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May 1?66
Dear Family, Friends, and Brethren,
We are so thankful to those of you "who are pray -
ing for the Lord's vrork here. The people are ac
cepting the teaching very well and some of the
most influential people in Pientes are coming to
hear ahout Jesus Christ.
There was a special service for the village ^f
puenteB on Good Friday, and praise the Lord, al -
most 260 people were present. But even though at
tendance was very good, we had a problem. The
people either had to v/alk the mile to our house
or I would have to go get them. The women
have so many little children that it was ex
pedient for me to go get them. Along with
that, our services were being held outside:
conseiuently, when it rained this also was a
big problem.
One of the men in Puentes realized we needed
a different place'and asked us if we wanted
to start having services in his home. He
has 2 bedrooms and a kitchen, so his house
is quite a bit larger than anyone elses, He
was willing to share it with us. His 8
children were among the first regular at-
tenders of the services here. Last year he
Matehuala, S.L.P., Mexico had decided to build on 2 more rooms, but
got about 3/Uths done and quit. He said
that if we Yfould level the dirt floor and
put a roof on he would let us use it. Well,
Apartado postal lU
Oft, I told i -teli as'k thet jpedple in th'n %iiei :S|nt,ds if ih^-
cpnii ihelp raiBe:^|fed mont^* |t sfiouid pjsi #out |iO; Pi, '
I fdsld like tp ^^ineBt, #<:e pC^e okwckeBi pp
refqei^ #P ja^eitef^ a^e ^ now sdn^ng p^^af dn|frt
"...^^iee'^ip: _ W'#f tifm i00i
- SePmces -5n Ms kome, 1>ut each upd% ?i|ei% ape iaope tkan tHe iast Sditi
.' :|inse4it|M ;|#e ;lPbA
^ Weds, j,
Sit, j, akd i^i yeep We a^a|ej #eP ilgkti ^ a^Page
:... .. ipi;alonl-fp^^e" tie-|0pf fPP i^se ^al^^l -" liid^eefe'S^^ices iS"
SiE^a ia^ -#0 $ id te e^ri^jGidin^^
aisili WOPsliip SePviees %ife rt&en %0 to ilie 1 3i# We
/'i^o^'Qup |a% pedlar. ^^IkiBe:' pei^e^ f :skoei^ig
tdeip GkPistianity. Please pray Cop tk^ that theii? diligenqe %P the
_' ih^d will Gontiime, EspeGialily r^enihep Eva* She was one o^ the hest
_r and most Wonderfnl teachers we ha# .in Sandia, hut are q^ite certain
^ - sihe-^as--stomach cyner^~ -O^^-eonpsey heeanse- of her- t^pible 533aaess "she'
dlB i# loa^ep te'aeh, , She needs hlded 'tpamf^ioiffi! and i&idod Is^ndt
yaliafele here. .: ..,' ' ;^ "'/.'K v -'f/::' ' [ : :--.
h^: far as ai^one skncws,, the lady yon Pead ahont in the last newsletter
Was the f^st td e^iir he a^ersedr in the San Jiian and Phentes apeair
-She Is really ttirnang dnt td he. _a dedicafeed Qhristiah*
^ 'inlssed \dne B^i^ce. sih&e' her hap^is# into) iM|st antls sh^ying; heP
faith hy her deeds, . " / :"''r--/'^-- '. . y^/- ^
ffeon^ ^es\:^petion Seri?iees for #nei#esi Sandia.^Pe trei^^
stiffePed a defeat in San jnan> fhe Gatholics also schedtded a seprice
at.' the same time ^ and only 2 people camie to oitT s^vice, ^ny of them;
assnred ns that they wePen^'t atholiGS,, hot. it -was mandatory 0 them
to gQ. '^h such w^dSr _ ; - ^ ;v-' ' "
fe finally found Sefa*s originai h3^h certificate and learned she will
be 14 Sept^ l?th. Thotigh she his come a long, long way she Peally
snffepn a lot of perseention and is in need of,nnch pra^P,, , She t$ de-
veloping a yeiy hice singing yoice. She nowwants to go away nnd be
, :h^tizedy ^;lieGiau^\ihe^-is^ afpa^
vi^ore- ^a.,; ^a^K^lP ^ -GfeyeleC' -;
.^:.i|^a|)|^; _ib.p'|^a^ il^. aii^ ar^ ^o
il^ff |he iisife ire -liaTi %a' n^er
. j.|ne iaii^ -lir]|&' 4 nafe
%Qes ft3|%SE|ien ly 6^e fjafe'ffiorrarig f ap
i#' .ayipMfcife|iip..,,S^a4^ :.:'' -te iife:..-^e fes%' ilf'
' ihe 'ipa^if'^^i)i-i#li^|x|?; loaiiaiG^re,;-:: viH#^ .
^ai^sae^ 3i a^flice ,". q%^ M^%e^
^-'OEfit;.;^Mg^a- intSa&. ^/|i"=a^. :^:-:ira#ti> -^jnalll
^^ar^ifefia^ %tf'^;.^iA?a:ffiQ)a#f
.: We have ^tm'"itatpri^- ire' ea^a ^gfeife>'"-Billjlesj. 'f^j^ in' iion^^e^^,"' ,':.. ^'^l'..
..fife' i3fi^,isi #je- .Is ia4*a^.^^v!p^\ 'f^ s^ainT
;:t: ^1 wli]^] ';ibia|E^fegla^,iel|ci.,'' lor .iSv^
.^re.*:. /'Jt ;f -p Wa .l^'ifoof ai#'*an|fflalsv'. ' fle^^:^^e;:
; .:a ia' Perliai^s #sQn^: O^ra"'
' ^'4^^a^-;gap^^S'f
nr" sMckens are laying & we n05r iiave ' a^japt^, >8; eggs a day. ' Wa -avan.
nave same fealjy c^oi^ ' ^ -'" '-'" "; J
We nave feeen vary ni;a^ ^he iasifc lew[ ^e^ getting raaiy 1^ our su^^
^'Sf ' te.r':dK^agier and tifee c^-
top,. They an naa?diy wait tor them to Soiffie ag^ft> fWiPS% recpnmts let
Us hear from you soon. We have received ms^ iattePs saying "i fcnc^
stiffle ^eapie 'Vrho want to igcaiie to MeaiiGO'^, Wt we must hear from the re-?
; ^#)^:dne ti^^^sted ^shoiidi^wrl^a fe.'erar/i^Tw^^ng
judy- Cduch and esk %er lor a recPuit form-. : v '
, fAfter May ^h please address ail letters to: / iarry evy^af
. -'V ^- v"^' 239 13thSt. f - ':,-
" / \ -V. -. ' . : p|ai3Bwe|l;^ l^eh. _ ,-,
:. After iftine 2|rth address all leitersi to our ^: -..'' ' .'^/"
ffte prof .>;of the iPederal School and Uman f?om S^ are fight
over laj^i ;^cH are carrying ^dstolSr;ani rgaly. t# iig|tli<"''--^-^#iiae\^
( ..
Wouih Lt V o n Q s I I s m
July 11, 1966
Dear Christian friends.
Soon after we returned to the States, Garnet became ill. She
didn't ir^rove! in fact,'her condition worsened and knowing
sonething had to be done, we took her to the Caylor-Nickel
Clinic, Bluffton, Indiana,
After taking many tests, the specialists there found that she
had too much calcium in her blood stream, and the doctors de
cided that thyroid surgery was iiidicated. This surgery vms
performed on June 23rd, The operation was to last at the
very longest, 2 hours, but was finally completed in 3 hours
and 45 minutes.
Now, dfter several" .days.o'f. blood tests, the calcium
count remains low, even though the doctors were not able
to remove as much as they had planned. These many tests
and the surgery were very hard on Garnet and she has
been through a very difficult time. She has been very,
very sick and quite weak in body. However, the strength
of her faith and mine has lightened the heavy load. Once
again the Lord guided us through a tine we could not
have gone through alone.
Apartado Postal 111
Already the hospital bill is over $1000,00 and this too,
must be left to the Lord to provide a way. There is no
insurance to cover any of the cost, V/e do wish to thank
M'atehuaia.'s^frP.jfeidco those lAio used "the Cuylers" as their Vacation Bible
School Missionaries, The money has certainly been a
tremendous help, and vre do appreciate it.
Garnet has received sso many letters and cards, that she
wou3Ld not be strong enough to answer for a long time, so
we would like to take this opportunity to eittend a per
sonal thank-you to each one who took the time to pray,
write letters, send cards or in any way showed Christian
love and concem. These all meant more than words can
Please continue to pray for Garnet,
bless you#
May the Lord richly
Love in Jesus Christ,
The Larry Cuyler Family
Garnet said to add this note to say she is out of the
hospital and doing pretty well. They plan to leave for
Mexico July Uth, as scheduled.
.... .V'V-AV.O..' N '.
Apartado Postal 111
^ ...L Voi I I - '
~i: 7.
! Apgust 1966
Dear Friends Brethren in Christ:
Yes, it has been a long tise since v/e have
vrritten. Things are just ncr;; beginning to get
organized again. As you kna/ -..-q were in the
States in .'lay, Garnet had an operation.
Thanks to Newtown Church of Christ B, C., Pd
Srskin & Harris Fraix^ie Chux-ch of Christ, South
Berai, Ind,, and Bob Usen > Central Christian
Church, Toledo, ihioj Garnet ^ Ki were able to
fly as far as San Antonio, Texas, The four
sumer recruits, Ric I drove to San Antonio,
met Garnet proceeded on to ^lexico. Though we
were all very hot exhausted, the trip
went well for everyone. Bill Leamons from
Nepoleon, Ihio had given us a Boy Scout
trailer to take our xiedicine, etc., back
to ilexico. As Y^e vjqtq crossing, an Ameri-
-. / can official said, "They'll never let you
cross with that." I said, "I have to!"
hen it came time for inspection of the
trailer, the !.Iexican officials said, "New
we don't really want to go through all of
that 80 if you give us each ^0 pesos(Pli.OO
we'll let you go," There v/ere 3 of them
which made ^'12,00. This seemed* like a lot
but we had hundreds of dollars xvorth of e-
quipment, and had they looked they would
"Jatehuala, S.L.P,, "exico have taken it, so it was worth it.
Finally, out at Cedars, things went fairly
well. Since Garnet was still recovering, the planned activities
had to be cut down, Me did have Vacation Bible School for 1 week.
Each of the recruits did their part. Elaine Burtnett, Sharon Step
hens & Judy Carnes taught handicraft. Butch Shepard could speak
Spanish & taught a class. Butch did a fine job & really challeng
ed young souls. The last day there we had 12U people. "While the
recruits were here, h young people from Sandia gave their lives to
Christ. The baptisms took place in the pool betvTeen our house and
San Juan. There were over 200 people present.
We enjoyed the recruits very much & looking forward to recruits a-
gain next year, Everytliing was going so smoothly vre were beginning
to think the recruits were going to make it back without going
through some of our usual experiences. Then v/hen we were taking
them back bo the border, we got stuck in the mud. Yes, even with
li wheel drive! Filemon & I walked & got the tractor. It was dark
& the ti-actor had no lights and we had only a flashlight. Even the
tractor had a hard time in that mud! We got started again & made
it out to a good road but because of all the spinning vv'hen we were
stuck, we ran out of gas. We had to push the truck (with trailer
attached). Me pushed & coasted about $ miles until we reached Doc
tor Aroyo. There we found a missionary who v/ould sell us some gas
drove to Matehuala. Garnet was really sick with dysentery. She
is better now. She gets tired very easily, but the Lord has been
good to her.
Since the recruits have left there have been U more people who have
Faith in Christ, who made confessions of their faith, who repented
& who were immersed into Christ for the remission of sins. Let us
be praying they also continue to live good Christian lives. As we
kna/f, not one of these things are more important than the other.
The scriptures say all of these are necessary to salvation. Oh how
our hearts are grieved when people say, "I don*t need to be a Chris
tian - I live better than that Christian does already. He tells us
we need to do this or that but our lives are cleaner than his,"
Brethren, let us not be one of these *stumblir^ blocks*. Let us
preach as we must, but beloved, let us live all of it too,
Incidently, we know you will rejoice vfith us to knew that our Jose-
fa was one of those to surrender her life. One day she said she
didn*t really understand sins. We explained sins were things we do
wrong against God*s wHl, This girl began confessing her sins & we
were sorely grievedl She is very young to have such a troubled
life, but she is truly repentant & we know the Lord has forgiven
her every sin. But as sin always does, there are narks that only
God & heaven can change. Fray for her that she will do well with
her new born life, and that she night be a good example to the
other young people. Please pray for us that we can help her over
come the past. Also, we are very happy to report her mother is
very much changed. She is not yet a Christian, but she does not
show the hate & contempt she used to. She has even brought gifts &
said she felt it was best Sefa stay with us. Friends & brethren we
know these things are a result of your earnest & fervent prayers.
must not forget to tell you this bit of news. Fxlemon is now
married. He has a talented Christian girl. Lord vfilling, maybe
she can talce over the cooking & sewing classes of the Federal
School, Filemon's new wife's name is Rosario. Hovf that he has a
wife he will, of course, need a little more money. He is a good
preacher & we really need him in the work. Lord vjilling, we wi]i
pay him flUO.OO monthly but we need your help. They need yonr pcc^v-
ersi Rosario came from Saltillo & is not used to our way of lilA,
but she is a capable girl & a Christian. She will soon adapt &
they will learn to struggle like the rest of us,
Cresencio is not married yet, but he was so ioapressed wiiih thfe Am-
erican recruits, maybe he'll wait until next year try to catch one
of them!
'e don't know exactly 7/hen we will be going to the border, but here
is a list of needs which can be sent at any time;
l)Left over craft packs - - 2)Flmer's Glue - - 3)Felt tip pns(colcr)
11)Vitamins (all ages) - - $)Antibiotics (samples-ask your doctor
6)Aspirin 7)Cough Syrup 8)Mureen(eye drops) - 9)Ear Drops -
10)Fye infection medicine ll)Dial Soapjjfor skin disease
12)Skin salves - - 13)Canned meats lU)Package mixes - - l5)Gan-
ned fruit - - l6)Canned vegetables
Please do not send clothes at this time, Pse really appreciate
those that were sent, but we have enough to last for.a while.
KPQ9 stoutiti !^9Tior
. soQ ^996 xog WR
^ uot:;^bxoossv seopucos uoxssxk
if, %TuaBd
pui *je2uBJ0
' QlVd
Q^'e^sod s'n
2a. qXjoad-uoK
9^2.8^ ueSxtioxi.; *ucq.SuxxxTr:
^^SXJUO JO xiOoa:iqo Bxoqjv
sqojnqo 3uxJosuodg
psq.ssn'bsii uan^|.QH
0CS9^ Eirctl^ui 'aa2u-qJ0
^spjqo JO qojnqo sxJTBJ-j sxaji?H
:^q psXT\?*: poxuxJd
V.e are happy to report both hospital 'z truck bills are paid,
deepest thanks to all of you v;ho helped.
The church building in Puentos is new finished except for regular
peiivsj Vie ncvr use planks. V.e v/ish to thank Ira Jones \iho contribu
ted a major amount, others who contributed to this building. As
the Lord alwaj*^ provides there was exactly enough to finish the
building. The first v/eek of services someone kept thraving rocks
on the roof which is aluminum so it really made a noise. ,e assume
this was Catholic persecution again, as a man told Iliguel (the man
who donated land unfinished building) to stop having services
Thanks again to all of you for your prayers financial support.
In Christ,
Larry f. Garnet C\:Qrler Family
Hello everyone.
It seems so vronderful to be getting around again, T r^ant to thank
all who prayed and sent cards, letters and flarers. It always
helos one to get better just to know there are those who care,
I would like especially to take this opportunity to thank Vr,
l':rs. Deriyl Sprunger in Bluffton who did so very much for me dur
ing my illness, ..Iso the Harold Powell<s. Both of these families
fed, washed clothing,-visited and prayed for both Larry and me.
'"e are so pleased with the attitude of i.'.nerican Christian and
friends toward the tv/o Mexican girls. They have suffered bouts of
homesickness, but people have been so very kind and long suffering.
Thank you all for this and a special thanl^s to all vjho gave them
"in behalf of myself, Larry, Ki, die, Josofa and Paquel, we all
want to say Thanlc Tou for your many wonderful, loving deeds of
kindness and concern, 'ur special thanks to all v:ho sent special
offerings to help v;ith the hospital bill. e hcui no insurance,
so we really appreciated your help.
Thanks again for everything.
Love in Christ,
Garnet Cuyler Family
November 1966
Bear Friends. & Brethren,
Once again -.w must apologize for .the "lapse in
. time since we last vn^ote, . It seens we have ibeen
busier than ever before. We are certain Mexican
red tape is at least ten times worse than in the
States, but it looks as though the buying of the
property called Sandia Ghico will go through. In
Mexico all stores and business establishments
close from 1:00 - 3:00 or 3:30. Appointments
are worthless because either one party won't keep
the appointment or there is no form of communica-
^.^ion telephone, etc. Also, we have had to
go 180 miles one way each time to see a law-
l;:-yer, etc. Then there have been the holidays
^Days of the Dead',,.,1 day for
ihe children and 1 day for adults. On these
days there is no banking, school, mail ser-
^ Vice, etc. All this has slowed the process-
v-?-''-''ing of papers. Then a man who had to sign
one paper died and we had to wait for them
\ to elect another. This new man didn't know
the laws so we had to wait until he learned
--t-'them. However, we are so thankful to those
of you who have been so faithful with your
prayers & finances concerning Sandia Chico,
Vve have the total down payment, thanks to
the Illinois men who secured the loan. We
I FAIELLT have moved to the property and are now all
L 111 5 of us living in a 19 ft. travel trailer.
Mexico This is not easy: especi^ally since there
will be an addition to our family in Feb.
Apartado Postal 111
whi^rh wi.1.1 a total of 6. We are trying to build a house, but as you
know, even in Mexico, though cheaper, it still can't be done free.
Incidently, anyotte interested in adopting a Mexican baby please contact
us as soon as possible It looks as if our orphanage is starting before
we are ready. . Garnet has been asked to dSaiver and find homes for 2 ba
bies of unwed mothers. One is due in Dec., and the other in April. We
woiild be glad to keep them but 19 ft, of living space is not enough for 8
people, please pray & help in this situatioRi
Kow, for the most important part of our work the Evangelism. Sirxi our
last letter there have been 2 more who have become Christians. This
makes a total of 11 this year. One of these new Christians brought the
greatest rejoicing since we have been here, as it was Garnet's sister's
husband. Garnet's sister, Shirley, and her husband, Dave, came to visit
- .-us ,and our work here. They were with us 2^ weeks. The only thing wrong
,.;:rw4th their visit was that they could not stay longer & that we didn't
,,::,:haye..very.,good sleeping facilities. Garnet, Ki, & I slept in the truck
&.the-rest in the trailer. But these things didn't seem to matter as we
:..i.-were able to share some glorious experiences. Oh how we all cried tears
^JOy the night when our brother Dave said, "Larry, I want to be baptia*--i
:ed-so I can be a Christian, too." I asked Dave if he wanted to be bap-
- tized that very minute and he said he did, so, our trailer is parked next
to a big stone -pool and in the cold dark, with the use of kerosene lant-
Dave met his Lord in Christian baptism. erns.
He and 1 went deer hunting and nearly froze in the motuitains. Then we
. - just missed stepping on a deadly rattlesnake which we both shot at until
it was q;Uite dead] We saw 2 deer, but vferen't able to shoot any.
Shirley and Garnet had their experiences too. They delivered another ba
by. Since it was the 8th child and the 6th girl for the people the lady
wanted to give it to Shirley. Shirley was sd excited and enjoyed the ex
perience so much she hoped she vfould be able to deliver another before
..she left. (Garnet seemed rather glad she didn't get the chancel)
. We are happy to amiounce we can now serve the Lord's Supper in Puentes as
we baptized the first Christian there while Shirley and Dave were here.
She. is a wonderful woman with several children and very faithful. -' She
learned about Communion and each Sunday morning she is there to partici-
pate. Then I taught about the giving of tithes and offerings. We took up
an offering which was, of course, small as the people didn't kncvf about
these thisgs. When we took the lady (Rosa) home after church, she
got out of the truck, ran into t^ house & before we could be gone she
was back handing a coin to Garnet & she said "Oh I didn't know or I
would have brought it with me. I'm sorryl" Such wonderful Christian
enthusiasm. Still there is much persecution. The boys are still throw
ing rocks on the building -during services & they jeer & shout when we
teach the children's class. Incidently, we have started the children's
class in Puentes & though it is only 2 weeks old the children love it.
Last week there were 22 children. Garnet & I teach this class & Cresen-
cio the adult class. Puentes is ripe & under great conviction: those
who are still too frightened of persecution to make their step for Christ
really make it difficult for those who dare make their faith known.
When a person becomes a Christian a certain few will come to us & tell
every sin this person has done & give excuses for why this person was
baptized. One day I asked one of the worst offenders, "Now you have
given me all the reasons why you think this lady was baptized, now what
are the reasons why you've not been "baptized." She was quite embarrass
ed and said it waa because Ee? hisband wouldn't let her.
Speaking of Cresenoio - we still need some one to take the responsibili
ty of his wages. He, too, Is thinking of getting married in Feb. Bro.
"Bob Olsen and family assumed the wages of Filemon Castre. please, won't
some one help Cresencio? Sirjce both of the hoys must build their own
houses for their wives we think they should, have $ii0.00 monthly. This
is the amount Bro. Bob has agreed to send Filemon,
We still receive letters from those asking our needs. There are things
we need desperately,
1. House - will have clinic in part of it.
2, Cow - for milk for children. (800 pesos or ^6U.OO)
1. Communion ware can't be found here, please send used ones,
2. Wages for Cresencio of StUO.OO/month,
3. Handicraft packets - to Eagle Pass c/o Colegio Biblico
Also, there have been those who asked what the boys would like for Chri
stmas. We all agreed that rather than toys, they would like to have a
room to play in so we wish to put money into a bedroom for them, (The
weather will be getting bad soon,) However, for those who wish to gj.ve
personal gifts they seem to like good picture books, Bible story books
^ K^09 stoutiti ^q-exTOf <
uosaajjop !! 50^ xoa 1
rwVWvro"^ i.
Pi '
I .
" r~
^S|iEtJ0i J X19^0; Si.|4;|
;Wjif?% P^paa? &f.iUS. 0 iise aay
M|^ i(^ ^fotifeE&lclii& V^ fQ!^
1 lifce ifellpi f^oleel^tj# Q wu|i<l ce % enclJ a
0 a e^c^ai Jpl!^ &Eaye ciifc r m^. a ,
iiaaisf #0? Isfapiijbt^^ as #G^i Ma?;re ^ 1 i Siil
, ^gPi^. 1^1! ir a altto (wiM
jrpii^ fe|>ei^oiiep0^(|^|^^ :^||^ f a" swmrn# ^j&i |^|iB^ 'We' ,.,
|sa^ 1^4ur seEe.aiie ma^ #i#i^s #i^ 4^ %o
iSie |:l^|terjE f^sfe, if^E l^laii 4 on %0 suaraa^ &
im ieM Wie laiia^j^r %ilMEoii, S^aoi.
. ^ S0wys^;, ii^m aaywE^^ li?
Jp|>ea?afce^ joefd^ peeoftei 1^^ f fOo# ireiigioij
li^$^e StoS l>r e^olis isor^S!. |fifouj aa Eeif, seai iEem i
ifepi S'iW SWt fEaftfoal
U Qut h
-.| MCE
vangelism un
D(C' - ,
December 31> 19^6
Dear Friends and Brethren,
We trust that you all had a happy and ' blessed
Christinas in our Lord, Now that the holiday
season is past, we hope you vrill take a long and
serious look at the future. Usually we use the
newsletter only as a means of informing you con
cerning the work for our Lord here. Because we
have become increasingly concerned about the sit
uation in the U. S. we would like to make a few
ccsaments. Communism has been making tremendous
advancements into all parts of our society. It
probably is rather difficult for you to believe
this about the country we all love so dearly
;?!? but for us vrtio can' view the situation from a-
distance the evidence is becoming increas
ingly evident. You and I must act NCHiV if we
hope to protect the freedoms that we love so
Apartado Postal 111
The first thing that should be done is for
you to take advantage of the freedom of Re
ligion. Study the Bible intently, take an
active part in all church functions and talk
to others about Jesus and the wonderful Sal
vation you have received through His blood,
(read Rom, l:l6) You can not depend on
others to tell about Jesus for you - it must
Matehuala, S.L.R.,Mexico be a personal thing. The "Great Commission"
is to you as well as the Apostles. (Matt.28:
18-20). Christ is the only answer to our
problems, and the problems of our nation.
Secondly, become informed. Knowr what is going -on in your Community,
State and Nation. Become active in community affairs whenever they don't
conflict with the work in the church. Be active in the P.T.A. How many
of you know what the teachers in your school system are like and what
influence their bad habits and atheism have on your children?
Thirdly, be a good steward of your time, talents and money. Communism
is not seeking to take over with war. They are doing it with under
mining our morals, etc. Much of our time may be spent in contributing to
Communist sponsored entertainment. Communist influenced educational in-r
stitutions, and many of us may unknowingly be giving our money to Com
munist organizations, in the belief we are helping a good benevolent or
The work for our Lord here, is progressing very good. There were over
iiO people present last night in Sandia for otar Mid-week Service. The
total population of Sandia is about 700 people. The Sunday services in
Sandia are well attended. The Worship Service in Sandia is supposed to
start at 7:00 o'clock. The service is held outside. We usually arrive
about 6:U5. As we arrive there are already people gathered around the
fire. The sun has gone down and the temperature is dropping fast. In
the-heat of the day the t^perature is about 70, but in the early morn
ing hours it has been as low as 10 degrees F. The evening vdll once
again bring the cooler temperature. By 7:30 most of the people have ar
rived, so we start the service. The singing is beautiful, and of course
without the aid of a musical instrument. By the time the song service
is over it is quite cold. The children, many of whcmi have no shoes, are
crowding closer together and closer to the fire. Then we have prayer,
communion, the message, and the offering.
The congregation is now making plans for a building. But there is much
red tape involved in this. We have to get permission from the Govern
ment and get them to set apart a tract of land. We really do need your
prayers in this matter. Then after that, the hard work of hauling large
rocks for the foundation, and then the laying of the adobes.
As for us, we are doing quite well. We have had colds, but very little
dysentary. Garnet is still doing quite well, too. Her blood is anemic,
and she had some intestinal problems, but the doctor said baby is grow
ing well, and she can expect a safe delivery at home. Most of you know
by now, that is has fallen my lot to be the doctor when the time comes,
but we all feel confident the Lord will supply very need and knowledge.
The dust has "been terrible and has caused us many problems in travel,
but we count it a blessing to be counted worthy to suffer for the Lora.
He has been so generous to supply our every need. In the last newslet
ter, we mentioned our need for a cow. V/e are happy to tell you the Lord
supplied a generous young couple in Michigan (and their children) who
sent the money for a cow. We were so happy we could hardly believe it
was true. When we went to purchase the cow, it was sold. We were so
disappointed, but began our search for another. As usual the Lord had
it in His plan, because we not only purchased a cow, but also a small
heifer calf. I am a little sore today as I rode about 1$ miles on the
horse to deliver cow and calf here.
We also told you that we were expecting a baby from an unwed mother. We
mentioned that we would have to have the baby adopted out. Well, friends
you waited too long. He is here and we have fallen so much in love with
him, we can*t bear to let him go. However, there is one still to come
in April, There have been a few letters received, but you must get them
soon as these tir^ babies really know how to make you want them, (Even
If they do cry a lot at night.) Garnet and I delivered Tony on November
29, 1966 at 11:3$ p.m. He is strong, healthy and a very handsome little
boy. Now, vfe have 6 of us living in o\xr travel trailer. Garnet made
the mistake of sajn-ng "Larry, I don*t think we could fit one more person
into this trailer," Then Filemon brings his sister and her U children
to stay a couple of days with us. Well, as you can guess - we made it.
Some slept in the truck and with the temperature just 10 degrees above
aero, no one got too warm. It was really a challenge for Garnet to fig
ure out how to sleep and feed that many more, but the Lord always pro
vides. She also learned her lesson about saying what can or CAN^T be
done in the work for the Lord.
The house is coming very slowly. We have to bring the cement, steel
enforcement rods and wood out from Matehuala, which is 6$ miles away.
We are, of course, lacking in finances when it comes to building.
We appreciate from the bottom of our hearts the financial and prayer
support that you have given.
We are sorry to say we have not heard from many of you. We need your
letters. We have been quite slow in answering your letters, but please
forgive us. Because of our limited space it is exceedingly difficult to
keep track of all of the unanswered letters, so if you have written and
a month has passed without receiving a reply, please write us again.
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qexjqo JO qojnqo oxox'ejg sxjobh
paxp-eH ^ paquxag
Piease remember us in your prayers as we labor here for our L^d,
Love, in Jesus Christ
Larry Cuyler
A note from Garnet;
We received a card saying syringes from Harris Prairie Church of Christ
at Granger, Indiana have been sent to Eagle Pass, Texas. Thank you! We
really appreciate this, as I only have 3 left. Two of these will be
used vriien our baby comes.
Thanks again for everything.
In Christ,