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Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) is the leading steel-making company in India.

It is afully integrated
iron and steel maker, producing both basic and special steels for domesticconstruction, engineering,
power, railway, automotive and defence industries and for salein export markets. SAIL is also among the
five Maharatnas of the country's Central PublicSector Enterprises.SAIL manufactures and sells a broad
range of steel products, including hot and cold rolledsheets and coils, galvanised sheets, electrical
sheets, structurals, railway products, plates,bars and rods, stainless steel and other alloy steels. SAIL
produces iron and steel at fiveintegrated plants and three special steel plants, located principally in the
eastern andcentral regions of India and situated close to domestic sources of raw materials, includingthe
Company's iron ore, limestone and dolomite mines. The company has the distinction
of being Indias second largest producer of iron ore and of having the countrys second
largest mines network. This gives SAIL a competitive edge in terms of captive availabilityof iron ore,
limestone, and dolomite which are inputs for steel making.SAIL's wide range of long and flat steel
products are much in demand in the domestic aswell as the international market. This vital responsibility
is carried out by SAIL's ownCentral Marketing Organisation (CMO) that transacts business through its
network of 37Branch Sales Offices spread across the four regions, 25 Departmental Warehouses,
42Consignment Agents
and 27 Customer Contact Offices. CMOs domestic marketing effort is
supplemented by its ever widening network of rural dealers who meet the demands of the smallest
customers in the remotest corners of the country. With the total number of dealers over 2000 , SAIL's
wide marketing spread ensures availability of quality steel invirtually all the districts of the
country.SAIL's International Trade Division ( ITD), in New Delhi- an ISO 9001:2000 accredited unit
of CMO, undertakes exports of Mild Steel products and Pig Iron from SAILs five integrated
steel plants.With technical and managerial expertise and know-how in steel making gained over
fourdecades, SAIL's Consultancy Division (SAILCON) at New Delhi offers services andconsultancy to
clients world-wide.

Steel Authority of India Ltd. a Navaratna public sector undertakingof GOI , is the leading steel making
company in India and ranked
world s seventeenth largest steel producer in 2005. During 2005
-2006 , SAIL (ISP & special steels plants) produced 13.47 milliontonnes of crude steel, accounting for
about 31.5% of total domesticcrude steel production. With 12.05 million tonnes of saleable
steelproduction ,SAIL has 23%market share (mild steel).Incorporated in 1973, steel authority of india
(SAIL) is the largestintegrated steel producer in India with multi - locational facilitiesof production. It
manages and operates four integrated steel plantsat bhilia (chattisgarh) ; bokaro (Jharkhand); Durgapur
(westBengal); rourkila (Orissa) and IISCO (west Bengal). It also has threeunits making stainless and alloy
steel at Durgapur (west Bengal);salem (tamil nadu) and bhadravati (Karnataka). Sail operates nineiron
ore, five limestone , three dolomite and three coal mines.Besides , it also has a subsidiary MEL,
(Chanderpur) which is in theprocess of being merged with SAIL. SAIL has also procured six jointventure
companies in different areas from power plants to e-commerce.Sail manufactures and sells a broad
range of steel products,including hot and cold rolled sheets and coils , galvanized sheets,electrical
sheets, structural , railway products, plates , bars androds , stainless steel and other alloy steel. Sail
produces iron andsteel at four integrated plants and three special steel plants ,located principally in the
eastern and central regions of india andsituated close to domestic sources of raw materials, including
Companys iron ore, limestone and dolomite mines.

SAILs wide range of long and flat steel products is much in demand
in the domestic as well as international market. This vital
responsibility is carried out by SAILs own Cent
ral MarketingOrganisation(CMO) and International Trade Division. CMOencompasses a wide network of
38 branch offices and 47stockyards located in major cities and towns throughout India.SAIL has a well
equipped Research and Development Centre forIron and Steel(RDCIS) at Ranchi which helps to produce
quality steeland develop new technologies for the steel industry. Besides, SAILhas its own in-house
centre for Engineering and Technology(CET),Management Training Institute(MTI) and Safety
Organisation atRanchi. Our captive mines are under the control of the RawMaterials Division in Calcutta.
The Environment ManagementDivision and Growth Division of SAIL operate from theirheadquarters in
Calcutta. Almost all our plants and major units areISO certified.