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Project Report Synopsis

Name :
Name Of The Programme : Post Graduate Diploma In
Management (PGDM)
Registration Number :
Address For Correspondence :
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Name of the Project "uide :

#esignation $ Address :

Title of the Project :
*+ P,RPOSE OF T-E ST,#()
The basic financial statements must meet the objective of reporting on the
financial situation of the company on a certain date and results of operations and
changes in financial position for the accounting period ended on a certain date
The importance of financial information to be presented to users used to formulate
their conclusions on the financial performance of the entity Through this
information and other evidence the general user can evaluate the future of the
business and ma!e economic decisions on it Thus the purpose of the study is to
analysis the public sectors ban!s and find !ey financial ratios using fundamental
.+ /OR0!N" T!T1E)
2+ A!3)
The study mainly focuses on performance of the selected ban!s" and earning
capacity or profitability of selected ban!s The study #ill analy$es financial
strength and the performance to meet short term and long term obligations of the
selected ban!
4+ O5'ECT!6ES OF T-E ST,#()
% To study profitability performance of top three ban!s
& To !no# the comparative position in relation to other ban!s
' To calculate financial leverages of top three ban!s
( To determine earning capacity of top three ban!s
) To analy$e li*uidity position of top three ban!s
7+ -(POT-ES!S)
The study tests #hether the selected variables of sample +an!s vary significantly during
the study period This specific hypothesis #ill be tested at appropriate time #hile
analy$ing and interpreting the results
The follo#ing hypothesis #ill be put on test:
-*) The net profit margin position of ,+I"+-+".+ does not differ significantly
-.) The return on net #orth of ,+I"+-+".+ does not differ significantly
-2) The debt e*uity ratio of ,+I"+-+".+ does not differ significantly
-4) The Dividend pay out ratio of ,+I"+-+".+ does not differ significantly
-7) The /arning retention ratio of ,+I"+-+".+ does not differ significantly
.nalysis of financial statements is an attempt to assess the efficiency and
performance of an enterprise The scope of the study #ill be limited to three
public sector ban!s The study focuses on profitability" earning capacity and
li*uidity position of the top three ban!s in India
8+ 0E( 9,EST!ONS)
9*: /hat is fundamental analysis; #iscuss the frame<or= of FA;
9.: Compare Economic> industry and company analysis of the three ban=s
selected ;
92: #iscuss the li?uidity position of the top three ban=s using the position and
income statements;
94:Find the NP3> Net <orth> Earning capacity> #i@idend payout ratio and debt
e?uity ratio of all the three ban=s ;
Source of data
,econdary data #ill be collected from various sources li!e journal" articles" #ebsites
Period of the study
The study #ill be done for a period of '0 days
Financial tools: 1et profit margin" return on net #orth debit e*uity ratio" dividend
payout ratio" earning retention ratio" earning per share" current ratio" *uic! ratio
Statistical tools :.nova
Sample siBe: Three ban!s #ill be ta!en for the study ie" ,+I" +an! of +aroda and
.ndhra +an!
Proposed contents)
2hapter %: Introduction
2hapter &: 3evie# of 4iterature
2hapter ': 3esearch Methodology
2hapter (: .bout the concept 5 6undamental analysis:
2hapter ): Industry Profile
2hapter 7: .nalysis 8 Interpretation
2hapter 9: 6indings and 2onclusion
/or= Schedule)
One <ee= for Studying the eCisting system
One <ee= for collection of Secondary data:
One <ee= for analysis and inference
One <ee= for Project report documentation $ Preparation