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It was meant to be only a

14 second journey. But
Tarun Tejpal, Tahelka
magazines top-man,
converted into a 100 second
one. Tejpal allegedly
attempted intense ultra
short sexual fellowship
(I see it that way) with his
junior colleague, a girl who
was his daughters age, in a
Goa hotel elevator where
his magazine hosted a
conference in November
2013. The victim a young
woman journalist employed
by Tehelka, who was
allegedly lured into, and
imprisoned within, the lift,
which was then manipulated
by the alleged assailant to
make it stay in circuit.
According to Tejpal, he and
the Young Female Journalist
indulged in a five minute
sexually potent conversation
prior to the much talked
about first lift journey after
which he presumed there
was a consensus between
them on what they were
about to do in the lift
(Outlook, April 7, 2014). This
brazen attempt at ultra
short sexual fellowship
resulted in untold
embarrassment and caused
immeasurably great damage
for him and the magazine
group he led the Tahelka
group. The magazine Tarun
founded is on the verge of
shutting down
Today, this man who in 2007
The Guardian was named in
the list of 20 who constitute
Indias new elite, is lodged
at the Sada sub-jail in the
port town of Vasco, 35 km
from Panaji, as prisoner
number 624 (ibnlive.in;
taruntejpal.com). He tried to
have sexual fellowship with
a woman who was not his
wife for a few seconds only
to end up in jail for many
days. My life and work have
been trashed Tejpal
himself confessed in an
email he sent to his friend
post this event (wikileaks-
In this article, I will talk
about a different kind of
fellowship a spiritual,
Bible-based fellowship, a
fellowship that lasts for an
ultra-short time, which when
started and sustained in
your corporate company
workplace, will greatly
benefit you and bless you!
When Nelson Mandela
passed away at the age of
95, Time magazine ran a
special issue on him. One of
the articles mentioned this
anecdote about Nelson
Mandelas time in prison:
I remember interviewing
Eddie Daniels, a 5-ft. 3-in.
mixed-race freedom fighter
who was in cell block B with
Mandela on Robben Island;
Eddie recalled how anytime
he felt demoralized, he
would just have to see the
6-ft. 2 in. Mandela walking
tall thorough the courtyard
Duke Jeyaraj
Post the December 2012 Delhi Rape, several youth protested in anger.
They have a kindred spirit in Bible Prince Absalom.
How To Start and Sustain
A Christian Small Group Fellowship
In Your Workplace
Tarun Tejpal sought to have ultra-short sexual fellowship with a
young female journalist in a lift while at work. This led to untold
disaster. Do we seek to have a ultra-short time spiritual fellowship
in our work place? This can indeed be a great blessing!
and he would feel revived.
(Richard Stengel, Time,
December 19, 2013)
In this write-up, we will talk
about forming similar small
fellowships in your corporate
company work place. These
fellowships will revive you
like Eddie Daniels prison
fellowship with Nelson
Mandela revived him!
The Bible calls challenges us
to start a fellowship in our
place of work through the
example of Esther in Esther
4:15-17 -
Then Esther told them to
reply to Mordecai, Go,
gather all the Jews to be
found in Susa, and hold a
fast on my behalf, and do
not eat or drink for three
days, night or day. I and my
young women will also fast
as you do. Then I will go to
the king, though it is against
the law, and if I perish, I
perish. Mordecai then went
away and did everything as
Esther had ordered him.
Just as Esther fasted (and
perhaps prayed) with her
friends in her work-place
(the palace), Modern Young
Working Professional
(MYWP) Disciples of Christ
can also be encouraged to
do the same. A prayer-
meeting in the place of their
Workeven if that prayer
lasts only for a few
minuteswill go a long way
in making believers in the IT/
ITES world stronger in their
walk with the Lord. Gods
powerful hand was evident
in the events recorded in
the book of Esther post the
fast that Esther and
Mordecai undertook with
their friends. In the same
way, one can expect Gods
strong hand to be exhibited
in the lives of Disciples of
Christ among MYWPs who
fast and pray in their place
of work. Just as Mordecai
rose to be Number 2 in the
kingdom, MYWPs who follow
his ways can also rise in the
corporate ranks to become
Assistant Vice Presidents or
Chief Operating Officers, if
that be Gods sovereign will.
Eighty eight of the 109
MYWPs I interviewed across
India and the world during
my doctoral project with
Southern Asia Bible College
say that a Christian Small
Group Fellowship in ones
place of work helps one
handle work related
challenges better!
How do we start and
sustain a Christian Small
Group Fellowship in ones
work place?
I can share that from my
own experience of starting
one when I was in HSBC
Global Resourcing Corporate
Office in Hyderabad (January
2007 to November 2008). It
involves 13 steps. All the 13
steps start with the letter
S. Here they are:
Salt From Mordecais
example we see the need to
be good at our core jobs in
the place of our work
(Esther 2:19 onwards).
Salts presence is felt in
food, without it speaking.
Our allegiance to Jesus in
our offices must be seen in
the way we live, without the
necessity for us to even use
See Where there is no
vision, the people perish.
We need vision for ministry
in workplace. We need to
see spiritually speaking.
See the need for a Christian
Eighty eight of the 109 Modern Young Working Professionals
(MYWPs) I interviewed across India and the world during
my doctoral project with Southern Asia Bible College said that
a Christian Small Group Fellowship in ones place of work
helps one handle work related challenges better!
Small Group Fellowship in
your workplace. It will
encourage you in your walk
with the Lord in your work
place. It will help you
practice the presence of God
in your workplace. See
Boazs example in this
regard Ruth 2:4.
Supplicate We must
supplicate pray. We must
ask the Lord to
give us grace to
start a small group
fellowship in the
work place. This is
what I supplicate
for: Let there be
an impact for God
in Genpact!; Let
those who work
for Google hear
the message of
the Bible!; Let
hell be plundered
in Dell (the
company)!; Let
the BC youth
the Before Christ
youth, the youth
still not born again
in HSBC come to
Select We must
select a venue for
the Christian Small
Group Fellowship, we plan
to start in the work place. It
could be inside the company
premises (if the HR
department may not mind
that much in HSBC, we
knew they wouldnt mind).
Or it could be outside the
company premises in the
smoking zone, or in the car
park or under a tree near
the company campus (if the
HR in the company you work
for have written rule against
religious activities inside
company premises)! You
must also select participants
for the proposed small
group fellowship. If you hear
of a person with a Christian
name working in your
company, short-list that
person in a list of potential
people who may join the
prayer cell you plan to start.
Pray for that friend. Why
target Christians first as
potential participants in the
prayer fellowship. Paul is our
example. Fred Jonkman
wrote, Paul followed the
principle of to the Jew first
(Rom. 1:16), thus his
strategy was to target the
people of the covenant in
the synagogue (cf. Acts
13:5,14; 14:1; 17:1 2, 10;
18:4, 19) . I formerly
worked with the Blessing
Youth Mission. This Mission,
with over 300 missionaries,
was born out of a small
prayer cell. This prayer cell
was born because of one
student kept persistent
prayer that God should send
another like-minded student
so that he could pray with
that student in the
Engineering College campus
he was in!
Solicit In Nehemiah 2:12-
17, we read about
Nehemiah waking up in the
night, surveying the damage
in Jerusalem and soliciting
joint repair action with a
few men who were with
him. Our corporate offices
are like broken-
Jerusalem in
some ways.
The corporate
building may be
very tall, but
many of the
inside may be
moral pygmies.
A prayer
fellowship in
the workplace
can serve as a
place from
where Gods
repair-work for
the lost souls in
that office
begins. And like
Nehemiah we
should not be
ashamed of
interested folks
to join any effort to stem the
damage. We must solicit
those we have shortlisted
as potential participants for
the small group fellowship
we plan to start in the
workplace to come for the
first meeting. There will be
a fellowship meeting that
will be held during the first
break at 10:45 pm near the
abandoned staircase above
the cafeteria! that was
my line of solicitation while I
was in HSBC.
Signal Again I tell you
is a phrase that Jesus used
The corporate building may be very tall, but
many of the employees inside may be moral pygmies.
A prayer fellowship in the workplace can serve as a place
from where Gods repair-work for the lost
souls in that office begins.
(Matt. 19:24). People need
reminders (Again-I-tell-
yous!) to join the prayer
fellowship small group
meeting in the work place.
As I locked the computer
screen of my work station to
take a break to head for the
abandoned staircase where
we had a small group
fellowship, I would tap a
few chairs where some
potential participants sat.
Sometimes, I would give
them a tell-tale look that
conveyed the message: We
have a break coming up and
its time for our fellowship
meeting! If you have
pinging facility in your office,
you could also use that to
alert people about a
fellowship meeting you will
lead during the upcoming
Show the Way I would
be the first person to leave
my chair to head for the
Fellowship Meeting venue in
my office, invariably. A good
leader is one, who knows
the ways, shows the way
and walks the way!
Scripture-Share During
the fellowship meeting, I
would Share from Scripture.
I would come prepared to
give a devotional thought
from any of the lives of Bible
Characters or from any of
the promises of God in the
Bible. The Josephs. The
Hebrew Mid-wives. The
Jeroboams. The Daniel. The
Mordecais. The Esthers. The
Rich Young Rulers. I would
pray and prepare for this
time. Several times, I have
been told that what I
shared spoke supernaturally
directly to the difficult
situation those who
attended these meetings
were in (which I was not
aware of!).
came to give life, and life to
the full. And we know,
without a living relationship
with you who died and rose
again for us we will never
have a full life. Our lives
would be forever empty
despite our fat salary checks.
You said Lord that unless you
repent, you will perish. So we
repent. We come to you in
faith for your word says, If
you confess with your mouth
that Jesus is Lord and believe
in your heart that God raised
him from the dead, you shall
be saved! And so and on and
so forth!
Stop/Shut-up Our
fellowship meetings in the
workplace did not last for
more than three or ]four
minutes. My Bible exposition
will not last for more than 2
minutes. And my prayers
which followed the Bible
exposition will also be ultra-
brief. We did this
deliberately. Let me explain:
if we took longer, there was
no way the break-time
(which lasted sometimes
Soul-Touching Prayer
After the sharing of Gods
Word, I would lead in a soul-
touching prayer. We would
ask for Gods blessings upon
our company. That was a
regular prayer point
because even if we caught
doing this, we can truthfully
tell those high authorities
who questioned us that we
were only praying for well-
being and the advancement
of our company! We would
see some people from other
faiths in our fellowship
meeting, from time to time,
voluntarily. We did not invite
them voluntarily just to keep
ourselves from being
questioned for
proselytizing in the work
place. But despite this,
some non-Christians came
on their own. Thats when
my soul-touching prayer
would take interesting
turns. I would include the
Gospel in the prayer itself.
Lord Jesus, I thank you that
you came to fill the vacuum
in every individuals heart.
Your word says that you
The Sony Xperia Z Ultra. The fellowship meetings
I led in HSBC while I worked there were ultra short ones, lasting
only upto three or four minutes!
7 www.FreshBibleStudy.WordPress.com
only for 15 minutes) could
be used for other regular
purposes to grab a cup of
coffee, to visit the rest room,
etc. The shorter the prayer,
there were more chances of
first-time attendees
returning, we noticed. Long
meetings put off people.
There would be several
hurdles that may come in
ones way when running a
fellowship like the one I am
talking about in this
message. But each
of those can be
overcome. Where
there is a will, there
is indeed a way!
When certain
people told me that
they did not have
their breaks at the
time of the
fellowship meeting,
I volunteered to
start another
meeting in the
same venue for
them at a later time
(We had a total of
three breaks in our
workplace two
breaks and one
spread over nine hours.)
Send There needs to be a
plan in place to send some
of the prayer cell members
to other areas of India. For
example, a techie from
Hyderbad could take
voluntary transfer to a
corporate company in
Gurgaon where there is a
greater need for a similar
workplace small group
fellowship. The 2 Tim. 2:2
principle of training others in
the fellowship so that they
go as tent-making
missionaries to greater
areas of need should not be
abandoned. 63 % of the
small group fellowships from
the sample I interviewed
were in the Southern Region
I discovered after an
analysis. Western India had
only 6 %, Northern India
had only 4 % and Eastern
India has only 8 % when it
came to presence of
fellowships in the corporate
offices. So, a Macedonian
call (Acts 16:9) is issued to
those from the North, East
and West to those from the
South: Come over and
show us how to start
Christian Small Group
Fellowships in our corporate
workplaces. A young man
who was part of the small
group fellowship I lead as a
student in Vellore is now
leading several other small
group fellowships all over
India through a leading
apologetics ministry.
Share/Shine - I was
asked to share the Gospel in
an open-air event in
MindSpace Hyderabad a
corporate hub during
Christmas 2008. This
evening had 150 corporates
in attendance, many of
whom were non-believers.
They were invited
to that meeting
by a Christian
Small Group
Fellowship that
regularly met in
that campus. This
group decided to
share the Gospel
with those in that
campus who did
not know Jesus.
This group
decided to shine
for Jesus. That
was why an
event such a
program with an
evangelistic focus
took shape. This
fellowship is
indeed an
example for the rest!
A computer on every desk
and in every home, running
Microsoft Software that
was college-dropout Bill
Gates motto
(rodneyohebsion.com). A
Christian Small Group
Fellowship in every IT/ITES
company in our world lets
work towards it!
The recording of this Bible study is available on this link:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPrhBFgRq8U (Video)
https://soundcloud.com/shoutaloud/how-to-start-sustain-christian (audio)
A computer on every desk and in every home,
running Microsoft Software that was
college-dropout Bill Gates motto . A Christian Small
Group Fellowship in every IT/ITES company
in our world lets work towards it!
8 www.Facebook.com/GoogleDuke
Rohit Sharma scored a
breath-taking 209 runs off
158 balls in an ODI vs
Australia on 2 November
2013 at Bangalore. Rohit hit
16 sixes in that innings
the most sixes ever hit in an
ODI innings. The 167-run
partnership between Rohit
and M.S Dhoni at the end of
the Indian innings came at a
run rate of 10.65 runs per
over. The senior played and
captain Dhoni was seen
constantly talking to Rohit
even as Rohit neared his
double century. In a way
Rohit was discipled by
Dhoni. Dont throw away
your wicket having come so
close to a deserving double
hundred. This is one thing
Dhoni may have told Rohit
during that disciple-making
Satya Nadella, the new CEO
of Microsoft will have the
help of the founder of
Microsoft who will spend a
third of his time to mentor/
disciple him.
In this essay, I write about
how a Google Genner can
become a disciple of Jesus. I
want to use the acronym,
d-i-s-c-i-p-l-e, to outline this
D-Dearest Lord Jesus. For
a disciple, Jesus would be
number one
The first alphabet D while
it could describe many other
ideas on discipleship, in this
research it stands for
Dearest Lord Jesus. The
Jesus words in Luke 14:26
If anyone comes to me and
How Google Genners Can
Become Jesus Disciples
Duke Jeyaraj puts the answer in the acronym d-i-s-c-i-p-l-e
does not hate
his own father
and mother and
wife and children
and brothers and
sisters, yes, and
even his own
life, he cannot be
my disciple
was put by Floyd
H. Barackman
under the
category of The
Requirements of
Discipleship. He
explains this
requirement of
Jesus that the
one who
chooses to be his disciple
must love him as the
dearest one this way:
There is a proper self-love,
which is concerned about
ones worth and well-being
(Matt. 22:39; Rom. 12:3;
Eph. 5:28-29). However, we
are to love the Lord Jesus
more than we love ourselves
to the extent that we are
willing to give up anything to
do His will such as our
personal comfort, plans,
financial security, social
status, pleasure, and even
life itself (Rom. 12:1).
John Koessler explained
this further: Even Jesus
experienced similar
misunderstandings with
those in His human family
(Mark 3:21). Zac Poonen
teaches that one can learn
to hate our brothers from
none other than Jesus
himself. He gives an
illustration from Jesus life
where hatred comes
through: When Peter tried
to turn Him away from going
to the cross, He (Jesus)
turned around and rebuked
him with the sharpest words
that He ever uttered to any
human being. He said, Get
behind Me, Satan! You are a
stumbling block to me!
(Matt. 16:23). Peter made
his suggestion with a lot of
human love. But Jesus
rebuked him, because what
Peter had suggested was
contrary to the Fathers will.
The Father was always
supreme in Jesus
This aspect of discipleship
calls Google Genners to love
Jesus more than their jobs,
their gadgets, their No one
or nothing should take the
position of Jesus in their
lives. He should be the one
who is truly the dearest in
their lives.
Dhoni sort of discipled Rohit and he could
score a double century in an ODI (November
2013). Are you a disciple of Jesus?
I-Instructions of Jesus. A
Disciple absorbs the
Instructions of Jesus
The second alphabet i in
the word disciple while it
could describe many other
ideas on discipleship, in this
research it stands for the
Instructions of Jesus. In
the Disciples Study Bible
there is the following
assertion that I absolutely
agree with: Discipleship
includes learning the Bibles
teachings and living out
those teachings in daily life.
David Pawson presents, the
most important method
meant by Jesus for his
followers to use when it
came to discipleship this
waythe instruction of
Gods Word and in particular
the Gospel of Matthew:
Matthew (the Gospel)
concludes with the Great
Commission to disciple all
nations (i.e. all ethnic
groups, all Gentiles)It is a
Discipleship Manual to help
make disciples by.teaching
them to obey everything I
(Jesus) have commanded
(Matt. 28:20). The teaching
is gathered into five blocs
(reminiscent of the
Pentateuch, the five books
of Moses?) under the theme
of the kingdomits
lifestyle, mission, growth,
community, and future.
The word disciple
(mathetes in Greek) is found
261 times in the New
Testament while the word
believer (pistos in Greek) is
found only nine times, writes
David A. Servant. Used
thirty times in the Book of
Acts, the word disciple
speaks of one who is
learner, seeker or student.
This learner learns the
Words of Christ. This
seeker seeks knowledge
about Christ. This student
should be instructed in the
ways of Christ. Making 2
Timothy 3:16-17 as the
Discipling churchs key
text, Bill Hull writes, The
discipling-church pastor
commits himself to the full-
orbed ministry of the Word.
James Reapsome and
Martha Reapsome write,
The apostle Paul prayed for
the faithful disciples of the
Colossian church, and one of
his requests was that they
would grow in the
knowledge of Jesus Christ
(Col. 1:9-20). This growth
in knowledge can be only
gained by studying what
Gods Word has to say about
Jesus and being instructed
on the same.
What this aspect of
discipleship implies is this:
as busy as Google Genners
may be, they should take
time to receive instructions
from Gods Word. If they
work night shifts, it may be
a good idea for them to first
finish their Bible meditations
when they return from work
early in the morning before
retiring to sleep. Usually
Google Genners spend an
hour or more in cab travel.
This time could be used to
listen to Gods Word via a
suitable app in their smart-
We now move to yet
another discipleship
requirement that Jesus
talked about which is given
to us by the letter S from
the acronym Disciple.
The word disciple (mathetes in Greek) is found 261 times in the New Testament while the word
believer (pistos in Greek) is found only nine times, writes David A. Servant.
10 www.GoogleGeneration.in
S-Spiritual Disciplines.
Spiritual Disciples are part
of a disciples life.
The third alphabet s while
it could describe many other
ideas on discipleship, in this
research it stands for
Spiritual Disciplines. Mark
records the purpose why
Jesus chose disciples: And
he (Jesus) appointed twelve
(whom he also named
apostles) so that they might
be with him. (Mark 3:14).
Suzanne Watts Henderson
writes, he (Jesus)
establishes (here) the
Twelve (disciples) for the
primary purpose of
continuing in his presence.
Google Genners need to
make changes in their day-
to-day lives to stay in
Jesus presence. Adam
Thomas advocates a Tech
Sabbath for the purpose of
slowing down and noticing
Gods presence in ones life.
J. Oswald Sanders writes
about how a growing
disciple of Jesus would pray:
To the maturing disciple,
Gods interest would be
paramount. The prayers of
the immature Christian
usually revolve around self.
In response to the disciples
pleas to be taught to pray,
Jesus said, This, then is
how you should pray, and
He gave them a pattern by
which to model their
prayers. It is noteworthy
that in the prayer recorded
in Matthew 6:9-13, the first
half of the prayer is totally
occupied with God and His
interests. Only after that
personal petitions find a
It must be noted that it was
while Jesus stayed in his
fathers presence he chose
the twelve disciples. Greg
Ogden, who has the
experience of teaching the
course, Growing a
Discipleship Making
Congregation in a doctor
of ministry program points
this out. He writes, Jesus
took the initiative to call his
disciples to himself after
spending the night in
prayer; discipling
relationships should be
formed on the basis of a
prayerful invitation by the
one initiating the
discipleship relationship.
He gives an example of a
prayer that can be possibly
offered in this regard: Will
you join me, walk with me
as we grow together as
disciples of Christ? I would
like to invite you to meet
with me and one other
person weekly for the
purpose of becoming all that
the Lord intended us to be.
As I was praying about this
relationship, the Lord has
drawn me to you.
The fact that Jesus placed
being with him before
working for him while he
talked about his
expectations from a disciple
should not be overlooked
(Mark 3:14). If this were
overlooked, what Peter
Scazzero talked about would
be a sad reality: We were
gaining the whole world by
doing a great work for God
while at the same time
losing our souls!
This dimension of
discipleship discussed above
challenges the IT/ITES
professionals working in a
call center, who may be
more used to calling their
customers, to also make
time to call on their Maker. If
Google Gennners choose to
stay in Gods presence every
second of their work hours,
they would be enabled to
overcome temptation like
the Joseph, son of Jacob,
about whom the Bible refers
to in Genesis 39. Joseph
overcame temptations in his
work spot as the Lord was
with him that day. Google
Gennerss of today also can
overcome their temptations
in their work spot by making
an effort to consciously stay
in Gods presence.
C-Cross-Centered Life
Style. The Disciple bears
his Cross.
We move to another word
that leads us to yet another
aspect of discipleship that
Jesus taught is pointed to
us by the letter C in the
acronym Disciple. The
fourth alphabet C in the
word disciple while it could
describe many other ideas
on discipleship, in this
research it stands for the
Cross-centered lifestyle.
This brings us to another call
that Jesus issued to those
who desired to be his
disciples: Whoever does
not bear his own cross and
come after me cannot be my
disciple (Luke 14:27).
According to Dietrich
Bonheoffer, discipleship is
participation in the Cross of
Christ. John Stotts
explanation here is helpful:
The fact that Jesus placed being with
him BEFORE working for him while
he talked about his expectations
from a disciple should not be
overlooked (Mark 3:14)
11 www.TheDaysofYourYouth.com
In this way, one might say,
every Christian is both a
Simon of Cyrene and a
Barnabas. Like Barnabas we
escape the cross, for Christ
died in our place. Like Simon
of Cyrene we carry the
cross, for he calls us to take
it up and follow him.
Richard Longenecker
suggests that, one
implication of true
discipleship in the canonical
Gospels is the possibility of
dying for ones adherence to
Jesus. R. Stanleys
explanation of the meaning
of the cross is very practical:
The first mention of the
word cross in the
New Testament is in
Matthew 10:38. The
context is how a man
will have to go
against the wish of
even his close family
members in order to
witness for Christ.
Joseph of Arimathea,
a respected member
of the Sanhedrin,
could be seen as a
disciple of Jesus who
eventually reconciled
himself to carrying
his cross
something he was
perhaps averse to doing
before Jesus death.
Cornelis Bennema writes:
Joseph (of Arimathea) is a
secret disciple of Jesus
because of his fear of the
Jews (John 19:28).
Bennema suggests that
Joseph of Arimathea
perhaps feared expulsion
from the synagogue if he
went public about the fact
that he was indeed a
disciple of Jesus quoting
John 12:42. He explains
further: Expulsion from the
synagogue would mean
exclusion from religious and
communal lifebecoming
socio-religious outcasts.
This possible painful
exclusion from religion and
communal life was perhaps
the cross that Joseph of
Arimathea, refused to carry
before Jesus death. He
disagreed with his
colleagues plan with regard
to Jesus (Matt. 27:57; Mark
15:42-46; Luke 23:50-53),
but wasnt daring enough to
stop his crucifixion. But after
having watched Jesus who
died carrying his cross, he
could not remain a disciple
of Jesus who refused to
carry his own cross. His
move of requesting Pilate,
the Roman Governor who
authorized the crucifixion of
Jesus, for the possession of
the body of Jesusa move
that clearly and publically
identified him with the just-
Jesuswas not only bold
but also brainy as John
Phillips explains: It is well
within the realm of
possibility that Joseph of
Arimathea, like Mary of
Bethany, believed what
Christ said about His
forthcoming death and
burial. Joseph had no
illusions about the
wickedness, malice, and
depravity of Annas and
Caiaphas. They would
doubtless seek to gain
possession of the body of
Jesus, not only to prevent
the disciples from
absconding with it but also
to further discredit Jesus by
disposing of His remains in
some dishonorable way. Well
he, Joseph, would forestall
them. He would make sure
that he got the possession
of the body. He would beat
the Sanhedrin at their own
game. As for the burial of
Jesus, blessed be God, he
had a tomb that he had
carved for himself and his
family in Jerusalem.
Joseph of Arimathea
as this above-narrated
act evidencedwas
willing to carry his
cross and thereby
become a true disciple
of Jesus. A BBC article
suggests that Joseph of
Arimathea, perhaps,
eventually became a
daring missionarythe
first person to bring
Christianity to Britain
and build the countrys
first church ever.
One characteristic of a
true Disciple of Christ must
be this: he or she should be
willing to suffer for Christ.
This is the main essence of
the above lines. Google
Genners, if they choose to
follow Christ in their
workplace will definitely face
suffering. If they refuse to
lie in their workplace, they
could even loose their jobs.
If they refuse to get drunk in
the week-end parties along
with colleagues, they can be
called poor sports. But
such suffering is part and
parcel of being a true
disciple of Jesus.
Joseph of Arimathea is an example of a
cross-carrying disciple of Jesus.
12 www.G-4Mission.blogspot.com
I-Initiative in Inviting. A
disciple takes initiative to
bring people to Jesus.
The next letter that leads us
to yet another aspect of
discipleship, which the letter
I in the acronym Disciple
takes us. The fifth alphabet
i in the word disciple
while it could describe many
other ideas on discipleship,
in this research it stands for
the Initiative in inviting
people to Jesus.
James Dunn, teaching from
Mark 3:14, points out that
involving discipleship in his
mission was part of the
discipleship process Jesus
initiated for them. The
disciples were called by
Jesus to invite others to the
Kingdom of God. He further
writes, the character of
discipleship as a community
organized to support
missionaries reaching out to
others with evangelistic
urgency and to maintain a
witness by the very quality
of a community life was
there from the beginning.
Suzanne Watts Henderson
points out three stages in
the discipleship training that
Jesus initiated as follows:
come after me (Mark
1:17), be with me (3:14)
and go before me (6:45).
She further adds, The
developing storyline leading
up to Mark 6:45, then,
suggests that Jesus
compelling the disciples to
go before him suggests
the maturation of the
disciples as fully authorized
agents of Jesus mission.
Discipleship will take place
when people are invited to
homes and other informal
meeting places and Gods
Word is taught to such small
groups consistently. George
Barna, a noted religious
beliefs research scientist, in
his report on the most
common methods employed
by two dozen successful
churches in America when it
comes to discipleship, lists
small groups as the very
first method used. The
example of Jethros advice
to breakdown Israel to small
groupseven as small as
ten in numberwas
presented by Harvey A.
Herman as a historical
precedent of discipleship
through small groups.
Drawing lessons from Acts
2:46, 5:42 and 20:20, he
discovers a discipleship
pattern in the early church:
public proclamation of the
word of God and then small
group gathering in houses.
Thus inviting believers to be
part of a small group
fellowship is a key to the
biblical discipleship process.
Steve Smith, in his book,
where he talks about the
worlds fastest growing
church planning movement
describes the method used
by a man named Ying Kai to
usher that in: And the
things you have heard me
say in the presence of many
witnesses entrust to reliable
men who will also be
qualified to teach others
(2 Tim. 2:2, NASB). 2 Timothy
2:2 encourages multi-
generational growth of
trainers. The Great
Commission itself commands
us to teach others to obey
all that Jesus commanded
(which includes the Great
Commission). Every
generation is to be a
training generation. The
T4T (Training for Trainers)
process is the expectation
that every person trained
well in turn witness to
others and train them in all
he has been trained in, who
will in turn witness to others
and train them in what they
have been trained in, etc. To
begin that process, trainees
are taught to witness
regularly, mainly to the oikos
(Greek word for household
meaning your circle of
When this T4T process was
meticulously employed, an
unprecedented church
growththe fastest ever in
Churchs historywas
recorded in China.
Rose Dowsetts warning is
timely: It is clearly possible
to expand the jurisdiction of
the church as institution
(and thus the number of
people apparently
associated with it) without a
matching transformation of
those same people into
genuine disciples. Herding
chickens into a sty doesnt
turn them into pigs.
When this T4T process was
meticulously employed, an
unprecedented church growththe
fastest ever in Churchs history
was recorded in China.
13 www.PurposeSpot.blogspot.com
It is usually in small group
settings that effective
accountability relationships
can be established. Alton
Garrison, as Assemblies of
God leader in America
pointed out why a disciple of
Jesus should have an
accountability relationships
with carefully chosen
people: If you dont have a
good enough relationship
with somebody that will
walk into your life and
correct you, you are an out-
of-control train headed
down the track, a wreck
thats going to happen.
When correction is done in
small groups no Christian
should ever say to another,
Its none of your business;
you have no right (as
Anne Ortlund put it). She
continues: Yes, we have
the right! James 5:19, 20
commends the one who
turns back the brother or
sister from straying.
A key characteristic of a
disciple of Christ is that he/
she apart from inviting
people to follow Christ,
invites them also to become
part of small groups of
mutually accountable
friends. Google Genners can
become true disciples of
Jesus when they ensure
they are part of small
groups of mutually
accountable friends in their
workplace or wherever there
is an opportunity. In such
small groups, pointed
questions of accountability
like this can be asked: Why
do you produce a fake bill to
gain an income tax
exemption? This practice of
mutual accountability
reinforces one in the
process of discipleship.
P-People Lover. Loving
people is the hallmark of a
The sixth alphabet P in
the word disciple while it
could describe many other
ideas on discipleship, in this
research it stands for the
for People Loving people
is the hallmark of the
Jesus said, By this all
people will know that you
are my disciples, if you have
love for one another (John
13:27). Delbert Burkett
explains that Jesus, through
this instruction, was calling
for humbling services like
foot-washing to be rendered
by his disciples to those
around them. Giving
instructions about Jesus
teachings is a key way of
making disciples as it has
already been pointed out
here. But serving the people
before teaching them makes
them more receptive to the
teachings shared. Jesus is
the best model in this
regard as Greg Ogden
points-out: After Jesus had
bent down before every
disciple, including Judas, he
resumed his position at the
table and took on the role of
teacher. John H. Oak
writes, Disciples of Jesus
cannot evade servanthood,
because it is the example of
Jesus that Jesus has shown
us. Jesus came into this
world, taking on the very
nature of a servant (Phil.
2:7-8). And He lived in this
world as a servant. But I
am among you as one who
serves (Luke 22:27b).
Certain Bible characters who
were addressed as
disciples have excelled in
serving people they met in
practical ways. Herbert
Lockyer writes these lines
about little-known Bible
character Mnason:This
early disciple from Cyprus
accompanied Paul on his last
journey, and Paul lodged at
his hospitable home(Acts
In a survey done among the
Willow Creek Community
Church congregation, the
believers who were
strongest when it came to
serving others were
considered most mature.
The section above strongly
suggests a true disciple of
Jesus serves people around
In a survey done among the Willow Creek Community Church
congregation, the believers who were strongest when it came to
serving others were considered most mature.
14 www.Youtube.com/visitduke
him selflessly. In the IT/ITES
context, a true disciple of
Jesus would love his
colleagues at work
L- Led By The Spirit and
Leading By The Spirit
The seventh alphabet l in
the word disciple while it
could describe many other
ideas on discipleship, in this
research it stands for the
being led and leading
according to the Holy Spirit.
Luke records that the
disciple Ananias was led
by the Lord through a vision
to be of spiritual help to a
new convert of the Christian
faith, Saul (Acts 9:10-17).
Disciple Ananias clearly told
Saul it was the Lord Jesus
who sent him to be of help
to him (Acts 9:17). Greg
Hinnant writes, When God
spoke, Ananias expressed
no surprise that He spoke,
only about what He said
(Acts 9:10). His calm
response, Behold, I am
here, Lord, hints he heard
from his Friend (the Lord)
regularly, with clarity and
understanding. Disciple
Ananias, through his
example, challenges
disciples of Jesus to hear
the voice of their Lord and
to execute tasks that will
bless others, in a quiet,
unsung manner. George
Kimber asserts that one
must become a disciple of
the Holy Spirit, directed by
Christ. Summing up the
Discipleship strategies,
Robert Coleman, one-time
professor of Evangelism and
Discipleship in Gorden-
Cornwell Theological
Seminary, gleaned from the
book of Acts and wrote:
Everything, then, depends
upon the Spirits possession
of the sent ones, the church.
Just as those first disciples
were told to tarry until they
received the promised
power, so must we. The
spiritual endowment of
Pentecost, by whatever
name it is called, must be a
reality in our lives, not as a
distant memory, but as a
present experience of the
reigning Christ.
I agree with Coleman here.
When ones Holy Spirit
baptism experience is not a
distant memory, but a
present reality, that
person is a disciple of Jesus
in actuality. Richard Foster
brings in a key element
when one considers how the
Holy Spirit can lead disciples
of Jesus in order they grow
deeper spiritually: Scripture
tells us that following the
marvelous resurrection of
Dorcas, Peter tarried many
days in Joppa with Simon, a
tanner (Acts 9:43, KJV). It
was while tarrying in Joppa
that the Holy Spirit got
through to Peter (with visual
aids no less) about the
cultural and ethnic
prejudices. What would
have happened if, instead of
tarrying, Peter had
immediately struck on a
speaking tour to tell of the
resurrection of Dorcas? It is
possible that he would have
failed to come to that
shattering insight from the
Holy Spirit, Truly I perceive
that God shows no partiality,
but in every nation any one
who fears him and does
what is right is acceptable to
him (Acts 10:34)? No one
knows. But I know this: God
desires various tarrying
places for all for us where
he can teach us in special
A true disciple of Jesus
would be led to take
decisions that move him/her
out of his/her comfort zone
by the Spirit of God. This is
the essence of the above
lines. Google Genners
should be encouraged to
follow the lead of the Spirit
in matters such as which city
they choose to settle down
and work in. When the Spirit
of God leads an IT
professional to a mission
initiatives-bereft North
Indian city like Gurgaon to
be a tent-making missionary
there, he/she should be
challenged to follow the
Spirits lead.
The spiritual endowment of Pentecost.must be a reality
in our lives, not as a distant memory, but as a present experience
of the reigning Christ. Robert Coleman.
E-Endurance. The Disciple
Endures Till The End.
The final alphabet E in the
word disciple while it could
describe many other ideas
on discipleship, in this
research it stands for the
for Endurance of a disciple.
Luke Timothy Johnson
points out that in Luke
14:27, where it says, So
therefore, any one of you
who does not renounce all
that he has cannot be my
disciple, the verb tenses
used (by Jesus) makes it
clear that he means
continue to bear his own
cross. In the same refrain
Jesus said, No one who
puts a hand on the plow and
looks back is fit for the
Kingdom of God (Luke
14:62). A true disciple of
Jesus must be willing to
endure till the end, come
what may. Rose Dowsett
put it this way: Jesus call
to his disciples is a call to
embark on a journey, a
pilgrimage, lasting all the
rest of our lives.
John Koessler, refers to an
illustration of endurance
that Jesus refers to, when
he writes thus: Jesus
compared the disciple to a
man who builds a tower or a
king who plans to go on a
war with another king (see
Luke 14:28-32). Both would
estimate the potential cost
of such a project before
embarking on it. Those who
answer the call of
discipleship must do so
thoroughly. Christ is not
looking for rash decisions
that are made in the heat of
the moment and then hastily
David Servant explains who
the real disciples of Jesus
are: those who abide in His
word, which would result in
their being set free from sin
(see John 8:34-36). The
word abide is another
word for endurance.
Polycarp was a disciple of
apostle John during the
days of his youth. Geoffrey
Hanks writes, Polycarp was
recognized as the one who
had adhered to the
Scriptures and preserved
the apostolic tradition
received from John. He
eventually became the
Bishop of Smyrna and was
consequently summoned
before the proconsul who
insisted that he deny his
Christian faith. He was
asked to blaspheme Christ
and to confess that Caesar
was divine in a packed
stadium. This was his
courageous response to
that life-threatening
situation: Eighty-six years,
I have served him and he
has done me no wrong
how can I blaspheme my
King who has saved me?
Even as he was tied to a
stake and burnt alive, he
spoke these fearless final
words, He who gives me
power to endure the fire will
also give me the power to
withstand the flames.
Polycarps martyrdom
became an unforgettable
illustration for endurancea
quality that was expected of
all of Jesus disciples. Every
disciple of Christ must grow
from merely bearing fruit
(John 15:2), to bearing more
fruit (John 15:26), to bearing
much fruit (John 15:5) and
then bearing lasting fruit
(John 15:16)this was an
observation made by the
Assemblies of God of India
Commission on Ministerial
Education. Polycarp bore
that kind of fruit. Michael
Catt, the pastor of
Sherwood Baptist Church
and the Executive Producer
of successful Christian
movies such as Fireproof
wrote these lines: Christ
taught His disciples what
being a true follower meant.
He gave them several
commands: fear Me
(Matt. 10:28), confess Me
(Matt. 10:32), love Me
(Matt. 10:37), follow Me
(Matt. 10:38), and die for Me
(Matt. 10:39). This is all-out
A true disciple of Jesus
would overcome every
obstacle, move forward, and
finish his spiritual faith race
by staying faithful until the
end; this is the summary of
the above lines. Google
Genners should not get
sidetracked by popular
false-teaching such as once
saved, always saved,
hyper-grace, etc., and
thereby become casual in
their walk with Jesus. They,
as true disciples of Jesus,
should be charged to endure
until the end.
Eight elements of true
discipleship drawn from the
writings of Christian authors
put under the acronym d-i-s-
c-i-p-l-e were studied above.
Now, having found out from
the Bible as to how to be a
disciple for Jesus, would you
go out and be a disciple?
Polycarp, a disciple
endured till the end
16 www.Facebook.com/GoogleDuke
An ultra-brief article in
Outlook went this way: She
(Miriam Weeks) is a
freshman in Duke University,
groaning under a huge
college tuition (monthly fee
of USD 4300), and like a few
others, has turned to porn.
As the half-Indian-half-
American finds herself as
shocking news, she has
come out with defensive fire,
saying her work was
supportive, exciting, thrilling
and empowering.
Well, who are we to
object? (March 24,
2014). Alex Morris
wrote, It wasnt the
first time a college
woman had ever
done porn, of course,
but Americas
seemed both
scandalized and
titillated by the idea
of a woman from as
prestigious a school
as Duke choosing to
do so. One report
said that Weeks
became an advocate
for porn.
In India, a movie was
released on May 9, 2014
which, in a way, was
connected to the story of
Miriam Weeks. I am referring
to the movie Mastram. Parag
Maniyar writes, The film
revolves around Rahul
(played by Rahul Bagga),
who wants to become an
established writer. When he
finds no takers for his
serious stories, he starts
Duke Jeyaraj
writing pornography under
the pseudonym Mastram.
The books sell like hotcakes
in his hometown in Himachal
Pradesh and the writer,
whose identity is still a
secret, becomes popular. But
once Rahul reveals the truth
about himself, he gets into
trouble (Hyderabad Times,
April 27, 2014). In the same
article there is a quote by
this movie director which
goes like this: Why should
a porn writer be termed a
bad person?
The message of both these
stories talked about above
one from America and the
other from India is this:
there is nothing wrong in
turning to porn to make a
quick buck. In the same vein
it may be argued: there is
not wrong in viewing porn to
experience a quick thrill as
well. But there is no excuse
for porn-production and
porn-viewing. Here below, I
have listed the popular
excuses given (some
expressed, some not) by the
typical porn-viewers for
watching porn:
1. The I-am-only-
learning excuse: Some
say, I am watching porn to
learn sex technique which I
will use only inside
marriage. Really?If this
were true it would be
okay to invite porn
stars into your
bedroom after your
marriage, warm up with
them and roll over to
have sex with your
wife. But this very
thought is so
nauseating, correct?
But thats what we do
when we watch porn
it is as if we are really
having sex with those
porn stars, for Jesus
equated lusted look
with actual adultery in
the Bible (Matt. 5:28).
excuse does not hold
2. The I-am-only-
watching excuse: Some
say, I watch porn. But I will
never actually do what
these porn stars do. To this
my response would be this:
First, we must understand
that even in the act of
watching porn, sin is
involved. The Lord was
displeased with David when
he watched the bath of the
bathing beauty Bathsheba,
Excuses for Porn from a Duke
University Student/from the Makers
of the Movie Mastram all Evicted!
Miriam Weeks (seen with her parents) is a
freshman in Duke University, groaning under a
huge college tuition (monthly fee of USD 4300),
and like a few others, has turned to porn.
Were her actions right in the light of the Bible?
which is akin to watching
live porn we can see it
that way (II Sam. 11:27).
Second, it is quite possible
that watching porn will
result in committing physical
sexual sin. David did not
stop with watching the
naked Bathsheba. He called
for her and had sex with her.
Ish Engle writes thus about
the David-Bathsheba story:
It started out as wow, shes
pretty. It ended up with, I
must find a way to get rid of
her husband! David would
not have started at the last
point. That was well-said.
Amnon kept looking at his
pretty half-sister Tamar with
intense lust only to
eventually rape her (II Sam.
13). His lust did not just rust
it turned into rape! Lot
perhaps saw several live
sex acts performed in Sodom
and Gomorrah, the twin
cities he lived. He perhaps
got so influenced by them
that he had the audacity to
request some desperate
homosexuals to have sex
with his own daughters
(Gen. 19:8). Thats not all.
Eventually a drunk Lot had
sex with his own daughters
(Gen. 19:34-38). It surely
seems that one thing
naturally lead to the other in
the case of Lot.
Let me quote other
examples which point to the
possibility that porn-
watchers may not always be
only merely watchers.
There is a clear connection
between gazing at wine
and gulping wine, the
Bible records (Prov. 23:31).
In the same vein, there is a
taking a
at naked
women and
with them;
one is likely
to follow the
other. It is
natural that
we will want
to graduate
from walking
in sin to
standing in
sin to sitting
in sin the Scripture records
(Psa. 1:1). In the same way,
only a fool will deny that
there was no possibility that
those who walk past porn
pages/ scan of porn pages,
in other words (this process
may last only for a few
seconds) may soon stand
to take a long looks at porn
images (this process may
last for many hours), only to
finally sit with a non-
spouse woman to have
actual sex.
3. I am only earning
excuse: Some porn-
performers, like the Duke
University student referred
to in the beginning of this
article, justify porn-
performances as they help
in making money which in
turn would be used for
nobler purposes like the
payment of college tuition
fees. Surely, this cant be
wrong, correct? Wrong. It is
wrong. Nadab and Abihu
wanted to sacrifice for the
Lord. Their end goal was
fabulous. But their means of
achieving it was wrong: they
offered unauthorized fire and
so God killed them (Lev.
10:1-2). Saul wanted to
sacrifice to God with the best
of animals. His end goal was
great. But his route to get
there wasnt. He did not
destroy best of animals he
had acquired after a win in a
battle. This was against Gods
specific command. So, God
was upset with him (Read I
Sam. 15). God also would be
upset with those who use
dubious and sinful ways of
making money like porn-
The world may say a Wow!
to porn-watching and porn-
performers! But not God. He
pronounces a Woe to
those who look on the
nakedness of their exposed
neighbors (Hab. 2:15). So,
lets repent of porn-watching.
With the help of the Holy
Spirit and an accountability
friend let us consistently
avoid porn. Its possible.
The makers of the May 2014 Movie
Mastram say that there is nothing wrong in
porn production or porn viewing.Really?
What would the Bible say about this? Duke
explores that in this article.
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A mid-night flight to Beijing,
it was. From Kuala Lumpur.
After less than an hour in
the ancient established
path over South China sea
to Beijing, the flight
deliberately departed from
its usual path and turned,
the Malayasian Prime
Minister announced on 15
March 2014. The plane was
diverted back across
peninsular Malaysia and flew
off in a north-westerly
direction. It certainly had
enough fuel on board to do
this....the deliberate
actions involved in disabling
the planes communications,
and then diverting it onto a
new course... said an
economist.com article I read.
At this point (on 14 May
2014), we do not know who
deliberately turned the flight
from its scheduled path. Its
ancient path. But we know
who turned from the
ancient path which the
Bible talks about. We. The
Bible talks about an ancient
path - do you know?
Prophet Jeremiah in the
Bible did. He wrote,
Thus says the Lord:Stand
by the roads, and look,and
ask for the ancient
paths,where the good way
is; and walk in it,and find
rest for your souls.But they
said, We will not walk in it.
(Jer. 6:16)
Prophet Jeremiah point was
this: the people of Judah
rebelled against Gods good
old ways saying, We will
not walk in it. Ways which
His Holy Book talked about.
The people of Judah
worshiped idols after even
having witnessed Gods
Malaysian Airlines & Us: Leaving the
Ancient path and therefore
Getting into Big Trouble?
Duke Jeyaraj
relied on
nations to
instead of
relying on
God who
to be
Their new
ways of
on-other-nations was going
to be catastrophic. This was
Prophet Jeremiahs message.
Do we do something similar?
God says, Do not marry an
unbeliever? Thats Gods
ancient path - a believer
marries only a believer. But
do we stray from that path
by falling in love with an
unbeliever? That too
deliberately. God says, Live
holy. Thats an ancient path.
But do we embrace sin, time
and time, deliberately,
because we believe we,
after all, have the grace of
God to cover those sins,
available. Gods ancient way
is, One man for one woman
and sex only after marriage.
Do we divert from that way
by having pre-marital sex?
Our deliberate abandoning
of Gods old path will leave
us without rest (read Jer.
6:16 again). Whats worse -
it will land us in big trouble.
We dont know where MH370
is, at this point. Is it in the
bottom of the Indian Ocean?
Has it been hijacked?
But we know where those
who deliberately and
stubbornly and finally leave
Gods ancient paths as
revealed in the Bible will end
up. They will land in the
place without bottom, a
place in which God originally
only wanted to eternally
torment, the devils called
hell (Rev. 9:2/ II Pet. 2:4).
Eternal hell. This is what the
Bible teaches. We would do
well to heed to those words
of warning which comes from
a book, which has never
gone wrong in its prediction
about the future, ever - the
By if we repent and turn to
Jesus who claimed to be
the Way (in John 14:6),
the ancient of Days as he is
also called in the Bible (in
Daniel 7:9), life would be
meaningful. We will indeed
find rest for our souls (cf. Jer.
6:16; Matt. 11:28). And
whats more, we will never
to condemned to hell (Rom.
8:1). This is what the Bible
teaches. Are we listening?
The Malaysian Flight was deliberately diverted from
its established flight path to China over
South China Sea, it looks like. And it got the
passengers into grave danger. When we divert
from Gods Word, the Bible, and follow our
own whims and fancies, we are sure to land in trouble.
She would perhaps check
her WhapsApp updates
early in the morning. Like
you and me perhaps do. She
died unexpectedly,
unfortunately. Like you and
I, unfortunately, perhaps
can. We are talking about
Esther Anuhya. Only 23. A
Techie. From Machipatnam.
Worked in TCS-Mumbai.
Reached Mumbais LTT
Railway Station after
spending Christmas holidays
in her hometown in Andhra
Pradesh at 4:50 AM on 5th
January 2014 after a long
train journey which started
from Vijayawada. Co-
passengers confirmed that
she had alighted from the
train at the LokmanyaTilak
Terminus Station in Mumbai.
She checked her WhatsApp
at 4:54 AM on 5th Jan.,
2014, according to reports.
Someone who sent her a
WhatsApp message saw the
double green tick and
understood this. But what
they did not perhaps realize
was this: someone perhaps
put a tick next to Esthers
pic and said to himself, I will
harm this girl. Her college
Professor Dad Mr. Jonathan
Surendra Prasad, was
waiting her call which he
hoped will go this way:
Daddy, I reached my room
in YWCA Hostel Andheri,
Mumbai, safely. I am missing
you already! But that call
never came. Early that
morning, it looks like she
could have hailed an auto to
her hostel. Her last
published tweet to the
world was this: I rather
have an honest enemy than
a fake friend. Whoever took
her from that Railway
Station tragically turned out
to be a fake friend (see
Esther_Anuhya). Dont put
too much of belief in anyone.
Even your shadow leaves
you when you are in the
dark, she once tweeted. On
that stomach-churning
morning, it looks like she put
her trust in someone a
petty thief who posed as a
cabbie - much to her grave
disappointment. She loved
the self-defense stalwart
hero-filled Japanese and
Korean movies. But her
efforts at self-defense on
that tear-filled day came to
a naught. On 16th Jan 2014,
her half-decomposed, waist-
down burnt, rodents-bitten,
dead body was identified in
the Vikhroli Creek just
meters off the Eastern
Express Highway in
Mumbai.Esthers uncle, Arun
Kumar told a newspaper
that while Esther was 5 feet
3 inches tall what remained
of her body only made up
two feet. The rest were
burnt. Thus the nine-day
long search her family
launched for her in a city
they knew little about came
to a spine-tingling, sorry,
end. The girl who wished
Tennis Star, Roger Federer,
a happy long life on his
birthday via Twitter, did not
live long, unfortunately. Her
end came in the saddest of
circumstances. According to
a preliminary post-mortem
report, the victim was
sexually abused before
being killed, a police source
said. She might have been
taken to a secluded place off
the Eastern Express
Highway in Bhandup,
Mumbai, where she was
gangraped, police sources
revealed. After two months,
it was discovered that 37-
year Chandrabhan Sanap
was one who raped and
killed Esther. Sanap had
reached LTT with an
intention of robbing
valuables from long-distance
trains stationed at the
platform. In the CCTV
footage, Sanap can be seen
roaming the LTT premises
and entering stationed
trains to rob valuables. He
was unsuccessful till he
chanced upon Esther sitting
idle at the platform, waiting
for daybreak. Esther kept
speaking on her cell phone.
She did this to scare Sanap,
hoping that he would shy
She Checked Her WhatsApp
the First Thing in the Morning that
Horrendous Day
Duke Jeyaraj brings out a Bible lesson from the tragic Esther Anuhya rape-murder
Esther Anuhya - She loved the
self-defense stalwart hero-filled
Japanese and Korean movies. But
her efforts at self-defense on that
tear-filled day came to a naught.
away from causing her any
harm. But her phone had no
talk-time. She tried
recharging her phone thrice,
using her laptop and her
debit card. But she did not
succeed as she was
travelling. This is a bike.
Where is your taxi?So said
a shocked Esther Anuhya
when the accused
Chandrabhan Sanap tricked
her into coming out of the
station with him.He picked
up her things and put them
on the bike, intending to
flee. In her desperation to
prevent the theft, Esther
jumped on to the bike.
Aroused by the physical
contact with Esther on the
bike, he decided to try and
rape her.While they crossed
Sahkar Talkies and reached
the Eastern Express
Highway near Kanjurmarg,
Sanap stopped the bike on
the pretext of having run
out of petrol, and parked
the vehicle on the service
road. It was foggy at around
5.40 am, and Sanap
dragged Esther to the
bushes nearby.He tried to
rape her, but she defended
herself fiercely. In the
struggle that ensued, he
knocked her head several
times on the stones nearby,
and then strangled her with
a dupatta. He fled the scene
with her laptop and her
trolley bag. Later, Sanap
went to Kanjurmarg, from
where he called his friend
and the owner of the bike,
Nandkishore Sahu. He told
him what had happened.
Both of them went back to
the spot where Sanap had
killed Esther. Sanap tried to
find Esthers phone, worried
that she had saved his
number. He failed to find the
phone, and removing some
petrol from the bike, flung it
on Esther and attempted to
burn her body (Story
reconstructed from various
Hmmm. After
discovering that
women arent
shying away from
reporting rape
these days, it
looks like certain
stubborn, men still
want to rape and
go on to destroy
the possibly-
damning evidence
by burning their
rape victims. By
doing that, they
perhaps think
they are safe.
Safe from being
found out. Safe
from a jail punishment. But
God knows, the Bible
declares (Josh 22:22). These
people - whoever they may
be - may escape jail here on
the earth (Esthers rapist
went to jail even when on
the earth!), but if they do
not repent and come to
Christ in faith, they will not
escape hell on the other
side of the earth. The
person who played with the
very life of the girl who
recently straightened her
hair and showed it to her
dad via skype (Esther), will
be straightened on the day
of the Lord without any
hype, if he does not repent.
Surely.On the other side of
eternity. This is true not only
true about them. Its true
about everyone. We all need
to repent. We all need to
uncover our sins. We all
need to come to Christ who
died on the cross for our
sakes. For our sins. If we do
not uncover our sins before
Jesus in prayer, here and
now, they will be uncovered
before the whole world on
that terrible judgment that
is certainly coming. This is
the teaching of the Bible
(Read Matthew 10 and 25 in
the Bible and you will get
this). The evil deeds of the
wicked ensnare them; the
cords of their sins hold them
fast - so warns the Bible in
Proverbs 5:22. Burning
evidence of transgression
cannot ensure escape from
punishment, whoever we
may be. Your sin will
eventually find you out, the
Bible teaches (Num. 32:23).
On this side of eternity in
certain cases like it
happened in the case of
Achan, Prophet Jonah,
Ananias-Saphira, etc., in the
Bible. On this side of eternity
like it happened for Sanap
the man who raped and
killed Esther Anuhya. Or on
the other side of eternity
like it will surely happen for
those who reject Jesus
stubbornly finally and go to
hell. The fire that the
perpetrators of the horrific
crime against Esther Anuhya
started died down. But the
fire of torment in hell will
never die down, Jesus
warned (Mark 9:47-48). So,
why do you run and hide?
Come to only-God-in-flesh
Jesus in true repentance
and hide in His grace that
was expressed on the Cross
where he shed his blood for
you. Do it now. Before its
too late.There is no
condemnation for those who
go on being in Christ Jesus,
the Bible teaches (Rom.8:1).
Morality might keep you out of jail on this
side of eternity but it will not keep you out
of hell on the other side of it. You need the
blood of Jesus to be kept out of hell.
Hyper Grace doctrine is
quite popular these days. I
have been in conferences of
large denominations where
Hyper Grace false doctrine
was brazenly preached with
hardly anyone batting an
eyelid. When I go to
Facebook, I see so many
hyper-grace posts. Here are
some of their teachings:
1) All our future sins are
forgiven the moment we are
saved; 2) Holy Spirit does
not convict believers of sin;
3) Message of Judgement/
warning is not relevant for
believers. 4) Believers
need not repent and ask
Jesus for forgiveness when
they fall into sin. When
point four is practiced, a
persons sin remains
unforgiven and unforgiven
people go to hell.
Therefore I call the hyper-
grace group (the preachers
and followers) a cult. A cult
I believe - is any sect of
Christianity which goes
wrong in the fundamental
doctrines of Christianity so
as to affect the salvation of
those who follow it. It is not
my purpose in this brief
article to give a point by
point rebuttal of hyper-
grace. But I want to use the
acronym G-R-A-C-E to bring
out the main points where
hyper-grace doctrine strays
from Scripture.
G- Gehenna. The word
Gehenna is the word Jesus
used for hell. Jesus
preached about Hell to
believers his disciples
who gave up all to follow
him in the one life they had
How Can I Minister to those Deceived
by the Hyper-Grace False Teaching?
Duke Jeyaraj gives the anwers in the acronym g-r-a-c-e
(Mt 10:28). The disciples had
to fear God who could
destroy their bodies and
souls in hell, this verse says.
When Paul was teaching
believers the ways to
overcome sin, he warns
them about death which is
ultimately hell punishment in
the book of Romans 6:23
(Rev. 21:7,8). Hyper grace
teachers would never warn
believers of hell. Youve got
to go with Jesus and Paul or
with the Hyper grace false
teachers. Hyper grace
teachers argue that Paul did
not write about hell and
therefore believers should
not be taught about hell.
Really?Different Spirit-
inspired Bible writers used
different imageries/concepts
to teach the doctrine of Hell.
They did not have copy
paste from each other. Each
had their own style of
presenting hell so that it
would be relevant for their
first audiences. Isaiah used
this imagery: a place where
worm will never die and fire
will never be put out (Isa
66). For Jesus, Hell was the
lake of fire. In fact, Jesus
was the greatest hell
preacher of the Bible and
that should suffice for us. If
we dont believe in hell, we
dont believe in Jesus. By
including hell in the sermon
on the mount which is
basically teaching for
believers (Math 5:28 - living
in lust can take you to hell)
Jesus warned believers of
the real possibility of going
to hell, if they were careless
in holy living. For John also
hell is a lake of fire (Rev.
19:20). For Peter hell was a
place of darkest blackness
(2 Peter 2:17). And Paul ....
Lets hear Paul describe hell
for us directly from his
mouth: the Lord Jesus is
revealed from heaven in
blazing fire with his powerful
angels. He will punish those
who do not know God and
do not obey the gospel of
our Lord Jesus. They will be
punished with everlasting
destruction and shut out
from the presence of the
Lord and from the glory of
his might (2 Thess 1:7-9).
Paul also taught hell this
way: he presented hell as
divine judgement (See Acts
17:30-31; 24:24-25). Paul
also presented hell as the
wrath of God that is coming
(Rom 1:18). Paul also taught
that hell exists by telling us
that if we delayed
repentance we store up
Gods wrath (Rom 2:4-5).
Paul did not use the same
word Jesus used for Hell
(Gehenna) because that
was a word that only those
from Jewish background
would have readily
understood. The word
The Hyper Grace Teaching is a false
teaching in the category of a cult!
Gehenna, the greek word
Jesus used for Hell, was
used for the Valley of
Hinnom in Jerusalem
originally. It was the place
that the citys waste went
into and fire kept burning
there, non-stop, consuming
the waste dumped there.
Jesus used that powerful
picture which every Jew
could easily envision to
teach about Hell. Pauls
ministry, mainly, was to
gentiles and to believers
from the gentile faith. And
therefore, he did not choose
to use certain Jew-friendly
images to teach doctrine.
But that did not mean that
he did not believe in hell or
teach about hell.
R-Repent/Rope. Jesus
preached repentance to
Church Believers in the book
of Revelation (See Rev.2:16;
2:22; 3:3; 3:19). When
hyper-grace teachers say
that believers need not
repent, they are directly
contradicting Scripture.
David Ravenhills
explanation is helpful here:
If (hyper-grace teachers)
say that repentance is no
longer necessary because
all sin has already been
forgiven, then why do we
need to repent the first time
in order to be saved? There
is the belief by some that
since all sin has been
atoned for, all are saved but
just dont know it. This is the
old but still very much alive
false doctrine of
universalism or ultimate
reconciliation.So, hyper-
grace false teaching is
actually tending towards
universalism (all will be
eventually saved doctrine),
which passages like
Matthew 25, the sheep and
goat separation passage,
come strongly against.
You believe in salvation by
works this is one
accusation of the Hyper
Grace party against us.
Nothing is more further from
the truth. The letter R
reminds me of another key
word that I use to counter
the poisonous hyper-grace
teaching. That word is Rope.
Jesus holds the rope at the
top of a cliff. The rope of
salvation. We are holding
onto the rope. Below us is
hell with its furious flames.
Would anyone who holds
fast to the rope boast that
he got saved from hell
because of his own effort?
He wouldnt if he were in his
right senses. He would
always deflect all glory to
the Rope-Holder, Jesus. Our
conscious abiding in Christ is
akin to holding the rope
which in turn Christ holds.
This abiding is essential for
our salvation and it cannot
be called works.
A Attire. Jesus narrated
a parable in Matthew 22:1-
13 about a man who was
bound and bounced in hell
because he did not come for
the Wedding Feast of Jesus
in proper clothes. The
message of this parable is
simple: One needs to wear
both the garments the
garment of salvation and
the garment of sanctification
to enter Heaven; one needs
both forgiveness and
holiness to enter heaven (as
David Pawson put it). Both
the garment of sanctification
and the garment of
forgiveness are given by
grace. But the man in that
parable deliberately chose
not to wear it. The
implication is this: he having
received gift of holiness by
faith, he failed keep it by
continued faith (Romans 8:1
says, There is no
condemnation for those who
are in Christ Jesus and not
There is no condemnation
Hyper Grace False teachers are wolves in sheep clothing
who teach only convenient parts of the truth!
for those who once were in
Christ Jesus. The present
continuous tense used must
not be missed!). And the
man without proper wedding
robes paid the price for the
same. Matthews gospel was
a manual of discipleship in
the early church. And it is in
this manual we find this
parable. The implication: this
message of this parable is
for believers.
Hyper grace
folks argue
that the law
is now
annulled. This
brings me to
yet another
key word
starting with a
Annulled in
this hyper
What is
annulled? Only
the ceremonial
law. Read
Mathew 23:23-24. In that
passage there is a
subordination of the ritual
to the moral law.The book
of Hebrews teaches that the
ceremonial law is annulled
following Christs ultimate
sacrifice on the cross (Heb
8:13). If moral laws were
also done away with, we
would not have moral/
spiritual instructions for
believers found in Hebrews
13:1-19. Believers are
called/challenged to still
follow the moral law. The
law in entirety is not
C-oming of Christ. Hyper
grace poison-teaching
serving folks often say that
judgement teaching is never
used in Scripture to motive
Gods people for holiness.
This is a black lie. See this
passage from 2 Peter: But
the day of the Lord will come
like a thief, and then the
heavens will pass away with
a roar, and the heavenly
bodies will be burned up
and dissolved, and the earth
and the works that are done
on it will be exposed.Since
all these things are thus to
be dissolved, what sort of
people ought you to be in
lives of holiness and
godliness. (2 Peter
3:10,11). The message here
is clear: Jesus is coming
back. A day of judgement is
at hand. Therefore, be holy!
I Cor. 10:6-11 is another
passage where the same
approach is used. A record
of Gods judgement upon
folks is narrated and a clear
call to overcome temptation
is issued keeping that in
mind is issued. See that
passage for yourself, posted
here in modern English (the
Eugene Peterson version)
and come to own conclusion:
The same thing could
happen to us. We must be
on guard so that we never
get caught up in wanting
our own way as they did.
And we must not turn our
religion into a circus as they
didFirst the people
partied, then they threw a
dance. We must not be
sexually promiscuousthey
paid for that, remember,
with 23,000 deaths in one
day! We must never try to
get Christ to serve us
instead of us serving him;
they tried it, and God
launched an epidemic of
poisonous snakes. We must
be careful not to stir up
destroyed them.
These are all
danger!in our
history books,
written down so
that we dont
repeat their
mistakes. Our
positions in the
story are
parallelthey at
the beginning,
we at the end
and we are just
as capable of
messing it up as they were.
Dont be so naive and self-
confident. Youre not
exempt. You could fall flat on
your face as easily as
anyone else. Please note
here that - I say that again -
history of Gods judgement
upon people is used by
Spirit-inspired writers of the
Bible to warn believers to
desist from returning to sin
and to live holy. I dont care,
if hyper-grace false teachers
find that unpalatable. What
I care about, is the pattern
put forth in the Bible.
E-ndure. The New
Testament calls believers to
endure time and again.
Here is a sample: But all of
you who endure to the end
shall be saved(Math.10:22).
If you continue in my word,
you are truly my disciples
The Parable of Wedding Banquet teaches us that we need both
forgiveness as well as holiness to enter heaven.
(John 8:31, RSV); When
youre joined with me and I
with you, the relation
intimate and organic, the
harvest is sure to be
abundant. Separated you
cant produce a thing.
Anyone who separates from
me is dead wood, gathered
up and thrown on bonfire
(John 15:5-6); Keep your
eyes open for spiritual
danger, stand true to the
Lord(1 Cor 16:13); For we
share in Christ, if only we
hold our first confidence firm
to the end(Heb. 3:14);
Dont quit, even if it costs
your life. Stay there
believing. I have life-crown
sized and ready for
you(Rev 2:10); Keep tight
grip on what you have ,so
one distracts you and steal
your crown (Rev 3:11).
Renowned Charismatic
Systematic Theologian, J.
Rodman Williams says,
Although Gods grace is
unconditional, and there is
no un-conditional
persistence in
Salvation.Starting from 1
Corinthians 10:12 So if
you think you are standing
firm, be careful
that you dont
fall! He lists
the conditions
arranging a
gamete of
scripture verses
under each
condition. They
are our abiding
(1 John 2:24-
25; Heb
2:1,3.Jn 15:3-
4,6,7), our
(Col 1:21-23;
Rom 11:11,22; 1 Tim 4:16),
our enduring (2 Tim 2:10-
12;Heb 10:34-39,Mt
24:12,13), our firmness (Heb
3:1-6, 2 Peter 1:10-11,5-
7;2:1,20,21) and our
faithfulness (Rev 2:10, 2:4-5,
Heb 3:1-6,Heb 6:4-8).
The theology, that jumps out
from Judas Iscariots sad life
is a slap on the face for
hyper grace false teachers.
He was saved. His name,
Jesus himself said, was
written in heaven, as all the
names of the disciples were
(Luke 10:20). Yet, we know,
he is going to or has gone
to hell. Jesus called him son
of destruction (John 17:12).
Yes, a saved man can be
lost, if he does not endure
till the end, that was Jesus
point (Mt 10:22). Yes, a
saved man can be cut off
and be cast into the fire, if
he is not careful to remain in
the vine, that was Jesus
teaching (John 15:6).
So, go ahead and use this
G-R-A-C-E acronym to bust
the hyper-grace false
Dhoni may have never read
Luke 17:10 but He seems to follow it!
Duke Jeyaraj on the IPL7 Game Between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) &
Mumbai Indians (MI) in Mumbai on 10 May 2014
One of the reasons I admire M.S. Dhoni is that he does not
celebrate too much or boast or create a hype after leading his
team to yet another last over victory with his cool intact. We
saw that again in 10
May 2014 Super Saturday Night CSKs
match against MI. His philosophy seems to be this: I am only
doing my duty as the captain of the team. It is my job to lead
from the front. I am doing nothing out of the way, extra. Jesus
once qui pped thi s: So you al so, when you have done
everything you were told to do, should say, We are unworthy
servants; we have only done our duty. (Luke 17:10).Dhoni
may have never read these words from the Bible but he seems
to follow it. Do we hype, boast about, every little thing we do
for our families, churches, for the Kingdom of God? We must
The call to endure for believers clearly shows
that hyper-grace false teaching that
once saved, always saved doesnt hold true.
Kunal Pradhan and
Uday Mahurkar
writing for India
Today magazine talk
about the way
connected with
different audiences
across India in his
5000 event, 300,000
km not-ever-seen
election campaign for
the 2014 Lok Shaba
through which he
reached 1 in every 4
potential voter of
India: Over the
course of the
campaign, Modi has
developed a pattern
in his speeches to
tap into the deepest
sentiments of his
audiences. He begins by
reminding them that they
are a glorious people, and
then goes into the local
problems they are dealing
with, contrasting their
condition with the purported
comfort of Gujarat. Modi
then highlights the
ineffectiveness of Congress
governments over 60 years,
setting the tone for jibes at
his opponents and the
promise of a grand future if
he is given just one
opportunity. The range of his
local connect is apparent in
how he spoke about the
plight of banana farmers in
Hajipur, Bihar, illegal
Bangladeshi immigrants in
Kolkata, and rampant
economic backwardness in
Bhubaneswar. In Jharkhand,
If you Forget the Context of the
Audiences, they may Forget you!:
Gospel Communication Lessons from
Narendra Modi & Apostle Paul!
Duke Jeyaraj
he reminded his listeners
how JhumriTilaiya was once
famous for sending the
highest number of song
requests to All India Radio.
And in Imphal, Manipur, he
told the crowd that repairing
the Jiribam highway can
lessen the states burden if
theres an economic
blockade in Nagaland.
(May 19, 2014 issue).
Modi was an expert in
delivering political speeches
in context.
The Scripture calls us to
deliver the Gospel message
in context.
Apostle Paul wrote, To the
Jews I became like a Jew, to
win the Jews. To those
under the law I became like
one under the law (though I
myself am not under the
law), so as to win those
under the law (I Cor. 9:20).
Between the crowd
addressed and the content
expressed there should a
connection without a
distortion of the Gospel
message. This is Pauls point
here. In this verse lies Pauls
clear call for
contextualization when it
comes to presenting the
Gospel or teaching Gods
truths. Pauls point it this:
you cannot present the
Gospel the same way to the
Google Generation (Young
People) and the Greying
Generation (Older Folk).
When one speaks to the
Google Generation, issues
Modi spoke about the unique problems of the people he addressed at any given venue,
when he campaigned for the Lok Shaba elections 2014. Apostle Paul teaches we must
keep the context of the audience when presenting Gods message to them!
which the Google Generation
faces should be addressed
(say issues like
pornography). The same old
Gospel should be wrapped
around things which they
care about it could be
around a ball game, around
the quote of a movie dame,
or a news item that is
setting the world on flame!
The older folk might be
interested in a John Maxwell
quote in the Gospel
presentation. But the
younger folk may prefer a
quote from the
exploits of Glenn
Maxwell, the Aussie
Cricketer! If you are
speaking to a bunch
of Bible College
students, you might
want to speak about
the Lollards
(followers of John
Wycliffe, the Morning
Star of the
Reformation who
passed away in
1384) in your
message. But if you
are speaking to a
bunch of Indian youth
in a big city you might
want to speak about Kieron
Pollard (the bright star of
the Mumbai Indians cricket
What is preaching keeping
in mind the context of the
audience? We must spot the
issues that they are
struggling with:
pornography, petting,
reckless romances,
masturbation, etc. A look at
the popular weeklies will tell
us what issues they are
grabbling with. A recent
issue of Open magazine had
a cover story on how youth
using smart phone apps like
WeChat to meet and have
sex. Another edition of a
news magazine proclaimed
the end of innocence
of todays youth and that it
was not if they will have
premarital sex but a matter
of when they would have
it. After knowing what
issues youth break their
heads about we must give
them truth takes on the
talked-about youth issues
from the Bible without any
bias or reservation. If we
pretend these issues dont
exist, when we preach
to youth, they too will
pretend that a preacher
doesnt exist when we
preach to them! It is as
simple as that!

Not only should we address
contemporary issues but
also we must use
contemporary illustrations,
when it comes to
youth preaching. Take
references from the stuff
they are constantly thinking
about sports, music and
movies to make a point
from a Bible. Paul, in his
sermon at Athens, quoted
from the writings of secular
poets of Athens in
order to connect with his
audience there (Acts 17:28).
That tells me that Paul spent
time reading the writings of
some Athenian poets as part
of his sermon preparation.
Guess what? After that
sermon, we dont read that
anyone was sleeping! If we
use the same old
illustrations in our youth
messages we are
comparable to a man who
tried to send an ice cube
through mail to his friends in
living in sweltering heat in
Chennai from Jabalpur! By
the time it reaches him, it
fails to give the same effect
as it once did. So lets keep
in touch with the
latest happenings in
the youth world so
that our messages
smash in directly at
their problems.
Reading magazines
like India Today,
Outlook, The Week,
Open, Time,
Economist, Frontline,
The Sportstar and the
like is a good
way to keep in touch
with the youth world.

The Paul modelled
what he taught
about contextualization.
Craig Ott explains how
shared the same story of
spoke differently to different
audiences the same
message - that of his life
testimony this way: When
Paul presented his
testimony to a nationalistic
Jewish mob, he shows his
close connection with law-
abiding Judaism (Acts 22:2-
5, 12, 19-20). Pauls
message to the Greco-
Roman upper class uses a
familiar proverb and popular
religious themes, while
challenging them with a
repulsive (to Greco-Romans)
notion of the Resurrection
(Acts 26:8, 17-18, 20, 23).
Lets contextualize!
Including stories not just from the Lollards (followers of
the Morning star of Reformation, John Wycliffe) but
also about, say a Kieron Pollard (Mumbai Indians)
would contextualize our message for the Google Gen!
Dear __________ (Name of
the seeker). Thank you for
voicing your concerns about
my Bible-teaching article
that a believer should only
marry another believer
starting with the Church
engagement followed by a
Hindu Marriage story of
Actress Amala Paul and
Director Vijay posted on my
Facebook account on 15 May
2014. Frank disagreement
always better than fake
praise. I welcome it.
I am attempting a point by
point but brief reply to the
issues raised by you.
believe there is one God
and He created everything,
then why do we get into
this concept of another
belief system and prove
their existence if our Gods
existence is the eternal
MY ANSWER: I want you to
see that while the BIBLE
teaches that God is one,
there are true Gods and
false gods as well (see Jer.
14:22). So those who
believe in false gods cannot
be part of the true belief
system. Why do I trust the
Bible? Because Jesus did
and taught it as Gods Word.
If we do not take the Bibles
view that there are false
gods in this world, we are
effectively calling Jesus a
liar, which he isnt.
A Believer should only Marry
another Believer, is it? But I Have
Duke Jeyaraj answers the questions of a seeker from another faith about the sensitive biblical command that a
believer should only marry another believer.
SAY, For a
true believer
marrying in a
Hindu ritual or
getting into a
Sikh Temple for
few hours
doesnt change
their eternal
with God.
THIS: If a
believer thinks
it is alright to
marry a
unbeliever in a
Sikh Temple/
wherever and
those few
hours doesnt change
anything, he is mistaken.
First, by doing that he is
committing a deliberate sin
against God. The Bible
teaches, For if we go on
sinning deliberately after
receiving the knowledge of
the truth, there no longer
remains a sacrifice for sins
but a fearful expectation of
judgment, and a fury of fire
that will consume the
adversaries (Heb.10:26-
27). What do we learn here?
Those who deliberately sin
against God can reach a
state where they harden
their hearts so much, they
would not want to come
back to God for forgiveness.
And hell is the place where
unforgiven people go. But it
is God who knows if anyone
has committed a deliberate
sin or not. I cant label
anyones sin as deliberate
as I do not know that
sinners heart or life in full.
But God knows. After giving
a person enough chances,
God closes the door on
forgiveness for that person.
When that happens, that
person will not come to God
for forgiveness. When that
person stays that way, he/
she will eventually go to hell
and burn there forever. The
Bible records this about
Israel: But before they had
satisfied their craving, while
the food was still in their
mouths, the anger of God
rose against them, and he
killed the strongest of them
My Bible-teaching article that a believer should
only marry another believer starting with the
Church engagement followed by a Hindu Marriage
story of Actress Amala Paul and Director Vijay
posted on Facebook saw over 6000 hits!
and laid low the young men
of Israel (Psa. 78:30-31).
This Bible passage teaches
that God can choose to kill
people when they are in the
act of deliberate sin (say in
the middle of a wedding
with an unbeliever) and
when that happens that
should be seen as an act of
judgment after which a
person will go and live in hell
forever! The Bible does not
teach, once saved always
saved. We need to abide in
Christ. Romans 8:1 says,
No condemnation for those
who are (present tense) in
Christ Jesus! not those
who were once were in
Christ Jesus! We need to
abide in Christ every minute.
Taking a few minutes off to
marry an unbeliever is not
an act becoming of a true
believer. It is very
dangerous. It can lead to
eternal condemnation.
wish there was one
Religion (if thats the term
given by the Human race on
earth) but unfortunately its
a mystery why God has
created these divisions. Is it
right to interpret Gods
words on love, matrimony
and discard the humanly
emotions that in some way
would have
been Gods
teaches that it
was man who
division. It is
not God.
Adam fell in
sin, the Bible
records. That was start of
sin. And creating false
religions and gods is one of
the many sins of man. The
Prophet Jeremiah in the
Bible put this act of man
poetically: for my people
have committed two evils:
they have forsaken me, the
fountain of living waters,
and hewed out cisterns for
broken cisterns that can
hold no water (Jer. 2:13).
We should not blame God for
the sins man does using his
free will, which God has
given each one of us.
Without free will in this
planet our love for God
cannot be called love.
And when a believer does
something that is contrary
to the written word of God
that can never be Gods will.
God is not a man, that he
should change his mind, the
Bible records (Num. 23:19).
When he has written in his
word that the only non-
negotiable condition for a
believer to marry is that he
should marry another
believer (in I Cor. 7:39, The
Bible), then we take him at
his word and obey. It can
NEVER be Gods will that a
believer should marry a non-
Chapter 8 God said None of
them shall teach his
neighbor, and none his
brother saying Know the
Lord for all shall know Me,
from the least of them to the
greatest of them.
1 Corinthians 7:14 says,
For the unbelieving
husband is made holy
because of his wife, and the
unbelieving wife is made
holy because of her
husband. Otherwise your
children would be unclean,
but as it is, they are holy.
WAY: God is merciful and
loves everyone equally who
takes his name and if we
believe in one Gods
existence then, even if a
non-believer doesnt know
God, God will not stop loving
or caring for His Children on
earth and will very soon
reveal to him/her in due
time. It is in believers faith
to reveal Gods praise to his/
her partner. And God never
forced His children into
anything. He loved
everyone, even the ones
who hurt Him. Why will He
punish a believer and a non-
believer if they come into a
divine matrimony?? God is
powerful to depart the seas
and raise storms, why
wouldnt he stop the good
matrimony of the believer if
such a sin is happening??
There must be a reason why
He unites two people. If
there was no Will of His,
that matrimony wouldnt not
take place.
Hebrews 8:11 they shall
all know me, from the least
of them to the greatest of
them! This you have quoted
to show that even
Psa.78 talks about the possibility of God sending
sudden death even as we are busy enjoying sin!
unbeliever spouses will
become believers,
eventually. Not really.
from the Bible that every
knee will bow before the
name of Lord Jesus (Phil.
2:10) but that does not
mean everyone will be
saved. Read Matthew 25.
Jesus will divide the Sheep
and Goat, the Good Fish
from the Bad Fish. The
lesson of Matthew 25
is that unbelievers and
Jesus-rejecters will go
to hell. Those who
follow the broad road
without Jesus will go
to hell (This Jesus
himself taught in Matt.
7). After Judgment
everyone will be
forced to accept Jesus.
But that
acknowledgement will
not earn a person a
place in heaven. God
is merciful. But he is
also holy. He is a
compassionate father
but also a consuming
fire (Deut. 4:24). Lets not
only take the convenient
things about God. Lets take
to heart what the entire
Bible teaches about him.
Just because God did not
dramatically stop a believer
from marrying another
believer, it does not mean
that believers can marry
unbelievers per se as a rule!
No way! After two people
get married, the Bible
teaches it is Gods will that
they stay together (I Cor.
7:10). See that phrase To
the married in that verse! It
means that this verse is only
for the already-married! This
verse cannot be taken to
mean that the Bible
encourages a believer to
marry an unbeliever. There
are clear passages in the
Bible which teach a believer
marries only a believer (like I
Cor. 7:39). Clear passages
like those should guide us
when we interpret clouded
passages. I Cor. 7:14 is not
a promise verse for
unmarried believer-
unbeliever couples given
with a view to encourage
them to go ahead and get
married. No way. That
passage is about an
unbeliever who had already
married to another
unbeliever before the Gospel
was shared with them. Then,
one of them happens to
accept Jesus it looks like.
But the other spouse does
not. In such a scenario, Paul
writes here that the believer
does not have the freedom
to divorce his unbelieving
spouse. He/she has to still
live with the unbeliever
(Read I Cor. 7:12,13 and you
will get this). The ESV Study
Bible scholars explain: Is
the believing partner defiled
by being married to and
having sexual relations with
an unbeliever (and thereby
becomes unholy)? Should
they divorce? Clearly the
believing partner is not
defiled (he still remains
holy), for Paul says that if
the believing partner has
any say in the matter, they
should not divorce. Read I
Cor. 7:16 For how do you
know, wife, whether you
will save your husband? Or
how do you know, husband,
whether you will save your
wife? This verse teaches
that individual faith is still
necessary for the salvation
of each of the spouses. One
spouse cannot believe on
Jesus for the other!
What is the meaning
of I Cor. 7:14 which
you have quoted?
This: The
unbelieving spouse
and children in a
family with a
believing spouse are
not saved by this
association (See I
Cor. 7:16), but they
do come under the
believing spouses
Christian influence
and so, Paul notes,
they are much more
likely to be saved in
due course through
their own faith. Thus they
are in a real sense set
apart (made holy) from
other unbelievers and from
the evil of the world. Thus
the positive spiritual and
moral influence of the
believing parent outweighs
the negative influence of the
unbelieving parent. ESV
Study Bible Notes. I Cor.
7:14 does not teach that a
believer should marry an
unbeliever or that a
substitutionary faith
exercised by a spouse is
enough to save an
unbeliever life-partner.
this: Why are Christian
Couples separating inspite
of the same belief?
I Cor. 7:16 - This verse teaches that
individual faith is still necessary for the
salvation of each of the spouses.
Christian couples separate
because of the hardness of
their heart (See Math. 19:8).
But just because they
separate it does not make it
automatically okay for a
believer to marry an
character, a loving person, a
genuine heart, a serving
hand will not miss Gods
attention. A true believer
would only shower love like
God and in love would
reveal our God to the
partner in due time.
person is really has a
genuine heart, he/she
will not hurt God by
disobeying his written
word by falling in love
with an unbeliever and
marrying one. When
we love God and
obey his
commandments (I Jn.
5:2). If you love me,
keep my
commandments. Said
Jesus (Jn. 14:15)
YOU WRITE: if we are
believing in eternity more
and less in living time on this
earth then this marriage
part plays a small role in
living as Christians. This
you give as a reason to
justify cross-cultural and
inter-relational marriages.
that heavenly life lasts
forever is true. But our entry
into that that place depends
on our abiding with Christ.
Only those who refuse to
abide in Christ will seriously
choose to marry an
should also remember that
God gave us life to love live
and serve. Sometimes falling
in love is destined for a non-
believer to become a
believer. No one knows what
plans God has for each one.
THIS: It is a misconception
that Jesus only told us to
love, live and serve. Jesus
said in Luke 14:26 this: If
anyone comes to me and
does not hate his own
father and mother and wife
and children and brothers
and sisters, yes, and even
his own life, he cannot be
my disciple. In other words,
our love for Jesus should be
so supreme that the rest of
the loves will seem like
hatred. We should be
willing to lovingly disagree
with parents, have a hard-
straight talk with
unbelievers who may be
romantically interested in us
as believers that WE WILL
THEM, etc. This is part of the
tough part of the Christian
life that Jesus calls us to!
Yes, no one knows whats
ahead. So that is one
reason why a believer
should not marry an
unbeliever who might say,
Down the line, I will
become a believer! He/She
may not become a believer
ever. And he/she might be
successful in exerting
pressure on the believer to
lose his/her faith. Nehemiah
13:26 should warn us from
marrying unbelievers: Was it
not because of marriages
like these that Solomon king
of Israel sinned? Among the
many nations there was no
king like him. He was loved
by his God, and God made
him king over all
Israel, but even he
was led into sin by
foreign women.
Nehemiah 13:26 is
proof that the one
you take to bed, will
influence your head!
So beware do not
marry an unbeliever
The possibility of a
believer becoming an
unbeliever is more
then when an
unbeliever marries a
believer. This is the
cardinal rule. The one
who standing on a lower
level will be able to easily
pull down the one on the
higher level that is life!
When it comes to
evangelism ways: never the
Bible asks believers to fall in
love with unbelievers and
lead them to Christ. Not
even once! It is only the
cults that talk about flirty
fishing! Lets not dare to go
beyond the Bible! We go
beyond the Bible only to our
Thank you for asking these
questions! God bless you!
A Disciple of Jesus places Jesus above even
over the unbeliever girl who loves him!
Intercessor-Maker Fountain
Fasting Prayers
From July 2013 till May 2014 with the exception of March 2014, every month Evangelin Duke
PRAYER which Google Genners have participated. This prayer was geared to make them,
intercessors! Prayers for THE World, first. Prayers for YOUR World, at the end. This was the
pattern followed in these prayers.
From July 2013 till May 2014, every month Duke Jeyaraj led in a Bible Study that aimed at
making disciples of small groups of Google Genners. At this point in time, he has only two
more Bible books left in this series where every Bible books message was summarized.
Disciple-Maker Bible Studies
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Duke Jeyaraj preached in three home-organized meetings of late. For example, one
meeting was organised by a young man who was baptised in water by Duke. During each
of those messages, Duke sought build that home by challenging those in that home with
powerful insights from the Word of God. The Home Jesus frequents... was the title of one
of the messages that Duke preached.
Witness-Maker Tracts Outreaches
From July 2013 till May 2014 every month, the Grabbing the Google Generation from
Gehenna Mission has had tract distribution events in various traffic signals, areas outside
shopping malls, etc, in Hyderabad. Google Genners who joined this event with the Dukes
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Home-Builder Prayer Meetings
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Several potential planet-shakers were raised!
Planet-Shakers Youth Meetings
Duke Jeyaraj, after nearly five years of hard work earned his Doctor of Ministry degree in Southern
Asia Bible College, Bangalore on Mar. 9, 2014. He was the grad speaker for his batch as well.
Dr.David Balasingh was his project guide. Duke and Evan had the joy of meeting Assemblies of God
leaders, like Rev. Robert Jeyaraj, then. The topic of Dukes the Doctoral-level project was this:
Developing Effective Stratergies for Making Disciples of Indias, Google Generation, Worldwide.
Doctor-Maker Graduation Service
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Condoms-Killer AIDS Awareness
Evangelistic Conversations Dinner!
Gold-Hearted Precious Few Indians Who Hold
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As Duke Jeyaraj and Evangelin Duke take the plunge to grab the Google Generation from going to Gehenna, there
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from JULY 2013 to MAY 2014 (11 MONTHS): Magazine Printing Charges Rs.18,000/-; Internet charges with
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If you are lead to give to this ministry which is founded by an Indian and supported by Indians who are blessed
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Duke Jeyaraj hosted a dinner for Google
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mall on World AIDs day in Hyderabad (Dec 1,
2014). Duke busted the lie that wearing
condoms prevents AIDS and presented the
Gospel via conversations. Duke advocated
wearing Christ, instead. The message Duke
shared that day was uploaded on to the audio
shari ng si te - www.soundcl oud.com/
What a lovely and blessed couple you are, Duke & Evan. Your zeal for God inspires me.
from Cameroon
Hello uncle Duke...I just wanted to say that you are an inspiration to me. I always read
your post and every time I log onto FaceBook and get to read your posts and learn more
about Lords Scripture and just admire in awe. I really love to write and I want be a
journalist. I want to grow up and be a person like you who can work for Gods kingdom
through my writing skill...Please keep me in your prayers...- from Bangladesh.
Everyday, atleast ten minutes, I see your speech on YouTube. Really its helped me to
overcome temptations a YouTube user.
From Cameroon to Bangladesh:
Notes of Encouragement Sent To Us