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Philosophy of Religion

1. In 2500 words define philosophy of religion and describe the various types of religions
explaining clearly your understanding of monotheistic religions.
2. Describe in 2500 words philosophical issues in any two of the following religions:
3. Write in 2500 words the various concepts of western philosophy
The contributions of the following religions to the philosophy of religion: Christianity Islam
4. Write in 2500 words regarding the argument for belief in God.
5. Write in 2500 words the problem of evil as challenge to belief in God
Write in 2500 words about feminism and religious pluralism as modern trends in the philosophy
of religion

Gender Issues question paper

Time: 3 hrs. Marks: 100

Answer any five. All carry equal marks.

1. Describe and discuss the major issues in gender relations experience all over the world.
2. Explain what you understand by social construction of gender. Give three major examples
and discuss critically your views on gender formation.
3. Identify five major concerns in gender issues in India. Discuss the various factors which
contribute to the marginalization of women in India.
4. Describe how Hinduism helps or hinders in tackling the gender issues in the Indian
5. Describe how Christianity helps or hinders in tackling the gender issues in the Indian
6. Describe how Islam helps or hinders in tackling the gender issues in the Indian community.
7. Describe and discuss the concept of patriarchy and its influence on gender relations giving
three examples from the Indian context.
8. Discuss the issues related to Pauls teaching on women. What are the lessons from Paul
that enhance womens emancipation.
9. Discuss the status and role of women in the Indian church in general and your church in
particular. Suggest ways of improving the present attitudes towards womens status and
role and suggest ways of increasing opportunities for womens participation.
10. Explain briefly the need for empowerment of women in the Indian society. Discuss in detail
how this can be achieved in any two important areas of womens life in the community.

Biblical foundation for mission
3 hrs. Marks: 100
Answer any five. equal marks. Unmarked bibles can be used.
1. Discuss the need for mission from the books of Pentateuch. Describe the meaning of a few key
texts that you have selected.
2. Explain the concept of salvation in the OT and NT and its relevance to the mission of the church.
3. Discuss the prophetic mission of the 8
century prophets in Israel explaining some of the
prophetic oracles found in their writings.
4. Explain the content of the gospel b expounding relevant biblical texts and its significance for
mission today.
5. How is Christology the foundation for the mission of the church? Discuss with examples from
the scripture.
6. Discuss the Pauline understanding of mission quoting evidences from his writings.
7. Explain the role of faith, prayer and work in the mission of the church.
8. Discuss the salient features of what you think is the core context of the theology of mission for
the Indian context. Argue your case with examples and references.

Inter-faith Dialogue

3 hrs. 100 marks
Answer Any five.

1. Decribe the development of inter-faith dialogue among Roman catholica and ecumenical
2. Write an evangelical response to the various concepts of inter-faith dialogue in the Indian
3. A> define religious pluralism
b. write a detailed critique of John Hicks understanding of religious pluralism.
4. Describe the significance of the studying other religions for Christian in India.
5. Describe the challenges and opportunities for the use of the bible as inspired word of God in inter-
faith dialogue.
6. How do you interpret Christian concepts like uniqueness of Christ, heaven and hell, children of God in
the context of multi-faith community.
7. Give your assessment of S.J. Samarthas perception of Inter-faith dialogue.
8. Discuss the concept of inter-faith dialogue promoted by either Russell Charles or P.D. Devanandan,
giving reasons for your compliance or disagreements.
9. Write the major problems of dialogue in the multi-faith context of India on any two of the following:

1. Environmental concerns
2. Gender equality
3. Peace and justice
4. Communal harmony

Research Methodology

3 hrs. 100 marks

Any five.

1. What is research? Why do we need to do research?
2. Discuss the Research Design and explain the advantages of research design.
3. What is hypothesis? How does it help in research?
4. Discuss some of the theological methods used in theological research.
5. Explain foot-notes, end-notes, text-notes giving some examples from your research.
6. What are the sources used in research? Explain each category of the sources with
7. Explain the different components of a thesis proposal.
8. Write short notes on any two:
a. Exit interview b0 bibliography c. thesis abstracts d. glossary e. abbreviations
b. Submission of thesis