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DID YOU KNOW?: Barack Obama is the first president-elect to be born in Hawaii .


Barack Obama • History

World heralds new leadership

BY ANDREW FLOHR-SPENCE A similar sentiment was echoed night, after the Obama’s acceptance even our closest allies.
spenceand@mscd.edu by European Commission Chief Jose speech, Shamala again talked to doz- “For those who have become dis-
Americans were not the only Manuel Barroso, who said it was time ens of people from Denver to Africa, enchanted with America – including
ones glued to the election news on for “a renewed commitment between many of whom cried on the phone. many Americans – (Obama) offers
Nov. 4. Europe and the United States.” “My brother in Kenya was so happy, the hope of reigniting the love affair,”
And Americans were not the only “We need to change the current he couldn’t believe it,” Shamala said. said London Mayor Boris Johnson, a
ones rooting for Barack Obama. crisis into a new opportunity. We “Everybody in Kenya is dancing and Cconservative. British Prime Minis-
From packed bars in Europe need a new deal of a new world,” crying.” ter Gordon Brown said the election
to public spaces in Africa, South Borroso said. Shamala said that, especially for had made history.
America and Asia, groups of people In Africa, there was perhaps a Lucas Shamala Africans, the election of Obama and And there are numerous other
gathered to cheer for Obama, many touch more delight in the Obama even that he had made it as far as the conflicts around the world at crisis
inspired by his promise of change in victory. make sure Obama wins the election, primaries had given them the feeling level, including Pakistan, Somalia,
U.S. foreign policy and the idea of the “This is a momentous day not not to mention numerous calls from they were somehow more included the Congo and Zimbabwe. All this
first black president. only in the history of the United concerned students. in the global community. And even when most major economies are suf-
According to a simulated world States of America, but also for us in “They feel that this is a very spe- the more skeptical have softened. fering the consequences of a bank-
election conducted by a British week- Kenya,” said Kenyan President Mwai cial moment – when they look at “One of my students called me … ing crisis, leaving less financial back-
ly business magazine, the Economist, Kibaki in a statement to Obama. Ki- him, they see someone who is inter- He believes in all these government ing for involvement in other counties
with more than 50,000 ‘votes’ cast, baki said because of Obama’s roots in national looking … they see the fact conspiracies against blacks and even business.
Obama would have received more Kenya, his victory was also a victory that he has come from humble roots he said he was very moved,” Sha- Shamala cautions that some of
than 75 percent of the world’s vote. for the east African nation. “Your … they see someone like Martin Lu- mala said. the expectations of Obama are too
And already statements from nu- victory is not only an inspiration to ther King Jr.,” Shamala said. “And it But expectations of the next U.S. high.
merous leaders to Obama have been millions of people all over the world, is not just him – even who he is – that president are high, and with a long “He is only one man,” Sha-
pouring in. but it has special resonance with us is important. It is what he represents list of problems facing the world, any mala said, adding in his acceptance
“By choosing you, the American here in Kenya.” that is most important – he repre- new president would have his or her speech, Obama spoke to the need for
people have chosen change, open- Metro African-American studies sents hope, he represents prosperity, work cut out for them. the people of America and also the
ness and optimism,” French Presi- professor Lucas Shamala, who moved he represents opportunity.” Obama takes over at a time when people of the world to work togeth-
dent Nicolas Sarkozy said. “At a time to Denver 12 years ago from Kenya, But at even at noon on Nov. 4 U.S. foreign relations are at perhaps er to solve our common problems.
when all of us must face huge chal- said in an interview before the results with the first polling pointing to an an all time low. “Obama has opened the door – now,
lenges together, your election raises were in, that he had received calls in Obama victory, Shamala said many The wars in Afghanistan and we all need to pick up the mantle and
great hope in France, in Europe and the last couple days from friends and he talked to were reluctant to be- Iraq have drawn out longer than ex- do something. We all need to take
elsewhere in the world.” family all over Africa asking him to lieve it would really happen. That pected, straining partnerships with part.”


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But Micah Cameron, 24, voted
She said regardless of who wins, for McCain because he believes, from
she hopes the American people will living in Chicago, Obama is only
rally behind the troops, even in the “theory” and doesn’t have enough
smallest of ways, such as putting experience to accomplish anything
together care packages or sending on his agenda.
board games or decks of cards. “He’s done nothing in Chicago,”
“Our soldiers in Afghanistan he said. “There have been more mur-
have nothing,” she said. “They’re ders on the streets there than deaths
alone on a hill.” in Iraq in the last six months.”
Roberts also said McCain’s and Cameron thinks that if Obama is
Palin’s experience helped secure her elected president, anything he would
vote. “She’s been tough in Alaska,” accomplish would be too drastic.
Roberts said. He said companies couldn’t afford a
Geography is a culprit in this tale government mandate and enforce-
of two precints. Everyone questioned ment of equal pay for equal work for
at Manuel voted for Obama while women.
everyone questioned at Word of Life Kaewyn Picard said she voted
voted for McCain. for Obama because of his themes of
Chris Kingery, 38, and a regis- hope and change. She believes there
tered Democrat, laughed as if it was are “infinite possibilities in the uni-
insane for anyone to ask why he vot- verse,” and she thinks Obama can
ed for Obama. capitalize on them.
“It’s time,” he said outside of the “Obama has two children,” she
high school. “I’m tired of the Repub- said. “And he’s running to make
Dennis Hase and Waeshiea Sipes discuss why they voted for Sen. Barack Obama Nov. 4 at Manuel
High School in Denver. (Photo by Dawn Maudra • madurad@mscd.edu)
lican regime.” He said Obama would their future better. He wants change
bring a young and fresh perspective. for his daughters.”
And Kingery, a white man, said he Picard said Obama’s intellect out of a ‘90s Chevrolet sedan. “These It was Mari Brown’s first time
“Obama has two
liked the fact Obama was black. He and outsider status as someone “not are stiff legs,” she tells her younger voting. The 33-year-old Peru native children. And he’s
said this would help shift the para- so ingrained in the system,” would friend, Theresa Wildy. Wildy voted by was nationalized last year. She said running to make
digm in Washington. benefit the country. mail. Bonner wanted to, but she said she was registered as a Republican
When asked if he was worried “Wouldn’t it be nice to have an her mail-in ballot never came. and voted for McCain. She said she’ll their future better. He
that Obama was too young and inex- intelligent president?” she asked rhe- Both are registered Democrats. vote for her party’s candidate unless wants change for his
perienced, Kingery said no candidate torically. Wildy was enthusiastic about her he’s “stupid,” and “McCain’s not stu-
except an incumbent is qualified. Despite the issues, some voted for vote for Obama while Bonner smiled pid.”
“This is a job that you learn as you the party instead of the person. and, not naming a candidate, said “I — KAEWYN PICARD, an
go,” he said. Beatrice Bonner, 87, is helped have to keep the democratic spirit.” Obama supporter