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Quest-ce quon va faire

What are are going to do
On va Were going to
acheter des souvenirs. buy souvenirs
aller au cinema. go to the cinema
aller Londres. go to London
aller au stade. go to the stadum
couter des CD. listen to CDs
faire du shopping. go shopping
jouer au baby-foot. play table football
jouer au flipper. play pinball
manger avec ma famille. eat with my family
manger au fast-food. eat at the fast-food place
regarder le match. watch the match
regarder la tl. watch TV
rentrer la maison. go home
visiter le Palais de Buckingham. visit Buckingham Palace
demain tomorrow
les projets the plans

lavenir In the future
Je vais avoir Im going to have
une belle voiture/moto. a nice car / motorbike
des enfants. children
Je vais tre Im going to be ..
clbre. famous
riche. rich
heureux/heureuse. happy
Je vais faire Im going to
le tour du monde. go around the world
du bnvolat. do voluntary work
Je vais habiter Im going to live ..
dans un appartment de luxe. in a luxury apartment
dans une grande maison. in a big house
ltranger. abroad
Je vais jouer .. Im going to play
au foot pour lAngleterre. football for England
Je vais rencontrer Im going to meet
le /la partenaire de mes rves. my dream partner

Aprs le college After School
(16) ans at the age of (16)
aller au lyce to go to sixth-form college
aller luniversit to go to university
tre (professeur) to be (a teacher)
tudier (langlais) to study (English)
faire un apprentissage to do an apprenticeship
faire une licence (de marketing) to do a (marketing) degree
quitter le college to leave school
travailler to work

Pourquoi apprendre les langues Why learn languages?
parler une langue trangre
voyager en Europee
to speak a foreign language
to travel in / to Europe
habiter ltranger to live abroad
travailler pour une enterprise to work for a company
apprcier la culture to appreciate the culture
pour mon metier for my job
avoir un contact plus sympathique
avec les habitants
to have friendlier relations with
the locals
comprendre to understand
utiliser to use
un chauffeur de camion a lorry driver
un scrtaire a secretary
le commerce business
la langue maternelle mother tongue
lunion Europenne the European Union
des clients customers
utile useful
plus tard dans la vie later in life
seulement only

Les verbes modaux Modal verbs
je dois I must
on doit we / one must
je peux I can
on peut we / one can
je veux I want to
on veut we / one can

Les Conjonctions
car because
comme as, since, because
de plus whats more / in addition
donc therefore
en ce moment at the moment
finalement finally
o where
pourtant however
y compris including

Vocabulaire Supplmentaire

Stratgie 2
Checking your work.
Here are the most important things to check when youve written a
piece of French. It doesnt take too much effort to make sure you
write better French and get better marks.

Spelling If youre not sure of a word, look it up again.

Gender Le or la? A dictionary will tell you: Masc.(for
masculine) or fem. (for feminine).

Tense Check that you have written:
The correct ending on the verb
avoir / tre + past participle for the past
aller + infinitive for what youre going to

Agreements If youre using an adjective with a noun, make
sure you make it agree; usually theres a
different ending for feminine and plural

Accents They change the way you pronounce a word but
can also change the meaning: aime or aim
arrive or arriv?