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April 18, 2014
Volume 1 Issue 1


Being in a union means that I am protected.
It's like my "safety net". If I were to
ever need someone to stand up for me in my
work environment, I know that my union is
there. -- HSU employee (CSUEU) (Cal. State
University Employees Union)

To me, it means Hope. Its hopeful knowing that Ill be able to
get ahead on bills. Its hopeful knowing Ill likely have something
saved for retirement or money to send my kids to college. Its
hopeful to know my familys health wont be at risk without
insurance. And its hopeful to know this wont change simply
because my boss may not like me-- Coop employee (UFCW5)

Being in a union means being an informed
and empowered person in the workplace.
-- HSU employee (APCU) (Academic
Professionals of Cal. Union)
Having a union contract gives me peace of
mind. I know what is expected of me, I know
what is expected of my employer, and I have
someone to go to if there is ever any
question that our contract is not being
honored. -- HSU employee (APCU) (Academic
Professionals of Cal. Union)

Job security, Resource, Support - to have
a safe place to voice concern and mediate
disputes/issues - to better working
conditions - to become more involved in your
job which provides folks a sense of feeling
committed to their work. -- HSU employee
(APCU) (Academic Professionals of Cal.

Being protected from my employers underhanded activities
that could result in my firing. -- Coop employee (UFCW5)

To me it means that I can safely ask
questions about why things are being done
the way they are, without being afraid of
whether they like me asking or not. I can
say the emperor wears no clothes. Union
Representative (UFCW5)

Being in a union means that there is a team of people, who
have jobs similar to mine, who are negotiating with the CSU
system to get me the best benefits and salary compensation
possible given the current economic climate. We have strength
in numbers and being in a union means stability - that my
employment cannot be easily terminated because of, for
example, petty personality differences with a supervisor.
HSU employee (CSUEU) (Cal. State University Employees

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 5 is a 33,000
member labor union based in San Jose, California. The
local is a progressive voice in the labor movement and the
community with a strong tradition of member advocacy
and involvement. It is an affiliate of the United Food and
Commercial Workers International union based in
Washington DC.
Local 5 members work primarily in retail grocery and
meat with growing numbers employed in department
stores, retail drug stores, agriculture and food processing,
and education among others.
Wherever Local 5 members work they have a strong
voice on the job.
Local 5 policy is set by its thirty four member executive
board. Members from all the industries the union
represents sit on its board. The activism of the board and
the unions membership assure the democratic nature
organization and perpetuate its progressive tradition.
Local 5s geographic jurisdiction extends from Crescent
City on the states North Coast to King City at the foot of
the Salinas Valley. In Agriculture the union has California
and Arizona as its jurisdiction.
In addition to the unions headquarters in San Jose
offices are maintained by the local in Eureka, Hayward,
Martinez, Novato, Salinas, San Francisco, Santa Cruz and
South San Francisco.

Your Neighborhood Union
Standing together to improve the lives of our members, our
families and our community.

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