpu), white with black spots, particularly around the lips, eyes and lower jaw, but also
on belly and legs; and Dora, completely brown. A survey of 279 sheep showed 52.7%
Palla, 34.04% Jodipi, and 13.43% Dora.
a) Distribution. Nellore district and neighbouring areas of Prakasham and Ongole districts of
Andhra Pradesh.
b) Numbers. The total sheep population in the Nellore distribution area, according to the
1972 census, was 1.813 m, and according to the 1977 census, 1.740 m; there was thus a
slight decline. Of these, there were 0.198 m adult rams, and 0.940 m adult ewes.
c) Climate
Average Range
Average monthly temperature (C)
Average monthly relative humidity (%)
Annual rainfall (cm) 85.17
d) Breed characteristics
i) Size Adult male Adult female
Body weight (kg) 36.69 2.56 (13) 30.00 0.27 (266)
Body length (cm) 68.31 0.63 (13) 67.05 0.22 (266)
Height at withers (cm) 76.46 1.36 (13) 72.75 0.24 (266)
Chest girth (cm) 75.39 1.74 (13) 72.78 0.23 (266)
ii) Conformation. Relatively tall animals with little hair except at brisket, withers and breech.
The rams are horned; the ewes are almost always polled. The ears are long and drooping;
ear length: 15.11 0.08 cm (266). The tail is short and thin; tail length: 10.28 0.13 cm
(266). 86% of the animals carry wattles.
e) Flock structure. The average flock contains 99.3 individuals (range: 12 to 400), of which
2.16% adult rams, 63.0% adult ewes and 34.84% young.
f) Reproduction. Age at first lambing: 846 days; lambing percentage on the basis of ewes
available (2, 3): 36.72 (2 509), including of the ewes bred artificially with Suffolk and
Dorset semen. Lambing percentage in natives through natural service: 73%. Lambing
interval: 428 days. Litter size: essentially single.
g) Mortality. 0 to 3 months: 14.36% (326); 3 to 12 months: 4.29% (391); adults: 13.40% (1
h) Breeding. Pure breeding; males are selected on the basis of body size.
i) Performance.
Meat: body weight (kg) (source: 5)
At birth 2.74 0.03 (349)
At weaning 11.98 0.42 (335)
6 months 16.60 0.54 (198)
12 months 22.72 1.00 (90)
Dressing percentage on pre-slaughter live-weight basis: 47.00 (39); feed conversion
efficiency: 15.06%; age at slaughter: 6 months.
Remove from marked Records Growth performance of Nellore breed of sheep in India.
Reddy, Y. R.; Naidu, P. T.; Rao, S. T. V.
Indian Journal of Small Ruminants 2009 Vol. 15 No. 1 pp. 118-120
Record Number
Nellore breed is the tallest sheep breed of India and widely distributed in the Andhra Pradesh. An
attempt was made to study the growth performance of Nellore sheep at various stages of growth
under organized farm conditions. Non-genetic factors significantly influenced the body weight at birth,
3, 6, 9 and 12 months of age, except for effect of season of birth on body weight at 9 months of age.

The Nellore is a meat sheep breed native to northern Andhra Pradesh, primarily the
Nellore and Prakasham districts.

The breed is found in three distinct colours- white (palla), white with black spots on
the face (jodipi) and red-brown (dora). The males are horned and the females are
polled. The birth weight of lambs is 2.5 - 3 kg. These are relatively tall animals with
little hair except at the brisket
, withers and breech
. The ears are long and drooping,
the tail is short and thin and a majority of the animals have wattles
. Age at first
lambing is 28 months and the lambing percentage in farmers flocks through natural
service is 73%. The lambing interval is about 14 months, and the litter size is
primarily single. Breeding is pure and males are selected on the basis of body size.
Dressing percentage on pre-slaughter live-weight basis is 47% and age at slaughter is
generally six months.

According to the 18th Livestock 2007, the number of Nellore sheep in India is
6,216,695. (Refer to the maps below)

Adult Male Adult Female
Average Body weight (kg) 37 30
Average Body length (cm) 68 67
Average Height at withers (cm) 76 73
Average Chest girth (cm) 75 73

1. The part of an animals body that extends from the forelegs back
beneath the ribs.
2. The lower rear portion of the body.
3. Hair covered appendages of flesh hanging from the throat area of
sheep/ goats (reference Jennifer Stultz in the Dairy Goat Journal).