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{/ana(2 Llsni

January, 1968
Happy New Year EveryoneI
It is certainly time to let you know
happening in and around Sandia Chico.
there is almost enough to make a small book in
stead of a letter, but we will try to let you
know a few things.
We arrived in Matehuala from our trip to the U.
S. on Thanksgiving Day. We ate our Thanks
giving dinner in the bus station in Matehuala,
(it has both the cleanest and most reasonable
priced food). Oh, how thankful we were for our
many blessings. Please let us list a few
things we were praising God for:
(1) For our safe, and most prosperous trip
we have ever taken t^p^^e U.S. in t;he 3
years on the fie3^
(2) For the mai^<; many gifts, sj^fTplies and
foods donated/by the many Chp^tians, our
friends and/relatives.
(3) For 1/he new recituiJred American help.
We now Iwve with us Susan Ogdon Registered
Nurse, and Karen Kahl^. We know this is
is a result of your many prayers.
(4) Again we were thankful to the doctors,
nurses and churches for the medical sup
plies .
(5) We thanked God, for the wonderful
Christians in Toledo, Ohio and Bluffton,
Indiana, who paid for our new water pump.
Soon we can have running water - (other
Apartado Postal 111
what is
It seems
than when it rains).
(6) We were thankful for the car that we were able to obtain to travel
in, and that both vehicles made the trip so well.
(7) Especially, we praised God for the many wonderful Christians and
others who were and are interested enough in the work here to pray and
give so generously. Ame.n!
When we arrived at Sandia Chico, the blessings were still multipling.
Filemon and Rosario and Che had remained faithful to us, and especially
to the Lord's work. Even without means of mechanical transportation,
they managed to hold services (while we were gone), in Puentes - approx
imately seven miles from Sandia Chico. Then when we arrived in Sandia
Grande, we learned the Christians there too had remained faithful to the
Lord and had Sunday and Wednesday services each week. Oh, how excited
we were to know that they weren't depending on us, but went ahead by
themselves in the study of God's Word and prayer. Also, the trailer and
tent had been watched very well, and clothing and equipment were just as
we left it, except for mice and rats. But at least there had been no
more stealing.
As for the house, we are still not in it. They are working on the roof
now. Dear friends, we need your prayersi We need them for patience.
It is getting exceedingly difficult to live under these conditions. You
see, there are a minimum of 14 every meal, and at times 24, all trying
to eat in the trailer. Ki and Ric sit on the floor and put their plates
on a box. Some sit on the waste basket and hold a plate. Others stand
up. Seven can sit at the table, but it is terribly crowded. Some meals
we can eat in shifts and on nice days, the noon meal can be eaten out
side. Two of our workers are sleeping in the truck, the girls sleep in
the store room, the Cuyler family sleep in the tent. The temperature
has been as low as 10 above 0. None of us have any artificial heat.
Again we ask for your prayers, because it is getting more and more dif
ficult to cook. The bottle gas here has so much water in it, that it
apparently freezes, and only one burner on the stove can be used at a
time. The oven won't work until four or five in the afternoon. We need
more tanks for bottle gas and new tubing - then the stove could be wired
directly. The furnace or the refrigerator in the trailer will not work
on the gas here. The refrigerator will work from the generator, but it
has been so cold at night, we don't need to waste the gas for the gen
erator to run it.
On Christmas Day we did not eat until 6 p.m., because the stove wouldn't
work. But in spite of our material problems, we have so much to be
thankful for. We are all well (some are getting over a glandular infec
tion and Karen had tonsilitis), but nothing like times before.
Christmas Eve there was a Christmas play in Sandia Grande. All players
except Ki were the Mexican Christians. It went very well. Everyone was
invited. When there are things like this, we always wait so anxiously
to see how many people will come. We are happy to say there were over
200 people there. The Catholics were not able to have services because
everyone came to see the play about baby Jesus* birth.
Many have been asking for our financial statement. It has been impossi
ble until now to publish one, but now that there is more help here on
the field. Garnet will have more time to be the wife and mother she
should be and wants to be,
Filemon is teaching classes of young boys on how to become Christian
leaders. Please pray for him and his wife and child.
There is not time to go into more detail now, but please be watching for
more news.
Young people who are Interested in coming this Summer, should contact us
as soon as possible.
Thank you all for your love, gifts, blessing and prayers.
In Christ,
T/ie CuyleA {amlZy
Needs that could be sent by registered mail in Manilla envelopes:
1. Packages of Carnation instant breakfast
2. Packages of Carnation powdered milk
3. Jello (taken out of boxes)
4. Wheat germ (put in plastic bags)
5. Instant packages of Cream of Wheat
6. Instant packages of oatmeal
7. Pancake mixes
8. Biscuit mixes
9. Kool-aid (continued back page -- )
p s x * U B f u o s r a s T ^ d s q ^ s a a w s a a u r j p : i O M p - - A T S D a j . a A . ' e q
V l i .I n o
j p a q B T o a a ^ d d e X x ^ e e a S o s a q p x n o ^ i a s a q q g o i C u y
J i u g a p a d a ^ S s ^ q o x ^ W ' Z Z
q a a n S : i o S u a x " T Z
( a S a q o a d ) : i s a a i ' q Z
s : i a g s p a m n i n o ' g x
a n x S s ^ a a r a x a - g x
s u a d d x z r i j a j p a a o x o o - ^ x
s a x T i n a q a 3 ' g x
s a o g a g o d p a q s a u i g u a g s u i - ^ x
d x q w G i a a a c i
x a S n s u w o j a ' g x
a a S n s p a x a p A i o a ' Z \
a u x x o s B A g o s a q n x ' X X
s S u T p p n a q T
P r i n t e d & M a i l e d b y
1 4 7 1 9 S t a t e R o a d # 2 3
G R A N G E R , I N D I A N A 4 6 5 3 0
k d d J i Q ^ ' i i C o n j i z c M o n R e q u e s t e d
S p o n s o r i n g C h u r c h :
E a s t A r b e l a C h u r c h o f C h r i s t
R . R . # 1 . B o x 2 3 9
M i l l i n g t o n , M i c h i g a n 4 8 7 4 6
H o n - F ^ o ^ l i . O f i g .
U . S . P o s t a g e ,
G ^ y i g o A , I n d .
V V m i X N o . 7
M i s s i o n S e r v i c e s A s s * n .
B o x 9 6 8 , 5 0 9 W , J e f f e r s o
J o l i e t , m . 6 0 U 3 I 4 ^
JJouik sm.
Februarys 1968
Dear Friends and Relatives,
The Lord is continuing to bless the work here,
and we trust each of you is receiving His won
derful blessings, also. Already this year the
Lord has added to the Church, 9 new Christians
in January alone.
The 9th of March we will have completed 3 yrs.
of service for the Lord here in Mexico. As
most of you know, we have had many trials, but
our blessings have been great, too. We would
like to share with you the goals we hope to
obtain and also what is being accomplished
here at Sandia Chico. We want you to know
and fully understand that these accom
plishments have in no way been because of
any powers or strengths of our own beings.
All credit goes to our wonderful Lord God
and Christ Jesus and His faithful Chris
tian followers and friends in the U.S.
(1) Village Evangelism - Evangelize adults
and children in surrounding villages.
Christian Day School - Secular & Bib
lical education
Radio work
Children's Home
Obtain land to be at least partially
self-supporting by farming
. , Vacation Bible Schools and Camps
(7) Use medicine to help further Evangel
Apartado Postal 111
(1) There is now Evangelism being carried on in 5 different villages.
All preaching is being done by Mexican Christians. One village is al
most completely on its own. None of the churches or preachers receive
money from. U.S. for preaching or building church buildings. There are
Christians in 4 of the 5 villages. All of the Christians who have been
converted in the past 3 yrs. have remained faithful.
(2) Eilemon Castor, Mexican Christian, working and now living at Sandia
Chico, is already teaching Christian leadership to two young Christians,
(one a converted student priest). Lord willing, the Fall of this year,
formal Bible classes are to begin for Christian leaders in the following
fields? Evangelists, Elders, Deacons, Bible School Teachers (Sunday and
Concerning the secular education, reading, writing etc., we
have a Christian girl in teachers' college. Her name is Yolanda Guajardo
Please remember her in your prayers. We have a legal contract with her
that we will pay for her schooling, and she must teach here at Sandia
Chico for 3 yrs., without pay. Her schooling is very expensive, and we
desperately need someone to help in this area. It is costing us an av
erage of $50 monthly. She can write in English, so if anyone would be
interested in taking on this project of her support, you could corres
pond V7ith her directly. Anyone interested may contact us at the Mate-
huala postal address. It is very important that we have a Christian
secular teacher, as many, many Christians in this area can neither read
nor write. This, of course, hinders them from being more effective
leaders for Christ.
(3) Radio work - Again the Lord has blessed, as we had not even hoped
to be able to secure radio time this soon. However, after hearing Bill
Morgan, El Paso, Texas, speak at a Faith Promise Rally, we decided once
again to launch out on Faith. Fileraon was able to secure time on the
Matehuala radio station. This is the station most listened to by the
village people in our area. Now each Sunday morning at 9:30, Freeman
Bump's taped sermons in Spanish are being heard on that station. The
cost is about $26.00 monthly.
(4) The Children's Home also was to be a project of the future. But
the ways or will of the Lord is sometimes different. Two years ago,
Sefa Trejo came to us. She is now a Christian. Now we have Tony, 1 yr.
3 mos. old. And last, but not least, we have Altagracia. She is 13 yrs
old. Both of her parents are dead. She has a younger brother who lives
with an aunt. Alta is a cousin of Che (the converted student priest).
He asked if we would keep her at least until April, when she is to go to
her grandmother in Monterey. Many people say she will want to stay here
If she can be of greater use to the Lord here than in Monterey, then we
will let her stay here. Please pray for all these young people. We have
learned of several more orphans in the area but our facilities are still
too limited, and in time, perhaps we can do more for the starving neg
lected children here.
(5) We have been able to buy 1,100 acres of fertile land with water. We
had to borrow the money from the U.S. to meet the last payment of $2000.
The payments on the loan will be $115. monthly. With this land we hope
to complete our home and provide living quarters for our families and
the Christian families who work here. Also there is and will be farming
done to help sustain all Christian families v:ho are living on Sandia
Chico. Most or all of these families will be taking unwanted and/or or
phaned children into their homes and providing for them physically, as
well as spiritually.
(6) Already, the land of Sandia Chico has been used for D.V.B.S. Last
year there was one week of D.V.B.S. held here. One day there were 168
people and 5 new conversions. In the future, Lord willing there will be
camps of various type (youth camps, educational camps, missionary con
ventions and Christian Leadership camps).
(7) When we first came to Mexico, we did not intend to get involved to
any extent in treating the Mexican people medically. Again, the Lord
"saw differently, and we found ourselves treating various diseases and
delivering babies. Thanks to a doctor friend in Indiana and Bob Olson,
Toledo, Ohio, many souls were saved because of this medical help. But
then things began to mushroom, and the demand for medical assistance was
greater than our physical bodies could cope with. We began to pray for
more help. The Lord provided a nurse, Susan Ogden, and another helper,
Karen Kahler. We now treat as many as 45 people daily here at our home.
Sometimes some of these people must be kept at least one night.. Our
trailer home has turned into combination hospital, office, children's
home and restaurant (there are 16-24 people eating here - 15 people live
here, and the others are workers who come to help on the building pro
jects). The trailer is 19 x 8. We sleep in a 10 x 12 ft. tent. The
boy workers sleep in the trailer, and the girls (5 of them) sleep in the
store house. Now we are trying to build a combination home and temporary
clinic. This will be used until sufficient money comes in to build a
regular hospital. Labor and bricks will be donated by the Mexican pec--
pie, but money will be needed for cement, steel rods and other equip
ment. We have seen miracles. One day, some people brought a baby who
was dying of pneumonia. He was gasping and fighting for air. He had a
terrible temperature. None of us thought he would live very long. We
did not have any oxygen for him. Susan administered what medical help
she could, and then we called one of the Christian Mexican workers in
to pray for the baby. In 2 hrs. the baby was well enough to go home. He
later completely recovered, and his. parents now realize that God is good
t|et^09 ill
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ddxTf^o^ 'S'n
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9K817 NV9IH0IW 'N013NniIW
6ZZ xog 'i# -a-a
iSiyHO dO HOdnHD 1SV3
p'd:)r?dnb?d noyjrDdwoj ?9^T/ppy
isiyHo dO HoyfiHO dinivyd siyyvH
/Cq psTTBK 5 paquTja
and just. These kinds of things are helping to convert souls. Still
many people remain ignorant, and we have a long fight ahead of us.
The children are all well and growing. Timmy is now 1 yr. old and
has 3 teeth. Neither Timmy or Tony walks yet, but Tony things he can
talk enough to make up for it. He likes to play and say "tickle, ticl.le
but it sounds like "De Gualle, De Gualle" the way he says it.
Many have been asking about needs. We will be going to the border
in May to renew papers. We urgently need more medicine of all kinds but
especially vitamins, iron, antibiotics, phenabarbital and Esakbarb; and
we would greatly appreciate all types of canned goods & box mixes.
Thank you all who make the Lord's work prosper here. If you have
written us a letter, please bear with us - we will answer as soon as
possible. If you do not hear from us, you can assume your letter was
lost in the mail, although we have been having better success with our
mail lately. Please remember to pray for us and the workers here.
In Christ
Tfie La/iAi/ CuyZeA famity
yoLiik Ciran^QtLSm
Apartado Postal ill
March, 1968
Dear Friends and Families,
It doesn't seem possible that another month
has slipped by. March is here, and oh, the
goodness and blessings it brings.
Our hearts are' bubbling over with gbqd newsl
There have been 16 new Christians already this
year. The 2 newest ones were the- Lugos. Most
of you will rememberwetol<i-you' before that
Mr. Lugo bakes bread for a living. His father
has been very upset because Lario Lugo and his
wife and children were attending services.
He did everything he could think of to
stop them. He even called a judge in and
said our workers were stealing and that if
we would fire all our Christian workers,
and riot try to get Lugos to attend any
more services, he would drop charges. But
the son Lugo said to the judge that his
father lied. The judge could do nothing
and the father was more furious. Now 2 of
the Lugo sons have become Christians and 1
of their wives. The first, son's wife says
she will also become a Christian very
soon. These people are good, prominent
people here, and their.testimony means a
lot. Please pray for them.
The food situation has been some better.
as we have 2 cows In milk and we are getting some eggs from the renegade
chickens. (The chickens have been given as gifts for the medicine.) We
really need your prayers. As you know, there are between 15 and 25 of
us at all meals. This is a difficult time for all people here, because
the supplies from last harvest are all used up, and of course the Spring
crops have not come on yet. Even the grocery stores don't have supplies
for sale. We have been very discouraged at times, but the Lord does
provide the milk and eggs, which helps make up for the lack of other
The.house and clinic are beginning to go up. We have moved in, even
though there are still dirt floors and bare adobe walls. Two bedrooms,
kitchen, and part of the dining room have cement floors - the rest are
dirt. The two bedrooms have plastered walls. We are'''rying very hard
to get ready by the time recruits arrive in the summer. We have tried
not to make too many special pleas for the byu-lSing projects, but now,
friends, we honestly admit-we need_Jielp_,__ We are trying to build a
church and class rooms fbf"Tfi'^Bible classes to begin this Fall. Also,
construction is starting on an adequate girls dormitory. (The present
one will become the boys dormitory.) Below are a list of our urgent
1. Kerosene lamps - $1.60 each
2. Cement - $1.28 a 120-lb. bag
3. Paint - $5.20 a gallon (U.S. money)
4. Bottle Gas Tanks - $12.00 (65 lb, tanks)
5. Bottle Gas Heaters - $16.00 each
Anyone wishing to help with any of these items, please send check by re
gistered mail at the Matehuala address. Please indicate what you wish
your money to be used for..
As for the Clinic, the Mexican people are doing quite well in building
it. They have furnished much of the labor, beams for ceiling, and with
the money they have given for medicine, we have been able to purchase
the floor tile and have ordered a large cabinet to store medical sup
plies. These people have come a long way. We are so thankful, too, for
the nurse, Susan Ogden, who labors so hard to care for their physical
ills and also helps them in their spiritual ones.
Now, a little about our young people. We could not be more proud of
them if they were our own children. We want to thank you all who are
praying and who are helping us teach them. Altagracia, (the orphan 13
years old), has already become a Christian. She is a handful and causes
her share of teen-age problems, but she is improving and responding to
love. She had the problem (like most of the others did) of believing
that all Americans are very rich, and that we could and should buy her
all her wants as well as needs. Sefa finally convinced her that we have
only what the Christian brethren and friends give us, and although we
manage on it, we are by no means financially rich. In fact, at this
time, with so much building, wages, and so many mouths to feed'are
in greater financial need than ever before. We must be hojietft and say
that our support has doubled this year over last, ^ and this extra
money much more has been accomplished for our Lord''.^..^t, beloved breth
ren and friends, we really_.need..at- least $200.more per month. Please
pray and help financially if you can.
All of us here are grateful for the many Christian friends and relatives
who are making this work prosper as it is.
We are all fine, and the children are growing. No one would ever guess
that Timmy and Ki had been so sick. Thank you all again for your prayers
and help., .
Love, In Christ Jesus, our Savior
The ioAAy CayJten, family
. ;-A
..i'--- ;'V -

yoLiik CwgnqGitsm
June, 1968
Dear Friends in Christ,
The Lord has continued to watch over us even tho
many trials have befallen us. Che, one of our
workers, borrowed the truck one Sunday morning
to pick up chairs, which he had bought with his
own money, to use in the seirvices. Sefa and An
gelina, who was baptized the preceding Sunday,
went along to help him. Because of the bad con
dition of the roads, they unfortunately ran into
a mesquite tree. Che suffered a bruised lip;
Sefa a broken nose and numerous lacerations on
the face; and Angelina, a broken jaw, the
loss of 3 teeth, a fractured skull, and nu
merous lacerations one of ' which cut
through her forehead and cut the tearduct of
her eye. We quickly rushed them to the
nearest good hospital, which is 160 miles a-
way. The trip took 6 hours. One of the doc
tors there, is an expert in plastic surgery,
and was able to fix the lacerations better
than anything we had hoped or expected. Sefa
was in the hospital 2 days, and Angelina 6
days. Thanks to our wonderful brethren, we
were able to pay. the hospital bill upon de
parture. Damage to the truck was about $600
Sufficient funds were received to pay for
about half of that. We were able to borrow
the rest from the bank, and will be needing
to pay that back by the 20th of July.
Apartado Postal 111
The day that we got the truck out of the repair shop, we had a tremendous
rain storm; and as we were returning home from Matehuala by way of the
arroyo, through which we have to pass, there was up to 3 inches of water
flowing in-it. It is impossible to turn around in the arroyo; consequen
tly, we had to continue on. As we came to the place of exit^ we found
that it had been washed out so much that it was in pretty bad shape. We
stopped for a word of prayer and then proceeded on. We were out of the
arroyo, except for one of the back wheels. The truck slid back'down and
turned over on its side and began filling with water.. Although there
were 10 of us plus boxes, suitcases, and a bottle gas tank in the truck.
absolutely no one was hurt - which gives us cause to praise the Lord once
again. I had to search through the water for my billfold and the key to
the car and was finally able to locate them. We all got out' and walked
back up to the highway where we had left the car. We drove the 50 miles
back to Matehuala to spend the night. We returned the next day to find
that the water .was all gone and although there was some mud in the truck,
there was very little damage done to the food, clothes, and truck. Susan
was able to keep the 3 doz. eggs from breaking, all through the accident;
but as we were retrieving some of the things, Garnett stepped in theral
About 30 men came by in a truck, and we were able to get the truck up
right and push it out of the arroyo and proceed on. Incidentally, 3 men
were traveling in the arroyo with their.cart which was pulled by-3 burros
The force of the water was so strong, that it began washing the cart and
borros down the arroyo, but the men were able to escape. The next morn
ing they found their burros and cart^ %mile down the arroyo. When we
came back to get our truck, we found them skinning out their dead burrosj
so that, they wouldn't be a total loss. They were able to sell the hides
for.about $6 a piece.
After we arrived at Sandia Chico, we found that much of our land had been
flooded, and was up to 4 or 5 inches deep In places. But, luckily, it
hadn't flowed into the house. After the water cleared, we found that it
had done very little damage to the crops; but, quite to the contrary, the
crops were helped tremendously by the water. It looks as though we will
get a crop from aJmost all 10 acres of corn. We cut the barley for a hay
crop just prior to the rain, and it was good enough that we will be able
to feed our animals with it throughout the winter.
The work of the Lord is still progressing extremely well. There have
been 24 new Christians so far this year, and 3 more people are seriously
considering becoming Christians this coming Sunday. In the 3 villages
which we started work this year, they are averaging around 50 in attend
ance per service. We have been invited to hold services in another vil
lage this week. It is a village where missionaries and other people said
it would be impossible to ever enter. But, thanks to the desire and the
faith of our young preacher boys, we will be entering this village Sun
day. We will be holding DVBS in 5 different villages, and we are making
preparations for that now. Our summer recruits have come and are helping
us. They are: Kathy Agy from Gobels, Michigan; Walter'^ Cindy^ and Mel
issa Bowery and Carol Butler from Ozark Bible College in Joplin, Mo,
We have the medical work to thank for many of the doors that have opened.
People have been at the threshold of death, and their lives have been
spared. Pains have been relieved and sores healed as Susan, our nurse,
has been working diligently in the Clinic, She has averaged around 2 de
liveries a week. People come from far and from near, and the other day
she treated 83 people, one of whom was a delivery.
We want to take this time to thank all of you who sent food-stuffs, as it
has been a tremendous help to us. Many of the things that were sent are
impossible to purchase here and many of the things we are able to buy are
far too expensive. And those of you who sent clothing, we want to thank
you because we were able to use the clothing to pay for work. We can al
ways use more food and clothing. And from the bottoms of our hearts, we
want to thank all of you who are supporting this mission with finances
-and-with your prayers. .
As many of you know, because of the demand for full-time Christian work
ers we will be starting a Bible Training School at Sandia Chlco in Sepr
tember. We expect to start with about 10 boy students. One of our
Christian boys (who was converted in January), was planning to study here
with us until tragedy befell him. One evening a man was alone with him
in a building and shot him twice in the chest and left him locked in the
building to die. The next day, when the door was opened, the boy lay
dead In a large pool of blood. However, he didn't die instantly, for he
had tried to dig his way out of the building with his fingers. He had
left bloody handprints upon the walls as he searched for a place to es
cape. We hope that each of you realize that life lasts only a short time
and that each one of us must do our part to lead this world to Christ.
Please continue to pray for us that we might do our part to lead the poor
people here in rural Mexico to Christ.
Love, in Jesus Christ our Lord,
T/ie CuytoA amlly
(oontinued - baok page )
S86193 inr
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U|SSY seofAjag uoi:ss-;i.j
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d6TZ}r?0ci 'S'n
6z xog 'n 'y
isiyHO JO HoynHo vijsw isv3
;ijojnq3 SuTJosuodg
pd:frrdvb?^ noi^-dvi/oj ^rdirppy
oS9i vNVioNi 'aaoNvyo
e3// 33B3S 6TifT
isiaHO JO HoynHD Jiyivyj siyyvn
Xq PSTT^W "S ps^u-paa
p.s. Many of our friends and family have sent food, clothing and
personal gifts. Please forgive the delay of personal thank you notes.
We appreciate each and every one very much, and we will try to get these
notes out as soon as possible. May God richly bless you all.
P.S.S. We wish to announce the marriage of our forwarding agent;
Her name is now
- fi-
Erma Van Wagoner
R. R. #1
Millington, Michigan ^87^6
ik Ci oiAin c\/an(j(2Ltsm
August, 1968
Dear Friends and Family,
Finally things have slowed down enough to write
another letter. This summer was a very busy and
prosperous one.
We completed 4 weeks of D.V.B.S., instead of 5
weeks, as planned. There were nearly 500 people
in attendance. We wish to thank all of you who
contributed both supplies and finances to make
such a successful Bible School. We are especially
happy to report all our teachers were Mexican
Nationals. They did an outstanding job of teach
ing and preaching. They enjoyed it very much
and all are looking forward to next year. The
CuylerSy Susan Ogden, Karen Kahter^ and the
summer recruits planned lessons and hand
craft; but our Mexican co-laborers did all
the teaching. V7e had an especially enjoyable
summer with our recruits,
We are pleased to tell you that one of the
recruits liked working here so well, she de
cided to stay longer. Her name is Carot But
ler, She is from Jasper, Missouri, and she
attended Ozark Bible College. She will be
helping with secretarial duties and also will
help Susan with the Clinic. We feel very
fortunate to have her.
Kathy Agy from Gobies, Michigan hopes to re
turn again next summer. We appreciated the
Apartado Postal 111
Ma tehua1 a,S.L.P.,Mex i co
work Kathy did. She painted the kitchen and utility room and dining room
and also helped prepare thousands of cookies for V.B.S.
Wattev and Cindy Howrey were a great asset to this summer's work. Walter
is an excellent mechanic, and he worked on the small electrical plant and
got it running again. He also fixed the refrigerator, which two refrig
eration experts in the United States were unable to do. He also put in
the kitchen drain among other things. His wife, Cindy, helped prepare
cookies and candies, etc., for V.B.S.
There were several more new Christians this summer which brings the total
baptized to 46 in 1968.
Construction is coming along very well on the church building in Sandia'
Chlc.o. All work and finances are being done by the Mexican Christians.
The work on the girls' dormitory has stopped, due to lack of money and
time. However, the land is cleared for it, and it will resume. Lord
willing, at a later date.
Bible classes will be starting in September. There are already 10 stu
dents to attend. Three of these are married with families. Please re
member these Bible classes in your prayers. The Bible School is to train
and prepare leaders for the local congregations. These will include
preachers, elders, deacons and teachers. This year, only male students
will be accepted. Eventually we hope to have classes for girls, such as
V.B.S. teaching, and Bible teaching of children. Please understand, we
are not having a Bible College, as such.
The house is beginning to get more and more livable. Tile is down in the
Clipic, and Hector grouted it last week. We really appreciate our Mexican
co-workers. We "know many things could not have been accomplished,- were
it not for their love and zeal for the Lord.
There are now 18-20 at each meal. This includes both Mexicans and Ameri
can help. We wish to thank all of you who are making each meal possible.
We especially need your prayers. The new corn has not been harvested
yet. The old harvest is all used up. Corn can not be bought anymore.
This is a catastrophe, for our Mexican brethren. Their meals consist of
corn tortillas and beans. With no corn, their diet is even more limited.
Please pray for them and us. Since there have been so many of us and so
little food, it is difficult to fix meals. Even in grocery stores in our
area, there is no food such as: corn, meat (fresh or canned), eggs or
milk or nuts. The nearest place to buy some of these things is Monterey,
180 miles away, or Saltillo, 165 miles away. Some supplies can still be
bought in Matehuala, 65 miles away.
We have all been well, for which we are thankful. We haven't been with
out our usual excitement. Sebastian (the man who helps with the farming)
has killed several rattle snakes and bobcats on Sandia Chico. One bobcat
den was only 150 feet from Filemon's house. Rosario, Filemon's wife, saw
a cat get on.e of their chickens. Some of the wild cats are about 2 feet
tall and about 3^ feet long. Sebastian was able to capture some baby
ones alive. Carol saw the baby wild cat eating a baby chicken. She
grabbed the cat by the neck, trying to make it let go of.the chicken. The
cat wouldn't give the chicken up, so Carol choked the cat until it passed
out. Susan pulled the dead chicken out of its mouth. The cat just lay
with its tongue hanging out. Carol kept saying, "LaAAy wilZ bJM me, T
k.iZ^Q.d hJj) Cti, I kJitZ-QA hJji coX," Susan began administering artificial
respiration on the cat. The cat revived and so did Carol. We told Carol
not to choke the horse, because we couldn't imagine Susan giving it ar
tificial respiration.
We also have a tame cat named Tippy. We tried to get them to live to
gether, hoping that our tame cat would help tame the wild cat. The
strangest thing happened. The wild cat began to get tame, but Tippy got
wild. Tippy killed the wild cat. There was nothing Susan could do to
save it.
Friends, we believe this story can be applied to humans. Many times,
when we associate ourselves with wild crowds and people, we find the peo
ple may become a little nicer; but we must be careful that we don't ac
quire their wild and worldly habits.
Also, a new village has opened up. The roads are too bad to go by truck,
so we must travel 20 miles by horse or 30 miles by bicycle. We leave
Sunday afternoon and come back Monday afternoon. Hector and Concho will
soon be able to handle this work without my going along. We are very
proud of these young boys. They are proving .to be good leaders in our
area. It also helps to have them, because other than their preaching and
teaching abilities, they also farm, do mason work, mechanic work, and
many other things.
Please continue to pray for us, as we all try to work here together for
Love in Christ our Savior,
LoAAy CaytoA and Vamity
(oontinuedj back page)
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iSiyH3 30 H3ynH3 3iyivyci siawH
Xq paiTBH >? pa^ufjtj
P.S. There is one correction from the last newsletter. The water
was 3 feet deep in the arroyo, and 4-5 feet deep here not inches.
(HaAAl6 PajiOUc typi6t apoZogZzt& ^OA. tfuA; 'it wcU) ouA ojuioA
(LZAtatYity 'U a. dl^^oAzncz between 'inches S ^eet!)
We will be in the States from June 15th to August 10th, next summer, &
we will be available for speaking engagements much of this time. If you
would like for us to come and speak, please let us know.
Please note the insert page^ giving a list of needs of the Cuyter family
and the address to which they should he sent.
^ T'/-' .
These can be sent in manila envelopes to Mexico, or in boxes to Eagle
Pass, Texas. The Texas address is:
Larry Cuyler
264 Brazos St.
Eagie Pass, Texas
The Mexican address to send supplies In manila envelopes is:
Package or can soups
Carnation Instant Breakfast
-Instant cereals
Pelt-tip pens
Cake mixes and frostings
Pancake and biscuit mixes
Powdered eggs
Whipped topping mixes
Powdered milk
Larry Cuyler
Apartado Postal 111
Matehuaia, S.L.P., Mexico
Disposable syringes
There has been much sickness in our area due to lack of food and bad
water. Susan is almost completely out of medicine. Please pray for her,
as she works to help save the physical soul, as well as the spiritual one,