Global Market for Nanocomposites, Nanoparticles, Nanoclays, and Nanotubes to Reach $4.

2 Billion
in 20!" Nanocomposites #laim $0.2% Market &hare
Wellesley, Mass., May 20, 2014 – BCC Research ( reveals in its new reort,
!"#B$" M$R%&'( )#R *$*#C#M+#(,'&(, *$*#+$R',C"&(, *$*#C"$-(, $*.
*$*#'/B&(, the 0lobal mar1et 2or nanocomosites is e3ecte4 to 0row to 54.2 billion by 2016, with a
2ive7year como8n4 ann8al 0rowth rate (C$!R) o2 249. 'he nanocomosite cate0ory is ro:ecte4 to
claim the lion;s share o2 the overall mar1et.
Recent a4vances in the ro48ction an4 mani8lation o2 nanometer7scale materials have le4 to their
increase4 8se as 2illers in new nanocomosites. ,n4ee4, man82act8rers now mi3 nanoartic8late metals,
o3i4es an4 other materials with olymers an4 matri3 materials to otimi<e color=transarency,
con48ctivity, 2lame retar4ancy, barrier roerties, ma0netic roerties, an4 anticorrosive roerties,
amon0 other characteristics.
'he mar1et share 2or the clay nanocomosite cate0ory is e3ecte4 to increase to >0.29 by 2016.
Meanwhile, carbon nanot8be comosites? share sho8l4 4ro to 1@.A9,an4 metal=metal o3i4e
nanocomosites? share is e3ecte4 to reach B.B9 o2 the mar1et.
C*anocomosites have been 8se4 commercially since 'oyota intro48ce4 the 2irst olymer=clay
nanocomosite a8to arts in the 16D0s,C says BCC Research nanotechnolo0y analyst $n4rew
McWilliams. CRecently, a4vances in the ability to characteri<e, ro48ce an4 mani8late nanometer7scale
materials have le4 to their increase4 8se as 2illers in new tyes o2 nanocomosites.E
$8tomotive arts, ac1a0in0 an4 electronics were the main nanocomosite alications on a worl4wi4e
basis in 201@, with A1.49, 22.A9 an4 1@.D9 o2 the mar1et. By 2016, a8tomotive arts? share sho8l4
4ro to 40.>9, while electronics?s share 4ros to D9.
G'(B)' M)R*+,& -(R N)N(#(M.(&/,+&, N)N(.)R,/#'+&, N)N(#')0&, )N1
N)N(,2B+& rovi4es an overview o2 the 0lobal mar1et 2or nanocomosites, nanoarticles, nanoclays,
an4 nanot8bes. ,t incl84es analyses o2 0lobal mar1et tren4s, with 4ata 2rom 201@, estimates 2or 2014, an4
ro:ections o2 C$!Rs thro80h 2016.
&4itors an4 reorters who wish to sea1 with the analyst, sho8l4 contact (teven C8mmin0 at
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