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Who exactly was Fitzgerald?
Born Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald on September 24, 1986.
Born to an upper-middle class family.
Considered a member of the Lost Generation of the 20th century.
Princeton University, academic probation and decided to join the army.
His novel, The Great Gatsby did not become famous until after his death.
Prohibition in the 1920s
The 18th Amendment which was the prohibition of alcohol and the
Volstead Act the National Prohibition Act didnt stop Americans from
Alcohol was a big problem for married women because men would get
drunk and abuse them.
Women would join temperance unions to ban alcohol.
First temperance movement was in 1826 to prohibit drinking alcohol
and transportation of the beverage.
Prohibition relates to Gatsby in the book because he was a bootlegger,
he ran pharmacies that would sell alcohol under the counter.
Changing Roles in Woman
According to a article on the 19th amendment on August 18th, 1920
the right for women to vote was put into law.
Many women that supported the amendment didnt live to see it
ratified in 1920.
Through out the twenties there were temperance movement
organized by women.
Flappers were very common in the book as well as in the 20s.
The flappers were a new generation of women that were less
classier compared to the the original type of women which were
the stay home mother that cleaned and cooked.
Songs We Chose:
By: Aretha Franklin
Because of You
By: Kelly Clarkson ft.
Vale La Pena El Placer
By: Romeo Santos
You Dont Own Me
By: Lesley
By: Enrique Iglesias
Learn to Love Again
By: P!NK ft. Nate Ruess
By: Destinys Child
Someone Like You By:
Rich Girl
By: Gwen Stefani
You Dont Own Me by: Lesley Gore
In this part I feel like it means that women are usually told what to do my a man( husband) and this is a women kind of
standing up for what she wants. Like during prohibition, starting the temperance movements.
The young women is now saying that if her man tries to change her or marry her she will not stay with him. This relates
to the flappers during prohibition and how they changed their thoughts about settling down and getting married. In this
stanza she is also in a way stating that she wants the same right that the man has. She says that she doesn't tell him what
to say and do so he shouldnt either. And thats all she wants. To be equal.
In this part it seems like she is referring to what is the most important to her, being young, free, and being her own boss.
This song I think relates a lot to what women were feeling and how they still feel, about being equal and having freedom
to do what they desire.
This song can also apply to Daisy and tom relationship. Tom thinks that daisy is blind that she doesn't know that he is
having an affair oh but she does. She likes to ignore it in a sense . Tom thinks that Daisy will be there for ever and let
him do what he wants. Little does he knows that she has options and he cant stop her, he doesnt own her. He cant
stop her from having an affair with Gatsby.
Vale La Pena El Placer By: Romeo Santos
This song reminds me of the affection and love Jay Gatsby has for Daisy
He offers you the heavens, he buys you Eden. This relates to Daisy
because she chose Tom because he was rich and could offer her the
lavish life he couldnt.
He doesn't imagine that he is Plan B in your life. Which relates back to
Gatsby acting like Daisy chose Tom like her second option.
Someone Like You By: Adele
The artist says I heard that youre settled down That you found a girl
and youre married now. This relates to Gatsby because he found out
that the love of his life Daisy is married.
I heard that your dreams came true Guess she gave you things I didnt
give to you. Daisy loved tom but she didnt want him because he was
I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited But I couldnt stay away, I
couldnt fight it. I had hoped youd see my face and that youd be
reminded that for me it isnt over. He couldnt stay away so he got a
house right across from Daisy.
Original Song
If you had stayed
My life would of been gay, like those
lovely summer days
But you left, to impress me
CHORUS: And we could never be
because you left to the
You took my love with you
and I stayed hoping that someday
you will come back to me
but that didnt happen you see
because I met Tom Buchanan and he
was very, very wealthy
I fell in love with him instantly when
you find out dont
take it personally just know it was
the best choice for me. he had
things you could never give m e just
know it was the best choice for me
he had things you could never give
me, he also came from a wealthy
family, that was enough for me and
so he got married to me
Im sorry Gatsby its time for you to
forget about me.
Thank You!