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Note 3: The Moral Person: How to solve conflicts?

The humanist view is that people at certain stage of life are naturally moral.
The Christian view is that people at the beginning are immoral, in fact, sinful because of the
original sin of Adam and Eve.
The Muslim view that at birth a person has no elements of morality whatsoever just like the
condition of white piece of cloth. is moral character depends on environmental influences.
Confucius, however says that a person is moral at birth, but changes if this condition is not
nurtured properly when he is growing up.
!hen you were born, what condition were you in"moral, immoral or non"moral#
$ive your views on the moral condition you were probably in when you were born.
What is the Concept of Morality?
Moral is teaching, regulation group and resolution, oral or written about how the person should
live and act so that he becomes a good person
What is a conflict?
Conflict emerges whenever two or more people or groups seek to possess the same object,
occupy the same space on the same e%clusive position, play incompatible roles, maintain goals
or undertake mutually incompatible means for achieving their purposes
Many views about Moral Concept and Moral Educational Concept are multidimensional.
SUGAMAN !"#$3% says & A person view will influence his way of thinking and
his life and subse'uently shape his approach to morality(.
The way a teacher or a parent educates his pupils or children will be influenced by his views on
the concept of morality
)or instance, a parent who sees morality as a human obligation in following the rules
and the law will behave like a dictator who is unlikely to compromise when teaching his
children about morality in life.
*f that parents consider morality as a relative values which can be weighed one against
another, it is likely that he will allow his children to have free choice of moral values and
decide between right and wrong. This compromising attitude of parents is considered
more democratic.
Theory of Moral pro&le' an( its sol)tions
)actors of +ifferent Mankind,
+ifferent e%perience, different perception, different Thinking, different Emotion, different Action
and different -hysical.
P*S+T+,- -.P-+-NC-S
N-GAT+,- -.P-+-NC-S
.asically , man will be facing / pivotal process to s)rvive0happy an( (evelopin12
/. -erceiving or sensing 0menanggap1.
2. 3easoning or thinking 0mentaakul4fikir1
5. )eeling or emotion 0merasai1
6. Moving or act 0bergerak4bertindak1.
7egative thinking ways8 create some negative perceptions to any e%perience and past events 9
being disturbed by :self defeating( produce a few symptoms"-sychosis47eurosis
-sychosis symptoms
i. cannot accept reality
ii. .laming others" never admit mistakes
iii. +emanding 8 Too dominant 0no tolerance1.
iv. 3igid 0no fle%ibility1 8 words M;<T, <=;>+, <;--=<E T= etc.
v. 9 +estroying others
7eurosis symptoms
i. cannot accept reality
ii. .laming her4himself" +eservingness 8 withdrawal syndrome
iii. +amnation 8 .laming himself.
iv. !eak ope" <elf"withdrawal
v. 9 self defeating
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@. Empathy and understanding
A. Avoid *ncongruence
B. -roblem <olution