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Amy Hewett-Olatunde

Hamline University/Oral Synthesis Presentation

June 13, 2013

Leadership through engagement: Transformative community building in a high school
English language learner setting

Guiding Question: How does my increasing understanding of leadership influence how I lead?

Topic: Transformational Leadership (Northouse)
Community Building/Engaged Pedagogy (Block and hooks)
Synthesis: Transformational leadership, community building, and engaged pedagogy in the
classroom allows for deep relationships to form, while showing them ways to advocate for
themselves through increased self- awareness and self-confidence.
I. Introduce guiding question and topics
II. Professional Background- my connection to topic
III. Northouse and Transformational Leadership/ LEAP Drama Club
IV. bell hooks and Engaged Pedagogy/Community Building *reference to Peter Block
V. Question for thought: Think back on your own education, K-12 and/or college
-Did it employ engaged pedagogy in any way or was it incompatible?
VI. How is community building visible in my classroom? Kyaw Lin I Am

Block, P. (2008). Community: The structure of belonging. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler
Friere, P. (1993). Pedagogy of the oppressed. New York: Continuum.
hooks, b. (1994). Teaching to transgress: Education as the practice of freedom. New York:
Images courtesy of Google Images.
Kjaw Lin. (2012, May 9). LEAP Poetry Cafe. Retrieved June 1, 2013, from
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Northouse, P.G. (2009). Leadership: Theory and practice, 6

I Am
The person who never knew what my birthplace looks like.
The person who just knew the name of the birthplace.
12 years as Thailands refugee.
A computer with the password.
A roof that is protecting my loved ones when its raining.
An artist who likes drawing the moon and the sunset.
A hut beside the rice paddy field.
Lightning when it is cloudy.
The person who wants to be a stream rather than the ocean.
The person who is building a time machine to travel through to my future and travel
back to my childhood.
The person who believes in confidence can reach souls.
The person who puts my faith on hard work.
A turtle for my parents.
Winter but summer.
A backpack full of books inside.
A tree with a shadow that cools others when its sunny.
The person who wants to be a hand for my people and others.
The person who always think about life in Thailands refugee camp.
The person who always wonders what my birthplace look like.
-Kyaw Lin 12