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J une 8, 2014
Highfields Event Center-Aiken, SC
J udge: Molly Lewis - Augusta, GA
No cruelty will be tolerated on the show grounds
Entry F ees
. Ticketed Warm-up: $5 per trip
"'Regular Classes: $10 per class
-J umper Classes: $15 per class
-J umper 50/50 splits: $25 per class payback 50%,25%,15%,10%
"'Stall F ees: $35 per horse or tack
"'Shavings: $8 per bag -please pre-order wlstall reservations
"'Grounds F ee: $15/day/horse (not required on stalled horses)
-Electrlc or water plug in: $35/day (required for even electric)
12-month current. negative Coggins Test required.
1. P roper show attire required. No schooling attire.
2. Any riders jumping (showing or schooling) must wear ASTM approved helmets and
long pants.
3. Any person deemed dangerous or abusive by show management will be required
to leave the show
4. Stallions to be shown by adults only
5. Entire Show judged by USEF rules
For more information contact Bob Bennett 803-206-8989
or email: rbennett2979@gmail.com
SUNDAY J une 8, 2014 9:00AM
7:00- 8:30 a.m. - ticket warm-up and as time permits $5 per trip
1. Model Hunter
2. Pre-Beginner Rider WIT over Ground Poles A
3. Pre-Beginner Rider WIT over Ground Poles B
4. Pre-Beginner Rider WIT under Saddle
5. Beginner Rider Cross Rails WIT 12" Course A
6. Beginner Rider Cross Rails WIT 12" Course B
7. Beginner Rider Cross Rails WIT under Saddle
8. Beginner Rider Equitation Cross Rails 12' over fences
9. Beginner Rider Equitation WIT under Saddle
10. Cross Rails 18" Course A
11. Cross Rails 18" Course B
12. Cross Rails under Saddle
13. Suitability for Dressage
14. Hunter Hack 2'
IS. Modified Equitation 13& under Over fences 2'
16. Modified Equitation 13 &under Under Saddle
17. Modified Equitation 14& over Over fences 2'3"
18. Modified Equitation 14&over Under Saddle
19. Open Hunter 2' Course A
20. Open Hunter 2' Course B
21. Open Hunter under Saddle
22. Pony Hunter 2' Course A
23. Pony Hunter 2' Course B
24. Pony Hunter under Saddle
25. Green Working Hunter 2'-2'3" Course A
26. Green Working Hunter 2'-2'3" Course B
27. Green Working Hunter under Saddle
28. Puddle J umper 18" A &B
29. Novice J umper 2' A & B
30. Pony J umper 2' A &B
31. Schooling J umper 2'3" A &B
32. Open J umper Progressive Stake beginning 2'3" 50/50 split
33. J umper Challenge Stake 2'6"-2'9" 50/50 split
34. Mini Grand Prix 3'3" 50/50 split
J une 8, 2014 Highfields Event Center Aiken, SC
Exhibitor Name: Youth Date of Birth:
Horse Name: Horse Age:
Exhibitor Address:
__________________ State: Zip Code: _
Contact Phone Number: Email Address:
--------- -----------------
Cl # F D f CI # F D "f
ass ee escnp IOn ass ee escnpuon
For Office Use Only
Back Number:
Stall Assignment:
Total Class Fees:
Grounds Fee ($15) _
Horse Stall ($35) _
Tack Stall ($35) _
Shavings ($8)
Camper Fee ($35/night) Fri__ Sat __
Coggins: Barn Stal1#
Every entry constitutes an agreement that the ownerllesee/riderlhandler and their agents shall abide by the rules of this show.
This also declares that all of the above individuals accept as final any decisions made under these rules and that the horse and
rider are eligibleas entered. Furthermore, the ownerllesee/riderlhandler and their agents are aware that this isapotentially
dangerous activity and agree to hold harmless Highfields Event Center, Hunter Play Day Open Horse Showand/or any of
their agents for any injury or lossto person or property that may occur, directly or indirectly inconjunction with this show.
Signature ofOwner/Agent Date _
Signature of Parent/Guardian if youth rider Date _