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Muslims Rebuild The Tower Of Babel (Shocking Research!

by Shoebat Foundation on April 21, 2014 in Featured, General, Highlight
By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)
If one would ask a westerner Where is Mount Babel? They would probably think the question is
regarding a biblical or an archeological site in Iraq. But if one asks an Arab today, where is Mount
Babel? They would tell you that its in Mecca and it has 7 massive buildings on top of it called The
Towers Of The House that overlooks the Kaba, Islams holiest place.
You read it right.
There is no place on earth today where stands the largest structure in the world, used for a religious
purpose, all worshipping in one tongue regardless of their mother tongue, and is holy to more than
1.5 billion people on earth that is called Mount Babel, except the one in Mecca overlooking the

Mecca, it is both a city and a tower:
And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let
us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth. (Genesis 11:4)

The photo above shows the massive structure the Arabs call Al-Burj, literally the tower and it
sits on mount Babel overlooking the Kaba.

Al-Sharq Al-Awasat, the prominent Middle East Newspaper, even names it as such Mount
Babel,: this to sayabout the massive project that was completed in Mecca:
The project Towers Of The Houseis the first project in Mecca which carry seven towers
Towers Of The House is on the area of Mount Babel in Ajyad. The site overlooks directly on the
Haram al-Sharif (Holy House [Kaba]).
is also the largest tower in the world in terms of area. Contractor Bin Laden Group, Saudi Arabia
Classified as the largest building urban in terms of the total area on the face of the globe, where
excess space land for the project 1.4 million square meters and consists of 7 towers.
Just to illustrate how massive is this structure in comparison to the largest buildings in the world, see
the pie-chart below:

The 1.4 million square meters 7 tower structure (7th from left to right) is 3 times larger than the
tallest building in the world, the other Burj in Dubai.
Instead of waiting to see how the biblical verses regarding Mystery Babylon is fulfilled, many ill-
informed westerners for centuries attributed the prophetic verses to the Vatican.
Our latest finding here is infinitesimal. We have gathered much to shed a new light to show the
differences between Vatican and Mecca; the evidence is overwhelming, Mecca fits biblical Babylon
and Vatican doesnt. For example (out of hundreds), where in Vatican do we have Mount Babel
which is also an observatory to monitor the movement of the moon and is called Seven Towers of
the House reminiscent to the ancient name of Babel, which was called The house of the seven
lights of the earth?
Where in the Vatican did they erect the largest tower on earth topped with a crescent and has
observatories to monitor the planets and the moon? Where on Vatican hill, do they have an edifice
decked with gold and silver, littered with statements that are biblically considered blasphemous,
treated as if it was a woman, and has a massive gate made of pure gold that is literally called Bab-
Illah (Babel) The Gate to God?
There is no place on earth that matches such requirements than Mecca.

In what is probably the least examined sources in Islam by westerners, that discusses the Kaba as
Babel The Gate to God, or Bab-Illah in Arabic, and is mentioned in the highest authority in Islam,
the Hadith:
the Kaaba is the house of God and Gods sanctuary is Bab-Illah (the gate to God), so when they
went there, they stood by the door in supplication
Babel, the English pronunciation, and Bab-Illah are identical in meaning. The difference is simply in
the accent.
This Bab-Illah (Babel) is also depicted as a woman in Islam, exactly as John stated in Revelation
17:3. One Muslim writes a poem depicting as if the Kaba is a lover and is literally Bab-Illah (Babel)
the Gate to Allah. He titles it Look at my lover and your lover as she changes her dress:
I tremble in Thy beauty
Yearning to Thy black silk
Thy excellent belt a verse included
From the Quran a splendid writ
Granting Thee from Allahs throne a high esteem
Which should suffice
He named Thee His Gate
He even loosened from Thy splendid robe pride
To dress Thee in splendor and majesty
*http://www.startimes.com/?t=32625937 translated by Walid Shoebat*

Another Muslim describes a Turkish pilgrims experience in the Hajj:
Ahmed says that he had an eerie feeling when he saw the Kaaba in Mecca at first glance: This is
the house of Allah!, These words were on his mind as he looked to the Black Stone and beside it was
the door of the house of Allah: Is there any door besides Bab-Illah (Gate to God)
The most famous of Muhammadan poetry by Al-Bosayri in the eleventh century and then the most
prominent poet in Arab history, Ahmad Shawqi, who is considered the Prince of poetry, describes
Muhammad as owning the key to Bab-Illah (the gate of Allah).
Muslim scholar Muhammad Said Ramadan Al-Buti, prior to his assassination by the Free Syrian
Army explained the Hajj Pilgrimage as following:
You go around the house of Allah, and you are in His hospitality. You are standing at His door,
floating around on the doorstep. You are not on the door of the king, nor a great man. You are at the
door of the Lord of kings. You are standing before the door of the creation in humiliation and
indignity. You stand at Bab-Illah (the door of Allahs) pride and His dignity. Weep since weeping is
joyful there, but you do not cry, beg to creature, nor weep in humiliation in front of a creature. Its
difficult for the man that cringes to a brother or to anyone else. But on Bab-Illa (the door of Allah)
what is the most enjoyable is to seclude myself and drench my forehead on the cusp of Allah
Almighty, because my soul in his hand, and my whole self is his and my breath is in his hand and Im
on His doorstep, I tour around his home saying: There is no god but Allah alone
For years, I had to endure listening to lectures on why Rome is the Harlot since it sits on seven hills,
when truth is that Vatican Citythe city where the Catholic Church is headquarteredis not built
on seven hills, but on a hill separate from the seven hills of Rome: Vatican Hill, which is not even
one of the seven upon which ancient Rome was built. Those hills are on the east side of the Tiber
river; Vatican Hill is on the west.
Other cities are known for having been built on seven hills as well. Istanbul is known as the City on
the Seven Hills, which consciously following the model of Rome was built on seven hills too.
There are about seventy cities that claim to be on seven hills, some of which are Jerusalem, Amman,
Tehran, Brussels, Kiev, Moscow and Madrid.
Yet none of these (including Rome) were destined for destruction in the Bible, yet Arabia is (Isaiah
The Bible is also precise and pinpoints a geographic location for this Babylon as was predicted in
Jeremiah 49:21, literally, the Red Sea which confirms Arabias destruction. This is also confirmed
in Revelation 18 regarding the harlot city:
And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall
bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning (Revelation 18:9).
And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What [city is] like unto this great city!
(Revelation 18:18).
And once one studies Isaiah 34, there should be no doubt. In nearly identical language concerning
Mystery Babylon in Revelation 17, 18:
Its streams shall be turned into pitch and its dust into brimstone; its land shall become burning
pitch. It shall not be quenched night or day; its smoke shall ascend forever (Isaiah 34:8-10).
Incredibly, almost three millennia before the discovery of fuel oil, Isaiah predicted the burning of the
very thing that was used in Babel to build a name for the rebellious ones the pitch. Pitch is bitumen
and tar, which technically is simply crude oil.
This judgment is not against Rome but Edom which extends from Teman to Dedan:
Thus Says the Lord GOD; Because that Edom hath dealt against the house of Judah by taking
vengeance, and hath greatly offended, and revenged himself upon them. Therefore thus Says the
Lord GOD; I will also stretch out mine hand upon Edom, and will cutt off man and beast from it;
and I will make it desolate from Teman; and they of Dedan shall fall by the sword (Ezekiel 25:12-
The Lord vindicates Rome. He has made the geographical location of Mystery Babylon quite clear
for anyone who would seek it out.
This destruction of Arabia is complete and fits the description made by several prophets whose
prophecies correlate with Isaiah 34:
Therefore in one day her plagues will overtake her: death, mourning, and famine. She will be
consumed by fire, for mighty is the Lord God who judges her. When the kings of the earth who
committed adultery with her and shared her luxury see the smoke of her burning, they will weep and
mourn over her. Terrified at her torment, they will stand far off and cry: Woe! Woe, O great city, O
Babylon, city of power! In one hour your doom has come! Every sea captain, and all who travel
by ship, the sailors, and all who earn their living from the sea, will stand far off. When they see the
smoke of her burning, they will exclaim, Was there ever a city like this great city? (Revelation
18:8-10, 17-18).
Apart from Sodom and Gomarrah, this type of utter destruction has never been seen in any other city,
including Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After her destruction, Babylon will merely be a home for
demons, evil spirits, and scavenging desert creatures (Revelation 18:1-2).
This is in line with the ancient Eastern perception that desolate desert wastelands were the dwelling
place of demons and unclean spirits. The point being emphasized is that after Babylon is destroyed,
there will be absolutely no human life ever found there again. Jeremiah agrees; he describes this:
So desert creatures and hyenas will live there, and there the owl will dwell. It will never again be
inhabited or lived in from generation to generation (Jeremiah 50:39). Isaiah confirms a similar
fate: It shall be a habitation of jackals (Isaiah 34:14).
And again later, the destruction of Babylon is described as being absolute. Isaiah speaks of this
For I will rise up against them, says the Lord of hosts, and cut off from Babylon its name and
remnant, and offspring and prosperity, says the Lord I will sweep it with the broom of
destruction (Isaiah 12:15).
The broom of destruction! Anyone who has seen footage of a nuclear explosion has seen the fury and
the power of the ominous cloud that sweeps up everything in its path. To read more on how Mecca is
destroyed, please read:
Shuab Al-Iman by Al-Bayhaqi, No. 4084, 3/684
http://depaj.wordpress.com/2008/07/02/- - - - -- -2/
Saudi ArabiaTerrified Of Its Coming Destruction
by Shoebat Foundation on April 17, 2014 in Featured, General
Saudi Arabia, the nation that allowed the Islamist boogeyman out of the box is now trying to shove it
back in.According to a Reuters, Saudi Arabia was rattled by regional turmoil that has destabilized the
Middle East. Saudi Arabia now is not only intensifying a crackdown on Siites, liberal reformers,
atheists and human rightsadvocates but even Sunni Islamists. One activist has described it as an
undeclared state of emergency.
Saudi Arabia believes it is under attack as never before, say analysts with close ties to the kingdoms
elite, and sees Syrias civil war and Egypts political crisis as posing a domestic threat. Responding
to these perceived threats, Saudi Arabia has passed a set of laws that banned citizens from fighting
abroad, donating money to any faction in Syria or sympathizing with militant ideologies.
Islamists from the kingdoms conservative Sunni majority are the main focus of government unease,
most clearly via a decree that branded the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.
Amplifying Saudi worries about Syria and Egypt, the kingdoms rulers feel surrounded by chaos:
Iraq is still torn by sectarian violence while political turmoil casts a shadow over two of the
kingdoms other neighbors.
The problem with the Muslim Brotherhood could complicate their policy in Egypt, that besides their
most important Arab ally against a common main rival, Shiite Iran.
After all it was Arabiawhich Islam emanates from and its harlot religion is spread throughout the
entire region. It was Arabia which produced Muhammad, Arabias prophet.
From a prophetic perspective, we see the impending destruction of Saudi Arabia. The kings stagger
in their vomit as a drunkard not knowing what to do. Shoebat.com takes the position that Revelation
17 referenced Arabia as a prostitute Whore of Babylon. Arabia after all stems from ancient
Babylon. This is no coincidence: And the woman (whore) was arrayed in purple and scarlet color
(v. 17) resembles the near copulating with the Kaabas Black Stone, which historically was dedicated
to Aphrodite the prostitute goddess that was called Aphrodite Porne (Aphrodite the Prostitute),
the goddess adorned in purple, similar to the depictions given in Revelation 17:4.
Many in the West believe that such a harlot was depicting Rome.
But such analysis is impossible. Arabia links to the founder of the Islamic religion, which according
to John 2:22 denies Father and Son. Rome still declares both Father and Son. People find seeming
resemblance between Rome and Revelation (i.e scarlet robes, seven hills of Rome), but when
examining all the differences, such findings run into trouble. From religion, to geographic
references and literal names of locations, Rome fails the test. John was taken to a desert and Arabia is
mentioned clearly with reference to Babylon (Isaiah 21).
It was Muhammad, from Arabia, and not the popes of Rome who claimed to have ascended to
heaven, to the most high as Antichrist claimed in Isaiah 14, For you have said in your heart: I will
ascend into heaven It was Arabia and not Rome that No Arab will pitch his tent there, no
shepherd will rest his flocks there (Isaiah 13:20).
This cannot be attributed to any other area since Arabs must pitch their tents in Arabia. The
ultimatefulfillment of this verse is the destruction of the Last-Days Babylon. We know this because
the passage speaks about: the day of the Lord (v. 9) with the heavens not giving light (v. 10).
This is not historical, but End-Times related.

Muhammad and not the Popes, qualify, for he denies Father and Son (1 John 2:22) and claimed in
his Al-Isra Wal-Miraj to have ascended to heaven (Isaiah 14:13) reaching the seventh heaven
claiming, as it says in Isaiah 14:13, You said in your heart, I will ascend to heaven; above the stars
of God and is how Muhammad described his journey claiming to meet God who ordered him to rule
over all of mankind, angels and the whole multitudes of demons. (1)
Muhammad also claimed to be Khalifat-u-Allah (Vicar of God) (2) adapting the title of Vicar.
And lest we think that such ascension to heaven is strictly Lucifer, the Bible shows that such
manifestation is regarding Antichrist, the Bible adds, Is this the man who made the earth tremble?
(v. 16) This angel has manifested in a man. Antichrist claims to have ascended to heaven; you have
said in your heart, I will ascend to heaven (v. 13).
In Islam, the Mahdi would have Muhammad spirit.
Lucifer is cast down to earth to possess this man of sin who stems from the seat of Antichrist,
Pergamum, which is in Turkey (Revelation 2:12-13), not Rome.
The Antichrist kingdom will eventually destroy Saudi Arabia. Iran feet of the bear (see Revelation
13) will destroy it (See Isaiah 21) and the heavens will rejoice avenging the blood of the saints.
Even in Islam, the Hadith speaks of the destruction of the Kaaba by Muslims when the construction
buildingsin it would reach the hight of the mountains. This is how the Muslim enemies of Saudi
Arabia views the buildings and the Tower which is one of the most grandure highest tower in the
world. Shoebat.com obtained their views from their own most reputable sources:
I was taking reins Abdullah bin Amrs animal when he said: How will it be when you [Muslims]
will tear down the house and not let one stone remain on another? They asked: Will this be while we
are still Muslim? He said: Indeed, while you are Muslim, Then what? He said: Then it would be
rebuilt better than it was before and when you see Mecca digging underground channels and
constructing buildings above the tops of the mountains , know that it is near. (3)
The Arabic for digging the channels, is Buijat Kathaim, which is interpreted as wells dug in the
ground in a patterm in which some of these tunnels interconnect with each other and the water is
gathered to its end to spill on the surface of the earth. It is also said to be irrigation. (4)
Such declarations already circulate the Muslim world, that Muslims themselves will destroy Mecca
as declared by the Islamic Hadith.
The lavish construction by the Royal family of Saudi Arabia is only infuriating Muslims globally.
Saudi luxury has caused Muslims to turn on the Royal family.
As we have seen reported countless times, Saudi Arabia fears Irans nuclear buildup. We find no
such situation leveled at Rome. For the Harlot to be Rome, the beast (Europe) must burn her. While
we see the impending danger on Arabia, we see no impending danger on Rome, except of course,
from what Islam threatens to invade it in the future. For that read what we have written [here].
If the destruction of Rome by Muslims is the view of many in church circles, will these then praise
Islam for destroying Rome by the sycophants of Arabias Islam? Do these think that Islam will spare
them in the end?
We each have to make a choice. Choose wisely.
(1) see Al-Tabari, in interpreting Al-Ahqaf, 26.30. Al-Shami Muhammad bin Yusuf Al-Salihi,
Section 32, 2/443, 444 on The Islamization of the Jinn (Demons). Muhammad ordered his followers
to accept invitations by demons and he himself accepted a demon messenger and went with him, See
Hadith by Muslim, 1 / 332 (150 450), also Tabari, 21/26 and Ahmad 1/416 and Ibin Katheer 7/275.
Also see Umm Al-Qura University, the top Islamic university founded by Muhammad Abdul
Wahhab, founder of Wahhabism https://uqu.edu.sa/lib/ar/148574
(2) Al-Ahkam Al-Sharia Al-Kubra 4/527
(3) Hadit, also see Weblink 36531 [Here] [here] and [here]
(4) In The End, Strange Talk and Impact, The Glory of The Holy Religion by Abu Saadat bin
Mohammed (son of Athir), Scientific Library, Section Four. Also see link [here]

Vatican As The Harlot Of Babylon: Debunked
by Ted on June 25, 2013 in General
By Theodore Shoebat
Is the Vatican the Hatlot of Babylon? Where did this idea originate from? Most will be shocked to
find that some of the greatest enemies of Christianity were the ones who developed or supported this
idea: Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism; Muhammad, founder of Islam; John Huss, founder of
the Hussites; and many of the most depraved heretics in Church history.
So why do many Evangelicals believe them? The shocking truth from history should help us rethink
one of the most tainted ideas in Protestant theology. Many Protestant and Evangelicals think that it
was first said by the Protestant Reformers, such as Luther or Zwingli. But this is false. This idea
actually can be traced all the way back to the Middle Ages, from a gnostic sect in southern France
called the Albigensians. These held a doctrine first contrived by one heretic from the third century,
named Mani. He lived in Mesopotamia and started a cult called Manichaeism, which heldamongst
numerous beliefsthat they were two gods, one of evil and one of good; that Christ never came in the
flesh and that the crucifixion was a fantasy.
In other words, they were an antichrist, and so dangerous were they that St. John warned:
And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is
that [spirit] of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in
the world. (I John 4:3)
They also believed that the Incarnation of Christ never occurred; the sufferings of Christ and
the Eucharist were an illusion, and even life itself was considered by Mani to be an abomination from
which all of humanity should seek to be free.
This antihuman doctrine spread to Armenia where its subscribers called themselves Paulicians, and
then this sect made its way to the Balkans where it influenced a man in Bulgaria named Bogomil,
who would start his own cult in his country. Though Bogomilism went underground, it continued to
grow like bacteria growing stronger in static murky water in the summer heat. It spread to Italy and
by the twelfth century it made its way to France where its followers would call themselves Cathars,
from the Greek word pure.
In a council conducted in Toulouse in 1119, presided by pope Calixtus II, the Cathars were
anathematized as heretics. By 1165 the Cathars had become so numerous that they began to preach in
the open, with the Catholic bishops too fearful to protest. They soon commenced to form their own
church separate from Roman Catholicism, establishing as their own bishop one Barthelemy in their
city of Albi, where they built the Cathar communitythe strongest in southern France. It was because
of this community in Abli that these heretics were called Albigensians. (1)
It was these Albigensians who affirmed the belief that the Roman Church was the Harlot of Babylon
spoken of in the Book of Revelation. Because of this belief, the Albigensians sought out ways to
utterly uproot Christianity from Europe. But for the sake of brevity I cannot describe all of their
crimes, so I will mention one of the most significant. The head of this heretical group, Raymond of
Toulouse, wanted the Muslims to destroy all of Christendom, and so sent his emissaries to the king of
Morocco to give this request. (2)
We have heard many a time that it was the Catholic Church who collaborated with Muhammad, but
the reality is that it was the Catholics who combated Islam while the heretics worked with the
Who else taught that the Harlot of Babylon is the Catholic Church? There was another sect that came
about in Bohemia in the 15th century called the Hussites, or followers of John Huss.

The Hussites rejected the Catholic Churchs authority, denounced the use of holy water, oils, the
chalice, priestly vestments, all fasts, all feast days accept Sunday, open confession, prayers to the
saints, reverence of holy images and all other Catholic rituals. (3)
These beliefs sound all well and good to the common Evangelical pastor, but lets look into their
actions in order to see their intentions, for by their fruits you shall know them.
When Pope John XXIII issued a Bull declaring Huss a heretic, his followers seized it and placed it
on the breast of a local prostitute and paraded her to represent her as the whore of Babylon, before
casting it into the flames. (4)
A major faction within the Hussite heresy were the Taborites, who were founded when numerous
Hussites ascended Mount Tabor to receive Communion. These shunned the Church Fathers, denied
purgatory, prayersfor the dead, and missals.
The Hussites established their own hegemony in Bohemia, where they would greatly persecute
Catholics for not accepting the teachings of John Hus, their founder. Hussite professors in the
University of Prague established a tyrannical council which would rule Bohemia; thus the university
became the new Vatican. Hussite Lord Chenek of Wartenberg arrested the bishop Hermann of
Prague and compelled him to appoint radical Hussites as priests. The archbishop Conrad condemned
these actions and nullified the ordinations of these heretical priests. The committee of tyrants of the
university more fervently connected themselves with Hussite doctrine and even imprisoned one of its
own professors, Peter of Unichov, a sharp critique of Hussite thought. They tortured him and
threatened him with death if he did not proclaim John Hus as a teacher of God.
The Hussites published their own manifesto in which it reads that the faithful should repress all
public sins. It was a jurisprudence akin to Sharia, with anybody not agreeing with John Huss being
deserving of punishment. A Taborite army under the command of John the One Eyed, captured the
castle of Sedlec, killed its owner Ulrich and all of his retainers, and then cruelly told a group of six
that if one of them wanted to be spared he had to decapitate the other five (and one of them did in
fact comply).
The One Eyed was ruthless and pitiless; he captured priests and monks and burnt them alive, for he
saw them as the ones who persecuted John Hus. Divisions broke out within the Hussites and the One
Eyed saw to it that dissenters were also put to the flames. When Sigimunds commanders executed
four hundred Hussite prisoners, the Hussites responded by massacring one thousand four hundred
Catholics. Twenty four priests were kidnapped and told that their lives would be spared if they
accepted the Hussite manifesto, and no less than twenty one refused and were bunt alive. (5) A
bloody war was fought between Catholic and Hussite, with the Catholics being the victors in the end.
Even the heathen Mongols wished to destroy Rome and all of Christendom. The emperor of the
Mongols, Cuyuc Khan, had even wanted to war against the Church of God and the Roman Empire,
and against all the states of Christendom and the people of the west. (6)
Moreover, a most damaging fact to the belief that the Catholic Church is the Harlot of Babylon, is
that Joseph Smiththe founder of Mormonismhimself adopted this view.

The Book of Mormon directly attacks the Catholic Church, having the prophet Nephi declare that
the Catholic Church was founded by Satan and was the mother of harlots:
And the angel said unto me: Behold the formation of a church which is most abominable above all
other churches, which slayeth the saints of God, yea, and tortureth them and bindeth them down, and
yoketh them with a yoke of iron, and bringeth them down into captivity. And it came to pass that I
beheld this great and abominable church; and I saw the devil that he was the founder of it. And I also
saw gold, and silver, and silks, and scarlets, and fine-twined linen, and all manner of precious
clothing; and I saw many harlots. that abominable church, which is the mother of harlots (I Nephi
13: 5-7, 34) (7)
Latter Day Saints president, George A. Smith, promulgated this belief in 1870:
If you talk with the various Protestant denominations about these points they will tell you that the
Catholic Church had degenerated, that it had gone into darkness, was anti-Christ, and all this sort of
thing, which doubtless was correct; and according to modern revelation this must be true; and being
true, we are urged to the conclusions that all the sects and parties of the religious world are
wandering into darkness. (8)
The Albigensians and the Hussites agreed that the Catholic Church was the whore of Babylon, and
before you begin to have a liking for these groups because of this belief, there is another heretic that
you should know about who also saw the Catholic Church as the archenemy: Muhammad himself.

Muhammad even prophesied that the Muslims would first conquer Constantinople and then Rome.
At the time of Muhammad, Christianity was Catholicism, since Islam was founded centuries before
the Reformation or even before the Eastern Orthodox schism from the Roman Catholic Church. The
Quran, essentially, is a direct attack against the Catholic Church. Surah V in the Quran actually
misconstrues the Catholic doctrine of Mary and accuses Catholics of worshipping Mary, a claim
which Evangelicals accept and Catholics deny:
And [beware the Day] when Allah will say, O Jesus, Son of Mary, did you say to the people, Take
me and my mother as deities besides Allah ? He will say, Exalted are You! It was not for me to
say that to which I have no right. If I had said it, You would have known it. You know what is within
myself, and I do not know what is within Yourself. Indeed, it is You who is Knower of the unseen.
This is why in 846 the Muslims made invaded Rome. It was in this glorious city where Saint Peter
and Saint Paul preached, and it was now here where the Muslims sacked their sepulchers. They saw
such profound monuments as idols, and when they entered the tomb of Peter they stripped away a
silver altar, and overran Saint Peters church in the name of Allah and for their hatred of the Gospel.
(9) They were not going to leave; they did not come for a vacation to Rome on cruise ships and
decided to leave after a comfortable tour to the Vatican for Palermothey were sticking around and a
leader was needed to crush them. Pope Leo IV arose as the defender of the city.

When he first became pontificate he consecrated entire days to prayer and religious processions to
render hope unto the people and to kindle the fire of Christian zeal after it had been blown away by
the Islamic barbarians. He had the citys walls repaired; fifteen towers were built or renewed, and an
iron chain was drawn across the Tiber river to hinder any enemy naval ships from sailing into Italy.
Before the Muslims returned to Rome Leo made a powerful prayer, that the God who had protected
Saint Peter and St. Paul on the confounding waves of the sea would fortify the hands of his warriors
who were about to fight the enemies of Christ. The Muslims made their maddening prayer to Allah
and advanced for a naval attack. Strong winds came upon the seas and merciless waves crashed right
into their ships; Muslims were dashed to pieces on rocks and those who survived shipwreck received
no quarter from the pursuing Italian Christians. The remaining survivors were forced to labor for the
repairs of the churches they vandalized, and thirteen silver bows found amongst the Arabs were used
to ornament the altar of Christ. (10)
The Muslims till this day wish to destroy Rome, hence why in 2009 Yusuf Qaradawthe most
respected scholar in the Sunni Muslim worldstated:
So Constantinople has been conquered and now the second part of the prophecy remains, which is
the conquest of Rome.
This hatred for Rome as an institution of the devil, was agreeable to the Protestant Reformers. The
Muslimsunder the Ottomansstill aspired to take Rome and destroy the Catholic Church in the days
of Luther, and it was he and his followers who were willing to help.
Luther and his followers saw the Catholic Church as an institution of Satan that needed to be

Why, said Luther, if men hang the thief upon the gallows; or if they put the rogue to death,why
should not we, with all our strength, attack these Popes, and Cardinals, these dregs of the Romish
Sodom? Why not wash our hands in their blood? (11)
For this reason, Luther favored the Muslims and saw them as the tool of God to punish Europe for its
sins, and hence the same reformer condemned crusading against Islam. John Foxe, a famous
Protestant leader, claimed that he could not be certain as to whether the sultan of the Turks or the
pope hath been the more bloody and pernicious adversary to Christ. (11.5)
The Protestant bishop of Salisbury John Jewel wrote this in 1571:
The Turk, they say, is now hovering upon Italy. He will at least bridle the ferocity of antichrist [the
pope]. (12)

Zwingli, another major Protestant reformer, held the Turks as Protestant allies. (12.5)

England and other Protestant powers even provided the Turks with war material, specifically tin
which was essential for the Turkish cannons.
In 1529, once Luther realized that his own life was on the line, since the Turks were approaching
Vienna, he wrote that war needed to be done, but not by the Pope, (13) as though he was now to be
dictating who should and who should not lead battles.
It is stated repeatedly that Babylon is the mother of all idolatry. But my research shows that the
mother-land of idolatry is not todays Iraq, but Arabia, and that therefore Islam, with its Arabian
origin, is the antichrist system.
In order to understand the antichrist system, one must comprehend the Tower of Babel, its religious
system and its origins.
The Tower of Babel is known to have been built by Nimrod, (14) a son of Cush, the founder of
Many have hastily identified Nimrod with a Sudanese or Ethiopian African, but my research shows
that once Scripture and historical records are closely examined, Nimrod is found to be geographically
a Southern Arabian. The most explicit biblical evidence for Arabias identity with Cush is Habakkuk
I saw the tents of Cushan in affliction: and the curtains of the land of Midian did tremble.
Cushan, or Ethiopia, is clearly identified here as Midian, or a part of Arabia. (15)
Genesis 10:10 recounts that Nimrod founded a city in Mesopotamia called Akkad, which means that
when Nimrod reigned in Mesopotamia there were Akkadians in existence in that region. In my whole
research page I have shown how Akkadians, archeologically, have been found to be originally South
Arabs, being related to the Sabaeans, a powerful South Arabian people.
Also in Sudan there were Sabaeans who affirmed that their place of origin was a region called Meroe
(originally called Saba), and according to the ancient writer Juba, the entire Nile Valley from the city
of Aswan in Egypt to Meroe was inhabited not by Ethiopians but by Arabians. This then helps shed
light on the Arabian identity with Nimrod.
In my research I show that because of the south Arabian identity of both the Akkadians and Nimrod,
it is conclusive that the pagan religion of ancient Arabia was followed in Shinar, where Nimrods
kingdom was founded. Therefore the religion on which the Tower of Babel was based, had to have
been Arabian. Who were then the deities of this religion?
We know that in both the Akkadian pantheon and language there is reference to a deity named
Alla. I was the first point out that in the Atrahasis epic, which was written in Akkadian, there is
mention of the god Alla, and that this god had to be equal to the Islamic Allah.
When the Akkadians traveled from south Arabia to Mesopotamia, they brought along with them their
gods Athtar (Venus) and Shamash (the sun), both deities native to south Arabia. Athtar is really a
south Arabian equivalent to Allah, and the image of Allahthe Blackstone in Meccaoriginally was
dedicated to Allat or Athtar (Venus). Allat, in pagan religion, was both male and female, and thus
equal to Allah.
With all of this said, we can now bring the connection between Allah and the Tower of Babel. In my
research I show that several assyriologistssuch as Budge, G. Rawlinson, and Stephan Langdonhave
written on a certain tower discovered in Iraq called the House of the Seven Lights of the Earth, which
has been identified with the Tower of Babel since after Nebuchadnezzar repaired it he wrote:
[T]his edifice, the House of the Seven Lights of the Earth, the most ancient monument of
Borsippa:a former king built it (they reckon 42 ages), but he did not complete its head. Since a
remote time people had abandoned it without order expressing their words. Since that time the
earthquake and the thunder had dispersed its sun-dried clay; the bricks of the casing had been split;
and the earth of the interior had been scattered in heaps. (16)
The Seven Lights refer to the towers seven stages, each of which was dedicated to a particular
planet or deity. For this summary article, we will only focus on the fifth stage which pertains to the
subject at hand, because it was dedicated to Venus or Ishtar or Athtar. (17) According to Strabo
Borsippa was dedicated to Artemis, (18) which would have been this very goddess, who was
worshipped as Allat since a Greek engraving from 6 B.C. reads Allat who is Artemis. (19) This has
a direct connection with Allah since he was the same as Allat, thus bridging the gap between the
Islamic Allah and the Tower of Babel.
Thus when Isaiah speaks about the destruction of Babylon, he describes it geographically as Arabia,
citing areas such as Seir, Teman, Dedanim, and Kedar:
And, behold, here cometh a chariot of men, [with] a couple of horsemen. And he answered and said,
Babylon is fallen, is fallen; and all the graven images of her gods he hath broken unto the ground. O
my threshing, and the corn of my floor: that which I have heard of the LORD of hosts, the God of
Israel, have I declared unto you. The burden of Dumah. He calleth to me out of Seir, Watchman,
what of the night? Watchman, what of the night? The watchman said, The morning cometh, and also
the night: if ye will enquire, enquire ye: return, come.The burden upon Arabia. In the forest in
Arabia shall ye lodge, O ye travelling companies of Dedanim. The inhabitants of the land of Tema
brought water to him that was thirsty, they prevented with their bread him that fled. For they fled
from the swords, from the drawn sword, and from the bent bow, and from the grievousness of war.
For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Within a year, according to the years of an hireling, and all the
glory of Kedar shall fail: And the residue of the number of archers, the mighty men of the children of
Kedar, shall be diminished: for the LORD God of Israel hath spoken [it]. (Isaiah 21:9-17)
Theodore Shoebat is the author of the book, For God or For Tyranny
Follow him on Facebook

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and Nimrods Babel is likewise said to have been situated in the land of Shinar. There can be no
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This is quite a church history lesson. We see reformers who were opposed to the non-Biblical
perversions of Christianity that were adopted by various Christian peoples. Two wrongs do not
constitute right might well applies here. Why not accept what the Bible teaches? I wonder if you
consider using the Bible and following it for your faith and practice. You know that Paul the
apostle condemned all false teachers, not just the future Muslims. Gera
Because every representative body of the Church of Jesus Christ on earth is comprised of and
operated by sinful men and women, it is easy for the self-righteous know-it-alls who walk among
us to point their fingers at the Roman Catholics or the Protestants or the nondenominational
churches and cry, Antichrist! or Heretic! No church is perfect. Furthermore, only God sees
the hearts of human beings. I believe some of your best Christians may have never set foot inside
a church building. However, whether people choose to go to church or worship in their homes or
out in the woods is between them and God. Furthermore, although I love to read and study and
contemplate what God is saying to me through His Word, I admit I still do not understand
everything about the end times and the Antichrist. But I have made some observations.
I have come to believe that the current spirit of rebellion against Christ, against God and His
Word, against all order and authority, and the increase of appalling acts of human wickedness is
all leading up to the forthcoming appearance of the Antichrist on the world stage. And, as the
biblical prophets foretold that in the latter days before the end of the age world events would
concentrate primarily on the Middle East, Israel, and Russia, it seems that the time for his debut
is rapidly approaching, meaning that it could happen any day now. I also believe that this person
might well be a member of the Islamic religion. Then again, may be not. After all, even though
Muslims deny Christ, they do believe in one god, Allah. Because this man will have great satanic
power, I believe he will claim to be God Himself, which will even deceive some of the very
elect of God, or those who profess Jesus Christ as their Savior, yet, are bereft of the leading and
guidance of the Holy Spirit and/or even deny or obscure His power and authority over the
Church today. The Holy Spirit was/is Christs coronation gift to all believers.
The Chrislam Movement is one example of this folly on the part of self-professed Christians.
And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, do not offend or vex or sadden Him, by Whom you
were sealed for the day of redemption of final deliverance through Christ from evil and the
consequences of sin.
Ephesians 4:30
Inviting Muslims into the sanctuary of a Christian church to offer up prayers to their god is not
only an abomination, but undoubtedly grieves the Holy Spirit!
In regards to Nimrod, he was the first type of Antichrist figure. Nimrod was called a mighty
hunter before the Lord. His very name means, upstart or rebel. Nimrod is/was a symbol of
the coming future rebellion against God which we are now witnessing as a worldwide
phenomenon, of which Islam is certainly playing a major role. Nimrod boasted of his earthly
power. Many of the adherents of Islam boast of their earthly power, primarily through the
production of what the Bible calls, bitumen. Today we call it crude oil.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Lord Jesus Christ was the most humblest man to ever
walk on this earth. He gently invites us to, Come unto Me, all you who labor and are heavy
laden and I will give you restfor I am meek and lowly in heart. (Matthew 11:28-29)
By his very nature, a shepherd attracts his flock. They know that they can trust and depend on
him to keep them safe from wolves and other predators that might harm or kill them. A hunter,
on the other hand,drives and chases his quarry to trap and kill it. This is the difference between
Christ and the Antichrist.
Ted: Thanks for the history lesson. I have read your fathers book, Gods War On Terror and
consider it absolutely the best book on Bible prophecy I have ever read. I recommend it to
So, I am persuaded to think, as you point out, that the Saudis are indeed referred to as Babylon in
the text of scripture and not the RCC.
And, I personally am willing to apologize for the sins of Christians in the past, as I do often
when I meet with or talk to Jews who have been brutalized by Christians in the Name of Christ.
I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church and attended RCC high school and a prominent Jesuit
University from which I earned my Bachelors degree. I lived Roman Catholic theology and am
not going to get into that. Suffice it to say I thank God I now believe the simple truth that
salvation is by Grace through faith ALONE and I can know that I am saved. This, plus other
factors, places me squarely under the curses of the Council of Trent. And, with all of your
apologetics for Catholicism, which is comical to say the least, I assume, that you too are now
either under the curses of Trent and the RCC or you are a follower of the Pope, the Magesterium,
the Catechism and the teachings of the Bishops of the RCC.
However, your willingness to excoriate Protestants and apostates for their complicit and
syncretic statements towards Islam and completely ignore the complicit and syncretic statements
of Catholics towards Islam will not go unchallenged. You need to get into the PRESENT
Heres Cardinal Dolans latest conciliatory and complicit and HERETICAL statement towards
The cardinal asked questions about the Muslim faith and emphasized throughout his visit how
much the two religions and their members have in common. You love God, we love God and he
is the same God, the cardinal said of the Muslim and Roman Catholic faiths.
Please note that the Cardinal told the Muslims at the mosque (hasnt your father taught that a
mosque is an embassy for Islam?) that we love God and he is the same God.
Go to the Home Page of the Common Word initiative. Heres a quote form the page:
Since the launch of A Common Word, hundreds of Muslim
and Christian scholars, leaders and intellectuals have approved
and commented on the initiative; including H.H. the Pope
and many grand muftis.
This is from the RCC Catechism:
841 The Churchs relationship with the Muslims. The plan of salvation also includes those who
acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold
the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankinds judge on
the last day.[330]
I have taken the liberty to include the following. The references are to sections of the RCC
847 This affirmation is not aimed at those who, through no fault of their own, do not know Christ
and his Church: Those who, through no fault of their own, do not know the Gospel of Christ or
his Church, but who nevertheless seek God with a sincere heart, and, moved by grace, try in their
actions to do his will as they know it through the dictates of their conscience those too may
achieve eternal salvation.[337]
So, according to the Catholic Catechism, Muslims and Jews will be saved despite their rejection
of Jesus Christ as the Savior (839-841), and the ignorant can be saved despite their ignorance of
Jesus Christ (847), but Protestant Christians who are dedicated Christians that know and accept
Jesus Christ as their Savior, yet stubbornly and knowingly refuse to become Catholics, are
heretics and cannot possibly be saved!
Ted: Do you have any idea what it is like to live under the Law and under the ministry of death
and the ministry of condemnation?
o landapa1960@gmail.com
Billo, I agree. It is not that the Catholic Church has done all wrong. But if you look at 2000 year
of church history, before even the Protestant movement came into the picture, the Catholic
church and before A. D. 400, Jews and those who side with the Jews have been persecuted.
Often Christians were threatened at the point of death not to partake in the Jewish Feasts.
Passover which was celebrated by most Christians got overturned because it was too Jewish and
replaced with Easter, an ardent pagan festival with a Christian paint job over it. If the Protestants
saw in the Muslims a willing helper, then this is truly abhorrent. However, it wasnt too long
ago, maybe 10 13 years, that the Pope on a visit to Israel, promoted for Islam to come under
the house of the Catholic Church. If this isnt idolatry I dont know what is.
You guys love to argue from a political perspective of mankind.
I guess women are too spiritual-thinking for this forum.
landapa: We Protestant Evangelicals deserve criticism for many things including being passive
and non confrontational and even complicit with Islam.
But Ted Shoebat ordered me to layoff the Catholics in this post. I will not do that.
Just in a short amount of time I easily accessed an ample amount of information that cannot be
refuted and that proves that the Roman Catholic Church is pandering, being complicit with,
being unscriptually bound with Islam.
Yet Ted merely ignores this and continues to strictly bash Protestants and apostates like
Mormons for their error or complicit behavior toward Islam.
The Pope is a participant in the Common Word initiative.
The Catechism of the RCC equates the faith of the RCC with that of Islam.
Many Roman Catholic priests, officials and Bishops have signed on in agreement with the
Common Word initiative.
The Pope has publically visited mosques and publically kissed the Qran.
The Roman Catholic Catechism states that unbelieving Muslims and others can be saved through
their works while believing Protestants who reject the RCC cannot be saved.
The Roman Catholic Church certainly does Israel no favors by not being upfront and outspoken
about the Israelis right to The Land.
As far as I know no Roman Catholic Church would ever allow the Shoebats to talk about Bible
prophecy. I would also be shocked if they would agree with the Shoebats about Islam.
Ted turns a blind eye to the errors of Catholicism and its relationship with Islam today if foavor
of recalling ancient and medieval history and in turn turning a blind eye to THE MILLIONS OF
http://www.twitter.com/xthred xthred
Do you claim Cathoicism should not reach out to Islam? Gee Cornelius was neither a Chrstian or
a Jew. Should Peter have come in to town guns blazing and called them all a bunch of pagans in
Acts 10 and 11 and had nothing to do with them? And Jesus with that Samaritan girl at the well.
He told her that they worship the same God pretty much. Gee was Jesus having a dialogue with
her or was she a pagan damned to hell whom he should not have had anything to do with? Paul
using the altar to that unknown god to evangelize those Athenians and quoting the sages in him
we live and move and have our being. Damn ecumenist. You protestants complain about the
Catholic Church but it converted the world and then you parasitically went in and proselytized
the Catholics though naysaying and historical revisionism. Tearing down Cathoicism more than
preaching the Gospel. Giving them something easy to believe like Once Saved Always Saved
nonsense. Faith alone so they dont have to do anything and pre-trib rapture nonsense. Easy
beleivism at its finest.. You really converted very little of the world from Paganism to
Christianity yourselves. Simple fact. Then you criticize how Catholicism does it.
woops Jesus didnt say that.
22 You worship what you do not know;
we know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews.
Shirley Anne
thessalonian: You said: And Jesus with that Samaritan girl at the well. He told her that they
worship the same God pretty much.
No, Jesus told her you (Samaritans) DO NOT KNOW WHO YOU WORSHIP FOR
But, your point is well taken. I do not think that mere dialogue with Muslims is an act of
Pauls sermon on Mars Hill is quite impressive, and to me, extremely inspirational.
I am not a Catholic even though I was raised in a Roman Catholic family, and attended high
school and university in RCC schools.
I am not a Roman Catholic because I decided to read the Bible myself and came to this simple
conclusionI will quote Paul: It is by grace you are saved through faith and not of works
What a glorious truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also believe what Jesus said in John 3:16.
The Shoebats demand that Roman Catholics not be criticized for the exact same actions and
words that Protestants are condemned for.
I admit Protestant error in being complicit with Islam.
The Shoebats are VERY CRITICAL of Christians who are compromising towards Islam, BUT
I preach the gospel of grace everywhere I go and to everyone I meet. I am also very insistent that
Islam is a great, great evil. Like the Shoebats, I believe that Islam is the anti-Christ and the
AntiChrist will be a Muslim.
Finally, your criticism of Pauls gospel (Romans 2:16) is EXACTLY the same criticism that was
constantly leveled against Paul.
The more I believe that Jesus and Jesus ALONE HAS DONE EVERYTHING NEEDED FOR
4 You have been severed from Christ, you who [b]are seeking to be justified by law; you have
fallen from grace. 5 For we [c]through the Spirit, [d]by faith, are waiting for the hope of
righteousness. 6 For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything, but
faith working through love.
Dont delude yourself in thinking that Pauls reference to Law here is mere ceremonial law. In
1 Corinthians and throughout his epistles this reference is clearly to Gods moral LawTHE
Not many Catholics purchased Gods War on Terror, but who ever told you that we are good
salesmen is wrong. But as far as Islam goes, many Catholics are on our side. Look Billo, the best
when it comes to Israel and helping are the Evangelicals and the Messianics hands down. We
love Jews, we love Evangelicals, but we also love Catholics and Muslims too. Should I stop
loving a specific group?
o shoebat
Billo, who told you I like everything in the Catechism? Here, I need to post this over and over. It
is true that Vatican entertained Muslims by complementing Islam, but what is so rarely
circulated is that it was the Christian Arab Patriarchs and Bishops who influenced such
recognition of Islam in Vaticans Nostra Aetate (which ended up in the catechism) which
included statements that the Muslims have great respect for Mary, and Jesus, that, Islam has
much in common with Christianity and Catholicism, and that Muslims worship One God.
Explaining how all this happened, came from the top when former Pope Benedict XVI in 2013
revealed confessing that such unprecedented recognition of Islam stemmed from bishops of the
Arab countries who objected the recognition by Vatican of the Holocaust. Vatican wanted to
mend relationships with Israel. Is that a sin?
But what you seem to not know is that when discussions began regarding Catholic-Jewish
relations, Benedict revealed:
to deepen and renew Christian awareness of this [The Holocaust] the Arab countries
the bishops of the Arab countrieswere unhappy about this: they feared somewhat a
glorification of the State of Israel, which naturally they did not want. They said: fine, a truly
theological statement about the Jewish people is good, it is necessary, but if you speak about
that, speak of Islam too; only then will there be a balance *Pope Benedict on Nostra aetate,
Tuesday, 19 March 2013.*
Benedict then CONFESSES the grave sin:
In the process of active reception, a weakness of this otherwise extraordinary text has gradually
emerged: it speaks of religion solely in a positive way and it disregards the sick and distorted
forms of religion which, from the historical and theological viewpoints, are of far-reaching
importance; for this reason the Christian faith, from the outset, adopted a critical stance towards
religion, both internally and externally.
He called Islam sick and distorted religion. Why did you fail to mention this?
So you can see clearly that while the error crept in, it didnt go without confessing and exposing
it. That as well as Nostra Aetate is not a major document as if it etched Catholic belief.
Dont forget that such influences has been going on for years regarding such issues influencing
the Catholic Church coming also from liberal Evangelicals who are corrupt. For decades they
tried influencing the Catholic Church. I will not get into depth on this here. Such Evangelicals do
not represent the spirit of the Evangelical Church as a whole. So I do not go around and say that
the Evangelical Church is ALL corrupt just as a result or that the whole of Catholics are corrupt.
Corruption is in all denominations as you already know that we are in the midst of a falling
Doesnt the image of a harlot reflect unfaithfulness?
How many long pages of scripture are direct words from Gods mouth,
as He warns and chastises His (marriage) covenant people ,, referring to Israel as His wife who
plays the harlot?
I think your conclusions from documented history are probably correct, Ted; as far as religious
doctrine is concerned. Although it doesnt point to a Roman Catholic structure as an earthly
pillar of righteous rectitude.
Sin was introduced to man in the essence of human desire to equal God .. which is also the goal
of the fallen enemy. The Greek word for Babel means Gate of God
Its possible that what entered Judas that Passover night, is the same controlling spirit of Nimrod
in Babylon. .. what Christ referred to as the Gates of Hell organized attempts to thwart
Gods Kingdom on earth.
It may also be repeatedly evident through other world leaders like Nero & Hitler, and even Kings
like Solomon, who desecrated Gods House with idol worship of his many pagan wives.
The whore of Babylon is depicted in female gender, while the actual anti-Christ image is male.
She makes nations of the earth drunk (delusional) with her wine. What does this wine
represent? What did Eves piece of fruit represent?
o Shirley Anne
Grand ma Moses, preach on, I learn so much from you. I love Torah and the Tenach. There is
NOTHING NEW under the sun. The man who was gifted with such a measure of wisdom, surely
knew. Albeit, he did NOT SHMA !!! But Yahweh be the Judge. I am learning from Mark Biltz,
Rico Cortes, Jim Staley, Bill Cloud and Michael Rood What a rich language Hebrew is !!
PICTORIAL It paints a thousand words. Shalom.
http://www.twitter.com/xthred xthred
What billo said.
I get your point, Ted. Your point is valid. But youre going too far to make your point.
o sahm
Agreed. And possibly alienating the sleeping dragon of small conservative and faithfully biblical
reformed churches that have been thanklessly fighting liberalism and that could eventually be
your biggest ally once eschatology becomes more obvious. John Huss. . really? You did kind of
gloss over how he died. . . .
o Shirley Anne
It is a WHOSOVER Gospel.. But dont forget the rest !!! THE WHOSOVER MUST
Dear Shirley: God is not the respector of persons.
We are saved just like the thief on the cross, like Abraham (a man who had faith, but was far
from perfect, with many failures and sins..Sarah actually lied to YHWHs Face) or like David (a
murderer, adulterer and a man who betrayed Uriah the Hittitewhy didnt David and Bathsheba
die according to the Law).
If you THINK that your obedience makes you righteous, then how do you explain Romans Ch 5?
How do you explain Galatians?
Are you certain you are obedient enough?
God bless you!!!!!!!!!!
billo are we digressing from the topic here Babylonian Harlot?
David & Abram didnt yet know the identity of Messiah, as did the thief that day. Abram was
chosen because of his faithfulness/ obedience even before his descendants received Gods hand-
written statutes in stone. David, as a boy, wrote love songs to the Lord long before the cross
. becoming the apple of Gods eye because he was always quick to repent.
Even though were forgiven ( btw: repent means to turn away from ) the consequences of our
actions remain. We are still penalized, whether in the flesh or by the loss of eternal rewards. No
matter what we would like to believe theres no free ride for anyone.
OK, yeah ,, defending Shirley, a little bit. lol
http://www.twitter.com/xthred xthred
During the Second Crusade, the Roman Catholic armies sacked Constantinople. This lead
directly to Constantinoples fall to the Muslims a couple of centuries later.
http://rudycarrera.com/oiketerion Rudy Carrera
xthred, thats true, and you bring up a fine point. However, Id also add that secular issues, not
the Church as a body, did Constantinople in, and I say that as an Orthodox Christian. Pride and
greed did us in for a few centuries, though it also gave us the benefit of preserving our faith.
We live in a day where many wounds from the past are quickly healing. Im pleased that good
minded Protestants and Apostolic Christians are talking to each other once again. This can only
bring good upon all our churches.
o billo
Rudy: Among the supressors of Christian unity, the unity under the gospel of grace; the simple
gospel of faith in Jesus is the Roman Catholic Church.
They demand that all Christians submit to their authority. They condemn to unsaved status all
Christians who reject their authority.
Yet, unbelieving Muslims, Jews and Pagans, according to RCC theology can be saved through
their works. Again, Protestants or Orthodox who love the Lord Jesus, who believe in Him and
follow Him, yet reject the authority of the RCC are cursed and cannot be saved.
The problem with the Shoebats defense of Catholicism, besides the one side criticism leveled
only at the Protestants and the apostates is that I KNOW PERSONALLY ABOUT BEING
UNDER THE GOSPEL OF LAW THAT THEY (Catholics) PREACH. There is no salvation
in law, moral standards, rituals, church affiliation, sacrements, ceremonies, creeds, The Ten
Commandments, ethics, intellectual affirmations, etc., etc.
There is only salvation in Jesus. We must believe the gospel. We are saved just like the thief on
the Cross was saved.
http://tedshoebat.com Ted
please prove conclusively that I have purposefully singled out Protestants.
Also, if all I did was criticize Catholics, would you complain that I dont criticize Protestants?
Ted: If you have read my posts here, including on this page I admit to the many failures, heresey,
apostacy and inadequacy of Protestants.
I will not prove conclusively that you have purposefully singled out Protestants.
However, I read yor web site daily, respect you and your father immensely, contribute to Forum
For Middle East Understandng because I believe this issue of Islam is VITAL AND NEEDS
TO BE ADDRESSED BY THE CHURCH, am intensely involved myself in resisting Islam
With that, the only criticism railed (against Christians) recently has been at either Protestant
evangelicals or an apostate like Glenn Beck.
If the topic was about any of the following I will and would criticize Protestants (and often do) if
only Catholics were singled out:
1. indifference towards Islam
2. Replacement Theology
3. adhering to a European perspective on escatology
4. lack of prayer and financial support for the persecuted Church (including Roman Catholics)
6. acceptance of abortion and homosexual marriage
7. indifference to Israel and towards the Jews
8. denial of the danger (both civil and spiritual) and apostacy of Islam
9. stating that Islam is in any way a legitimate expression of God
But Ted, you told me to lay off the Catholics. If Catholics are guilty of the exact same things
you accuse Rick Warren of, but only in a much greater degree, then they must also be criticized.
God bless you Ted-I was raised Roman Catholic, attending Catholic schools and university.
Catholicism, like all of us, must be cirticized.
http://www.twitter.com/xthred xthred
What billo said. Again.
Shirley Anne
Ditto, billo. I share your sentiments. Born into R. catholicism and attended a convent, up to and
including high school. Yahshua showed me His light. All praise to Yah. Walid has enlightened
me to What this purported religion is all about It is SHARIA , A GOVERNMENT
Sonceto Zare
Yes but i am sure, you stink more than the catolics, go still hide behind your pc you stink till
Sonceto Zare
Sons of the whore must be critized sorry!
o billo
We already acknowledge that a high percentage, if not the majority of Christians who equate
Christian and Muslim faith as both being in the same Diety are Protestants.
For this we are very sad and outraged.
The following represents some Christian responses to The Common Word Initiative:
Daniel Madigan SJ, of the Vaticans Commission for Religious Relations with Muslims:
The signatories rightly believe that the resolution of our conflicts lies not merely in political
negotiation but in finding a common theological basis that can ground our mutual commitments
and give them an authority beyond the calculations of temporary expediency. So they undertake
to demonstrate the common ground we share in our belief in the unity of God, in the necessity of
complete devotion to God and of love towards the neighbour.
Pope Benedicts Message to Prince Ghazi regarding the Common Word Initiative:
we can and therefore should look to what unites us, the belief in one God
Catholicism and Islam: Points of Convergence and
Divergence, Encounter and Cooperation-By H.E. Archbishop Celestino Migliore, Notre Dame
Apostolic Nuncio, Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations
November 15, 2007
When speaking of points of convergence between Christians
and Muslims, three specific reasons are generally cited: we are all
children of Abraham; both are monotheists and belong to a religion
gifted with a sacred book.
The Open Letter of the Muslim leaders takes up the great themes of love of God and love of
neighbor, showing how Jewish, Christian, and Muslim scriptures (Deuteronomy 6:4-5; Matthew
22:34-40; Mark 12:28-31; Quran 3:31 and 73:8) teach complete and total devotion to God. Our
scriptures also enjoin generous love of neighbor, for without giving the neighbor what we
ourselves love, we do not truly love God or the neighbor. (cf. Quran 2:177; 3:92)(Open Letter p.
11) The Muslim letter resonates with the words of the Apostle James: My brothers, what good
is it to profess faith without practicing it? (James 2:14, cf. 1:22-27 and I John 2:3, 9-10; 3:14-
18) and with the Encyclical Letter of Pope Benedict XVI of January 26, 2006, God is Love.
While we already know of the many Protestants who have betrayed our faith by proclaiming that
Muslims indeed worship the same God as Christians do, we have heard nothing from Ted or
Walid about the Catholics who have done the same.
So Ill provide a list from the actual web site (Christian Endorsements):
5.A. Berret
Associate Professor, Catholic Church
United States
7.A. Helmick
Instructor, Department Of Theology, Boston College
United States
9.A. Miller
Director For The Office For Black Catholic Ministries, Archdiocese Of Hartford
United States
21.B. Camillo
Bishop, Catholic Church Kuwait
23.B. Hassing
Associate Professor, Catholic University Of America
United States
48.D. Hawkins
Jesuit Priest; Pastor In New Orleans, LA, USA, Holy Name Of Jesus Church
United States
68.F. Benildeos
Member, Franciscan Brothers Of Brooklyn
United States
71.F. Morris
Dept. Of Theology, Boston College
United States
73.Father William
Retired, Roman Catholic
United States
88.George Deeney
Roman Catholic Priest, Discalced Carmelite Friars
99.I. Janet
Pastor, St. Francis Xavier University
United States
102.J. Brasley
Ecumenical And Interreligious Officer, Roman Catholic Diocese Of Rochester
United States
106.J. Frederi
Professor, Loyola Marymount Univesity
United States
115.J. Renard
Islamic And Theological Studies, Saint Louis University
United States
137.Joseph Horrigan
Director, Canadian Jesuits
198.P. Timko
Professor Of Religious Studies, Benedictine University
United States
257.T. Fasline
Retired Priest, Diocese Of Youngstown, Ohio
United States
258.T. Foley
R C Priest, Amazing Grace Church
260.T. Kraus
Pastor, Sabta Maria Catholic Church Orinda CA
United States
261.T. Michel
Secretary For Interreligious Dialogue, Society Of Jesus (Jesuits)
Amen Billo; my words exactly. We love and believe everything the Shoebats have taught us but
this one blind spot has me baffled. Even if I would have followed every teaching from my
catechism I still was not promised anything more than purgatory. These man made laws are
exactly what Jesus saved me from, trying to perform my way into heaven, which is identical with
the man made laws the muslims are bowing to daily. Pure bondage.
I know walid refers to how the catholics fought the muslims as proof they are Gods true church,
but those wars were fought for political power and is no proof at all. That would be like saying
God used the muslims to win Jerusalem, since they conquered over the catholics at the last
crusade. Maybe we dont know where the true Christians were hiding during the dark ages or
even who the true Christians were, but they were not praying to Mary, buying indulgences, or
using a vicar. And to expect us to wink at these doctrines is going to far. I am sorry but Two
Babylons was right and Ralph Woodrow has no proof. Even if we prove every Protestant
Reformer was wrong does not prove Rome right! Even when we believe all the scriptures about
Arabia does not prove Rome right either!
It is undeniable that Rome has invited Islam to join them in worshiping the same god. Actually
you may be any pagan religion in the world, all you have to do is burn a pinch of incense to the
ceasar as required once a year and worship what you may the rest of the year. Nothing has
changed. Where do you think the ecumenical movement came from to make all relgions one
through the World Council of Churches? History teaches how the mystery religions passed from
Babylon to Egypt to Greece and Rome. I can understand that and still believe everything about
Arabia too. There are some things that will become clearer the closer we get but we can not
afford to blindly defend blatant unscriptural error.
We love you Shoebats, where would we be without you? Thank you
o http://www.twitter.com/xthred xthred
Amen, dianakay.
o Shirley Anne
Well said Dianakay. It is called DEDUCTION REASONING If A= B AND B = C
THEREFORE A=C. Most decidedly not !!!!
Your error is in how you are interpreting Isaiah 21. You are taking the end of a now fulfilled
prophecy of Babylons fall to the Medo-Persian Empire (vv.9,10), and trying to make it the
beginning of a prophecy about Arabia, citing areas such as Seir, Teman, Dedanim, and Kedar.
You are molding more than one prophecy about different regions all into one and this is error on
your part.
The fact is that Isaiah 21:1-10 is a now fulfilled prophecy of Babylons fall to the Medo-Persian
Empire. Babylon is/was the desert of the sea. Verse two, Elam and Media, hence Medo-
Persian Empire.
A chariot and a couple of horsement, etc (vv.7,9) describe the historical takeover of
Babylon. In other words the prophecy was saying it wasnt even really going to be a battle, yet it
would happen suddenly (overnight), which it did.
You are misinterpreting and misapplying this passage to fit your view. Will you please address
this? Thanks!
http://www.twitter.com/xthred xthred
Hey Teddie,
How about leaving this subject alone for a while?
o http://tedshoebat.com Ted
Ted: Is citation of medieval history, in any way, helpful to the task at hand which is to resist
Do actions by people 500 years ago have any bearing on current circumstances?
If so, then I provide you with a history lesson in context of my efforts to promote Gods
A few weeks ago I attended a fundraiser at a local synogogue to support the Jews in Kedimum,
in the Occupied Territory (Samaria).
Just as when you father spoke at the Jewish Community Center in Sarasota, FL, Jews recognized
that I was a fundamentalist Christian and thanked me and all fundamentalists for our support.
During the question and answer session I asked two questions. One involved Hudna treaties
and the other involved Turkey and Ergdoman. You see, I do not trust Turkey. Thank you and
your father for alerting me to this!!!!
After the q-a session, a congregant approached me. He identified himself as a Professor of
mechanical engineering at Case Western University. He informed me that it was the Turks who
when Ferdinand and Isabella removed the Jews form Spain that assisted the Jews in 1492. I
therefore should not be so hard on Turkey today he advised.
I could only shake my head.
Ted: One other thing: I ALWAYS apopogize to any Jew for the persecution and death that has
been dealt to them in the Name of Jesus.
They ALL appreciate the apology.
Not only do I apologize for the holocaust, but also for the Crusades and all persecution inflicted
in the Name of Jesus by any and all professing Christians.
Thankfully, most of the Jews I know and run in to that are very interested in help do not dwell on
the past. They are very positive and appreciative towards Christians who demonstrate Christian
Love towards them.
By the way, I attend many functions that assist Jews in Israel and throughout the world.
Ive yet to meet a Roman Catholic at one of these functions..
And, almost in every occasion, the JEWS DISGARAGE THE ROMAN CATHOLICS FOR
THEIR ACTIONS TOWARDS ISRAEL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you doubt this look up Rabbi
Gerald Meisner who at one time was the Israeli representative to evangelical Christians. He
taught in Latin RCC seminary. Two years in a row in Night To Honor Israel in Ft Myers FL he
He was not too happy with me when I offered him a copy of Dr. Michael Browns Answering
Jewish Objections To Jesus.
But, even with that, nobody is going to thrwo me out of there because of OUR CURRENT,
http://tedshoebat.com Ted
you have not addressed my comment to you.
Ted: Ive addressed you concern as best as I going to do.
To conclusively prove you have purposefully singled out Protestants is, uh, malarkey. Thats
like me asking you can you conclusively prove I have purposelfully singled out Ted Shoebat.
Suffice it to say I will shut up, or layoff as you demanded once I read a bit of accuracy and
fairness from you in criticizing Roman Catholics the same way you condemn Protestants like
Rick Warren.
God bless you Ted. In the Name of Jesus. I know you love the Lord. So do I.
Sola Scriptura:
http://tedshoebat.com Ted
so I guess you cant prove that Ive singled out protestants.
Good day
No one gets a pass. I just got done reviewing Catholic Bishop Joe Vasquez. What a scumbag. He
supports Palestine. Do you think we do not expose some vile Catholics? We do. Look at our
article Arab Prostitutes in the Vatican. So few read it. Compliment some Catholic history and
you all go up in arms. We hate many actions by many so-called Bishops who are anti-Israel.
There are scumbags everywhere. I myself confronted one Catholic Maronite Bishop and stood
against him in public with a hostile crowd. They were all against me. You are not in my shoes
and you have no clue what I do. So all you who want to shoot your lips, put a lid on it and stop
trying to paint us with the wrong brush.
Many Jews have been more sympathetic with Islam and less sympathetic with Christianity.
Many racists blame Jews. Many Protestants blame Catholics, and many Jews blame Catholics
and many Protestants blame Catholics. We all forget to blame ourselves. Let anyone without
anything to be blamed for start blaming. Relax folks.
http://www.twitter.com/xthred xthred
Please dont play like that. You know darn good and well.
I believe some things that many here would strongly disagree with. Even if my position is
correct, discussing them here would be divisive without any edification.
Rome is not the Harlot. Your Dad has already convinced me from the scriptures. Your white-
washing of the monstrous sins of the medieval church is bad scholarship. Your blanket
condemnation of the reformers is, frankly, disgusting.
Read billos comments above. He is far more eloquent than me.
Im a friend. Do I need to boast of my giving to Rescue Christians? Look it up. My name is Rick
Evans in Madera, CA.
http://tedshoebat.com Ted
please refer to what Ive written in this article.
http://tedshoebat.com Ted
You already boasted. What you do for Rescue Christians is not for me, but for God. I do not
benefit one cent from Rescue Christian donations. It all goes to save lives and I thank you for it.
Ted: The man did not boast. You are wrong (again).
o sahm
btw. . i do have to laugh a little bit reading this review of reformed history. Now I know how the
Shoebats probably feel when Westerners comment on Middle Eastern history.
We enjoy it, its like watching westerners make Falafel and Hummus, its a good attempt, but it
never tastes the same Having said that, we could never make a Pot Roast like Americans.
o shoebat
Yes boss
Will you address my comment to you, concerning Isaiah 21?
And understand that I do not believe that Harlot Babylon is by any means limited to the RCC.
Thats not where Im coming from. My point is that there isnt definitive scriptural support for
Babylon to be geographically located in Arabia. If there is definitive scriptural support for the
location of Babylon in the 70th Week of Daniel to be anywhere, and there is, its in modern day
When one begins to try and make it to be in Arabia, or anywhere other than modern day Iraq,
they have to ignore many other passages on the subject. Not only are other passages ignored, but
passages such as Isaiah 21 are taken out of context and missaplied.
I love you and Walid, but in this article you are trying to disprove one false assumption and
replace it with another false assumption.
o http://tedshoebat.com Ted
the Persians did not conquer all of Arabia
Well, when you can show me from Scripture that the Persians must conquer all of Arabia, then
Ill listen. Until then, the facts remain. Babylon is not Mecca anymore than Babylon is
America. Again, if there is definitive scriptural support for the location of Babylon in the 70th
Week of Daniel to be anywhere, and there is, its in modern day Iraq.
What do you do with Isaiah 13:17 and Jeremiah 51:11,28 that do not even mention Persia?
Funny how it mentions the Medes, but completely excludes the Persians isnt it?
See, the problem isnt just that you take Isaiah 21 out of context and apply your own idea to it.
The additional problem is that you also have to ignore Isaiah 13 & 14 and Jeremiah 50 & 51.
Can/will you address this?
tywayne, Isaiah 21 says Elam, Arise O Elam, this is Persia. Also, you would find several
verses that address Babylon using vicinities that are in Arabia not Iraq. There are several articles
on this on the website. Use a search engine to see. If you have trouble with a specific quote,
bring it in context here and we can discuss.
This Catholics & Protestant debate sounds like two muddy children accusing each other of
peeing in the bath-water.
o billo
The debate revolves (with me) around the following:
We Protestants admit and confess that there are many Protestants that have heretically been
complicit with Islam.
Ted and Walid have condemned Rick Warren and historical Protestantism for the sin of being
complicit with Islam.
Ted Shoebat informed me to layoff Catholics when I began to cite the many similar (to the
heretical Protestant) statements and behaviors.
Take the case of Rick Warren. Ted and Walid have severely condemned Rick for statements
about Islam. They accused him of stating that he said that Muslims and Christians worship the
same God.
Warren in a subsequent quote specifically stated that he does not believe that Muslims and
Christians worship the same God. Heres the headline, quote and link form Rick:
EXCLUSIVE Rick Warren: Flat Out Wrong That Muslims, Christians View God the Same
Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/exclusive-rick-warren-flat-out-wrong-that-
Warren stated: First, as Ive already said, Christians have a fundamentally different view of
God than Muslims. We worship Jesus as God. Muslims dont. Second, while we urge members
to build friendships with Muslims and everyone in our community (Love your neighbor as
yourself), our church has no partnership with any mosque. For example, I know that some of
our members have led Bible study with Muslim friends, which I applaud. But Ive never been to
it, and it certainly isnt any kind of partnership or merger. Its crazy how a simple Bible study
can be interpreted by some people as a plan for a new religion!
Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/exclusive-rick-warren-flat-out-wrong-that-
Heres a quote from Cardinal Dolan while visiting a mosque:
The cardinal asked questions about the Muslim faith and emphasized throughout his visit how
much the two religions and their members have in common. You love God, we love God and he
is the same God, the cardinal said of the Muslim and Roman Catholic faiths.
I have documented many, many instances of RCC complicitcy with Islam, just like Cardinal
I do not hesitate to criticize my own BELOVED Protestant brother and sisters if they are
complicit with Islam.
I believe, like the Shoebats, that Islam is the anti-Christ and that the Anti-Christ will be a
Catholics should not be immune to criticism!
We must expose the error and evil of Islam and must not be complicit.
Sola Scriptura
Sonceto Zare
I clean my ass with your sola scriptura of a evil man called luther!
Andy Bendzin
Just for the record, this kind of foul mouthed discourse got nothing lost here. If people cant
argue with respect for one another they shouldnt argue at all. And just because one can hide
behind an internet anonymym doesnt give that person any more right.
Sonceto Zare
I dont have any respect from protstants if they dont respect me, you dont deserve any respect
as a son of a whore and you stink till heaven!
Julie LaBrecque
I ask you to apologize to these people, and retract your statements. I dont know what billo
said to you that caused your tirade, and I dont care at this point. Getting into a heated argument
with a few words thrown around is one thing, but your words have no place at all in a debate or
argument. Please ask for forgiveness from them.
Miss Julie: Thank you and God bless you for being civil. There are insurmountable differences
between Protestants and Catholics revolving around authority and justification along with a host
of other things. To dismiss them is either to be ignorant or in some cases plainly dishonest. The
best thing to do is rally around the catholic (i.e. universal) articles of faith that we hold in
common (e.g. the Trinity, the Apostles Creed, the resurrection, etc). Rally to oppose the anti-
Christ as he manifests himself through Islam and atheism. Thats why I respect the Shoebats and
Keith. As Ben Franklin stated during the Second Continental Congress: If we dont hang
together we will hang separately.
Actually; Julie is a catholic
She would probably like to consider herself the mother of all catholics here
In fact she is the number two instigator of hatred towards Sola Scripture.
Julie LaBrecque
surprise, surprise.- give me the verse that states scripture ALONE. And lets not confuse the facts
here, the 1st 3 centuries Christians werent sola scriptura, were they? Nope. Couldnt be. All
they had to teach them was the church, as Jesus commanded the apostles while ascending up to
heaven, Teach and Baptize.
Yes Julie you definitely get itchy in the pants
You just cant wait for a comment to appear which fits right in with your comfort zone to attack
another can ya?
The problem is that
Your satanically influenced catholic fake church makes up its own distorted interpretations of
things billobillo gave many excellent examples above
Do you not think that using the Word of God to define what sound doctrine is the best?
Of course you dont you believe your masters of the satanically influenced catholic fake
church are educated beyond the comprehension of mankind and that you must do as they say.
To which I reply with
1) John 17:17 Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.
2) All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for
correction, for instruction in righteousness:
3) 2 Tim 4:2- 3 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort
with all longsuffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound
doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.
Now I could give you the Strongs definition of word but it is quite lengthy.
Eastons Bible Dictionary says
This word is infallible, because written under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and therefore free
from all error of fact or doctrine or precept.
I believe this is evidence enough that the Word of God is best to determine doctrine wont you
Now your turn so answer me this give me a verse that states Christ Jesus venerated or
used adoration while bowing to a statue or anything of the likeness?
The fact is you cant.
What you need to do is STOP defending the satanically influenced catholic fake church.
Julie LaBrecque
Hebrews 13:7 OBEY your leaders who SPOKE the word of God to you. Consider the outcome
of their way of life and imitate THEIR faith.
You must still be using that silly catholic version
My KJV says Remember them which have the rule over you, who have spoken unto you the
word of God: whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation.
I think theres a difference still in the words remember vs. obey what do you think?
And the question still remains why arent your so called leaders following Christ Jesus?
Pointing all you members down the wrong pathway of Salvation? And then expecting you
members to OBEY like good little minions & muslims?
Hey when you gonna answer my question?
>>> Do you believe you worship the same fake god of satanic Islam? <<<
Is that really a hard question for you? Why can't you answer that? Are you avoiding the Truth?
Obeying your despicable leaders?
Answer the question Julie! Do you worship the same fake god of satanic Islam?
Julie LaBrecque
Silly boy, tricks are for kids. The old law is finished. Nailed to the cross. Jesus is the new
lawgiver and covenant mediator, not Moses. Jesus said nothing about keeping a Sabbath, because
that was the Old Covenant, which he fulfilled by taking all the covenant curses on the cross
that should have befallen on the Israelites that didnt keep the covenant.
commandments), was so glorious that the Israelites the same veil remains unlifted when they
read the OLD COVENANT. Jer 31:31..New covenantwill NOT be like the covenant I made
with their ancestors the day I took them OUT OF EGYPTthey broke my covenantI will
place my law in their hearts. It is over, forget your Sabbath keeping. Maybe you are one that still
has a heart of stone, instead of a heart of flesh.
You dont just have a hard time staying focused, Julie you also have an issue with being in
I bet you struggle in relationships aye?
Answer the questions Julie without trying to flip the conversation
1) Give me a verse that states Christ Jesus venerated or used adoration while bowing to a
statue or anything of the likeness.
2) Do you believe you worship the same fake god of satanic Islam?
Julie LaBrecque
Can you provide the verse where Jesus kept the Sabbath? My recollection tells me that he kept
breaking the darn Sabbath and the Pharisees couldnt grasp what His deliberate actions were
pointing to, i.e., a new covenant with NO SABBATH.
No Julie He wasnt breaking the darn Sabbath
Why dont you taker the day off study up and learn what the Sabbath means?
And then you might be able to comprehend what Christ Jesus meant when He said And he
saith to them, Is it lawful to do good on the sabbath, or to do evil? to save life, or to kill? but they
held their peace.
And why Mary Magdalene & Mary mother of James waited until the Sabbath was over to
anoint Christ Jesus.
And during the Crucifixion it says And they returned, and prepared spices and
ointments; and rested on the sabbath, according to the commandment.
Jesus even said which is referenced in Luke 13:14 There are six days in which men ought to
work: in them therefore come and be healed, and not on the Sabbath.
Healing on the Sabbath is no more wrong than turning on light switches or changing cloths in the
morning. Your biggest struggle is you cant seem to grasp what rest from work means.
Get this Julie the Sabbath is still just as much a commandment as any of the other
The Sabbath is a Day of Rest and NOT the day of worship!
Now how bout you answering my questions?
1) Give me a verse that states Christ Jesus venerated or used adoration while bowing to a
statue or anything of the likeness.
2) Do you believe you worship the same fake god of satanic Islam?
Answer the questions Julie without trying to flip the conversation
1) Give me a verse that states Christ Jesus venerated or used adoration while bowing to a
statue or anything of the likeness.
2) Do you believe you worship the same fake god of satanic Islam which your popes claim you
If youre a Christian these shouldnt be difficult for you to answer?
Julie you say It is over, forget your Sabbath keeping.
Can you show me one verse that says Forget the Sabbath?
Julie LaBrecque
United we stand, divided we fall. The beliefs of which the Catholic Church holds and professes
are all provable with scriptural evidence, unfortunately, many protestant preachers and minions
of ant-catholic writers have inculcated their sheep into falsehoods about Catholic beliefs. The
early Christian writers, those so close to the beginnings of the faith, have left a treasury of
wisdom for anybody that would so dare read. In my dialogue with protestants, I have discovered
2 pertinent facts: 1. They have no knowledge of the Davidic Kingdom, (the prophesied Kingdom
that the Messiah would rule), if they did, they would understand the role of the Kings mother,
and the royal steward, and his successors, who had the Keys and had the power to bind and
loose, exactly what Jesus appointed Peter to be. 2. No knowledge of what a Covenant is, and
how one enters into the new covenant, and how one Keeps the covenant. These two topics are
important for us to have a complete understanding of the kingdom and the covenant that we are
in and are subject to. I can only apologize for this guys filthy words. We can all be guilty of
stepping on toes, but he was just ugly.
Julie: I was raised Roman Catholic. I attended and graduated from a Catholic High School and as
an undergraduate I graduated from a Jesuit University. First, I congratulate you for successfully
regurgitating Scott Hawn and the EWTN along with the official Roman Catholic talking points.
Without getting into ANY of the particulars which you just brought up, which I am quite ready
and able to do, I will only point out one thing as it relates to me and the majority of Protestant
Evangelicals: I look into all of these things MYSELF. I read and study the scriptures prayerfully
daily. I do not indiscriminately believe anything a so called authority teaches because humans
err greatly and often. The New Testament provides a great example of this as recorded by Paul in
his epistle to the Galatians. According to Paul, Peter stood condemned. According to Paul,
Peter was not straightforward as to the truth of the gospel. According to Paul, the Judaizers in
Antioch and Galatia (along with Peter), if they persisted had fallen from grace. And, of course
Paul publically rebuke Peter in the Antioch Church. I only state this to point out to you that I do
not merely follow the teachings of any human being. I listen and affirm or reject, but I rely on
the Holy Spirit and The Scriptures.
Sola Scriptura
billobillo54, so let me understand here, the Bible gave each one of us ALL authority? How come
then Jesus never eliminated the authority of His time, and in fact ordered His followers to do
what the Pharisees say but not to do what they do? Jesus never said that each one of us to obey
our own conclusions. While we each have a responsibility to study and learn, but such task is
impossible on our own. Even the missionaries teach. Do you suggest we give savages Bibles and
tell them to start reading? Or do you suggest we send them missionaries who are equipped to
teach? Also, you state I congratulate you for successfully regurgitating Scott Hawn and the
EWTN. Arent you also regurgitating someones teaching? Indeed, you are regurgitating the
teachings of billobillo54. I have heard this type of teaching before, that we need no authority and
we each can simply study Scripture and each can come to their own conclusion. This is a recipe
to chaos. It is like saying that we are all mathematicians, doctors, surgeons, mechanics, engineers
every issue in life needs its experts, including theology. Jesus gave us Peter, Paul, John
then these gave us Polycarp and Igantius while it is true that Peter erred, but this by no means
removes his authority. You offer a perscription of mess and chaos.
There is no doubt that the church is now in chaos. That includes the effect of thousands of
Protestant denominations and the RCC itself. There are experts in theology of course. Lets take
you for example. I read your book Gods War On Terror. I compared it to Scripture. I affirmed in
my mind much of what I read. My problem is that the teaching of the RCC is contradictory to
scripture. Its that simple. I cannot and do not believe the RCC doctrines on justification,
authority, the papacy, the magisterium, Mary, the cult of the saints, the sacraments, the
priesthood, transubstantiation, sacredotalism, the RCC teaching on natural theology and the
possibility of unbelievers being saved, the RCC teaching that Muslims and Christians worship
the same God.I could go through each and every point that Catholics offertake
Galatiansmost Catholics errantly see Galatians as merely rejecting JudaizersGalatians is
exposing the grave error of rejecting sola fide. The Judaizers were merely the instrument used to
reject Pauls gospel of sola fide. Thanks for writing back and caring enough to share your beliefs.
I hold you in the highest esteem. I pray for you and Ted and Keith regularly. God bless you in
trying to stop Islam.
Julie LaBrecque
Your statement that you the RCC is contrary to scripture proves that your previous statement
to know more RCC theology than 99% of the faithful is now exposed to be a lie. If you truly
knew RCC theology, as you claimed, you would absolutely know how it is all based on scripture,
and further, should be able to share the scriptural passages yourself.
Julie: I am not a liar. I STUDY Catholic theology. Lets take justification. It is based on the
Greek word dikaioo (e.g. Romans 5:1) which is translated to be declared righteous. The
Latin Vulgate translates the Greek word dikaioo as justificare which means to be actually
righteous due to the Roman legal term (i.e. justified in Roman law). Protestants cite Pauls
specific, precise example of Abraham being declared righteous from Genesis Chapter 15.
YHWH declared Abraham righteous specifically and precisely due to the fact that Abraham
believed God when God promised him he would be the father of many nations, etc. Paul labors
throughout Romans Chapters 3-5 to declare sola fide and uses Abraham as the example of the
hearing of faith. Righteousness is imputed or credited to Abrahams account due to Christs
obedience and sacrifice due only to Abrahams believing the gospel God preached to him. The
Roman Catholic Church teaches that righteousness is infused within the person at Baptism (the
work does the work). Justification is strengthened or sustained through the sacraments. If a
person commits a mortal sin, justification is lost and can only be restored through the sacrament
of Penance via an ordained priest. The repentant sinner must not only confess the sin to the priest
but must also do acts of contrition which include sincere sorrow for offending God and not
merely seeking to avoid punishment. Then, in the spirit of Christian love and repentance, the
penitent sinner must perform the good works that are prescribed by the priest. The process
continues throughout ones life and through faith and good works (especially as part of Penance,
but not exclusively) the believer becomes more and more conformed to the actual righteousness
of Christ. At death, most, if they have not died with unconfessed and unforgiven sin, will go to
Purgatory for a period of loving chastisement until they have been purged of their sin. Of course,
the Treasury of Merit which includes the Depository of the excess righteous deeds of Mary and
the Saints can be applied to the sinner in Purgatory. Thus the righteousness of Mary and the
Saints can be imputed to the sinner in Purgatory in order to speed up the process. Remember,
Trent includes drunkenness, coveting, adultery, lying, being effeminate, and other sins of the
flesh as mortal. When I was a Catholic mortal sins also included eating meat on Friday, touching
the host with your hands at communion and missing mass on a holy day of obligation. There is
no unanimity on exactly the identification of each and every sin. Therefore, while the Protestant
who believes Pauls gospel believes and has assurance that they will certainly be in heaven with
Jesus after death, Catholics are (understandably) warned against this type of fictitious
righteousness (aka triumphalism). Triumphalism is also a very serious sin which, I think,
was under the curse of Trent.
Julie LaBrecque
You and the rest of the world all claim to rely on the holy spirit, but, how do you and all the
people that claim the same holy spirit, have different interpretations of the same Bible? Paul
rebuked Peters actions, not his authority. Paul went to visit Peter for fifteen days to confer with
Peter. Jesus gave the keys to the kingdom to Peter, and his successors, with the authority to Bind
and to Loose. If you will study Isaiah, you will understand exactly what Jesus was referring to.
You claim to know more catholic theology than 99% of the faithful, I dont know how you have
arrived at your conclusion unless you have completed a survey. We are all to look at the
scriptures, but 2 Peter also says that many twist the scriptures to their own destruction.
You say Jesus gave the keys to the kingdom to Peter, and his successors, with the authority
to Bind and to Loose.
That is truly based on an assumption.
Lets look at the verses together since Christ Jesus was gathered with all the Disciples
Mt 16:18 And I say also to thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my
church: and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
The Henry Concise says
Christ added that he had named him Peter, in allusion to his stability or firmness in professing
the truth. The word translated rock, is not the same word as Peter, but is of a similar meaning.
Nothing can be more wrong than to suppose that Christ meant the person of Peter was the rock.
Without doubt Christ himself is the Rock, the tried foundation of the church; and woe to him that
attempts to lay any other!
In other words the rock Christ Jesus was referring to was Himself and NOT Peter.
Mt 16:19 And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatever thou shalt
bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven; and whatever thou shalt loose on earth, shall be loosed
in heaven.
Julie will you say that no one else and that no other Apostle was able to use these Keys? Of
course not thats why the following verse is a continuation of this
Mt 16:20 Then he charged his disciples that they should tell no man that he was Jesus the
Your satanically influenced catholic fake church falsely uses these verses to base its foundation
on duping all those who are easily deceived.
Let me put it like this the catholic church is all about deceptive lies!
Julie LaBrecque
First off, you fail to realize that Jesus declaration I give YOU the keys in used in the
SINGULAR, NOT POLURAL. He gave Peter the power to bind and to loose, which power he
did likewise give to the eleven. Its ironic that people want to interpret that Peter wasnt a new
name for Peter because the only reason they hold this is because they dont like the implication
of what Jesus said and meant. Any first century Jew that heard the keys to the kingdom
automatically knew that Jesus was quoting from Isaiah 22 and could finish the reading. The
parallel today, if today someone said for God so loved the world, you could not only finish the
verse, but you would know that this John 3:16. Consider this: Simon renamed, or gave title, to
Jesus, the Christ. Jesus renamed, or gave title, to Simon, the Rock. Simon expresses Jesus
familial relationship, The son of the living God. Jesus does likewise to Simon the son of
Jonah. You can continue to twist Jesus words and intention all you want, you or anybody elses
twisting will never negate what Jesus said and meant. If Peter was not his new name, title, why
does Jesus after his resurrection call him Peter, and further tells him that Satan would like to sift
all of them (pural) like wheat, but I pray for your own faith (singular), and once Peter turns back
PETER is to strengthen the brethren. Why Peter? Because HE is the leader. Funny that the
people so bent on disproving that Peter is pre-eminate (sp) are flying against the preponderence
of scripture to do so. They twist to their own destruction. Ask whose boat Jesus got into to teach,
who did Jesus call out to walk on water, who did Jesus tell to get a coin out of a fishs mouth to
pay the temple tax for both Jesus & Peter, who was commissioned as the shepherd to tend and
feed his sheep? You deny it to the end of time, it will never change the truth.
Youre right Julie it does say thee which means He was giving the Keys to Peter.
I appreciate the correction.
Also I never questioned his name being changed to Peter just believe that when Christ
Jesus was referring to rock He was referring to Himself.
Yes, it does and I can help you with that too just by a review of what the Church Fathers have
said about the Primacy of Peter throughout the Ages (those closest to Jesus time which is where
Walid goes when he wants to research the Truth:
Whatever we have, came to us through them the Fathers.
To qualify as a Church Father, four conditions had to have been met.
1. He had to have lived before the year 800. The last Father in the East was St. Damascene 674-
749, and of the West was, St. Bede the Venerable 672-735.
2. He had to have followed the orthodox teaching, faithful to the true doctrines of the Church.
3. Sanctity, all major Fathers and most minor Fathers were canonized Saints, and lived virtuous
4. He had to have the sanction of the Church, a general acceptance.
Primacy of Peter as written by the Church Fathers
St. Cyprian, Unity of the Catholic Church 4. J555-556, 251 A.D.
On him He builds the Church and to him He gives the command to feed the sheep (Jn 21:17);
and although He assigns a like power to all the Apostles, yet He founded a single chair, and He
established by His own authority a source and an intrinsic reason for that unity.
Indeed the others were that also which Peter was; but a primacy is given to Peter, whereby it is
made clear that there is but one Church and one chair. So too are all the shepherds, and the flock
is shown to be one, fed by the
Apostles in single minded accord.
If someone does not hold fast to this unity of Peter, can he imagine that he still holds the faith?
If he desert the chair of Peter upon whom the Church was built, can he still be confident that he
is in the Church?
Origen, Commentaries on John 5:3 J479a, 226 A.D.
Peter, upon whom is built the Church of Christ.
St. Cornelius I, Pope, Letter to Cyprian Epist 49. J546-546a, 252 A.D.
We are not ignorant of the fact that there is one GOD, and one Christ the Lord whom we
confess, and one Holy Spirit; and there must be one bishop in the Catholic Church.
St. Cyprian, Letter to Quintas 71:1. J592a, 254 A.D.
For Peter, whom the Lord chose first and upon whom He built His Church, when Paul later
disagreed with him about circumcision, did not claim anything for himself insolently nor assume
anything arrogantly, so as to say he held the
primacy and that he ought rather to be obeyed by novices and those more recently arrived.
Firmilian, Bishop, Letter to Cyprian 75:17 J602a, 255 A.D.
In this respect I am justly indignant at this so open and evident stupidity of Stephen; that
although he glories so much in the place of his bishopric, and contends that he holds the
succession of Peter, on whom the foundations of the Church have been laid
Eusebius, History of the Church 2:14:6. J651dd, 300 A.D.
In the same reign of Claudius, the all good and gracious providence which watches over all
things guided Peter, the great and mighty one of the Apostles, who, because of his virtue, was the
spokesman for all the others to Rome.
Aphraates, Treatises 21:13 J693a, 336 A.D.
And Jesus handed over the keys to Simon, and ascended and returned to Him who had sent
St. Julius I, Pope, Letter to Bishops of Antioch 22:35. J806a, 337 A.D.
For what we have received from the Apostle Peter, these things I signify to you.
Damasus, Decree of Damasus 3. J910u,382 A.D.
The first see, therefore is that of Peter the Apostle, that of the Roman Catholic Church, which
has neither stain nor blemish nor anything like it.
*St. Ambrose of Milan,
On Twelve Psalms 40:30+. J1261, 387 A.D.
It is to Peter himself that He says; You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My Church
(Matt 16:18). Where Peter is, there is the Church. And where the Church is, no death is there,
but life eternal.
St. Jerome, Letter to Pope Damasus 15:2, J1346,1346a, 374 A.D.
I follow no leader but Christ and join in communion with none but you blessedness, that is the
chair of Peter. I know that this is the rock on which the Church has been built. Whoever eats the
Lamb outside this house is profane.
Anyone who is not in the ark of Noah will perish when the flood prevailsHe that is joined to
the chair of Peter is accepted by me.
*St. Augustine, Letter to Generosus 53:1:2. J1418, 400 A.D.
If the very order of episcopal succession is to be considered, how much more surely, truly, and
safely do we number them from Peter himself, to whom, as to one
representing the whole Church, the Lord said, Upon this rock I will build My Church, and the
gates of hell shall not conquer it (Matt 16:18). Peter was succeeded by Linus, Linus by
Clement, Clement by Anacletus, etc
See this complete listing of the unbroken line of Popes.
*Augustine, Sermons 295:2+. J1526, 391 A.D.
Before His suffering the Lord Jesus Christ, as you know, chose His disciples, whom He called
Apostles. Among these Apostles almost everywhere Peter alone merited to
represent the whole Church. For the sake of his repre-senting the whole Church, which he alone
could do, he merited to hear, I will give you the keys of the kingdom of Heaven (Matt 16:19).
St. Peter Chrysologus, Letter to Eutyches 25:2. J2178, 449 A.D.
We exhort you in every respect, honorable brother, to heed obediently what has been written by
the Most Blessed Pope of the City of Rome; for Blessed Peter, who lives and presides in his own
see, provides the truth of faith to those who seek it.
*St. Leo I, Pope, Letter to the Bishops of the Province of Vienne 10:1. J2178a, July 445 A.D.
But the Lord desired that the sacrament of this gift should pertain to all the Apostles in such a
way that it might be found principally in the most Blessed Peter, the highest of all the Apostles.
St. Leo I, Pope, Letter to Anastasius, Bishop of Thessa-lonica 14:11. J2179a, 446 A.D.
Through them the care of the Universal Church would converge on the one see of Peter, and
nothing should ever be at odds with this head.
St. Leo I, Pope, Sermons 4:2. J2191, 461 A.D.
From the whole world only one, Peter, is chosen to preside over the calling of all nations, and
over all the other Apostles, and over the fathers of the Church.
Note: The references Jxxxx are from, The Faith Of The Early Fathers, by William A. Jurgens
If James, and not Peter, held the primacy as some would have us believe, then why is he not
mentioned even once by a single Church Father or early writer as holding that office?
Thank you, Bob and the Holy Spirit, God Bless
Compiled by Bob Stanley, January 30, 1999
Updated July 29, 2005
Updated June 18, 2007
You raised my eyebrow by putting in the words
Origen, Commentaries on John 5:3 J479a, 226 A.D.
Peter, upon whom is built the Church of Christ.
Ill have to pay attention to that date It seems someone had things right at this point
Then you lost my attention when you added
The first see, therefore is that of Peter the Apostle, that of the Roman Catholic Church, which
has neither stain nor blemish nor anything like it.
Thats all rightthe Holy Spirit is working on you, guy. With Julie and I working in unison with
Him and you are in our prayers dailyask for His help-God answers all prayers,sometimes they
are not just what we expect,because He knows what is good for us-we dont
God Bless
Do you believe you worship the same fake god of satanic Islam which your popes claim you do?
A simple yes or no
If youre a Christian these shouldnt be difficult for you to answer?
For the forth time. You always write: Do you believe you worship the same fake god of satanic
Its time to set you straight. To be frank, I am getting tired of all you graffiti being posted all over
my blog stating that the Popes worship the same satanic God as Islam. You provide no
references without any context and I do not have time to be baby sitting you. You always post
uneducated nonsense without proper context. It is true that Vatican entertained Muslims by
complementing Islam, but what is so rarely circulated (by you and others) in the West is that it
was the Christian Arab Patriarchs and Bishops who influenced such recognition in Vaticans
Nostra Aetate which included statements that the Muslims have great respect for Mary, and
Jesus, that, Islam has much in common with Christianity and Catholicism, and that Muslims
worship One God. Explaining how all this happened, came from the top when former Pope
Benedict XVI in 2013 revealed confessing that such unprecedented recognition of Islam
stemmed from bishops of the Arab countries who objected the recognition by Vatican of the
Holocaust. Vatican wanted to mend relationships with Israel. Is that a sin?
But what you seem to ignore (I addressed this) is that when discussions began regarding
Catholic-Jewish relations, Benedict revealed:
to deepen and renew Christian awareness of this [The Holocaust] the Arab countries
the bishops of the Arab countrieswere unhappy about this: they feared somewhat a
glorification of the State of Israel, which naturally they did not want. They said: fine, a truly
theological statement about the Jewish people is good, it is necessary, but if you speak about
that, speak of Islam too; only then will there be a balance *Pope Benedict on Nostra aetate,
Tuesday, 19 March 2013.*
Benedict then CONFESSES the grave sin:
In the process of active reception, a weakness of this otherwise extraordinary text has gradually
emerged: it speaks of religion solely in a positive way and it disregards the sick and distorted
forms of religion which, from the historical and theological viewpoints, are of far-reaching
importance; for this reason the Christian faith, from the outset, adopted a critical stance towards
religion, both internally and externally. *Ibid*
He called Islam sick and distorted religion. Why did you fail to mention this?
So you can see clearly that while the error crept in, it didnt go without confessing and exposing
it. That as well as Nostra Aetate is not a major document as if it etched Catholic belief.
Dont forget that such influences has been going on for years regarding such issues influencing
the Catholic Church coming from Evangelicals who are corrupt. For decades they tried
influencing the Catholic Church. I will not get into depth on this here. Such Evangelicals do not
represent the spirit of the Evangelical Church as a whole. So I do not go around and say that the
Evangelical Church is ALL corrupt just as a result. Corruption is in all denominations as you
already know that we are in the midst of a falling away. So please refrain from your graffiti.
But what you seem to ignore
No this is either something Ive never seen or disregarded because of the deceptive words
being used.
Like I asked before If I pick this apart will it make you more upset than you are?
The devil is the father of all liesyou need to print your own posts and compare them to Jesus
Words and Philosophy. for you will not find them in your own. Note how Walid always gives his
SOURCES; while you just wail and cry, wail and cry
God Bless
You are so bright; I am glad I met you always follow the Truth no matter where it may lead you.
God Bless
For the nineteenth time where is the Church Jesus founded today, or maybe you think my
beloved Master is a liar?
There is no yes or no. The Protestants were on Fax last night saying they are putting an
honorable plaque at the 9/11 Museum shortly and it was a woman Reverand from the Bronx that
is leading the cause-so you are still screwed up in your thinking; you still have not answered my
questionWho is running the Church Jesus founded todaySOURCE please? Unless of course
you are calling him a Liar i.e., He lied when He said He was founding His Church. I take Him
for His Word for something you should try Know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free,
(like Walid does)
God Bless, hefty one
If I;m a Christian? What are you smoking; I receive Our Lords Body and Blood each day at
Mass; do youyour speech does not sound like things Jesus would sayprejudiced but I did put
you in my Mass each day asking Our Lady to speak to Her Son for youThey have no wine.
Thats all She had to say, and Jesus first Miracle in His Public Life occurred even though my
time has not yet come.
Thank You, Jesus for jumping the gun
God Bless, take a nap
You always write: Do you believe you worship the same fake god of satanic Islam
Its time to set you straight. To be frank, I am getting tired of all you graffiti being posted all over
my blog stating that the Popes worship the same satanic God as Islam. You provide no
references without any context and I do not have time to be baby sitting you. You always post
uneducated nonsense without proper context. It is true that Vatican entertained Muslims by
complementing Islam, but what is so rarely circulated (by you and others) in the West is that it
was the Christian Arab Patriarchs and Bishops who influenced such recognition in Vaticans
Nostra Aetate which included statements that the Muslims have great respect for Mary, and
Jesus, that, Islam has much in common with Christianity and Catholicism, and that Muslims
worship One God. Explaining how all this happened, came from the top when former Pope
Benedict XVI in 2013 revealed confessing that such unprecedented recognition of Islam
stemmed from bishops of the Arab countries who objected the recognition by Vatican of the
Holocaust. Vatican wanted to mend relationships with Israel. Is that a sin?
But what you seem to ignore (I addressed this) is that when discussions began regarding
Catholic-Jewish relations, Benedict revealed:
to deepen and renew Christian awareness of this [The Holocaust] the Arab countries
the bishops of the Arab countrieswere unhappy about this: they feared somewhat a
glorification of the State of Israel, which naturally they did not want. They said: fine, a truly
theological statement about the Jewish people is good, it is necessary, but if you speak about
that, speak of Islam too; only then will there be a balance *Pope Benedict on Nostra aetate,
Tuesday, 19 March 2013.*
Benedict then CONFESSES the grave sin:
In the process of active reception, a weakness of this otherwise extraordinary text has gradually
emerged: it speaks of religion solely in a positive way and it disregards the sick and distorted
forms of religion which, from the historical and theological viewpoints, are of far-reaching
importance; for this reason the Christian faith, from the outset, adopted a critical stance towards
religion, both internally and externally. *Ibid*
He called Islam sick and distorted religion. Why did you fail to mention this?
So you can see clearly that while the error crept in, it didnt go without confessing and exposing
it. That as well as Nostra Aetate is not a major document as if it etched Catholic belief.
Dont forget that such influences has been going on for years regarding such issues influencing
the Catholic Church coming from Evangelicals who are corrupt. For decades they tried
influencing the Catholic Church. I will not get into depth on this here. Such Evangelicals do not
represent the spirit of the Evangelical Church as a whole. So I do not go around and say that the
Evangelical Church is ALL corrupt just as a result. Corruption is in all denominations as you
already know that we are in the midst of a falling away. So please refrain from your graffiti.
Q: Do you read my replies to you?
Im not sure how you believe by asking the question Do you believe you worship the same
fake god of satanic Islam
Is graffiti?
Unless you dont believe Islam is satanic? Or dont believe allah is a fake god?
You know as well as I do there is no uniting with Islam. No church no state no
government nothing. It is Islams way and only Islams way.
And why I ask if youre reading my replies to you is I do provide evidence shown others
where to get this evidence and have provided evidence even just this morning.
Julie LaBrecque
Great! If you really would take a little time to read the early church fathers, there is no denying
that this is what they believed. Lets assume I rename you Apple, and on this apple, I will
build my orchard. Nobody would try in any way to interpret that you arent the apple being
referred to, or that I was referring to myself. Jesus had just accepted being renamed Jesus (the)
Christ, so, it stands to reason that if He meant Himself to be the person he was building the
church on, He would have said and on Jesus Christ, I will build My church It just doesnt fit.
Most people dodge the obvious meaning because they dont like the implications. Even Abraham
was called Rock and Father. They never try to take this honor and position from Abraham and
rightly so. All the characters in the Bible renamed by God, are renamed because they have been
called out and elevated for a specific and unique role in furtherance of His holy plan.. I knew I
was spelling that wrong but my aging brain just wouldnt cooperate, so I put the (sp)!
o Shirley Anne
Grand ma Moses they are just like 2 young brothers getting into an argument and each one is
adamantly defending their position I Know , I have 2 adorable grandsons. Grandma, continue
with your teaching, you do that best. Also, this business of revealing who or what cause they are
contributing towards. Whatever happened to what Yahshua Had to say regarding the right hand
and the left hand Assuredly, He said, They have received their reward !!!! Guys read all about
it in Mat. 6 : 3.
I couldnt tell if u were really defending Rick Warren or not with that example. Mr. Warren
always gives the correct answers to the Christians denying any unscriptural behavior, then goes
marching out to sign A Common Word and pray to the god isa on the white house steps. He
gives each one the answer they want. Also thank you for all the good examples.
o billo
I honestly have not looked into Rick warren IN EVERYTHING HE HAS SAID AND DONE
He specifically denied that Christians worship the same God as Islam. While Warren DENIED
the confluence of Christianity and Islam, the RCC Catechism and Cardinal Dolan assert it!
I do not subscribe to Rick Warrens and Saddleback Church Purpose Driven Life initiative.
It seems like Law. Law (including the Ten Commandments, the ministry of death and
condemnation says Paul in 1 Corinthians Ch 3) does not sanctify. The broken body and the
blood of Christ is the only means of sanctification. We receive this by grace through faith
As Paul stated: We are not under Law but we are not without Law unto God.
The blood of Jesus imparts complete forgiveness of all of our sins (Collosians Ch 2). When we
receive the freedom and imputed righteousness that comes from GRACE we are then freed to
live a holy life. The good works are the fruit of salvation. The Council of Trent specifically
condemns me for believing that good works do not effect my salvation, but are the fruit of
Billo, I admit that I do not know too much about Rick Warren. But there are some aspects to
treat him like a wolf in sheeps clothes.
Being the author of the Purpose Driven Life out of which came the Purpose Driven Church, I
have listened to enough broadcasts by South Western Radio Church Ministry to realize that once
a church adopted this, many of the old church members felt driven out of the church and left the
congregation in droves. It was a my way or the highway attitude by those who run the Purpose
Driven Church pattern.
Another point is that he is a member of the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations). Why? There is
nothing ever good coming out of it.
And third is that he is leaning towards Chrislam which is an apostate form of the Christian Faith.
These all raise a lot of red flags in my book.
Bro landapa: I dont subscribe to anything for salvation and sanctification other than Jesus Christ
and Him crucified. He is accessed exclusively by Gods grace through faith alone.
No ritual, 12 step program, ceremony, creed, work, formula, church, ecclesiastical organization,
sacrement, action, mere intellectual assent, affiliation, self imposed suffering or self imposed
vilification, angel, saint, MaryNOTHING OTHER THAN JESUS SAVES AND SETS FREE.
THERE IS NO DELIVERANCE FROM sin other than through Jesus and hHs blood by faith
Therefore, the Purpose Driven Life, if it seeks to sanctify outside faith in Jesus alone, is in error.
But, if anyone does good works as a fruit of the Spirit, as an act of Christian love, in obedience
to the Lord and because of faith in Jesus and His righteousness, then I think it is wonderful!
Islam needs to be exposed and opposed. Christians need to be offended by islam and express
their offense intelligently and in truth. Christian leaders or Christian denominations who
converge and unify with Muslims in spiritual confluence need to be challenged and rebuked.
That includes Rick Warren, if he has indeed done that, any Protestant church (and there are many
to be sure) and yes, even the Roman Catholic Church, which I know for CERTAIN is guilty of
heretical confluence with Islam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Being silent and (this is either sad and/or comical) demanding that certain churches (i.e. RCC) be
held above rebuke for past defense against ISLAM IS UNJUST, HYPOCRITICAL AND WILL
MUSLIM WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!
(ROMANS 1:16, 2:16)
Sis Shirley: Its all good. God bless you.
Sola Scriptura
Billo, I guess I concur more with the Jews than with the Christians. We Christians make such a
big deal of not being under the law. When it comes to salvation I have no problem agreeing with
it. But what does Christ say and even in the Old Testament in Deuteronomy 6? Love your God
with all your mind, soul, and strength and love your neighbor as you love yourself. This sums
up what? the law and the prophets. BINGO!!! Therefore, if we try to become a good person by
being obedient to the law itself we will utterly fail. But if we love Jesus above anything else, we
will want to do what is right in obedience to him. Ergo, oh my, we do the law but in the spirit
and not by our flesh. We all are sinners and we all fail at times and each and everyone has their
own pet sin they struggled with for a lifetime. Just like Paul says, he does the things he hates
even so he wants to do the things that are right calling himself a wretched man. What I like about
Walid, he looks at American Christianity as an outsider who found Christ coming in. I too see a
lot of things the way he does as an outsider. After all, I am a German transplant even so that
was 21 years ago.
o grandmamoses
Good, Landpa.
The Greco-Roman Empire took authority, right off the bat, to change Gods Sabbath. . . 4th
Israel suffered and was partially blinded due to desecrating Sabbath and worshipping idols for
centuries in the face of His warnings. He says even the land suffers when His Sabbath is
desecrated. That day was made holy from the beginning of creation not just for Jews.
To this day, religious followers of Rome bow down to statues and pray to dead people. From His
own words this infuriates our Father.
It seems like people who stay on a rant about the Law may have a bit of guilt complex? Those
who love the Lord and walk in faith will not be punished for keeping the 10 Commandments
or else our Savior would have been sinning for 35 years.
The first losers thrown into the lake of fire are listed as liars. THAT should give us something
to worry about not honoring Gods Statutes.
Shirley Anne
Grand ma Moses, I love your comments. They line up with scripture. Landpa, Is lined up with
the Word, too. Yahshua Bless us All, His children. I am so blessed of my Most High
Elohim. I am Keeping Yahs Sabbath Rest And His Holy Days. His 4th. Commandment
says. REMEMBER . Why Would He Say REMEMBER ??? He knew that Most of His People
would Forget Short Term Memory !!!!!! All any one has to do is read history. Emperor
Constantine passed the new edict. Changing Sabbath Worship To sunday worship. They
worshipped Creation NOT The Creator !!! Following Pagan Rituals .. To ASSIMILATE
BLEND IN. TOLERANCE. PC. This was done in 331 A.D. Read Will Durants Book,
Christianity Did Not Destroy Paganism, It Adopted It. NOW WHO DOES THIS REMIND
YOU OF ????? allah.. the moon ???? KNEELING TO THIS BLACK STONE IN MECCA, 5
TIMES A DAY. Yahshua Kept all the Feast Days & Rested on Sabbath. Shabbat Shalom. There
was NO New Testament when He and His Apostles walked the Face Of this earth. All through
the New Testament Yahshua Said, If You love me keep my Commandments. Not one jot or tittle
is going to pass TILL ALL BE FULFILLED ! Rom. 3:31. Do We Then Make Void The Law
Through Faith ? God Forbid : Yea , We establish The Law. It was the The man made Laws that
the Rabbis made up. Yahshua addressed This very succinctly Cups clean on the outside and
filthy on the inside. Yea, in vain do they worship me, Following the doctrines of men ! Amein.
Yes, Shirley
Weve done all this and more to dishonor from the beginning of time.
But during the SEVENTH Sabbath Millenium (Messianic Kingdom) disobedient nations will
suffer for not keeping Sukkot. .. which has the same meaning as Sabbath.
( Gods number 7 of completion nothing lacking )
Does this sound like the Lord is passive about Holy Days?
There will be an absolute end to man-made religion when Messiah rules with His rod of iron. He
will show us Gods Ways.
Bro lanapa: Christianity teaches exactly what you have expressed. The gospel of grace provides
the freedom and the POWER to obey the law (Jeremiah 31).
Pauls gospel (see Romans 1:16 & 2:16) saves and delivers from sin.
We have the freedom to be holy and follow Gods law.
A great example is the following:
Under law we are (correctly) taught not to steal.
Under grace we are taught to GIVE.
o Woody
Hey, there it iswhere is that in Scripture? Sola Scriptura? cant seem to find it anywhere? Or
even Sola Fideor why does Jesus say we will be Judged on our Deeds?
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History | The Crusading Christian
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Andy Bendzin
Ted, as much as I respect you and your Dad for what you are doing in Pakistan and how you
speak out about Islam, including your views concerning the Catholic church, how about people
like Sonceto Zare. Their utter disrespect for others through their name calling, definitely doesnt
help the discourse here. I am totally for showing everyones views, but moderating the site would
be more helpful in excluding those who cannot do any other but demean people in the worst
verbal way.
o Andy Bendzin
Actually, this is what we have thanks to the internet because nobody has to say it to the other
persons face. Sadly.
o Julie LaBrecque
Unfortunately, you cherry-pick your example, while omitting the volumes of vile that have
spewed forth from protestant lips. I at least had the courage to rebuke Sonceto Zare, which is
more than Ive seen any protestant do when their fellow brother is out of line. You should have
said his utter disrespect not their.
Andy Bendzin
Julie, I got first caught of guard. Too long ago. I said their because it is true for a majority of
people. Whether you go on You Tube or other sides, there is no respect and civility anymore. It
is sad. So if I said their, this was meant in a broader way than just sectarian. Apologize for the
Julie LaBrecque
I agree wholeheartedly. Have a good day.
What is sectarian here? I have heard all views, and posted accrodingly. Oh, sorry I just saw you
softening your last sentence? Looks like you agree with St Paul
3 I thank my God every time I remember you. 4 In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray
with joy 5 because
of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, 6 being confident of this, that he
who began a good work
in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
27 Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. Then,
whether I come and see you or only hear about you in my absence, I will know that you stand
firm in the one Spirit,[e] striving together as one for the faith of the gospel 28 without being
frightened in any way by those who oppose you. This is a sign to them that they will be
destroyed, but that you will be savedand that by God.
Imitating Christs Humility
2 Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from
his love, if any common
sharing in the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, 2 then make my joy complete by being
like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind. 3 Do nothing out of
selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, 4 not looking
to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.
5 In your relationships with one another, have the same
mindset as Christ Jesus:
6 Who, being in very nature[f] God, did not consider equality with God something to be used
to his own advantage;
7 rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature[g] of a servant, being made in human
8 And being found in appearance as a man,
he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death
even death on a cross!
9 Therefore God exalted him to the highest place
and gave him the name that is above every name,
10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11 and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is
Lord, to the glory of God the Father.
Do Everything Without Grumbling
12 Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyednot only in my presence, but now
much more in my absencecontinue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling,
fear and trembling (as holy a guy as he) certainly shows he is not comfortable with once
savedalways saved wherever that comes from (sounds like what my Ma used to call wishful
thinking I cry for Judas
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Mystery Babylon Is Mecca, NOT Vatican
by Shoebat Foundation on May 31, 2013 in General
By Walid Shoebat
When it comes to Mystery Babylon, the common tendency amongst many Protestant
theologians is to liken it to Rome. According to them, Rome is the city of seven hills. Others
even equate it with Iraq, since this was home to the original Babylon. Years ago, many books
were written about Saddam Hussein, who was allegedly hard at work, rebuilding Babylon.
Christians gobbled up the books without truly examining the evidence. Saddam was simply
rebuilding a tourist attraction where Nineveh once stood, the project was later abandoned and
Saddam died on the gallows along with the prophecy books that included his name.
But when presenting a multitude of biblical evidence, people still angrily deny this
interpretation because they have etched in their minds a verse or two insisting its still Rome,
while adhering to a centuries-old theory initiated by Martin Luther. That plus todays
Catholics do not bite. In fact, a clue to the real Babylon was just presented in an article by
Aaron Klein when he stated this week that:
Forces in the Persian Gulf and Arab intelligence services have noted the establishment of
Iranian missile launch sites aimed in the direction of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, according to
Egyptian and Jordanian intelligence officials speaking to WND.
Yet, no one in the prophecy arena has even raised a single red flag about the significance of
this report; Iran (biblical Elam) must destroy Arabia. In Isaiah 21:9, Isaiah levels a prophetic
oracle against Babylon using the same announcement in Revelation 18:1-2 and Revelation
14:8: Babylon is fallen, is fallen:
The burden against Dumah (Isaiah 21:11)
The burden against Arabia (Isaiah 21:13)
All the glory of Kedar will fail (Isaiah 21:16)
These are all in Arabia, which is destroyed by Iran Elam (Isaiah 21:2)
There has been an immense oversight by many in the field of biblical eschatology; that when
it comes to the destruction of end-days Babylon, Scripture makes no mention of any of
the ancient Babylonian cities: Nineveh, Ur, Babel, Erech, Accad, Sumer, Assur, Calneh,
Mari, Karana, Ellpi, Eridu, Kish, or Tikrit. All of the literal references in Scripture are in
The use MOTHER OF HARLOTS, while it is commonly attributed to the Vaticans
Mariology with the worship of Ishtar, history records that the worship of Ishtar Kilili, or
Queen of Harlots [1] originated from Arabia, not Rome. In fact, when Muslims roam
roundabout the black stone, it is a throwback to the worship of Ishtar, whom they called
Athtar and Allat.
When it comes to the Harlot woman, the Kaaba is a perfect match. The black tarp is
considered by Muslims to be a womans dress (Kiswa) as Edward Gibbons elaborated:
the kuswa of the magnificent Kaaba, is what is used for clothing of a [virtuous] covering,
on top of it, it is written, the Kaabas dressing, meaning we have dressed her her dress. [2]
Everything that the harlot is described it fits the Kaba; dress, pearls, jewels, gold, silver
and even the blasphemies etched in silver threads with golden inlays across her attire. Just the
doors of the Kaba alone has 280 kilograms of pure gold.

The reference to a prostitute in Revelation 17 regarding the Whore of Babylon is no coincidence:
And the woman (whore) was arrayed in purple and scarlet color (v. 17)
resembles the near copulating with the Kabas Black Stone, which historically was dedicated to
Aphrodite, the prostitute goddess that was called Aphrodite Porne (Aphrodite the Prostitute), the
goddess adorned in purple, similar to the depictions given in Revelation 17:4, which the Kaba has a
scarlet-colored inner garment. John of Damascus notes:
After the Hajj was preformed by Muhammad, the rubbing and kissing the [of the Black
Stone]was extremely passionate.
Muslim tradition even perpetuates the blasphemy that:
Abraham had sexual intercourse with Hagar on it (Sahas. Heresy, Pages 88-89).
Francis Burton writes regarding the Kaba:
the part of the cover (Kiswa), covering the door, is called [a Burka] just like the veil the Arabic
women are wearing in front of their facein fact, Arab mystics even compare the Kaba to a virgin,
adorned with her finest wedding dress. (Vol 3, page 295)
Even today during their Hajj pilgrimage, Muslims kiss, rub and caress the Black Rock.
Furthermore, it is impossible to even consider that Isaiah 21 was referring to an historic battle
between Persia and ancient Babylon since the multiple references throughout are not connected to
ancient Iraq but to Kedar, Tema, Dedan and Dumah, which are all in Saudi Arabia near Yathrib
(Medina), and today is known as Dumat el-Jandal. Dumah, one of the sons of Ishmael, is also
associated with Edom and Seir in Isaiah 21:11. It is believed by many that Kedar, Ishmaels son, is
the line from which Muhammad descended.
Even Muslims recognize when they read Isaiah 21, they see Isaiah 21:14-15 as the story
of Muhammad when the Muslims emigrated from Mecca to Medina (Tema) in which they were fed
and rescued from the sword. No westerner was able to interpret:
The inhabitants of the land of Tema brought water to him that was thirsty, they prevented with their
bread him that fled. For they fled from the swords, from the drawn sword, and from the bent bow,
and from the grievousness of war. (Isaiah 21:14-15)
The Bible depicts that in this time, it will not be like the time when Muhammad fled; all Arabia
including the Glory of Kedar (Mecca) will be destroyed. How else can anyone interpret:
No Arab will pitch his tent there, no shepherd will rest his flocks there (Isaiah 13:20)
Arabs pitch tents in Arabia, not Rome. The ultimate fulfillment of this verse is the destruction of the
Last-Days Babylon. We know this because the passage speaks about: the day of the Lord (v. 9)
with the heavens not giving light (v. 10). This is not historical, but End-Times related.
Then we have the Red Sea:
The earth is moved at the noise of their fall, at the cry the noise thereof was heard in the Red sea.
(Jeremiah 49:21)
The Red Sea is a geographic indicator as to where the Last-Days Babylon will be located. Look at
Mecca on any map and you will see that it sits near the Red Sea. Some may object, saying that
Jeremiah 49 is speaking about Edom, which was primarily located in modern day Jordan. Yet, in
Ezekiel 25, Edom stretches from Teman (Yemen) to Dedan (Saudi Arabia) (v. 13). Greater Edom
included all of the west coast of the Arabian Peninsula.
Notice the description of her destruction:
As Sodom and Gomorrah were overthrown, along with their neighboring towns, says the LORD,
so no one will live there; no man will dwell in it, (Jeremiah 49:18).
It is no surprise that Iran is focused on Saudi Arabia, since the Bible predicted that the harlot is
destroyed by the beast she rides, that is, the nations she deceieved with her spiritual harlotryIslam.
This is the first installment in a two-part (maybe more) series about prophecy.
To be continued
[1] Patricia Turner and Charles Russell Coulter, Dictionary of Ancient Deities, Page 242, Ishtar,
Oxford University Press US, 2001.
[2] Edward Gibbon, The Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire, Volume 6, Chap. 1, Page 211.,
Little, Brown, and Company, 1855.
The Coming Iranian-Turkish Alliance And Why Syria Is TOAST
by Shoebat Foundation on April 18, 2014 in Featured, General, Highlight
By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)
On March 21 the Turkish army launched itself into Syria using terrorist groups as infantry. The goal
is to capture areas of the Syrian coast, and to threaten Latakia and the ancient Armenian veterans in
Kessab suddenly turned into refugees.
Syria asked for a political stand by Iran demanding they openly condemn Turkey. Yet Iran was
completely silent. Irans excuse to help its Shiite partner Bashar al-Assad was that this would
threaten Irans private diplomatic efforts.
Turkey is still taking advantage of such silent support, not only from Iran, but also its NATO allies.
Turkey continues to organize and support bands of terrorists from Chechens, Turkmen and other
factions to coordinate military offensive operations against the Syrian army on several fronts in
Aleppo under the mission title of Amputating the Unbelievers.
The Turkish plan is this: waging battles against the Syrian military on the northern front has made it
extremely difficult for the Syrian regime; the continual battles of hit and run will threaten the
achievements of the Syrian army in the north and threaten the whole of Aleppo.
Aleppo is indispensable for the completion of Bashars presidential elections, which is key for
Bashars political victory in Syria.
In the northeastern parts of Syria terrorists continue to organize the theft of oil to be shipped towards
Turkey and sold cheaply. This funds the terrorist organizations including the notorious ISIS (Daish).
All this banditry under the cover of a European decision allowing for the Syrian opposition to
export stolen oil.
Turkey, which has been given the green light by the U.S. and funding by Qatar; and the objectives
are clear: to prevent the Syrian regime to achieve a political victory, and to continue looting Syria
and expand the Ottoman sphere of occupation and annexation. The end results will be the slaughter
of the Armenians.

All this is happening amid the silence of Iran raises an eyebrow in Damascus, which has become, in
the last month, more and more convinced that the so-called secret pressures diplomacy on the
Turks, are not feasible; Turkey, today has become the owner of the global war and is backed
politically by NATO.
To Tehran Turkey is an essential partner in the Islamic awakening and it does not want a clash with
it, even if it costs it secular Syria. Any Iranian interference will complicate the situation and brings
strong reaction from the Sunni Muslims and Arab nationalists.
The so-called Iran experts and Turkey experts and all the U.S. government officials with its
propaganda machine says that Iran is growing increasingly unstable and that Erdogan was on his way
out were all wrong. They see things from an economic prism that is void of the ideological dynamo,
which is truly the mover and shaker in the region.
Iran and Turkeys influence can be felt throughout the Muslim world.
The lesson America cannot get a grip on regarding the Middle East is that you cant have voids and
yes, its all about religion, stupid.
The destruction of Iraqs regime was not only satisfying to Iran but it also opened the door to a
dramatic shift in Irans geopolitical influence. Iraq now has a Shiite regime. The Iranians anticipated
the American move and played its chess piece by creating pro-Iranian elements using the Iraqi
Shiites and with the United Statesengaged in a war against Sunni insurgents, the Shia, already a
majority, moved to fill the void.
Not only did the United States loose its bishops, but they also added a major check by Iran to its
Middle East queen: Saudi Arabia.

Tehran now has a check on Mecca and Bashar al-Assads desperate need of Iranian support simply
strengthened Tehrans hand. Now that Tehran made a deal to keep its nuclear program (as we
predicted), it gave the Iranians a powerful bargaining chip and diverted U.S. and Israeli attention
from the growing Iraniansphere of influence.
Now the U.S. is attempting to move a few pawns to save the situation by threatening Syria but is
confused to see the real results. We were correct all along: The U.S. war on Syria was not to bring
freedom to the Syrian people but was to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assads government
in order to target Iran. While the U.S. could get Syria, the geo-political repercussions will not be felt
until way later when Turkey rules Syria instead of Iran.
Iran will pay heavily geo-politically courting with Turkey for the sake of an Islamic revival to defeat
Israel. The victor geo-politically will be Turkey (the Leopard) over Iran (the Bear) especially since
the West will welcome Turkeys Sufist brand of Islam over Saudi Arabias Wahhabism.
Today Saudi Arabia is staggering worried about its future and the queen in the long-run will be
toast, especially now that the United States is flush with oil, the influence of Saudi Arabia in
Washington has waned considerably. The U.S. is attempting reconciliation with Iran and the Saudi
attempts to block such reconciliation will be in vain as it was last year.
With the Muslim Brotherhood more allied with the Turkish Ottoman roots, Turkey can advance into
Egypt (Daniel 11) by aiding the Muslim Brotherhood and into Tunisia and Libya. With a war on
Wahhabism, this next brand of Turkish Islam will be the most deceptive of its kind.
One issue that is very crucial to understand is that while Turkey is Sunni, its brand of Islam is
different from the Wahhabist which is vehemently anti-Shiite. Turkey has great reverence to Ali,
Hassan and Hussein, the Shiite historic and religious martyrs and icons. I have known this for
decades. When one looks into the Hagia Sophia, or the silver domed mosque (Al-Masjid Al-Qibali)
on the Temple Mount, both decorated by the Sunni Muslim Ottomans, they would see Ali, Hassan
and Hussein etched in gold which is pleasing to Shiites.
This factor makes it easier for Turkey to be a temporary unifier between Sunnis and Shiites, which in
the end will be detrimental and will prove that the U.S. made the wrong move. The Iranian
revolutionary leaders are also Azeri Turks and have kinship with the Ottomans. The Turks also do
not hold the same animosity towards Shiite ideology, as do Sunni Arabs. But when it comes to the
Arabs, Turkey holds a historic long memory against Saudi Arabias aid to oust the Ottomans during
the Sharif Hussein revolt (1916-1918). If in doubt just read the works of Lawrence of Arabia and see
how the Turks shelled Mecca and crushed the Black Stone.
Iran cant afford loosing its relationship with Turkey. Turkey and Iran have a common interest in
preventing an independent Kurdish nation. The more the United States supports the Iraqi Kurds there
will be a greater danger of an Iranian-Turkish alliance, which is what we project, will happen.
Iran and Turkey are locked into an alliance. Erdoan even sacrificed Fethullah Glen on the altar of
Iranian-Turkish unity and it even clashed with Israel over several issues like the Gaza Flotilla and
Erodgans foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglus made much effort to improve ties with Iran. We have
been addressing Turkey for two decades, way back when Turkey was an ally of Israel; we were
laughed at when we said that the two would become mortal enemies.
The Ezekiel 38 program is on course, Gog is a leader from Turkey who unites with Persia (Iran),
Libya and Egypt. We say Egypt because it is clear that there is a league (Ezekiel 30:8). Most students
isolate Ezekiel 38 ignoring that the whole theme of Ezekiels prophecy stems from Ezekiel 28 to
Ezekiel 39. All this needs to be viewed in whole. Unfortunately, these do not like to read the entire
context and seem to be satisfied to only reading one chapterEzekiel 38.
In our view, ahistoricals should have no voice in the Prophecy circles. For Putin to be this predicted
Gog, Turkey must willingly submit to Russia. Russia and Turkey are two rivals who have warred
against each other from time immemorial. For anyone who still doubts us that Putin can never be
Gog, please read our 6 part series [here].
Syria is Irans closest ally. Assads downfall would deal a major blow to Irans regional ambitions
and leave Tehran ever more isolated, but Iran has no choice, it needs a major Islamist ally and it
knows that Turkey is rising. Now with the U.S. supporting Turkey, and Irans desire to lift the U.S.
ban, it has no choice but to sacrifice its bishop in Syria.
But Syria is not only an ally of Iran it also has strong ties with Russia who is busy in Crimea. This is
why Turkey ceased the moment and is moving into Syria. As far as the future goes, many in the U.S.
fear the Russian sphere of influence, especially that it strengthened Iran. The Prophecy arena is
replete with a Russia-phobia and a Russian-Iranian alliance that is based on error. Russia is Christian
Orthodox and Iran is Islamist.
But what needs to be understood are the issues at hand; first, Russia was fighting Sunnis in the
northern Caucasus and feared the strengthening of radical Sunnis anywhere, but particularly in the
larger Sunni-dominated republics in Russia. [1] Second, an Iranian sphere of influence would
threaten Saudi Arabia and would compel the United States to re-engage in the region to protect Saudi
Arabia and by that will also be inclined to defend Israel. After all, the Americans remain obsessed
with the Islamic world.
Russia is simply creating a strategic crisis for the United States who fears Iran more than the
Russians who are buffered from Iran by the Sunni Caucasus states. The Russians do not really have
an interest to attack Israel as many in the Prophecy mania proclaim. No serious analyst would see
any reason for Russia to invade Israel, and neither does Russia want the Iranians to gain nuclear
weapons. What they do want is an extended conflict in Iraq, extended tension between Iran and the
United States, and they wouldnt much mind if the United States went to war with Iran as well. [2]
Turkey has a vested interest in being viewed as the stabilizing agent in the region and no longer
regards the United States as a stabilizing force, and it sees Europe as a collective entity and
individual nations as both hostile and impotent. It views the Russians as a long-term threat to its
interests and sees Russias potential return to Turkeys frontier as a long-term challenge. [3]
Considering the future of the region, the only power in a position to assert its consistent presence is
as we have been saying for two decades is Islamist Turkey. [4]
Turkey is ready to revisit its relations with Iran and their competition with Iran for regional
dominance is futile. The leaderships of both nations have come to realize that striving to secure an
undisputed leadership in the Middle East was pointless. [5] Irans ambitions in the region will then
succumb to Turkish dominance. The primary reason being that the Sunni-Shiite strife in the region
would eventually acquire a content conforming to the geopolitical interests of the U.S. and despite
Ankaras insistence and is why Washington refrained from resorting to plans of total regime
dismantling in Syria. [6]
Most do not understand U.S. policy in the region and why the U.S. Administration is behind the
Sunni-Shia divide. The U.S. needed a region equally treacherous both for Turkey and Iran. Current
balance of forces between extremist religious groups prevents Turkey and Iran to feel comfortable,
whereas Washington reaps geopolitical dividends from the situation. [7]
But this is a disastrous policy. From Reagan to Obama, such policies created monsters. When Reagan
helped the Mujahideen in Afghanistan against Russia he aided in the creation of the Taliban. George
Bush created chaos in Iraq and today Obama completed the mess by forcing the region into forming a
new regional superpowerTurkey.
Soon, I estimate within a decade to a decade and a half (its only an estimation), we will see a Sultan
emerge in Turkey, a Caliph and a Mahdi. They will argue that if Rome has a Vicar of Christ, why not
for Islam a Vicar for Muhammad? In Islam, there is what is called Baiat (allegiance). Whomever
will lead this new movement, and in order to win the hearts of the Muslim world, must present
himself as Caliph and a Caliph by Islamic law must be given allegiance (Baiat) by all Muslims.
They will give allegiance to him and say who now is as strong as us, who now can make war with
us? They will demand that everyone put the banner of Islam on their foreheads and shoulders. That
no one can buy or sell, unless they give allegiance to the new Sultan.