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Interview questions (art and colors)

Interview: Ana Maria Rey de Castro ( Artist Date: April 26 20014

Question 1
How did you decide on the colors of your artwork?
I choose a color depending on the feeling I want to describe. For example to
express happiness I will use green and light colors.

Question 2
From your perspective what color matches each feeling?
1. Black sadness, dramatic, fear, sorrow, it is used for shadows.
2. White purity enlightens, clean.
3. Gray is neutral; it can be use as part of shadows.
4. Red heat, fire.
5. Blue it is a cool color.
6. Yellow cheerful, happy, bright. It is a warm color.
7. Green happy, calm.
8. Orange its is a warm color.
9. Brown it is use for shadows

Question 3
What is your favorite color? Why? (How does it make you feel?)
My favorite color is green; It makes me feel happy and calm.

Question 4
From your experience how do you think colors affect feelings?
Colors reflect on feelings because they affect our mood.

Question 5
If your design is Green how do you expect people to react?
I expect people to react calm and relax and happy.

Question 6
By doing an artwork what feeling are you translating?
I like to paint nature and to translate feelings as happiness and joy.

Question 7
From your experience how do people feel looking at dark blue? Why?
In my opinion Dark blue express cold.

Question 8
People have different perspectives, so how do you know what color to use to
represent happy or sad?
Happy can be represented with green and yellow and orange.
Sad can be represented with black and brown.

Question 9
From your experience what color represents happy, sad or relaxed?
Happy can be represented with green and yellow and orange.
Sad can be represented with black and brown.

Question 10
What color makes you sad? Why?
Brown and black make me feel sad because they look dark and without light.

Question 11
How do you feel looking at white?
Around white I feel cleanness. I dont like to use in my paintings pure white.

Question 12
Do a light color and a dark color make difference? Why?
Yes, a dark color is sad, a light color is happy.

Question 13
From your opinion your favorite color represents what? Why?
Around green I feel happy.

Question 14
What do you think your favorite color represent to people? Why?
Around white I think that people feel relax and calm.

Question 15
With what color do you feel relaxed? Why?
I feel relax around green because it represent nature.

Question 16
With what color do you feel active? Why?
I feel active around red, because red is a strong color.

Question 17
If you want people to feel relaxed in your artwork what color would you paint?
Green, because it represents nature.

Question 18
From your experience how colors translate feelings?
Because they can affect our mood.

Question 19 (sculpture/ceramic)
Does the way your sculpture look make an impact on people? Why?

Yes because forms and colors have an impact on people, sculpture and designs
generate emotions on people depending on how people feel around them.