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Powerful Solar Energy

Shaheen Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. | a solar services company
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Shaheen Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. | a solar services company

We put our customers
and our people first.
Hassan Sharif Shaheen

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, employees, affiliates and partners for their support in helping make
Shaheen Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. a success.
Shaheen Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. is an opportunity solar / green alternative energy solution and services Provider Company in Pakistan based in
Karachi. We at Shaheen Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. have ambitions: to introduce innovations in solar and green alternative energy. Shaheen
Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. pursues and builds high growth solar opportunities by identifying market needs, demands and applying sound investment
strategies, experienced management and operational excellence.
Shaheen Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. is on a solid expansion path, we have invested in the Pakistan markets. We are bringing solar innovation and
services to the markets we operate in, wherever they are.
Our courage, vision and knowledge are the foundations of our strategy. For our customers and partners, we at Shaheen Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd.
are building the promise of excellence.
As a rapidly growing solar services company; we remain committed to corporate and social responsibility. In all of our actions we strive to
ensure that all economic, environmental and social factors are considered. We believe that this approach, driven by our principles of respect,
rigor and involvement, makes us more responsible and informed as a company.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Shaheen Enterprise | a solar services company

Shaheen Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. formed in 1998 based in Karachi, before providing solar energy services in Pakistan, Shaheen Enterprise deals in
Construction, Aluminum works and design, Wooden works and design, Stainless steel and Iron works; but also involved in solar energy services
with other companies, from 2004; Pakistan in crises of energy sectors, which is definitely causes over all Pakistan Business Crises, at this stage
after a long experience Shaheen Enterprise's C.E.O. Mr. Hassan Sharif Mughal, making an Aim and Mission is to make solar energy affordable
in Pakistan for the grassroots level consumer by tightly securing, owning and managing the supply chain, thus accumulating cost savings to
pass on to it's customers.
Shaheen Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd., situated in Karachi Main Shahra-e-Faisal, Pakistan, end-to-end alternate energy services provider, state-of-the-
art technical staffs and professional engineers. We provide clean, renewable solar energy at an affordable pricing. As a solar energy services
company we:
1. Assessment of clients requisition
2. Design feasibility reports
3. Distribute and deploy solar project
4. Generate energy through solar / wind power
5. Provide long-term strong back-up service and maintenance
Our provision module sizes range from 5W to 280W and are IEC61215/IEC61730 certified for Pakistan markets. We work very closely with the
builders and architects to provide them with our state of the art CPV and PV modules as well.
When a solar power system exchanges hands between the manufacturers, distributors, installers and service providers it ends up losing its
cost viability and system accountability, but Shaheen Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. is mission to make brighter Pakistan we committed to provide
without any extract or hidden cost of solar power systems. All energy production issues become the responsibility of the customer who
purchased the solar power system with up-front capital outlays or through lease agreements. Shaheen Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. is committed to
make solar energy services an affordable alternative to traditional energy sources. We make getting solar energy easy for you through:
* High-quality, low-cost certified solar equipments,
* Shaheen Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. installation services in all Pakistan rural and urban areas. and,
* Being a single source provider of integrated solar energy services for our customers which makes Shaheen Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. state-of-the-
art only service provider in Pakistan.

Shaheen Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. | a solar services company

Personal approach
Shaheen Enterprise is a private limited company with an
entrepreneurial culture. For us, the customer and our people
come first. Since the company was setup in 2010 we evolved
into a fully-grown organization boasting specialists in the
fields of solar technology, project development and
realization. With our personal, customer-oriented approach,
we initiate, design and realize solar projects a prosperous
Pakistan basis.

Internationally orientated
We are dynamic organization that quickly responds to
market developments. Top specialists work at an
international level on every aspect of solar solutions:
research, silicon production, solar cell and new modular
design and project realization. We work closely with
leading research institution and innovative companies
throughout the world to further develop solar energy.
Internationally orientated
We see opportunities in every step of the energy crises.
Our people are devoted experts focused on Pakistans
interests: creating value for peoples of Pakistan. We are
locally present in all basic cities of Pakistan e.g. Karachi,
Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad etc. also in Dubai markets.
Our presence in most of the cities in Pakistan makes our
products and services fit for after sales and service
guarantee. We produce solar energy the power of the
Pakistan future.

Shaheen Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. | a solar services company

Shaheen Solar has the knowledge, technology and experience
to ensure the success of any PV project, home, and business
or for irrigation. Our quality is evident from such prestigious
5 solar water pump projects as the Haji Kazim Khan Bangash
in Bella Orki, Viaro, Banana Farm House, Balochistan and
major solar power plants in Punjab, Sindh and Karachi. With
every small or large-scale project your will enjoy the benefit
of our innovations and our ambitions for the future: creating
success for you.


Shaheen is inspired by the vision of its founder Hassan Sharif
Shaheen: Right from day one, I was convinced that we would
grow into a big company. It is my ultimate desire to be
successful in this world. For me, success means making
Pakistani peoples lives happy and pleasant by means of our
innovative solutions. Our products and solutions help to
make a better world. Together with you, we use the sun to
the best possible advantage. Our customers success stories
speak for themselves.

We guarantee that your
project will be successful,
by collaborating closely with
you from the very first idea.

Urooj Adil, Head of Technical / Marketing Operation

Shaheen Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. | a solar services company

In order to guarantee quality and customer satisfaction,
Shaheen Solar every moment research and discover quality
products for customers. We believe in quality products only
and our own professional staff creates strategic partnerships
with world well known pioneer companies in solar industries.

In order to guarantee quality and customer satisfaction,
Shaheen Solar every moment research and discover
quality products for customers. We believe in quality
products only and our own professional staff creates
strategic partnerships with world well known pioneer
companies in solar industries.
For us, product and project are an integrated, customer-
oriented quality concept. Our project development
specialists will prepare your project in detail whilst
considering financial, cost cutting, and technical aspects.
You know in advance that the project will give you an
optimum return on investment. We develop premium
quality services, most optimized low cost but premium
quality products, examine smart solutions and clarify
complex concepts. That is your return.

Shaheen Solar covers the entire setup of PV & Hybrid systems project design.

Shaheen Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. | a solar services company

Our Solar Power service is delivered in three easy steps:
1- Analysis, Design and Construction

We conduct an on site assessment of your energy needs and solar
production potential. From that assessment, Shaheen Enterprise
designs a photovoltaic power system that utilizes the latest
technologies, materials and designs to optimize solar energy
production. We manage the entire construction process including
logistics and the utility interconnect process.
2- Certification and Operation

We manage the complete renewable power certification process and
perform testing to identify baseline use and savings. We then
activate your system and generate clean, renewable energy from the
3- Monitoring and Maintenance

Using state-of-the-art, technology, we continually monitor and
control system performance. When needed, we deploy certified
technicians quickly to keep systems running at optimal levels.

Solar Power is our most comprehensive service. As a solar energy
provider, we manage every phase of the solar power process:

High efficiency inverters drive pumps equipped with high power
induction motors.
Utilizes the dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control
method and maximum water pumping tracking.
Fully automatic operation. It can freely set speed range of pump based
on the actual solar irradiation level.
Operation data can be logged for up to 8 years.
Intelligent power module with conversion efficiency up to 99%
Full electrical protection with water-level detection and control circuit to
prevent overflow and dry extraction.
Anodized aluminum case. Enclosure class: IP41,. Ambient temperature, -