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CSS Examination

CSS Examination is a competitive examination conducted by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Islamabad
every year for recruitment to posts in Basic Pay Scale 17 for following groups/services under Federal Government.
1. Commerce & Trade
2. Customs & Excise Group
3. District Management Group
4. Foreign service of Pakistan
5. Income Tax Group
6. Information Group
7. Military Lands and Cantonments Groups
8. Office Management Group
9. Pakistan Audit and Accounts service
10. Police Service of Pakistan
11. Postal Group
12. Railways (Commercial & Transportation) Group
Parts of CSS Examination.
The CSS Exam comprises the following.
1. Written Examination
2. Medical Test
3. Psychological Test
4. Viva Voce
(Each part is explained in detail in the last of this topic/page)

Eligibility for taking CSS Exam.

Male as well as female candidates can appear in CSS exam if they fulfill the following eligibility criteria.
Nationality. The candidate must be a citizen of Pakistan or permanent resident of state of J ammu and Kashmir.
Education. (a)The candidate must hold at least 2nd division (or grade C), Bachelor Degree in any faculty in one of
the universities of Pakistan or equivalent qualification or comparable educational qualification of a foreign university,
recognised by Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad.
(b) A candidate who has obtained 3rd division (or grade D) in his Bachelor Degree will be eligible for Exam in case
he/she has obtained her division in Master degree.
Age limit. Age limit for candidate 21 28 years, which can be relaxed by 2 years (upto 30 yrs) for a person who is
already in government service and has completed at least two years in service. Age relaxation (up to 2 years) is also
available to candidates who belong to scheduled caste and Buddhist community as well as those candidates who live
in remote areas, defined by FPSC (Age relaxation detail is in the last of this page).
Disabled Candidates. Disabled candidates (in categories of physical, hearing/speech (deaf & dumb) and visually
impaired (blind)) are allowed to take exam against four Occupational Groups/Services which are (1) Commerce &
Trade Group (2) Pakistan Audit & Accounts Service (3) Information Group and (4) Postal Group, provided they fulfil
the eligibility criteria of education and age limit as mentioned above.

Places of the Examination:
The examination is held simultaneously at Abbottabad,Bahawalpur, D.I.Khan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Faisalabad,
Gilgit,Gujranwala, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Khuzdar, Lahore, Larkana, Multan, Muzaffarabad, Okara,
Peshawar, Quetta,Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Sialkot, Skardu & Sukkur depending onthe number of applicants for each

Places of Interviews:
The interviews will be held at Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore,
Peshawar & Quetta.

How to apply for CSS Exam
Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Islamabad publishes their advertisement for CSS Exam in all daily
newspapers every year. In which date of Exam and last date for submitting application form is given.
Candidate must pay Rs. 1000/ (PKR) as application fee (exam fee) which is deposited in State Bank/National Bank of
Pakistan under the account head C02101-Organs of State Exam Fee(FPSC Receipt). Application form, Rules and
Guidelines, and Syllabi are available on the production of this receipt (application fee deposit receipt in above banks)
in Head office of FPSC at Islamabad and branches of FPSC at different cities.
The application form is filled for apply for exam. The application form must reach Commission on or before the
closing date. No extra time is allowed.

Dates of exam and submitting of application form of CSS.
Generally, the CSS exam (written) is held in the month of March or April every year, and last date for
submitting application for is 1st or 2nd J anuary of the same year. Like, The CSS exam (written) for 2012 will be held
by FPSC with effect from 6th March 2012 and closing date for submitting application is 1st J anuary 2012.
These dates can be changed by FPSC Islamabad for every year.

CSS Examination Detail of each part.

CSS Examination is given for the selection of candidates for services under FPSC, The Commission ensure that
selected candidate is perfect in all aspects for the post or service. Candidate has to undergo all the parts of CSS
Exam for appointment against a post.
1. Written Exam
2. Medical Test
3. Psychological Test
4. Viva Voce
Written Exam.
The written exam carries total 1200 marks. For written Exam candidate has to take all compulsory subjects (papers)
which carry total 600 marks as well as select subjects from optional subjects which carry total 600 marks. Each paper
is given time of 3 hours. There are subjective questions as well as some MCQs. MCQs are to be attempted on
computerized OMR Answer sheet, whereas subjective questions are to be attempted on Answer Book. Blue or black
ink is allowed only. For qualifying written test a candidate should obtain at least 40% in each compulsory subject and
33% in each of optional subject or 50% in aggregate.


Subject Marks
Essay 100
English (Precis and Composition) 100
General Knowledge
Everyday science 100
Current Affairs 100
Pakistan Affairs 100
Islamiyat 100
Total 600
Note: The Non-Muslim candidates have the option either to take Islamiat as one of the compulsory subject or
otherwise Pakistan Affairs (G.K. Paper-III) will be treated of 200 marks in their case and half of the total marks
obtained by them in the paper on Pakistan Affairs (G.K. Paper-III) will be counted in lieu of Islamiat.
A candidate who does not appear in any compulsory subject will not be allowed to appear in the remaining papers
of the Examination.


Subjects carrying total of 600 marks to be selected

Subject Marks
Accountancy & Auditing 200
Economics 200
Business Administration 100
Public Administration 100
Political Science 200
Agriculture 100
Forestry 100
Sociology 100
J ournalism 100
Pure Mathematics 200
Applied Mathematics 200
Computer Science 100
Statistics 100
(Science subjects)
Physics 200
Geology 200
Geography 200
Chemistry 200
Botany 200
Zoology 200
(History Subjects)
Islamic History & Culture 200
Indo-Pak History 200
British History 200
European History 200
History of the USA 100
Law 200
Constitutional Law 100
Mercantile Law 100
Muslim Law & J urisprudence 100
International Law 100
International Relations 100
Philosophy 200
Psychology including Experimental Psychology 200
(Regional Languages)
Sindhi 100
Pushto 100
Punjabi 100
Balochi 100
(National & Foreign Languages)
English Literature 200
Urdu 200
Persian 200
Arabic 200

1. There will be two papers of 100 marks each of the subjects which carry 200 marks. In other subjects there
will be one paper. Each
2. The Question Papers in Urdu or other Pakistani regional languages (Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushto and Balochi),
Persian and Arabic should be answered in the respective languages or in Urdu/English unless otherwise
directed in the question paper. The question paper in Islamiat is to be answered in English or Urdu only. All
other papers must be answered in English unless otherwise directed in the Question Paper. Contravention of
these instructions will result in the cancellation of the papers and award of ZERO marks in the paper(s)
3. The candidates are required to select optional subjects carrying a total of 600 marks,but not more than
200 marks from any box/ columns, as provided in the columns of rules.
4. CSS Exam - Medical,
Psychological Test and Viva Voce
6. Medical Test.
7. Candidates who qualify the written examination will be medically examined by the Medical Boards
constituted for the purpose to ensure that candidate is in good mental and physical health and free from
any physical defect likely to interfere with the discharge of their duties. The candidates who (after such
medical examination which Government or the appointing authority, may prescribe) are found not to satisfy
these requirements, will not be appointed except the disabled candidates as rules mentioned for disabled
candidates by FPSC.
Disabled candidates must submit a certificate of disability issued by the competent authority designated for
the purpose by the Federal/Provincial Government. Disabled candidates in the categories of physically
impaired, hearing/speech impaired(deaf & dumb) and visually impaired (blind) are allowed to compete for
Competitive Examination against four Occupational Groups/Services viz: (a) Commerce & Trade Group (b)
Pakistan Audit & Accounts Service (c) Information Group & (d) Postal Group....
Disabled candidates will be provided helper such as Writer, if so requested by them in their application
In order to prevent disappointment, candidates are advised to have themselves examined by a Government
Medical Officer of the standing of a Civil Surgeon before applying for admission to the examination.
10. Psychological Test.
11. All candidates called for Viva Voce will be required to undergo Psychological Test first, comprising written
tests and group tasks. Such tests are designed to assess abilities, attitude and personality characteristics of
the candidates with special regard to their aptitude for the Civil Services. Separate marks are not awarded
for the Psychological assessment. However, 300 marks assigned to Viva Voce also reflect the performance
on Psychological Test. Candidates must bring their National Identity Cards and two copies of recent
photographs when summoned for Psychological test, and Viva Voce. If a candidate remains absent in the
Psychological Test, he/she will not be allowed to appear for Viva Voce.
13. Viva Voce.
14. Each candidate who qualifies written part of the exam. will be interviewed by a Board. He/she will be asked
questions on matters of general interest. The object of the interview is to assess his/her suitability for the
services for which he/she is entered and in framing their assessment the Board will attach particular
importance to the moral and ethical qualities of the candidates, his/her intelligence and alertness of mind,
his/her vigour and strength of character and his/her potential qualities of leadership. The Board will take
into consideration his/her extra-mural activities such as sports, debates, hobbies, etc., and their effect on
his/her physique and character, in assessing his/her merit.
All candidates are expected to have basic knowledge regarding Islam and Pakistan. Questions may be asked
in the Interview on these subjects. Persons securing less than pass marks in these subjects will not be
considered for appointment to Government jobs, irrespective of their proficiency in other fields. However,
the Non-Muslim candidates will not be asked any question regarding Islam.
16. Qualifying marks in over all test for eligibility for appointment.
The Commission with prior approval of the Government may fix qualifying marks in any or all of the subjects
of the examination but a candidate who fails to secure at least 40% marks in any compulsory subject, 33%
marks in any of the optional subjects, or 50% marks in the Aggregate and 100 marks at the Viva Voce, will
be considered to have failed and will not be eligible for appointment.
18. How many time a candidate can take the CSS Exam?
A candidate can take CSS exam three times only.
20. Re-counting of CSS Exam.
If you want to do re-counting of your marks obtained in CSS Exam, you will have to submit your request for
re-counting with in one month from the date of issue of result card/marks sheet, along with a Treasury
Challan of Rs 200/- per paper as fee of re-counting.

General Tips and information about CSS Examination
1. Be careful in the selection of subjects from optional subjects. Select those subject which you have studied
in your previous classes or those subject in which you have more interest or you have more command on
them comparatively.
2. While filling the application form never write false things or exaggeration to influence Commission or
officers or member of the staff of commission, if they come to know (even after your appointment) about
any information given by you is wrong or false, you will be liable to dismissal from service.
3. If you are not satisfied from your exam you took this year and want to take exam again next year, apply
for exam by prescribed date without waiting for your result because result may take time and you may miss
the date for submitting application for next year exam.
4. Date of Birth: The date of birth accepted by the Commission is that entered in the following documents:
(a) Matriculation Certificate;
(b) Secondary or Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate;
(c) Certificate of birth from the Principal/Headmaster of the School from where a candidate has passed his/her GEC,
O level or equivalent examination, showing the date of birth in the School Admission Register;
(d) In case of Christian candidates, Baptismal or birth registration certificate.
(The decision as to which certificate is acceptable for the purpose of date of birth rests with the Commission). Note:
Once a date of birth has been claimed by a candidate and accepted by the Commission for the purpose of admission
to an examination, no change will be allowed at a subsequent examination or selection.
1. Age Limit Relaxation: The upper age limit will be relaxed by two years up to the age of 30 years in
respect of :
(a) the candidates belonging to the Scheduled Caste and Buddhist Community subject to production of a certificate
(Annex-A of Application Form) to be issued by Political Agent/DCO/ District Magistrate in support of their claim.
(b) the candidates belonging to the recognized Tribes who are permanent residents of the areas mentioned below
and whose families have been living in these areas. Such candidates must attach a certificate (Annex- B of
Application Form) to be issued by Political Agent/DCO/District Magistrate in support of their claim :
1. Balochistan.
2. Tribal Areas of D.I.Khan and Peshawar Divisions (including former Frontier States of Dir, Swat,
Chitral and Amb).
3. Former excluded (Baluch) area forming part of the Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur Districts.
4. Former Tribal Areas of Mardan and HazaraDivisions.
5. Upper Tanawal Area of Hazara Division.
(c) the candidates who are permanent residents of Azad Kashmir Territory, subject to submission of a
certificate (Annex-C of Application Form) to be issued by Kashmir Affairs Division, Government of Pakistan.
(d) the candidates who are permanent residents of Northern Areas including Gilgit, Diamir, Baltistan, Ghizar and
Ghanche, subject to submission of a certificate (Annex-B of Application Form) to be issued by the Political
Agent/DCO/ District Magistrate.
(e) the candidates who are disabled namely, physically impaired, hearing/speech impaired (deaf & dumb) and
visually impaired (blind), subject to submission of certificate of disability issued by the competent authority
designated for the purpose by the Federal/Provincial Government.
(f) In Service Government Servants, Armed Forces Personnel, Contract employees, including the Government
servants of AJ &K, who possess minimum of two years continuous Government service as on first J anuary, 2012,
subject to submission of Departmental Permission Certificate(Annex-E) from the competent authority. Employees of
Nationalized Banks, State Bank of Pakistan, WAPDA, Regulatory Authorities, Autonomous bodies and other semi
autonomous bodies are not entitled to age relaxation.