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Art of discovering and procuring applicants.
Organizational activities that provide a pool of applicants for the purpose of
filling job openings.
It is a process of searching for prospective employees .
Stimulating & Encouraging them to apply for jobs in the organization.
Internal Factors
Recruitment Policy of the Organization
Size of the organization& the Number of Employees
Cost Involved in Recruitment
Growth and Expansion Plans of the Organization.
External Factors
Supply & Demand of Specific Skills in the Market
Political & Legal considerations such as Reservations
of jobs for reserved categories
Companysimage perception by the job seekers.
Present Employees
Employee Referrals
Media Advertising

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Private employment Agencies
Educational and Professional Institutions
Job Fair
Summer Internships
Public Employment Offices


Decision is made as to whether
recruitment is necessary
Job description is prepared
Specification is prepared
Plans are made on how and when to
Applicants are short-listed
References are requested
Candidates are invited for interviews
and selection tests
The successful candidate is offered
the job and signs the contract of

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Difficulties in Recruitment process
Talent Acquisition
Time Constraint
Retention of employees
Managing low attrition rate
Talent Shortage
Attrition Rate
Reservations and other Gov. Policies
Remoteness of Job
Scrutiny of employees credentials

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Selection is the last stage of recruitment.
Person who meets all the criteria is finally selected.
It is decided on the basis of Job Specification and Job Description.

Experience and Past Performance
Physical Characteristics
Personal Characteristics and Personality

1. Preliminary Interview
2. Selection Tests
3. Employment Interview
4. Reference and Background Analysis
5. Physical Examination
6. Job Offer
7. Employment Contract
Stage 1: Screening Of Application Forms.
Stage 2: Tests--Intelligence, Aptitude, Technical, Psychometric, Ability, Interest.
Stage 3: Selection Interview.
Stage 4: Selection Decision

1. Preliminary Screening
2. Sending Application

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3. Trade Test
4. Written Test
5. Psychology Test
6. Interview
7. Physical Test
8. On The Job Test
9. Reference
10. Orientation
11. Final Selection
12. Intimation To Salary Department

Objectivity Good psychological tests are standardized on a large sample and provide
normative data across a wide range of demographics and age cohorts. Well selected tests
will allow you to demonstrate talents that may otherwise not be evident.
Validity Psychometric tests are a more valid method of assessment than interviews,
academic achievement and reference checks and when utilized in combination (for
example in an assessment centre) are highly predictive of future job performance.
Cost the cost of selection errors is large for both the employer and the employee.
Psychometric tests help to minimize costs while maximizing potential fit between the
candidate and the job.
Comparisons of human attributes and differences have a very long history.
Hippocrates (400BC) attempted to theoretically define four basic temperament types:
sanguine (optimistic), melancholic (depressed), choleric (irritable) and phlegmatic
(listless and sluggish).
Galton - (19th century) measured human individual differences in terms of ability to
discriminate between stimuli.
Binet - devised tests to measure differenced in specific human abilities. Now numerous
tests measure specific abilities, strengths and competencies
Army Alpha and Beta tests (WW1) developed out of an urgent need to select
personnel with specific aptitudes for training in specialist and strategic roles.
Today Psychological tests widely used in selection practices.

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Psychological tests (definition and dimensions)
A selection procedure measures the personality characteristics of applicants that are related to
future job performance.
Types Of Psychological Tests
Aptitude tests: It refers to potentiality that a person has to profit from certain kind of
Achievement tests: It helps to measure the proficiency that a person has been able to
Intelligence tests: It attempts to measure the intelligencethat is, basic ability to understand the
world around you, assimilate its functioning, and apply this knowledge to enhance the quality of
your life. Or as Alfred Whitehead said about intelligence.
Neuropsychological tests: It attempts to measure deficits in cognitive functioning (i.e.,
your ability to think, speak, reason, etc.) that may result from some sort of brain damage,
such as a stroke or a brain injury.
Occupational tests :It attempts to match your interests with the interests of persons in
known careers. The logic here is that if the things that interest you in life match up with,
say, the things that interest most school teachers, then you might make a good school
teacher yourself.
Personality tests :It attempts to measure your basic personality style and are most used in
research or forensic settings to help with clinical diagnoses.Personality tests typically measure
one or more of five personality dimensions:
Emotional stability
Openness to experience.
Evaluation of right candidate
Proper selection of candidate
Identifying the candidates personality

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Colleges or Educational Institutes
Army,Navy etc.
So, now a days in most of the places candidates are evaluated on the basis of the
psychological test.
Can result in lower turnover due if applicants are selected for traits that are highly
correlated with employees who have high longevity within the organization
Can reveal more information about applicant's abilities and interests
Can identify interpersonal traits that may be needed for certain jobs
Difficult to measure personality traits that may not be well defined
Applicant's training and experience may have greater impact on job performance than
applicant's personality
Responses by applicant may may be altered by applicant's desire to respond in a way they
feel would result in their selection
Lack of diversity if all selected applicants have same personality traits
Cost may be prohibitive for both the test and interpretation of results
Lack of evidence to support validity of use of personality tests


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Recruitment- Searching for and attracting applicants qualified to fill vacant positions.
Selection- Analyzing the qualifications of applicants and deciding upon those who show
the most potential.

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Wipro Tech is an information technology service company established in India in 1980.

Headquarter Bangalore
Rank Third largest IT services company in India
Employees Strength 78,000 as of September 2007
The company provides comprehensive IT Solutions and Services, including Systems
Integration, Information Systems Outsourcing, IT Enabled Services, Package
Implementation, Software Application development and maintenance and Research and
Development Services to corporations globally. They also provide Consumer Products,
Lighting, Furniture, Eco Energy, Water treatment and Hydraulic business.

The company is the first PCMM Level 5 and SEI CMM Level 5 certified IT Services
Company globally. In the Indian market, they are a leader in providing IT Solutions and
Services for the corporate segment in India, offering System Integration, Network
Integration, Software Solutions and IT Services.

Wipro Ltd was incorporated in the year 1945 at Karnataka by Azim H Premji who is
promoter and chairman of the company. The company started as a edible oil producer and
then transformed themselves in into leading player in Fast Moving Consumer Goods and
IT services & Products business.

1994-95, the company secured ISO 9001 certification for their five manufacturing and
development facilities


In February 2001, the company became the first software technology and services
company in India to be certified for ISO:14001 certification for complying with the
international standards for Environmental Management System (EMS) in three major
software development and technology centers in Bangalore.

During the year 2005-06, the company acquired mPower Software Services Inc, a
Princeton, New Jersey, US headquartered company with a development center in
Chennai and MPACT Technology Services Pvt Ltd, based in Chennai, for an all cash
consideration of USD 28 million. Also, they acquired New Logic Technologies AG, an
Austrian firm which is mainly engaged in the semiconductor IP business and the
Engineering Design Services business including the Analog Mixed Signal Business for
an all cash consideration of Euro 26 million.

During the year 2006-07, the company acquired US based Quantech Global Services
LLC and the India based Quantech Global Services Ltd for a cash consideration of
approximately USD 3 million.

During the year 2007-08, as per scheme of amalgamation, Wipro Infrastructure
Engineering Ltd, Wipro Healthcare IT Ltd, Quantech Global Services Ltd mPact
Technology Services Pvt Ltd, mPower Software Services (India) Pvt Ltd and cMango
India Pvt Ltd were amalgamated with the company with effect from April 1, 2007.

During the year 2008-09, the company invested an aggregate of USD 432 million as
equity, in their direct subsidiaries Wipro Cyprus Pvt Ltd, Wipro Holdings (Mauritius)
Ltd, Wipro Inc and Wipro Technology Services Ltd. They also re-structured a few of
their overseas subsidiaries and merged them with their holding company in the US.

In January 2009, the company acquired Wipro Technology Services Ltd (formerly called
as Citi Technology Services Ltd) for USD 127 million. During the year 2009-10, Wipro
Networks Pvt Ltd, Singapore and WMNETSERV Ltd, Cyprus were amalgamated with
the company with effect from April 1, 2009.

In March 2010, they won a turnkey project from the Financial Intelligence Unit - India,
Ministry of Finance, Government of India. As part of the project, the company will
implement FiNnet (Financial Intelligence Network) for FIU-IND.

During the year 2010-11, the company re-structured a few of their subsidiaries including
overseas subsidiaries through merger/ other legal process. Wipro Yardley consumer care
Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary company got merged with Wipro Ltd with effect from April 1,

2010, being the appointed date. In December 2010, the company signed a contract with
Vodafone Essar.

In January 2011, the company and Callidus Software Inc entered into a partnership to
drive sales performance management across organizations in the Asia-Pacific region

WIPRO recruitment process

WIPRO recruitment process consists of three rounds

Round 1: Written test consists three sections (50 Minutes)

1. Verbal: This section will have 15 questions related to synonyms, antonyms, Analogies, SC,
Prepositions and reading comprehension.

2. Aptitude: This sections will have 15 questions related to aptitude topics like Time & Work,
Time & Distance, Blood Relations, Series Completion, Puzzles, Calendars, Clocks,
Percentages, Ratio proportions, Ages, Pipes and Cisterns etc.,

3. Technical: This section will have 20 questions related to basic technical concepts from C,
C++, Java, Linux, UNIX, DBMS, SQL, Programming fundamentals, Hardware, Software
Engineering, Micro Processors etc.
Candidates are informed to brush up their technical skills which were covered in their
regular academic curriculum.

Round 2: Technical Interview
This is a major elimination round. Candidates should be thorough with their basic technical skills to
clear this round. Candidates are here by informed to be prepared with their core subjects.


Round 3: HR Interview
Candidates can expect basic HR interview questions like Tell me about your self, Why should I hire
you, Why only WIPRO, What is SIX sigma level.
Candidates will be tested in their communication and vocabulary during technical and HR
Main Topics for quantitative/ analytical / Aptitude test
Time and Work
Time and Distance
Train questions
Number Series
Logical Deduction
Clocks and Calendars
Blood Relationship
Seating Arrangement
Theme Detection
Coding and Drcoding
Data Interpretation

Main Topics for Verbal Ability
Sentence Correction
Choosing Corrective alternative
Idiomatic Expression
Odd Man Out
Choosing Correct Phrase
One Word Substitute
Arranging a Word

Punctuation marks
Fill in blanks

Technical Interview Questions
Optical Fibre
Os, Data structure
Sql, MicroProcessor

HR Interview Question
Introduce Yourself
Favourite Subject
Your Project
Why Wipro
How do you rate me as an interviewer?
They will also checked following terms:
Self Confidence
Eye Contact
Presence of Mind
Grasp on technical skills


Synergy Wipros eRecruitment System

They have a robust online recruitment system - Synergy, which has the database of all
resumes received through various sources. The system provides complete control and
view of your candidature. It also provides the recruitment team access to the database
from all sources.
The system does a duplication check at the time of resume entry and at the time of
processing. They process the first accurate resume received regardless of the source
or channel it is received from.
When one applies to Wipro, one can be assured of a fair and thorough evaluation. All
correspondence from Wipro will be from the Talent Acquisition Team of Wipro IT
Business through a Wipro email ID (firstname.lastname@wipro.com).

Employee Referrals

They believe that Wiproites are the best recruiters themselves and know how to be
selective about the candidates they hire. Hence, they encourage Wiproites to bring in
friends and acquaintances with whom they have interacted personally.

All employee referrals are through an online referral portal called 'WipLinks /
Livewire' as per a global employee referral policy. Referrals are not done through the
career site or other means such as email attachments. If you personally know a
Wiproite, then contact them and ask them to refer you through WipLinks / Livewire
on the employee intranet.

Job Portals

Our recruiters use all channels of sourcing mentioned here including job
portals/jobboards to find the right talent. A suitable candidate found on the job
portal/job board is contacted by the recruiters themselves and taken ahead through the
recruitment process. We work with specific job portals and communicate only
through the Wipro email IDs. We do not post jobs in blogs or other free/open sites.

Campus/Fresher Recruitment

In India they hire Engineering Graduates/Post-Graduates for technical positions and
Science Graduates for their WASE & WIMS programme.
They also hire Diploma Graduates for special program such as TISA & SIM. Most of
this hiring is done in the penultimate or final year of studies. In the Americas and
Europe, they hire management graduates and under-graduates for roles in consulting
and business development. We bring in students through campus recruitment
initiatives across the world.

Their interview process and trainings offered thereafter are crafted specifically to suit
the best.
In India, Wipro initiates a series of key interventions that target students, faculty,
training cells, institutes and leaders. This is implemented at each of the colleges with
which Wipro signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
Student hiring is mainly done from college campuses which are pre-selected by
Wipro. In case of special hiring requirements, they initiate special hiring drives 'Off-
Campus' for students who have finished their studies. The career site carries updates
on any external hiring so be sure to keep visiting.

Advertisements & Web Banners
Some of their requirements are announced using advertisements and web banners in
leading publications and portals across the globe. While they publicize their
requirements, they also ensure that they give candidates a peek into the Spirit of
Wipro by showcasing some of their activities.

Their advertisement will be unique with their logo, a Wipro email ID for response
and the URL of the career site carried in it.

We do not allow partners or agencies to carry advertisements using our logo on our
behalf. So when you see a Wipro IT Business recruitment advertisement do apply
directly to Wipro.

Interviews and Selection Process

Wipro has centers in over 50 countries and the recruitment process differs in some
manner from geography to geography as per your needs and the law of the land.
However, they largely follow a generic process that is common to all potential Wiproites.

Once candidates profile has been received through any of the above mentioned
sources/channels and shortlisted by recruiters, he will be called for the interview process
followed by selection.

You are required to attend technical/functional interviews as well as final discussions
with the Talent Acquisition Team (the recruitment team of Wipro IT Business).
As part of the joining process you are required to submit various documents and be part
of a background verification process. Document submission and background verification
are conducted at different stages according to the recruitment process of a particular


A successful selection process will result in an offer being made. On your acceptance and
joining, you will commence your professional journey at Wipro with our induction

Q & A Session with WIPRO HR
How requirement arises in Wipro?
Acquisition of Projects, as per needs of PM,TL.
How do you come to know about technology on which the workforce have to be recruited.
Project manager, technical lead handover(or mail) HR team about Job description as well
as little bit project description ,& required technical competencies.
How do you come to know about no. of candidates to be recruited?
First do check about current workforce which is on bench and having the required skill then
we decide about no. of candidate to be recruited.
What's the first process of recruitment?
If the recruitment is on small level and the skillset is easily available then we scan our
database for candidates but if the recruitment is very large and skillset is precise (or scarcity of
skillset ) then we give the advertisement in newspapers.
What is the next step you follow ?
We shortlisted the resume on the basis of skill and experience and availability of skill set in
market, then we invite them for further process like Aptitude Test ,Group Discussion, Interview.
What kind of professionals can find job opportunities with the company?
We have a rigorous recruitment process to ensure that we hire the best talent in the industry.
All our HR processes are competency based.
Educational qualifications are function dependent.
In addition to a good education, we look for candidates with high potential, integrity and
the ability to lead the organization in future.

Our main focus is on `internal growth' and hence we look for candidates who are steady,
interested in building a career with Wipro and who bring a new perspective to the
What kind of retention policies do you implement to fight attrition?
Our values and culture, freedom and autonomy, exciting challenges and opportunities for
career advancement are our key retention tools.
We work in a highly charged environment with talented and successful people that
motivate one and all.
We believe that apart from salaries, employees seek fast growth, exciting work
environment and opportunity to make a difference through entrepreneurial ventures,
amongst other things.
Each employee has a career growth plan in place. Based on the career plan we give each
of them opportunity to work in various functions to get a wide and varied exposure.
We also have a compensation design, which aggressively differentiates between
performers and non-performers.
We were arguably the first FMCG company in India to offer stock options to employees.
We also purge the bottom 10% on a regular basis so that they do not become a liability
for others.