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Pricol Limited

Pricol Limited, India stands testimony to its commitment to manufacture and develop authentic
and reliable automobile parts. The company's mission for creating a leadership principle based
on customer satisfaction; building pride among Partners, employees, stakeholders and suppliers
through fair judgment and delegation has been upheld time and again. The resilience shown by
company in face of adverse circumstances sets a benchmark for automobile industry
The core values that form the foundation of such a robust conglomerate primarily is respect for
an individual contributor. Pricol is a company that understands the importance of innovation and
re-evaluation of its products and manufacturing techniques. Hence, is entitled distinct
recognition as an ace in the automobile advanced techniques?
Its offices are spread across India. The factories are located in New Delhi, Uttarakhand, Pune,
and Coimbatore. Marketing and regional offices are situated in Indore, Hyderabad, Kolkata,
Ahmadabad, Mumbai, and Gurgaon. It has its presence in 45 countries of the world making it a
key global player. Pricol has its offices in Chicago, USA, Roserath, Germany, Pisa, Italy, Kariya,
Japan, Guangzhou, China and Jakarta Indonesia.
The group of companies is Pricol Technologies, English Tools, Pricol Travels, Pricol
Engineering Industries Limited, Pricol Packing Limited, Pricol Cargo, Xenos Technologies,
Pricol Properties limited, Pricol corporate services limited, Pricol Academy of Excellence
(PACE), and Carcerano Pricol tech, it has liaisons with companies like DENSO, Magneti
Marelli, NHK Spring and Directed Electronics. More than four thousand people contribute in
ceaseless, qualitative and reliable productivity, growth and sustenance of the company and its
International alliances. The success of is assured because of these devoted and sincere
professionals who have worked diligently to make this a dream come true. The glory belongs to
each and all members of the Pricol family.
Pricol Limited has seven (7) manufacturing units, more than fifty (50) products, around two
thousand (2000) product variants on offer. Instrument Clusters, Secondary Air Valves, Oil
pumps, Speed Sensors, Auto Decompression units ,Centralized lubrication Systems, Vehicle
Tracking systems, Convenience and Security Systems, Digital Tachograph, Low oil pressure
switches, etc .Sintered components such as Gears, Gerotors, Hubs, Pistons are manufactured
using ferrous carbon and nickel carbon based alloys. Anti- rust steam treatment, projection
wielding and secondary machining is also done to ensure a longer life of the automobile parts.
Automobile industry giants include suppliers, importers and manufacturers. Pricol has been a
trustworthy partner in most of their business endeavors. The clientele of the company includes
L&T CASE, Either India, Ashok Leyland, Escorts, Terex UK, and John Deere, India, Indo Farm
Tractors, General Motors and other stalwarts of the industry. It has ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001
&OHSAS 18001 certifications for its Management Systems, Design, Development and its
Pricol has won many prestigious accolades and national awards for quality, performance, and
development of technology. A few of them are Outstanding Performance in cost by Denso
Haryana Pvt Ltd- 2007-08, Best supplier award, Bronze Award for overall excellence in
manufacturing, Certificate of Honor for Contribution Technology developed in India, Export
Award, Best Vendor Award, Outstanding Indigenization Award, Outstanding performance in
quality, and countless others reflect the unfailing devotion to the growth and establishment of
technological prowess of the company.

Pricol Engineering Industries Limited
Pricol Engineering Industries Limited (PEIL), established in 2001 is part of Pricol Group. PEIL
has made a mark in some of the most critical areas in Defense and Railways. Ever since its
inception, PEIL especially for the Indian Defence sector whether it is in creating a new product
line, or recreating an existing one is driven by the thirst to innovation. Some of the complex
products developed and manufactured for Indian Defence and Railways has been successfully
installed and tested. PEIL is capable of developing complex electrical, electronic and electro-
mechanical products for Defence and Railways. Indigenous product development occupies a
place of pride at PEIL.
PEIL has its own in house design and manufacturing facilities with well experienced Engineers
in design, Production, QA and Marketing. A state-of-the-art facility for product reliability,
testing which includes Vibration & Shock, Temperature Chambers etc to meet the rugged test
requirements is part of PEIL. PEIL also have a separate after sales support team to support the
products in & out warranty period to maintain long term relationship with customers.

Products Manufactured at PEIL
1) Dual Cab Control System
2) Air Flow Indicator
3) Control Console for Diesel Locomotives (WDP4 & WDG4)
4) Central Control Unit
5) Speed Indicator
6) Double Pressure Gauge
7) Tracting effort and Braking Effort Meter
8) Shunting Desk
9) Driver Desk
10) Electrical Control Cabinet

1) Hull Electric Panel for BMP- II
2) Tachometer Generator
3) Temperature Warning Device
4) Speedo Reduction Gear Tachometer Generator
5) Speedo Indicator
6) Electric Thermometer Temperature Indicator
7) Hour Meter
8) Temperature Sensor
9) Unified Pressure Warning Device
10) Potentiometer
11) Tacho Indicator
12) Pressure Indicator
13) Fuel Level Indicator
14) Electric Pressure Transducer
15) Air Pressure Warning Device