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Upper School Council Meeting

October 8, 2009

Present: Deana Johnson, Tanya Romero, Martha Dickman, Kim Barron, Deanne Nunn,
Jamie Boudreaux, Stephanie Evert, Suzanne Albright, Elise Vecera, Carolyn Hughes, Di
Wong, Shirley Sokolosky, Maria Presslauer, Nancy Lynn Roberts, Lisa Cameron, Leah
Clayman, Kelly Dudney, Sharon Campbell, Isla Joyce, Lucia Laughlin, Karen Goldberg,
Andrea Spears, Mary Lou Doudican, Kim Campbell

The meeting was called to order at 2:00p.m.by Vice President Kim Campbell.

Sharon Campbell – Ninth Grade Coordinator

Freshman Orientation is complete and was a success.

Deana Johnson – Tenth Grade Coordinator

Sophomores will take the PSAT on October 14th. The PLAN, a practice ACT, will be
made available on October 31st to interested students. The humanities semester project
has been revised. Volunteer hours have been reduced from nine to six and conversations
with individuals receiving services will be accepted in lieu of formal interviews.

Steve Heldebrand – Director of Athletics

The athletic requirements for Upper School students were reviewed three years ago.
Students can now trade an approved extracurricular activity in the arts for an athletic
credit. Students are also allowed to pursue an outside alternative sport that is not offered
at HH for a credit. The new athletic website is very informative. Send any pictures you
have to Greg Spencer. New ways of offering spirit wear are being considered.

Lucia Laughlin – Twelfth Grade Coordinator

College apps are being completed by students. The parent meeting in September was
well attended.

Shirley Sokolosky - Community Service

X day will be a community service and test day for students. Sophomores will also
watch a movie for English. October’s community service is donations to Blue Star
Mothers. November’s community service will be a hunger drive.

Elise Vecera – 5th Quarter

The first 5th Quarter will be held after the Friday football game. There will be two
additional 5th quarters, one for each athletic season.

Jamie Boudreaux – Book Fair Co-Chair

Upper School Representatives are Di Wong and Isla Joyce. Remember November is a
month long book drive. Any points turned in during November will apply toward prizes.

Liz Anderson – Director of Communication

The HH web site is being realigned. A new web site will be ready in 2010.
Kim Campbell – Upper School Vice President
Do you have ideas for US Council topics for discussion? If so, please call Kim.

The next meeting will be held on November 19th.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45.