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Valencia 16/11/09


Whereas, Seller has complete full authority to sell Gold Dore Bars (AU)
Gold Dusts and Buyer is able, willing to purchase, parties hereto entering into
this sales, and buyers Contract for and in consideration of the undertaking
described in this agreement hereby agree as follow.
a. Our Gold Dusts, the price is $22,000.00 per kilogram on CIF, trial tranche
minimum purchase of 500 kilograms on operative Banking instrument of
SBLC/BG on MT-760 all with swift confirmations, either one of the above, Atlas
pays for pre smelting of Gold Dusts into mini bars before shipment to Buyer’s
Free Trade Zone as Republic of Mali Government new law, FOB service is also
available with Atlas on $20.000 per kg.+2.000 $ Commission. Mr.xxxx Passport
xxxxxxxx, has our mandate to sell Gold Dore Bars (AU) Gold Dust, buyer does
not pay local taxes on CIF.

b.On CIF basis only, seller will pay for Export/freight charges, by airlifting cargo
of the Gold, and has discretion to negotiate with the airliners on price that will be
suitable for him/her, and Republic of Mali customs export clearance tax at
already negotiated figure of 6.5% on 300 kilograms minimum of the total
quantity of Gold Dusts to be shipped.

c.Seller will officially make shipment of the Gold Dore Bars (AU) Gold Dusts
into mini bars with the seller’s representative back to the Buyer’s final
destination, and arrange for payment within 72 hours after the refinery/refineries
have completed performance on a full assay, at refinery and delivers to any Free
Trade Zone Airport.
Our type of Gold, Dore Bars (AU) metal 22 carat + and dust with purity, 95%
purity or + fineness, 100% to be paid after a full assay is performed.
When the seller confirms/states and warrants that the TITLE of the Gold Dore
Bars Gold Dusts to be sold is free of lien, clear of criminal origin, Terrorist, and
not encumbered, the TITLE to the Gold dusts shall be handed over to the Buyer
upon which the Buyer clearing the goods through his country’s boarder customs


Total quantity of the Gold Dore Bars (AU) Gold Dusts the seller is marketing and
delivering to the Buyers under this agreement, will have to be decided by the
Buyer which is XXXX kilograms or more roll extension, and the Seller shall
inevitably work out a schedule of delivery, as the Agreement can be renewed with
revolving to be decided by parties involved.


HEREIN Gold Dore Bars (AU) Gold Dusts is packed in boxes as may be
specified, and contract will roll/extensions for certain number of years or more to
be shipped on monthly basis, for example XXXX kgs or more/less x 60 months.

All transportation costs into free trade zone (FTZ)Airport, will be borne by the
prospective Buyer as stated below, and the XXXX kgs or more of Gold Dore
Bars (AU) Gold dusts as may be specified herein may be delivered by the seller to
the For FOB only, Buyer through a special arrangement to be made on FOB to
the Buyer’s company in FTZ Airport to be nominated by the Buyer, and will pay
the export taxes before shipping to the final destination. IF Buyer meets with the
conditions set forth with, within 4 days upon signing of this agreement with the
Buyer, again, Buyer will also be responsible for customs exportation tax from
Bamako-Mali, freight charges by air cargo, and clearing charges in destination
country, and transportation charges for delivery of theGold Dore Bars (AU)
Gold Dusts to the Buyer’s refinery.

Both parties are to make verification of documents and will physically confirm
the Gold Dore Bars (AU) Gold Dusts between the two parties. Our company’s
“policy implies knowing your customer/clients policy”, therefore, if we are really
to do business as you readily had shown interest, both parties must meet face to
face together with your prospective Buyers, either here in Mali or at your place of
choice, to familiarize ourselves, exchange information by interactive, then, move
to the refinery for a clear purity test of what our representative will provide, or
what the Buyer may take back to his country from Mali Origin.

Buyer shall pay for the Gold Dore Bars (AU) Gold Dusts delivered under the
terms of this contract, in clear United States Dollars, by a wire transfer 100% of
face value of the Gold contained in each shipment after verification by Buyer’s
refiner that the Gold has the required purity warranted by the seller. The price of
Gold Dore Bars (AU) Gold Dusts per kg can be increased depending on Local
Miners increase on human Labour. Buyer and Seller acknowledges that the
chosen refinery may assay the Gold after shipment in 1 day or in 4 days
according to the volume of other transaction schedule by the refiner to proceed
on our transaction.



Buyer reserves the right to assign this contract to another company, any assignee
or legal successor to the Buyer shall assume obligation and benefit of the contract.


Parties will not in any manner, solicit, accept any business in manner from
sources nor their affiliates, that sources were made through this agreement,
without first the express written permission of the parties who made available the
source the parties will maintain complete confidentiality regarding each other’s
business sources and their affiliates and will disclose such business source only
names or parties pursuant to the express written permission of the party who
made available the source, and the parties will not in any way whatsoever,
circumvent, or attempt to circumvent each other, or any of the parties involved in
any of the transactions. Parties are desirous of entering into and do their abilities,
and ensure that the transaction codes established will not be affected and they
will not disclose names, addresses, telephones, e-mails, etc., or any other contacts
by either party to a third party and they each recognize such contacts as the
exclusive property of the respective parties and that they will not enter into any
direct negotiation or transactions with such contracts revealed by other party.


Parties are hereto will not make any representation regarding tax liabilities of the
transaction contemplated by this contract, each party individually and separately
will accept their own liabilities, commitment for any taxes, levies, duties or
charges and institutional cost that may arise or applicable in performance and
execution of their respective duties under this contract.


As stated above, should any of the provisions of this agreement be or become

invalid by virtue of applicable law or become unenforceable, this
agreement shall remain in full force and invalid or unenforceable provision shall
be replaced by the provisions to be mutually agreed between parties hereunder.
This agreement shall be binding upon and inue in any event that any provision
shall be adjudged, invalid, illegal or unenforceable, as this agreement shall be
construed without regard to any such provision.



This contract shall be in effect when the Buyer and Seller have both initialed and
signed the present document and its signatures duly accepted. The parties to this
agreement stipulates that the agreement specifies a full legal transaction and that
there is no known violation of any law expresses by it. The parties involved shall
execute the contract with good reason and maintain loyalty and trustworthiness.


Each shipment and delivery shall be identified with all assigned contract
reference codes and numbers.The following documents will be issued prior to
shipping and arrival of the Gold Dore Bars (AU) Gold Dusts:

1.Three originals of Commercial Invoices in favor of the Buyer

2.Certificate Of Origin
3.Certificate Of Ownership
4.Government assay report
5.Customs Declaration Form(s) (supplied by Buyer, if applicable)
6.Declaration that the gold is free and clear and of non-criminal origin,
unencumbered and free of any liens, and is transferable and exportable
7.Export Permit, Original copy of the Airway bill
8.Full set Airway bill, marked "air freight Pre-paid"
9.Flight number and date of arrival
10.Gross weight and net weight and weigh bill.

Seller’s Full Name Buyer’s Full Name,

Address And Signature

Address And Signature.

Date: 16th November, 2009. Date:16th November , 2009.