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Sharing Printers between AIX and Windows

Posted: 9 May 03 (Edited 26 May 03)

AIX ( or Unix ) and Windows, use the same (almost) Transport Protocol (TCP),
but to share files and printers use different protocols ( NFS,LPD - Lan Manager ),

| AIX nfs lpd
| WIN lan-manager

To make possible they "speak", one of them must activate

the protocol of the other; furthermore, we have to understand who is the client and which
is the server.


In this case, we choose that Windows emulates Unix:

lpd protocol is installable on Windows as client or server
In Windows 2000 or NT4 it can be found on Windows CD ;

For Windows 9x it is not so easy:

If W9X is client, we can download 3rd part software : eg


If W9X is server,


or change strategy, and do AIX emulate Windows, using Samba, but is a bit more

Suppose Windows NTx

NT5 (2000) :
Start | Setting | Contro Panel | Add/Remove Programs |
Add/Remove Wind... | Other Network File and Printer..|
Print Service for Unix .
Insert Windows2000 CD, and SPx if required

NT4: In Control Panel, Network, TCPIP,

add protocol "Microsoft TCPIP Printng"
(sorry for imprecisions, but I have not here now a NT4 box )

Windows is Server


- Computer Management | Service and Applications|

- look for

TCP/IP Print Server

- Start it and set its Startup-type as Automatic.

- Add Printer ( Local Printer ) and use a existent port

for parallel,serial port or a new port if there is
a printer server or the p. has a nic: follow
instructions and install the printer driver.

- Then share it: use a short name (eg max 8 char)

without blanks or strange chars, and Uppercase.
Perform a test print.


- Ensure that aix has a name-resolution for Windows

machine (/etc/hosts, nis, DNS )

- smitty mkpq
standard Processing
Name of QUEUE to add : any ( I suggest the NT name )
HOSTNAME of remote server : windows-machine-name
Name of QUEUE on renote server : MUST BE THE ONE YOU

AIX is Server


- smitty spooler
Manage Print Server
Start the Printer Server .... both

Add print Access for a Remote Client

put a '+' (plus sign) for any clients

- however, the AIX has to resolve

Windows-machine-name <-> IP address

- Install the printer : local, or jetdirect or other

and choose a simple name for the queue : test it .

- ensure lpd is running : lssrc -g spooler


- Add Printer , Local Printer (strange but Local),

Create a new port: drop-down LPR port :

fill in AIX name or address and AIX queue name

- Choose printer type and install driver