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Even worse, when followers assist these liturgical vestments standing quo agendas and act
as an army in the direction of these doctrines, then the leadership is totally free to keep on.
Here they also re-proven their religion and Mom God, Mary, as the chief of all gods.

This was camouflaged by Constantine who labelled her Mother of God when he invented
Jesus Christ as the new prophet. This is verified in Revelation 13:13-18 in which he is also
labelled as 666. He developed the Vatican and installed a parliament of bishops and monks
to hold law and get throughout the empire above which he experienced manipulated his way
to sole rule.

Before long soon after Jerome compiled the New Testament and the Vedic Trinity of India
was its principal source. Chrishna (Krishna), the Christ of that faith, was the model for Jesus

The Vatican afterwards appointed Augustine Bea to start off another religion to add
believability and validate the items of Constantine. He identified Mohammed and utilised him
to start the Muslim branch of Islam.

The Romans had been the Amors of Babylon and they were Islamic to commence with and
they by no means waned in their adherence to the sunshine god, Mary.

When Constantine established out to obtain sole rule above the vast Roman Empire it was
clear that he had anything in head about how he would control it. His ambition never waned
as he rode in excess of the bodies of colleagues and his family to obtain his goal. The very
last one particular murdered on his orders was his eldest son, Crispus, a single yr ahead of
he brought with each other the Council of Nicaea and proven the Roman Catholic Church.

This was both a stroke of genius on his element or some thing managed by the real God, the
Spirit of the Universe. When named to tear down the wall among that entity and its folks the
1st factors proven in my look for for answers was that Constantine is 666. The fantastic
oxymoron of this most evil of individuals placing ahead what has been declared the church of
God is a secret in itself.

The religion he started is total of mysteries, magic and symbolism created to hide its origin
in Islam and sunlight worship. But after known the items match together like a jig observed to
bring about the overall massive picture.

The prepare of God is mentioned in the Aged Testament prophecies. It will take assistance to
set it together and years on my portion to decipher and gather the that means, nonetheless,
as the passages are distorted and rearranged. One can see the hand of deceit guiding some
of it and in areas that stand out as not fairly fitting the mould.

The authors of the New Testomony realised that the toughness of those who are non secular
depended on the url to the Spirit that was obtained by way of the prophecies. Their empire
grew to an extraordinary size that essential 5 Caesars to rule it when Constantine came to
the purple in England close to 307 Advert, on the death of his father Constantius.